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No wonder the North Koreans are always so angry…

(click map for a larger, ah, image)  🙂

The nation with the smallest average penis size in the world?

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un welcomes you to the People’s paradise of North Korea!

And ladies… on the other end of the list – Cliverton welcomes you to Barbados and the Caribbean…  🙂

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The hopelessness of Detroit on the Fourth of July

“The people are desperate for help from a government they don’t trust.”

“I’ve been looking for a job since 2008 but there are no jobs.”

The people in Detroit sound like some other people I’ve heard in another place…

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Charlie LeDuff decided to golf his way through 18 miles of Detroit to film what’s left of the city and talk with its people. LeDuff’s video is stunning for its images of abandoned and wrecked Detroit, and also for the comments of the people he spoke with as he whacked over 2,500 strokes.

The video is entertaining, fun and devastatingly sad all at the same time. Times are tough everywhere, but at least we don’t have to worry about freezing to death in the middle of winter if we can’t pay the power bill. I have to admit though: some of the scenes of Detroit urban decay look a whole lot like some of the abandoned construction projects on the east and west coasts with a dash of Villa Nova thrown in. And the people talking about the police don’t come and the government doesn’t clean up the public lands like its supposed to… well that talk sounds awfully familiar.

The embedding won’t work so click on the photo or this link… Well worth your ten minutes. Check it out here.


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