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Articles about murdered tourist Terry Schwarzfeld disappearing from Canadian News archives

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

I thought you’d like to know the reason why past news articles about Terry Schwarzfeld are being removed from the web by Canwest. Ask yourself ‘How much was Barbados Tourism spending with Canwest before the incident? How much is Barbados spending on advertising with Canwest now?’ “

… received as an anonymous email from a BFP reader based in Canada.

“I’m trying to find out if a court date has been set for Curtis Foster, the man accused of killing Canadian Terry Schwarzfeld. I have had no luck getting through to Attorney General’s office. Have you heard anything? Any idea if a trial date has been set? Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

… email to BFP from a Canadian reader.

Ottawa Citizen Barbados

Making Terry Schwarzfeld Disappear

We hadn’t noticed until we received the anonymous email from Canada, but a Google search shows the truth – many of the Canadian news articles about murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld have been removed from the internet by Canadian news media outlets.

Included in the list of “missing” is the March 8, 2009 Ottawa Citizen article by Bruce Ward Bajan Media Ignores Attack On Women. Online site only outlet to speak out for Schwarzfeld.

Hey, like we always knew… “Money talks”

Tourist Murder


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