Senior Advisor To Prime Minister David Thompson Follows Through With Threats Against Barbados Journalist

Prime Minister David Thompson & Henry Hartley

Prime Minister David Thompson & Henry Hartley

Hartley Henry Makes Public Allegations of Sexual Impropriety, Beatings, Attempted Suicide by Nation Newspaper Staffers

Uses Barbados Underground Blog

We told you on August 24, 2009 how Barbados journalist and editor Carol Martindale alleges that Hartley Henry threatened to turn Barbados against her if The Nation Newspaper did not print a story about a political poll in the manner that the senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados demanded.

Friends, when one of the the most powerful and connected men in Barbados threatens to destroy a journalist’s reputation, that is a threat not only to the victim: it is a threat to the very heart of our democracy.

Ms. Martindale quite rightly called the police who are said to be investigating the threats. (With our police, you never know.) Caribbean journalists are appalled at Mr. Henry’s behaviour and the story has been picked up by the Caribbean news media and even by Harvard Law School’s Global Voices. (See our original story: Barbados Newspaper Editor Threatened by Senior Advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson – Police Investigation Launched)

Hartley Henry Sets Off an Atomic Bomb at Barbados Underground Blog

On Wednesday August 26, 2009, Hartley Henry published a response to Ms. Martindale’s allegations in the August 27th edition of The Barbados Advocate newspaper. You can read that newspaper article online here: Under the Microscope: No threat to press freedom, it is all about the ‘connection’.

Mr. Henry’s Barbados Advocate article is full of innuendo about a “connection” to Nation News staffers that affords a “particular individual… unfettered access” to favourable coverage at the newspaper.

Although Mr. Henry pulls his punches (as we shall see!), it is interesting that even this relatively tame article indeed makes a good start at fulfilling the threats he made to ruin Ms. Martindale.

Hartley Henry Makes Good On The Threats to Ms. Martindale

Since the Democratic Labour Party abandoned its own blog after winning the January 2008 election, Barbados Underground Blog has become the defacto DLP government blog frequented by DLP supporters and government insiders alike. Mr. Henry and other DLP insiders have previously published quite a few articles on Barbados Underground, so we were not surprised to see Mr. Henry’s current Barbados Advocate article re-printed at Barbados Underground…

… and then we started to read the additional paragraphs and words included in the Barbados Underground version. Ca-Dear!

Read in context of the current allegations of threats against a Nation News editor, Mr. Henry details what can only be a lesbian sex triangle involving two Nation News staffers and “said heavy roller” who gets “prominence on demand” in the coverage by the Nation News – according to Mr. Henry.

Well, Mr. Henry threatened to ruin reputations if the newspaper didn’t print the article his way, and I guess he meant it.

Our opinion?

Hartley Henry would not have published his reputation-ruining article at Barbados Underground unless two conditions were assured: 1/ Prime Minister Thompson had knowledge of this article and agreed to the strategy, and 2/ Barbados Underground was safe and secure in the knowledge that the DLP government would protect them from any repercussions of publishing Henry’s hit piece.

Check it out for yourself at Barbados Underground: No Threat To Press Freedom It’s All About ‘The Connection’

About Barbados Underground…

Our readers should know that this is the first time we have linked to Barbados Underground in the many months since we dropped their link from our sidebar for publishing threats and racist comments. Infamously, Barbados Underground published comments describing a murdered Canadian tourist as “white trash” and regularly publishes articles calling for the exclusion of whites, Indians, Asians and other minority races from Barbados on the basis of their skin colours. Just a warning folks to let you know what you will find over there.

Again, we don’t normally link to racist blogs, but this story is important as it reveals so much about the character of persons in the Prime Minister’s office. The Hartley Henry article published at Barbados Underground is part of a story that needs to be told.

Prime Minister Thompson’s Problem Now…

Prime Minister Thompson had advance knowledge of Henry's Barbados Underground article or he didn't. Either way, the PM has a problem.

Prime Minister Thompson had advance knowledge of Henry's Barbados Underground article or he didn't. Either way, the PM has a problem.

If Prime Minister David Thompson had pre-knowledge about and approved Hartley Henry making good on his threats against Nation News journalists, that makes him a party to the threats, if not in law – certainly in reality.

