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Anti-Harlequin websites disappear

Dissatisfied investors paid off to remove their websites?

Four websites that were extremely critical of David Ames and Harlequin Hotels and Resorts have recently disappeared from the web. Three of the four websites originally explained that they were operated by disgruntled Harlequin investors attempting to retrieve their money when Ames failed to deliver properties that were paid for years ago. The fourth website gave no reason for its existence except to expose what they called fraudulent activities by Harlecon and the Ames family.

All these websites are gone within a short time and it makes us wonder if these folks were able to get satisfaction from David Ames after going public. If so, perhaps there will be more of these websites springing up!

Harlequin Property Problems posted “Welcome. Thanks for stopping by I have suspended this website pending discussion with Harlequin. Thank you for your continued support.”

Harlecon.net posted “Thanks for dropping by. This site is temporarily suspended.”

Pearlygray1’s YouTube channel removed all the Harlequin videos.

Harlequin-warning.co.uk took down their website and all that remains is a login page.

Could starting a website be the secret to getting your money back from Harlequin?

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