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Mike Tompkins: One man, one voice – so many instruments

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mike Tompkins: LIVE!

We’ve been fans of Mike Tompkins for almost a month – that’s all. Yesterday he released his latest and it’s going viral.

One man, one computer, a few pads and a couple of mikes in his girlfriend’s apartment. THIS is what the internet is all about. THIS is why Sony Music, Virgin, CBS and all the rest are freaking. Tompkins is making a living with his voice, and if he keeps it up he might make a good living – marketing straight to his fans, selling songs through iTunes or giving them away in exchange for club dates where he can make some money too.

No 15% contract for this man like some beggar saying “Please Mr. Sony, please distribute my CD and take all the money.”

Music, fiction, politics, economies, freedom: The internet changed everything.


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DLP Government’s tourism ‘solution’ too little, too late for an industry in crisis

Barbados tourism industry feeling the pressure, taking undeserved flak from know-it-all politicians

by Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

For the first few days of her reign, Patricia Affonso-Dass (photo above courtesy of The Nation), the newly elected President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, perhaps concluded that she had joined a battle and was undergoing a Baptism of Fire. If many of our policymakers took the effort to better understand the tourism industry, they would have been more guarded with what I thought were in some cases rather unfair comments.

Tourism is a lot more, of course, than about a bunch of hoteliers, but often it is those same people who sacrifice freely, enormous amounts of otherwise quality and productive time with their families and businesses, while endevouring to make a positive difference.

Two years of attending endless meetings, attempting to juggle with all the vested interests and egos and so often without the resources that other entities seemingly take for granted. And they do this without all the perks, benefits and salaries others receive, including politicians, who in some cases can retire at fifty years of age with a taxpayer pension for life.

Sadly, most of the contentious remarks played out in Parliament and the media could have been entirely avoided with better communication and if the ruling party are seriously considering the possibility of re-election, they may wish to address this issue. Continue reading


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