If, on the other hand, Prime Minister Thompson had no pre-knowledge about Henry’s Barbados Underground article – that means he has lost control of his advisor. If that is the case and he does not publicly discipline Henry, Thompson will lose face and appear weak and indecisive.

That’s quite the choice for the Prime Minister. Which door will he open?


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138 responses to “Senior Advisor To Prime Minister David Thompson Follows Through With Threats Against Barbados Journalist

  1. PiedPiper

    Will the TonTon Macoutes find a new calling in Barbados?

  2. FearPlay

    “Thanks” but “no thanks” for the link to BU, BFP . I will not give this cowardly attempt at press suppression and character assassination the dignity of reading a single word written by a slime ball wanna be politician. Maybe a look in the mirror would have been in order before inferring that others engaged in same-sex relationships for the advancement of careers.
    Is this what we have to look forward to for the next three years? Heaven forbid!

  3. michele

    I must say my eyes have been open, to a lot in

    this good country. After moving back to this island
    thinking I doing something for myself and my daughter letting here grow up here. Mind you this is not on the topic at hand but I’ve had to deal with
    people in departments of government and get no help.

    So for the fact that Mr. Henry has issuse with the newspaper, that’s my next stop.

    I haven’t been on this site awhile not since I’ve come to Barbados and what is said about the Barbados Underground Blog is interesting they used to be very good, back when I first found this site and then they had started.

    The racist thing is just the thing that caught my eye, for it’s the colour of my husbands skin that I’ve been told is the said reason I can’t get any help from immigration or anywhere else.

    Would you believe that I was told white people run things, which I found shocking. I’ve told them I want some peace from a husband who has come to this country to torment me yet every where I go

    I get no help and even in court a judge can make nice conversation with some one who have over stayed their welcome.

    Women in this country and some men get no help from abuse and you are told that you are married or have kids together so often by people who are not living your life and couldn’t care less what happens.

    I’m a woman who after years of abuse and coming here to get away. Can be told time and time again, you are still married and we can’t do anything for you.

    So many people from the Caribbean get sent home
    and some people come here have no paper work over stay and can go out walk back in and laugh at
    the countymen, saying they are very stupid.

    I have to move house and not tell my family, I have to change my daughter’s school I have to say to hell with the court system that is doing nothing for me, and would end up looking like the bad guy.

    All because where still living in a age where to me it seems that everything about here has everything to do with the colour of a mans skin.

    So would this Mr. Henry get away with abuse he sure will, he knows the right people and it will go away, no help for the abuse that goes on on this island, no hope so we the ones that suffer can only run.

  4. passin thru

    I agree with your take on this story. It should be told so people will know what kind of persons are running Barbados. BFP always talks about there are no rules for the government. This is one more example of when people get into positions of power in Barbados they do as they want like little Hitlers.

    Nobody thinks about what is best for the country.

    Keep up the good work BFP. I agree you shouldn’t ignore this story.

  5. Mugaffy Allamby

    BFP:’Again, we don’t normally link to racist blogs, but this story is important as it reveals so much about the character of persons in the Prime Minister’s office”

    Or the character of politics and powerplay in Barbados???????

    That is the powder keg and your are quite right, this story is BIG, not just from a he/she said or from who accused who, but from the issue of political power.

    The Nation in the past was little lapdog, definitely favouring previous administration.

    Now, it seems there is a change in its approach to Government, why?

    Then added to that are the ‘other’ allegations, which some allege are widespread generally in BIM.

    Remember, juk-fuh-wuk?

    While this is Gov’t media, BLP/DLP, it is much more.

  6. Mobutu

    Hypothetically, if a major political party in Barbados were to form an alliance with a major newspaper on the island, based in part on an undisclosed sexual compact between key actors in the two institutions, then the interests of democracy are best served if the purposes and character of this alliance are fully disclosed to the electorate of Barbados. Disclosure would be all the more important for Bajan democracy if the sexual relationships at the heart of the alliance are non-traditional, since that could be an indicator of an unhealthy separation in values and interests between the voters and a large segment of the political directorate.

    In such a situation–hypothetical, of course– the Barbados Free Press should support full disclosure, instead of trying to smear those who are inclined to ventilate the facts.

