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BREAKING: Eva Rausing found dead. Husband Hans Kristian Rausing arrested.

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Billionaire Tetra-Pak drug addicts have Barbados home, ties

Tetra-Pak heir Hans Rausing is under arrest after his wife was found dead at their home in Cadogan Place, Chelsea, UK.

Heroin, crack cocaine

What a terrible end to wasted lives. They had all the opportunities that money could bring – but they had all the temptations too and they were not able to overcome their weaknesses. They could have done so much good for themselves, their four children, their families, for the world. They lacked nothing material, but they obviously lacked what is important.

Yes, this story is just breaking, and yes, we’re making some assumptions here – but we’re not pulling those assumptions out of thin air. So many people tried to get these two back on the narrow path, but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. Even Prince Charles gave them a second chance.

Whatever happened, I’m sorry for Hans, sorry for Eva and their children, their families and just sorry for the whole damn mess. God knows some good people tried to help them.

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