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Barbados Bar Association President says “FREE RAUL GARCIA – he’s Bajan!”

Barbados has been holding Raul Garcia in prison illegally for the last two years. So say our courts and the United Nations.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart lied about releasing Mr. Garcia just so he would stop his hunger strike that was gathering worldwide attention. Nobody seems to care that this nation founded by the descendants of slaves doesn’t care about human rights.

Now the President of the Barbados Bar Association says enough is enough: Raul Garcia is Bajan. He’s been here longer than many of our citizens, he’s made himself useful, developed his talent for painting and can probably not only support himself, but help to build this country.


Ian Bourne tracked down Barbados Bar Association President Andrew Pilgrim (photo above courtesy of The Nation) and reports what Mr. Pilgrim has to say about this ongoing human rights violation by Prime Minister Stuart and Barbados.

It’s called journalism. Too bad that the old-stream Bajan news media is so incompetent that citizens have to hear the news from a local blogger. Sad, really.

The Bajan Reporter: President of the Barbados Bar Association sees special Unit for Raul Garcia as Tax Inefficient – Let the former Convict live and work here!


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