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Lies of Omission: Barbados Advocate article IDB “$400 Million Boost” doesn’t once mention word “Loan” !!!!


Oh Gawd, this is freaking hilarious!

The #1 government mouthpiece, The Barbados Advocate, does an entire article about the recent Inter-American Development Bank loan of US$200 million to Barbados and doesn’t once mention that it is a loan to be repaid. A loan that plunges the country further in debt.

Listen friends: I’m not debating whether we need it, should have taken it, whether it will be accounted for or properly spent…

I’m talking about the freaking Barbados News Media going through all sorts of linguistic athletics to avoid mentioning that this is debt.

Read the Barbados Advocate article. This is FREE MONEY, maybe grants. That’s the impression.

Freaking liars.

Go to The Barbados Advocate and read it online (link here)

But in case they remove the article like they usually do when they are caught, here it is in full.

Freaking liars!!!! Continue reading


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Wildbirds Conservation or Politics? US$30 million investment at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary ignored – Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge declared “first” such project in Barbados

“BirdLife International has created Barbados’ first shorebird refuge at an abandoned shooting swamp at Woodbourne, close to the village of Packers. Woodbourne is a four hectare swamp on the flank of the St. Philip Shooting Swamps Important Bird Area (IBA), at which hunting and maintenance ceased in October 2004. Two former hunters were instrumental in securing the lease and financing the initial restoration of Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge. Restoration work started in May and the swamp was ready for the 2009 southbound, autumn migration.”

… from the Birdlife International press release ‘No-shooting’ shorebird refuge established in Barbados

Funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service established Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge in Barbados

To be fair…

To be fair, Birdlife International does a stellar job internationally and in Barbados – and its own publication on Barbados’ important bird areas gives proper coverage to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (Birdlife International publication available in PDF download here).

BUT… to classify their Woodbourne project as the first such effort does a great disservice to the hundreds of Bajans who created the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and the tens of thousands who came out to support the sanctuary prior to its closing by owner Peter Allard over the failure of the Barbados Government to adhere to our own laws and protect the natural environment at Graeme Hall. It seems that money and development win every time over the rights of Bajans to enjoy what is left our country.

Ian Bourne has the rest of the story at The Bajan Reporter…

“A complaint filed by the Canadian owner of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, an eco-tourist facility in Barbados, alleges that the Government of Barbados has violated its international obligations by refusing to enforce its environmental laws, thereby allowing increased pollution and land development to damage the Sanctuary.”

… from the Bajan Report story Canadian Alleges Treaty Violations by Barbados


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Barbados Jazz Festival: We’ll take tickets for Smokey Robinson, Robin Thicke, Arturo Tappin, Marisa Lindsay

January 11th – 17th, 2010

Smokey Robinson. There is a name to take you waaaaay back before most of us at BFP uttered our first squeaks.

Motown. The Temptations. Black music going mainstream and then taking over the airways everywhere for a few years. A reverse British-Invasion in the UK. Riots in Detroit and Watts by people who had been held down too long as the handmaids for those who had and kept the money. You could put in ten years on the assembly line at General Electric in New Jersey, but if you wanted to do $500 on the never-never towards a new Chevrolet in 1963 you had better have been white.

Aretha Franklin. Pretty. Beautiful voice. Powerful. Sexy in a wholesome sort of way like Tracy Chapman is now. Not adhering to that international model look that all the big female singers have now. Aretha made it on message, energy and singing talent. No nipple rings or barbed wire necessary.

I’m almost frightened to look up Smokey Robinson’s age on Wikipedia so I won’t. I don’t care if they have to wheel him out on stage with an IV drip and an oxygen tank at his side, I’m going. (Hey… just kidding about that. The online reviews of his concerts are 100% positive and the guy is still dancing around stage in full leather tight pants surrounded by sweet young things. Whatever he’s eating, I’ll have some!)

Smokey Robinson was VP and #2 at Motown when the music was part of the big social changes and instrumental in the growth black consciousness. I don’t know what to expect of his current performance, but I’m going and nothing can stop me.

Barbados Jazz Festival website


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