Reported: Barbados Ambassador Rihanna says “quite normal” in Barbados for women to be naked in front of strange men

CONTROVERSY: Bravo Magazine is sticking to its story that Rihanna’s interview was reported fair and square. As much as we can make out, the editor claims the interview was recorded with her knowledge. Others say that “sources close” to Rihanna state that the interview was not fairly reported.

Nothing official released by Rihanna’s publicists though. That will be the real test unless the recordings show up for all to hear.

The “Russian Roulette” singer admits: “To be honest, I’m even hotter at home, because I’m always naked there. I’m from Barbados, that’s quite normal there. My pool boy saw me naked five times already.”

…Barbados Ambassador for Culture & Youth allegedly explains to the world media how we do things here in Bim

Mr. Prime Minister: If Rihanna did say these things, it’s about time for the annual review of all “ambassador” appointments, don’t you think?


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28 responses to “Reported: Barbados Ambassador Rihanna says “quite normal” in Barbados for women to be naked in front of strange men

  1. Melissa

    Oh no she didn’t!!…It’s quite a shame that the young lady obviously doesn’t know any better…Plus, how long has she had a pool boy anyway??

  2. edmund

    oh come on, let the girl be, she talks the truth
    we walk about this place every day and see short pants and skirts leaving nothing to the imagination and no one is shock like they would have been 20 yrs ago
    so because her pool boy mistakenly saw her naked on a couple occasions she should be stripped, lol no pin intended
    come on now bfp lets get some real news to report

  3. Sing -a-song

    What is amazing is that her videos are among the top 20 most watched videos on You Tube. Some have been watched over 50 million times! Whatever one has to say about Rihanna, it has to be admitted that worldwide she is an immensely popular singer.

  4. Mobert

    Well we had one major diplomat who was a rampant homosexual, regarded in high esteem by many including people overseas, we had one PM who allegedly beat women (regular) and took cocaine, also regarded as a brilliant man, we have big men hooking with with schoolage children, regular, girls just past puberty going into clubs and drinking etc, yet y’all lambast this girl for telling the truth?

    Ya, riiiggghhtt!

  5. Curious

    Say what? How can walking around, in the nude, in the privacy of one’s home be compared to a scantily dressed woman out in public?

    The scantily dressed woman expects to be seen, to be noticed. Now this pool boy has seen Rhianna on five occasions to her knowledge. What is going on here?

    My point is how long before we see images of her on her on the net? What with all these camera phones out there it doesn’t take long to upload a pic to some site. Being naked in front of strangers is one thing thinking you are alone and having someone see you naked is another thing.

    He must be decent guy; I guess. I do wish that Rhianna would use some common sense in how she carries herself and in what she says.

  6. Mary

    You all get far – that child needs to have her thoughts vetted before they are allowed to translate into a verbal comment. She just does not think

  7. Jamie

    That article was denounced as fake. Rihanna did not say this. You guys talk about journalism and then post made up stuff like this.

  8. BFP

    Hi Jamie

    The article was “denounced as fake” by Rihanna fans. Not a word from her publicist yet and Bravo Mag claims they have a tape recording of the interview.

    We don’t believe everything we read about Rihanna or anyone else, but frankly if there is no tape we’d expect an official denial from her publicist like two days ago.

    We’ll wait.

  9. Jamie

    Did you hear the tape recording of this interview? Did Bravo release the tape recording? My guess would be NO and NO. As far as I know, Bravo is a tabloid magazine and they publish a lot of sensationalized information. Until I hear the tape recording of the purported interview, I will reserve my judgment on this.

  10. Rumboy

    Wouldn’t mind being her pool boy, for sure. She is young and I think we forget this occasionally and who can really trust those mags.. they write whatever they think will sell and have the 1st to fall back on.

  11. huh?

    Denounced by her publicist… it’s a fake. Besides the content of the interview was so different from what normally emanates from the Rihanna PR machine that as far as I was concerned it was suspect from the beginning.

    She’s never done an interview like this before, why would that suddenly change?

    Perhaps you were a bit quick to condemn here BFP

  12. QT

    @ Curious

    it’s a little too late. Rihanna has already had self-made graphic cell phone pics of her leaked to the press months ago.

  13. BFP

    Huh? ….. she never wore barbed wire and nothing else before either!

  14. Hants

    Rihanna is a superstar created by people at the top of the music business.

    She is marketed to get the best roi so expect some “exposure” that Bajans would find unacceptable.

