Who is in charge of the Royal Barbados Police Force?

Two policing factions have been at war for years over which group calls the shots at the RBPF. On any given day the factions of Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin or his sworn enemy Deputy Bertie Hinds might be on top. Crime fighting strategies have given way to court battles over who appears on the promotion list. And the sad fact is that the retirement of Dottin or Hinds wouldn’t solve the problem: we’re talking factions, groups – not two strong personalities who can be removed to solve the problem.

Now the court has had to step in and order Commissioner of Police Dottin to not proceed any further with the latest list of officers to be promoted.

Repeat after me, class: “Banana Republic”

The people of Barbados deserve better than this.

Here’s an idea for the court and the impotent DLP government: promote whomever gets rid of the Boscobel Toll Gang, and fire the rest.

So who’s in charge of the Royal Barbados Police Force?

I don’t know. See if you can figure it out yourself.


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13 responses to “Who is in charge of the Royal Barbados Police Force?

  1. 18

    money in charge

  2. 114

    Bertie is more humane and fair Dottin promote a lot of square pegs in round holes

  3. kimesha

    You must remember that Mr Dottin also has Managers. If, behind the scenes they give him instructions, he has to adhere to them. I hope that they will back him when it becomes necessary and not make it appear that he was really the person who calls the shots in the RBPF.

    For the time being I believe Mr Hinds should stand still, because at any rate he will become the COP when Mr Dottin goes into retirement.

    Mr Hinds, please, let’s put our ego aside and wait for the time of your reign as COP. Many of those who appear to be standing with you will turn on you when you become COP. A word to the wise is enough!

    Waiting will not diminish your ability to shine when you become COP. Just wait awhile longer. Defy the dividing wrench between Mr Dottin and yourself and work with him for the time being. State your position on matters to him and do so in writing but work along with him if only becasue he is COP. It will be somewhat difficult but hey, did you not pass through turbulent times in the Force? You stood your ground and today you have reached the second highest rank in the Force. You only have one more step to make to the top.

    May your Master within grant you the guidance and patience that you need at this time. You will be allowed to shine as COP. WAIT is the watchword in this matter. There is really no need to continue the fighting. Give way for now.

  4. 114

    @Kimesha you write a glorious piece of literature unfortunately thats not what is happening the force is at an all time low all two of these persons need to be sent home the COP has literally ‘ mash up de force” people are sick and tired of him. But be that as it may all will be revealed in time and mind you the moment politics is involved it destroys any organisation. all two persons go home start fresh. the force needs to be rebuilt without those two.

  5. passin thru

    We don’t pay our police enough money to make them do anything. I’ve heard it said that a garbage truck driver makes more money than a police officer and doesn’t have to work nights. If that’s true, is it any wonder that we can’t find enough willing recruits? The whole thing is falling apart: law, crime, tourism are all linked and without good policing it all collapses as is happening.

  6. 108

    @passing thru yuh so right

  7. 108

    but yuh know wuh let both of then observe what has happen in trinidad and let them follow

  8. countryview

    cozier go lock up de COP fuh humbugging he.

  9. Culpepper-X

    Bad things are happening on this island with crime. Passin thru is correct that it is falling apart. Look at the state of the hotels at the gap! junk! I wouldn’t bring my family to half of them. junk for the junket tourists!

    Crime. You can’t grow a tomato without someone hop the fence and steal it. leave a box of laundry detergent on the porch an it be gone! It is not big crime that is killing us it is little crimes. thousands of little crimes every day. every person for themselves. pen on a desk. lunch in the fridge at work! they steal you lunch at work!!!

    Crime is killing us but it is not robbery or violent crime, it is little everyday crime that is destroying this island.

  10. RLL

    Have to disagree with CulpeperX, it is not small crime killing us it is the example of our leaders. theifs all!

  11. laughoutloud

    Good thing Mr. Hinds is not a member of the BDF. He would start a coup against the goverment…….no joke!!!!

  12. 179

    @Laughoutloud the only body that start a coup is De commissioner of police obviously u is a blp and do not now what goes on in the rbpf. Darwin Dottin needs tuh go let he go wuk wid Dale Marshall who as the former AG did nothing for the rbpf. the present Ag did more than all dem @Laughoutloud YOU AND DOTTIN COULD GO WUK TOGETHER. THE FORCE NEEDS NEW MANAGEMENT AND DOTTIN IS NOT IT.

  13. Georgeous

    Well it seems all over now. The Barbados Today issue of 5Sep 2013 reports that Darwin Dottin has gone. He presented himself at Police Headquarters on tuesday and handed over the reins of management to the current acting Chief. Also it appears that the Court action brought by Dottin may be withdrawn. Seems strange that Dottin has intentions to withdraw. Was the fire too hot for him? Good bye Mr. Dottin and to Mr. Bertie Hinds continue to enjoy your retirement. You have gotten the last laugh.