  7. BFP

    Presumably Mobutu would want all sexual relations by all media personnel disclosed then? Not just “non-traditional” ones?

    And how about other conflicts of interest, for instance between business people and politicians? Should any sexual relationships be reported?

    Under what circumstances and to whom?

    Besides, Hartley Henry never reported the alleged sexual relationships until the intended victim of the extortion wouldn’t give in.

    Nasty business and unworthy of the senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Thompson, though, appears to have no problem with Mr. Henry’s carrying out of the threats.

  8. Jason

    The new part of BFP’s article just added (Thompson had pre-knowledge or didn’t know what Hartley Henry was up to) is an interesting observation.

    I never thought about it but BFP is right. Thompson knew or he didn’t know and both positions place him under some pressure.

    David Thompson might be about to learn that when the sh*t starts to fly it goes everywhere!

  9. Hants

    BFP here is the problem.

    You have prominent people in Barbados who are lesbians and homosexuals but it is kept in the “closet”.

    Barbadians are not accepting of homosexuality like Canadians so “you know who they are but can’t say it.”

    Here in Ontario we have a male Government minister who is married to a man. No problem.

    So what if Lesbians in Barbados form alliances and one of them becomes Prime Minister? It is called networking.

    Hartley Henry let his ego get the better of him.
    When you are an advisor to a Prime Minister you have to think and plan before you act.

    If the Nation is not publishing what you want the people of Barbados to read, send press releases by registered mail to all the mainstream media and include “this report was sent to the following news media”.

    Also send a copy to BFP, BU and even Ian Bourne.

    Then we will know who supporting whom and no one can claim an “implied” threat.

    I gine an eat bacon and will be missing in action an I en implying nutten. Fuh clarity de bacon I eating yuh does buy in a supamarket.

    ah gone.

  10. Anonymous

    Money, power, sex, blackmail. What next?

  11. kiki

    Politics is a dirty corrupted business for self serving criminals and opportunists … it’s definitely not for ‘nice’ honest people with morals trying to provide social services for people.

  12. Mobutu

    Memo to BFP

    Your response is dishonest. I never suggested blanket disclosure of the sexual lives of journalists. I said that it is important to disclose the political implications of NON-TRADITIONAL sexual relationships. And I clearly explained why. It is a repudiation of democracy for Barbados to be controlled by an elite which has very different values and behaviour from those of the majority of Bajans.

  13. Mobutu

    A further clarification: In a functioning Western-style democracy, the main purpose of the press is to check the power of government. If that check is compromised by sexual relationships of any kind, the integrity of the political system could be threatened, and the matter should be brought to the attention of the voters. Journalists should not be in bed with politicians, literally or figuratively. They should find sexual satisfaction elsewhere. So it is only those sexual relationships that undermine the adversarial roles of the government and the press that are objectionable. And the situation is made much worse if the sexual relationships are themselves unusual, because this indicates that there is a probably conflict of interest between the government and the governed–the very thing that arithmetic democracy was invented to prevent.

  14. Equity

    Why stop at sexual relationships, Mobutu. Any kind of relationship between the Press and politicians?

  15. Jason

    Why do you limit your argument to sex Mobutu? Money relationships are far more powerful than sex in politics.

    It is obvious from your comments that it is the alleged “non-traditional” nature of the alleged relationships that you object to, not the “purity” of the newspaper’s mission. Otherwise you would want disclosure of all sexual relationships and all money and family relationships.

  16. Boy tall people ain nuh joke

    ha ha ha go mobutu. Such reasoned responses will get you banned here at BFP.

  17. Nostradamus

    So, Mobutu, if an advisor and consultant to a Prime Minister was involved is sexual harassment, should it be brought to the attention of voters? Would it be a reflection on a PM to have such a person in his employ?

    Would’t this type of sexual predator compromise and threaten the integrity of the political system with this attempt at a sexual relationship?

    Surely that person would be exhibiting different values and behaviour from those of the majority of Bajans and the press should bring it to the attention of voters.