    The more risque she dresses the more money she and her “investors” will make.

    lef she lone

    an enjoy she music.

  15. Hartley Henry not really

    Ri Ri…..says that how we deal with it in Bim !

  16. QT

    Rihanna confirms naked pictures of herself being leaked onto the internet and says: “If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him”

    Role model Rihanna strikes again

  17. QT

    Full interview including the above statement:

    the discussion about the nude pictures starts at 5:57

  18. kiki

    The Superficial – Rihanna sex tape clip leaked online
    This girl is a bit more endowed than Rhianna. 16. Muss – June 15, 2009 12:52 AM. That’s not her, that’s pornstar Lavish Styles. …

  19. Avatar Girl

    Looka, she enjoying sheself!

    Is only lucky that it ain’t ME up there! I woulda cause BEAR chaos bringing the truth about Barbadian hypocrisy out to the world!

    I live in a country that APPRECIATES…not only condones, but APPRECIATES…beating up of women & men; that is the GAY CAPITAL of the Caribbean, but says in public, “Oh NO, we are a CHRISTIAN nation.”; that is a lazy bunch of good-for-nothings, but complain when other people come in and “take” our resources from us!

    What, with our tertiary education, we can’t even be smart enough to look past our own manure?

    And yet we quarrel about the splinters in other people’s eyes, before we yank the logs out of ours!

    Third World mentality in an aspiring First World nation…will NEVER work!

  20. Darian

    Tell Rhianna to shut up and sing.

    Is it is just me or does she seem to be the only Black celeb who gets any press in the so-called mainstream media?

    Sexting!!! Look at how many ordinary girls have been burnt by that foolishness.

    Don’t you just love these media hungry role models?


  21. QT


    the sex-tape is a fake, the pictures aren’t.

  22. QT

    It’s not even a matter of whether or not she had naked pictures of herself leaked. She’s a grown woman and can do whatever she wants, so I had no problem with that. The issue is the fact that in an international interview on 20/20 not too long ago, she made it a point to get all teary-eyed over how seriously she takes her status as a role model to the “young girls” who look up to her…and then almost immediately after that she makes an irresponsible and completely disingenuous statement such as that.

    There are “young girls” who are blackmailed and extorted over naked pictures they sent a boyfriend. When a young girl’s naked pictures are leaked like hers had, how is that girl going to respect herself knowing that everybody and their father saw her buck naked and sprawled out? How do other boys and future potential boyfriends respect her as a person after something like that? Pictures are PERMANENT in this day and age. Suppose that girl decides to run for office one day?

    Young girls do not need to be seeing themselves in terms of how they should be pleasing their boyfriends sexually. They need to be focusing their attention on growing as a person and leaving sex and sexting for when they are mature enough to know and deal with the consequences.

    I wish she would, in future interviews, modify that statement by inserting a “if you are an adult” somewhere in there.

  23. bajan girl

    Rihanna should go back to school & get educated about manners, how to speak and get some common sense. she is an embrassment to bajan young women.

    rihanna learn to sing and think before u speak.

  24. Leave Rihanna Alone

    i luv the girl (not litterally) but she’s a fab singa and i think we shood jst leave her alone. Especally as her horrible boyfriend just beat her up!!! MEANIE!!! : (

  25. Oh Great !
    I think she’s onto something there….
    It’s time we Bajans get back with the NUDITY theme…. like years ago…. when we had nudity on Long Beach in Christ Church.

    All my young life I saw nudity on the beaches of Barbados before I ever got the nerve to try it myself….. and now Bajans getting on like if its the worst thing…. such short memories…. less than 50 years ago Bajan children were playing NUDE IN THE STREETS… but I suppose you associate that with poverty and slavery… what a pity.

    As a photographer I am doing my part to present nudity in a POSITIVE way….. and finding many Bajans who still enjoy such an innocent and natural pastime.

  26. Anonymous

    oh come it is not the first tome shes said something like this when she said `bajans`jealous of her oh gosh if rihanna needs an excuse y her pool boy saw her naked she need to be good at lies say something like her drees was big or the pin slept out omg dun make this a big deal n yea im notbhating on rihanna i love her n her music but the facts or the facts

  27. 150

    Rihanna is a media-child of the 21st. century.
    That does not sit well with us stuck on a mid-20th. Century island
    still ‘enjoying’ Victorian mores and morals.
    Huge disparity.

    So some pokey showed. HUGE deal.
    get over it, OK?