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Gwyneth Paltrow filming documentary in Barbados

UPDATE: Latest photo* from Vogue Italy, but no information on the subject of the documentary. Ooooooh… I think the camera is worth more than all our homes put together!

What is the documentary about?

The celebrity news sites are all abuzz with photos of Gwyneth Paltrow on the beach in Barbados where, according to Popeater.com, she is filming a documentary.

Marvelous! But after a searching on the net for a half hour I’m still no closer to knowing what the documentary is about or where on the island it is being filmed.

Can BFP’s readers offer any information?

* Thanks to an old friend for tipping us to the photo and Vogue article


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Buble bulges in Barbados

2007 & 2011!

Oh Michael! How could you let yourself go like this?

Shona and Auntie Moses just read the Daily Mail and are horrified at the photos of Michael Buble walking on the beach. Or, we should say that’s all of Michael walking, waddling and wobbling at Sandy Lane with his fiancée Luisana Lopilato,

The girls are soooooo disappointed. Says Auntie Moses, “When ‘e due? Boy or girlchild?”

Gone is the excitement of February 2007.

Michael… ya really have to pay attention to Auntie Moses.


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Michael Winner’s new book: Not so unbelievable!

A delicious, indiscreet memoir about dining with Hollywood stars

Death Wish director and #1 Barbados fan Michael Winner just published a new totally uncensored book of his meals and relationships with some very famous people: some dead and some still living.

Jack Lemmon, John Cleese (above with Michael), Faye Dunaway, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum and a host of other big names are included in Winner’s memoir “Unbelievable! My Life In Restaurants And Other Places”

Will the stars be offended here on earth or wherever they are now? I doubt it.

Michael Winner is not unkind to anyone except those who serve him bad meals.

Can’t wait to read his new book, which probably could be titled “Lives of the rich and famous Hollywood stars with all the cow manure striped away”

Michael Winner loves Barbados. Continue reading


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Another Kidd ex-wife tells all. Betrayed Be: Jack Kidd “deadbeat dad, doesn’t have an ounce of decency.”

Que the vengeful wife: Take Two!

As we said in our February 6, 2007 article Lives of The Rich and Unfaithful In Barbados: Holders Plantation House and Those Wacky Kidds!

“It is all sooooooo very exciting when a dumped wife craves revenge so much that she’s willing to violate the privacy and marriages of her own children just to satisfy her own selfish desires!”

THAT was in response to Wendy Kidd (mother of supermodel Jodie Kidd and makeup tycoon Jemma Kidd) telling the world about her unfaithful husband Johnny Kidd shacking up with a girl younger than his daughters. (Wendy knew something was up when she found Viagra in her husband’s suitcase packed for a “business trip”.)

Now we are treated to daughter-in-law Be Kidd doing the same thing to polo player Jack Kidd and their children. She even had the Daily Mail take a photo of all the children to put in the article. Well, if you’re going to be a vengeful ex-wife ya might as well go all the way! (Daily Mail article here)

I guess too much money can be a curse sometimes. No worries ’bout hey… I wouldn’t leave my woman for anything.

Besides… I couldn’t afford to!

(Just kidding dear. Oh, no.. I’m not Kidd-ing. Really didn’t mean it that way my love!)


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Growing controversy over Rihanna’s role as Barbados Culture & Youth Ambassador – Australian news media

“These days, her solo music releases and collaborations are instant hits, and her forward fashion has led to her being touted as a style icon of the new decade. (Although not everyone agrees. Despite her role as a youth and culture ambassador for Barbados, there’s a contingent back in her home country who feels her image is a disgrace to her heritage and are openly hostile on blogs and in the press.)”

… from the Australia Herald Sun article Rihanna’s a girl about town

Barbados Magistrate chides Rihanna – Calls for no public airplay of Rude Boy

Not a Rihanna fan... Barbados Magistrate Ian Weekes

By the time that Rihanna was appointed as Barbados Culture and Youth Ambassador, the fresh-faced home girl made good we originally cheered was already changing in a less than positive way. Many folks were uncomfortable with her appointment and even those who supported Prime Minister Thompson’s move were puzzled that he didn’t leave himself (and us) an out by announcing a term of a year or two.

Not a wise move on the part of David Thompson because here we are a few years later with our Culture & Youth Ambassador sporting gun tattoos, exposing her breasts, saying it is “quite normal” for Bajan women to walk around nude in front of strange men and singing she loves it “when you kiss it there”.

Heck, we haven’t mentioned the midget porn-star birthday party yet!

Okay, that’s American rap/pop/Hollywood sex culture or whatever you want to call it. Rihanna is good at it and she’s made millions for herself and others.

All I know is what she’s doing now isn’t Bajan culture and it sure isn’t the example we want for our youth from someone who officially represents Barbados as an ambassador.

Magistrate Ian Weekes agrees. He doesn’t think Rihanna’s current example is a good one for our youth and he said so in court and during a newspaper interview a few weeks ago. (Nation News Too Rude)

How will Prime Minister David Thompson deal with the Rihanna-as-Barbados-Ambassador controversy as it continues to grow and become news around the world?

My guess: Thompson will continue to make like an ostrich.

Further Reading

Rude Boy lyrics

Rihanna loved her birthday gift: midget porn star lapdance

Barbados Prime Minister reconsiders Rihanna as “Youth & Cultural Ambassador”


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Reported: Barbados Ambassador Rihanna says “quite normal” in Barbados for women to be naked in front of strange men

CONTROVERSY: Bravo Magazine is sticking to its story that Rihanna’s interview was reported fair and square. As much as we can make out, the editor claims the interview was recorded with her knowledge. Others say that “sources close” to Rihanna state that the interview was not fairly reported.

Nothing official released by Rihanna’s publicists though. That will be the real test unless the recordings show up for all to hear.

The “Russian Roulette” singer admits: “To be honest, I’m even hotter at home, because I’m always naked there. I’m from Barbados, that’s quite normal there. My pool boy saw me naked five times already.”

…Barbados Ambassador for Culture & Youth allegedly explains to the world media how we do things here in Bim

Mr. Prime Minister: If Rihanna did say these things, it’s about time for the annual review of all “ambassador” appointments, don’t you think?


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Rihanna’s Nipple Ring Photos are so obviously faked, PhotoShopped

rihanna-nipple-ring-500A number of readers have sent us photos of Rihanna that purport to show a pierced nipple with a ring as visible through a very sheer top. We examined several large resolution files and it seems obvious to even the most untrained eye that the photos have been manipulated by some PhotoShop-like programme to insert the highlights from a nipple ring. You can clearly see that the area in question has a different pixel structure than the surrounding area.

We’re no experts, but it seems obvious to us that this is a hoax. The poor girl has enough trouble without some idiot creating fake photos to make more trouble for her.

Here is our zoom-in @ 300% from the original file that can be obtained online here.

Look where the arrow head points as this is the border to the PhotoShopped faked section. You can zoom in by clicking the photos…

Rihanna Nipple Ring Fake


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