  18. Mobutu


    (1) The sexual indiscretions of the said consultant have already been brought to the attention of Bajans.
    (2) Sexual “harassment” is an elastic term that means different things in different cultures. The alleged “victim” in this case is an American female. In America, feminist ideology decrees that any man who makes unwelcome sexual advances to a woman with whom he is involved in the workplace, is an offender. American feminists have succeeded in using the power of the state to intimidate men into ceding control over sexual events to women. In Barbados, this role reversal is not yet fully accepted, and men are still allowed to exercise sexual initiatives without being demonized by the professional classes as “predators”. In other words, most Bajans, including Bajan elites, do NOT consider said consultant to be the deviant you apparently consider him to be. Which destroys the premise of your argument.

  19. Now we know who Mobutu is!!!!

    Now we know who Mobutu is!!!!

  20. Jack Bowman

    Mobutu says: “In a functioning Western-style democracy, the main purpose of the press is to check the power of government.”

    You are misinformed about the functions of the press. In a democracy, the main purpose of the press should be to provide reliable information. A benefit of the public provision of reliable information is that citizens can reached reasoned judgments and take informed decisions.

    Additionally, and now increasingly (because citizens in many “western-style democracies”) are saturated with information from a range of sources, some sections of the press will provide analysis of certain circumstances on the basis of verifiable facts, which journalists spell out and clarify in order to underpin their analysis.

    It might be contended that Mr. Henry’s piece in the Advocate fails to meet any of these criteria.

  21. wuhloss boy, that article brek down the people internet. wow! them always say politics is a dirty game but cheese on then this is jumping headfirst into a pool a sewage.

  22. Nostradamus


    My post was hypothetical so if you want to link it to a “said consultant” then that’s a matter for you.

    If someone said to you “if you do not have sex with me I will see to it that you are not paid for the work you have done.”, would you say that is an elastic interpretation of sexual harassment? If that is not a sexual predator then tell me what is.

    By the way which daily newspaper has brought the sexual indiscretions of the said consultant to the attention of Bajans?

  23. Mobutu


    First of all, the (hypothetical) claim you describe is only an allegation. It is one side of the story. We do not have any proof that it is true. But even if it were true, it would not matter, because the alleged offender had no effective means of enforcing his “threat”, and both parties knew this. The “victim” had a written contract and could enforce a claim for payment through the courts.

  24. Anonymous

    Weather the aggressor had no means of enforcing the threat, has little to do with if a threat had been made. Indeed it would appear that the threat had been followed through on. Jennifer Lazlo had to write this letter to the PM threatening enforcement of the contract in order to get payment. The scans of the letter are available for viewing on the internet so it’s hardly hypothetical.

    Sexual Harrassment is typically defined as demanding sexual favours in return for something else As outlined this was not a case of simple unwanted advances, Ms. Laslow clearly stated that it was a case of “if you want to get paid you will do ….”

    As for you this is a case of “The higher the monkey climb, the more you see his tail”

  25. Mobutu

    Jack Bowman,

    (1) The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (“Congress shall make no law abridging…the freedom of the press”) was explicitly designed and justified by political theorists and practitioners as a device to establish journalism as a check on the power of government. This is Political Science 101 and you can consult standard American, Canadian and British political science textbooks for confirmation of this. If you wish, I can provide references, but I will have to dig up my notes from university.
    (2) The said consultant has indeed provided us with alleged facts that are verifiable, especially if there is now a police investigation underway, so your point escapes me.

  26. Mugaffy Allamby

    You are wrong or at best, short on accuracy.

    The Fourth Estate, while being a source of information, is also essential in real journalistic research, analysis and certainly OPINION.

  27. Mongoose

    HH, carry yuh tail!

  28. Mobutu


    If any group, including political activists or a political party, exercises direct or indirect financial control over a newspaper or other media organization, that fact will be a matter of public knowledge, can be demonstrated through approriate documentation, and the objective of DISCLOSURE would be achieved. You cannot keep financial control secret, especially in Barbados. So what is your point?

  29. Mugaffy Allamby

    Generally, with no particular reference, everyone knows that alternative lifestyles are rampant in Barbados today, at all levels. From the Boardrooms, to the boy or girl on the block.

    From the house in the small village on the East Coast, to the fancy villa on the West Coast.

    Just that people don’t like it to be obvious.

  30. Anonymous

    Mobutu said….
    “You cannot keep financial control secret, especially in Barbados. So what is your point?”

    Let’s talk about CLICO and the DLP Government then shall we?

