Dominica Freedom Party alleges corruption, cash payments for Government appointments: Asks why Hartley Henry paid $50,000

Alleges political corruption, wants Hartley Henry to account for cash payment

Judith Pestaina, Dominica Freedom Party, alleges corruption, wants Hartley Henry to account for cash.

Golly folks, did I miss this story in the Barbados news media?

I must have missed it.

I’m sure the Barbados media, especially the Barbados Advocate and the CBC, would have been all over the story that the right hand advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados is being called out in Dominica to account for a July 9, 2009 payment to him for $50,000.

Nope. Can’t see the story anywhere.

I guess there must be some mistake with the Barbados news media, so let’s help them out…

Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson & top political strategist Henry Hartley

“We in the Dominica Freedom Party know Hartley Henry of Barbados to be an advisor of the Dominica Labour Party and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt. His responsibilities include identifying and purchasing all political paraphernalia for the Dominica Labour Party election campaign to include the use of the media and IT.

We have been further advised that Hartley Henry has been appointed by the Prime Minister to act for and on behalf of the people of Dominica. We would like the PM to indicate to us in no uncertain terms in what capacity was Hartley Henry made to act for and on behalf of the people of Dominica.

The question must be answered by Prime Minister Skerritt because we know that  a payment of US$50,000.00 was made by this Honorary Consul to Mr. Hartley Henry who is an Advisor to the Dominica Labour Party and its leader, Roosevelt Skerritt. And what was this payment for?

This payment was made on July 2nd 2009 and transferred to Mr Hartley Henry.

Is it true that such payments are being made in exchange for diplomatic and/or consular appointments? Is it also done for Hartley Henry to raise money for the Dominica Labour Party’s campaign?

Based on the evidence available to the Dominica Freedom Party, it appears that consular appointments are being made by the Labour Party Government in exchange for cash payments to the Labour Party and its surrogates. This cash for appointments questions the integrity of the manner in which consular appointments are made.”

Statement by Judith Pestaina, Dominica Freedom Party (Read the entire statement here)


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20 responses to “Dominica Freedom Party alleges corruption, cash payments for Government appointments: Asks why Hartley Henry paid $50,000

  1. I dont understand why people are surprised about Hartley Henry.

    Yesterday Lennox Linton, an investigative journalist, release this email from the designer of the Dominica PM’s properties, which are all of course corruptly acquired. Her paymaster is hartley henry.
    Dear PM,

    Good to hear that things are progressing.
    The status is as follows from my end regarding the Ocean front project.Cynthia Asis-Leif the chief architect from the Californian firm has sent through an outline I requested of the detailed services she is providing along with a fixed set of costs for the Ocean Front apartments.
    She also submitted her invoice for the stock drawings we are purchasing for the mediterranean style villa at beau bois. I have forwarded all of the above to Hartley. I have since received the original signed documents via fedex. She has a very full brief from me on what we want. She has been provided with copies of the building code, photographs, topo surveys everything she requested. She has begun work on the ocean front project and was awaiting the first advance An amount due to formally engage her firm, Hartley has taken care of that and has all of thedetails he can fill you in more on this aspect.

    If you need me to forward all of the correspondence that I sent to Hartley documents regarding the
    above please let me know.


  2. Dear Hartley,
    I have lots to brief you on so I will try to put some down in this email, it is hard to cover all this stuff on the phone.
    First things first, I have completed a lot of the preliminary design work on the OCean Front Villas
    Site Plan,
    Floor Plans
    Interior Bills of Quantity are all complete, I am now waiting for the construction details from Cynthia and then we will give them to the structural engineers and the QS to compile the construction Bills of Qty. We can then start.
    I need to be paid the initial down payment of 35% of US$58,000 which is what I propose to charge him for the work I am doing on this project. I will attach the contract in a separate email. I have addressed the contract to you so as not to put his name on any paperwork. With regard to Vielle Case country house, we are ready to go, the bills are done the drawings are done, I have the labor estimate from the Guyanese contractor, I have the priced estimate on timber from Guyana..I will meet the Dominican contractor on this trip to review how he has priced his Bills… I think it is now for Skerrit to give us instructions on when he wants to start breaking ground. I would like to bring the Guyanese contractor over for three days before they start the foundation because I am not 100% sure of Biscombe roof design… I told this to PM and I told him my contractor has already figured out how we will fix it when the time comes… I just want him to come and make sure all the foundations and everything is ok… extra precaution from my end…
    I need PM to make a decision whether I go to Miami to buy the tiles now and get that out of the way. We will need them into the New Year so if we buy and ship now the timing will be good. Depending on his decision I will know how to organize my time for the next few weeks.
    Please ask Skerrit to pay me the advance through the bank but I need at least 1000 us now in Dominica. I damaged my credit card at Gatwick airport while trying to close the safety deposit box in my room, I ordered a new one it is in Tampa, did not want them to post it to the Caribbean…as a result I am travelling without a credit card and my cash reserves are getting low.
    Skerrit will also have to finance my ticket from Dominica now to Miami and return to Dominica.
    Hartley please make some time to sort some of these things out for me I need to get them sorted out asap.
    I will now send the contract for the Ocean front villas to you in another email…
    Please call soon..I am staying in Veille Case, the internet is still not up, he sent up a computer but thats it. Also I am still living in his Mom’s house I really think he should set up the apartment downstairs, for this project it is unreasonable to expect this lady to accommodate me in her space every time I show up. She is great but I am sure it will begin to get on her nerves. I do need to leave papers and stuff behind to continue to do all this work.
    take care

  3. 1234

    A normal business deal. What is the fuss?

