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Dominica Freedom Party alleges corruption, cash payments for Government appointments: Asks why Hartley Henry paid $50,000

Alleges political corruption, wants Hartley Henry to account for cash payment

Judith Pestaina, Dominica Freedom Party, alleges corruption, wants Hartley Henry to account for cash.

Golly folks, did I miss this story in the Barbados news media?

I must have missed it.

I’m sure the Barbados media, especially the Barbados Advocate and the CBC, would have been all over the story that the right hand advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados is being called out in Dominica to account for a July 9, 2009 payment to him for $50,000.

Nope. Can’t see the story anywhere.

I guess there must be some mistake with the Barbados news media, so let’s help them out…

Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson & top political strategist Henry Hartley

“We in the Dominica Freedom Party know Hartley Henry of Barbados to be an advisor of the Dominica Labour Party and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt. His responsibilities include identifying and purchasing all political paraphernalia for the Dominica Labour Party election campaign to include the use of the media and IT.

We have been further advised that Hartley Henry has been appointed by the Prime Minister to act for and on behalf of the people of Dominica. We would like the PM to indicate to us in no uncertain terms in what capacity was Hartley Henry made to act for and on behalf of the people of Dominica.

The question must be answered by Prime Minister Skerritt because we know that  a payment of US$50,000.00 was made by this Honorary Consul to Mr. Hartley Henry who is an Advisor to the Dominica Labour Party and its leader, Roosevelt Skerritt. And what was this payment for?

This payment was made on July 2nd 2009 and transferred to Mr Hartley Henry.

Is it true that such payments are being made in exchange for diplomatic and/or consular appointments? Is it also done for Hartley Henry to raise money for the Dominica Labour Party’s campaign?

Based on the evidence available to the Dominica Freedom Party, it appears that consular appointments are being made by the Labour Party Government in exchange for cash payments to the Labour Party and its surrogates. This cash for appointments questions the integrity of the manner in which consular appointments are made.”

Statement by Judith Pestaina, Dominica Freedom Party (Read the entire statement here)


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