  4. Hants

    Hartley Henry has a resume of success after helping the DLP win the last election.

    BFP wuhna help too. Thank you.

    Does it surprise anyone that another Caribbean government would hire him to help them with their campaign?

    I wish him continued success.

  5. irony

    Somehow Hants and Hartley Henry still don’t get it.

    They think they’re genius and Clico money got them elected and not a free press and the promise of ITAL.

  6. Hants

    @ irony

    You loss.We won. Deal with it.

    Barbados will have free and fair elections 2 or 3 years from now. You and BFP can support the party of your choice.

    Hopefully I will be back by then to vote for the party whose Dna is in my political bloodstream.
    The letters DLP are phychologically tattooed to my

  7. Hope Springs Eternal

    I have to hand it to you BFP, you know how to ferret out the really important stories in the Caribbean. BU like it has one of those spinning wheels on Wheels of Fortune. Spin that wheel!…this week we will rehash the homosexuality issue! Spin that wheel!….this week we will have a righteous article on religion! Spin that wheel! This week we will attract and satisfy all the bigots and racists by reposting the 1001 article on the black psyche or Guyanese bashing!
    BFP is this a major story and I thank you for exposing the tangled web of Hartley Henry. Bravo!

  8. maybe Hartley Henry, maybe not


    Should be the last to try and villify me on UNSUBSTANTIATED information.

    Good gosh……is this the meaning of FREE PRESS ?

    Geezzzzz !

  9. clarification time

    Okay Hartley

    your stage?

    devillify in an age of instant communication

    Its an excellent time to shoot the Dominca Freedom Party down

  10. Mary

    Maybe he cant!!!LOL, did someone say Integrity and Transparency or is the pig now walking on two legs!!

  11. BFP

    Dear Hartley Henry

    If it is HH.

    Why don’t you just deny it then?

    I notice that when something really strikes home you deflect and ignore. When you can attack, you do – as we have often seen.

    Must have really struck home, I think.

    Don’t forget HH.. this is a two part story. 1/ Your actions. 2/ The fact that the Barbados news media ignored this story.

  12. Crossroads

    He’s paying attention…hehehe

  13. Hartley Henry not really!

    Just an update my friends.

    Owen Seymour Arthur has submitted his application to become a member of the GREAT Democratic Labour Party once again.

    I have just returned from a meeting where his application among hundreds more were considered for membership.

    Sir Lloyd really sealed the deal and the Nationnews was there to capture the moment !

    Welcome home Owen !

    MAMA MIA !!

  14. Hants

    The BLPites are trying to stir things up by posting as HH.

  15. Hope Springs Eternal

    This item is like a Meat Lover’s Dream, something you can really sink your teeth into. Keep the installments coming! I hungry!

  16. Hartley Henry

    Dear Heartless Henry,

    Go get a life !

    What is wrong with a man having a DAILY meal with Mrs. Barbara Daily……whoever she happens to be.

    I do not know that woman or any other woman you indicate that I should know.

    Come again.

  17. HA HA HA

    This is what Bajans voted for in their numbers, on the recommendation on BFP I might add. If I had told you this would happen before January 15, 2007 you would have heard that I am a BLP yard fowl.

    Wrong folks. I just keep my eyes open and my ears to the ground. There is lots more to be told about Hartley Henry and his corrupt ways.

    BFP why don’t you investigate the connection between HH and a certain Chinese gentleman who was arranging certain aspects of our Prime Minister’s trip to China until he cancelled at the last minute. If you need a clue the gentleman is Invest Barbados’ adviser on China, where a certain Peter Gilkes in on the payroll for doing nothing because his business is going through the shoot.

    Like the Americans say – Follow the money!

  18. Hartley Henry not really

    HA HA HA….what nonsense you are talking about ?

  19. Avatar Girl

    Well, I gotta ask again…

    Which ricjh politician I gotta “deal” with in order to get some money?

    I can do exotic massage…get me @


  20. gadfly

    British historian, Andrew Roberts, in examining the personality of the late British war-time Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill noted that he enjoyed the company of persons who had “flaws in the weave”. Expanding on this quirk in the personality of some of the world’s leading political figures, Roberts went on to say that “Churchill ‘s greatest friend before his tragic death in his late forties in 1930, F E Smith, Lord Birkenhead, was a heavy drinker. Max Beaverbrook was widely thought of as crooked. Brendan Bracken also had a shadowy background and was suspected of deliberately failing to quash the unfounded rumour that he was Churchill’s illigitimate son. Averil Harriman had an affair with the wife of Churchill’s son Randolph, but was not penalised socially for it by the Churchill family.”
    Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The DLP’s chief soothsayer and tipster, Hartley Henry, has been accused of several indiscretions over the years yet he remains Prime Minister David Thompson’s main sidekick. Word on the street indicates that since the 2008 general elections, Henry makes a major input into every political appointment in the country.
    Thompson’s association with Henry does not prevent him and senior members of his Cabinet from grasping every opportunity to be photographed with leading members of the local clergy and exhorting Barbadians to return to the core values of Godliness, selflessness, thrift and community-spiritedness.
    Unfortunately, religion can be cleverly used to manipulate the common herd of humanity. Some of us may recall that the religious reformer, Martin Luther once said: ” We must pluck out the eye of reason to make room for faith.”