  31. Mugaffy Allamby

    Clear example is Watergate.

  32. Jack Bowman

    @ Mugaffy Allamby

    To restate …

    In a democracy, the main purpose of the press should be to provide reliable information.

    Amazingly, information doesn’t grow on information trees that reporters keep in their gardens. Reporters acquire the information by engaging in what is known, outside Barbados, as “investigative journalism”.

    Reporters verify the information, typically by reference to at least two independent sources (who may speak on the record, off the record, or on background). Reporters then amass the confirmed information into cogent structures known as “stories” in which they name the principals (for example: John Ehrlichman, Bob Haldeman, Richard M. Nixon).

    Clear example is Watergate.

  33. crossroads

    What a mess this DLP goverment is. Mr Thompson must address this radical or lose all respect from the people of Barbados. This is not the way a senior political advisor should behave…shame on you Henry shame.

  34. Jack Bowman

    Whether the Framers ever intended the first amendment to mean that the main purpose of the press is to check the power of government is a highly debatable proposition. This is constitutional history 101. Even as long ago as Lippman the proposition was facing severe challenges.

    And from a purely journalistic (not a legal) perspective, the “said consultant” has not “provided us with alleged facts that are verifiable”. He has not named the principals. He has not named the institution. Do you know who he’s talking about? If so, will you tell me?

  35. my2cents

    Well it was BFP that recommended I view the link and having done so, I now see the connection and find no fault whatsoever with this man for explaining the context and circumstance. I am sure journalism is being put to the test since I too, have been observing the use of that medium produced at the Nation ever since 2008.

  36. my2cents

    My dear, Mr. Henry is simply retaliating to an abuse of the media by the most powerful bunch in BIM.

  37. Jack Bowman

    Of course, it could be argued that there is no such thing as an “alternative lifestyle”. In fact, it could be argued that there is no such thing as a “lifestyle”. There are just people living lives.

    Some people like to wear mint-green polyester leisure suits. I think that mint-green polyester leisure suits are deeply unpleasant. Does that mean the people who wear them are living an “alternative lifestyle”?

    And what about people who collect little ceramic reproductions of Scots terriers? People who like films starring Martin Lawrence? People who go jogging at 6:00 p.m. when they could be having a beer instead? These things are all very unpleasant, in my view. Does that mean those people have “alternative lifestyles”?

  38. my2cents

    Mobutu surely seems to have a problem!

  39. my2cents

    This is not political advice, this is a journalist doing a job for the benefit of the public. Can’t you read the man is making “connections”?? Nothing to do with Cliclo, nor no political issues. The Nation is playing a journalistic game and it is getting a journalistic rebut. Let’s see how it ends. Go Hartley.

  40. Amazed

    Is this the only solution you can think of to lure readers to, or back to, your blog by bad mouthing another Barbadian blog, Barbados Underground?

    I am truly disappointed in your actions. I was a loyal follower of your blog from inception, but in the past few months I am honestly turned off by your distasteful untruthful remarks about BU.

    In the beginning when BU came on board, it was a pleasure to see that we have not one but two Barbadian blogs – what one misses the other would catches. I was even very excited when both blogs made printed media available for circulation on certain issues that were being hidden from us citizens. It looked as though both blogs were supporting each other.

    All of a sudden, you are trying to stop your readers who also frequent BU from visiting that blog by posting misleading comments. I have not once seen the publisher of that blog wrote anything against BFP, nor do I recall him responding to any of the attacks made by BFP.

    BFP, you can do better than that. The internet is for all who want to be a part of it. If readers think that they have been insulted, or are turned off by any comments made on the BU blog, they are of age to use their own judgment whether to continue visiting or participating.

    BFP, please live and let live. There is definitely no need for what you are doing.

  41. Plumber

    or WUK for WUK ???

  42. Pondering no longer

    I need some advice ….

    Which should I be more afraid of…

    1) a blowhard uttering empty threats

    2) a subverted media company who is the gatekeeper to public opinion.

    Who really wields the power in a democracy. Is it ever the King that sits on the throne or even his joker?

    Or is it the silent entities that mold public opinion.

    When such entities can become subverted under the dark of night and unbeknowst to the public at large. I have a problem with that . It is that, that I fear.

    That my friends is the bigger of two evils. So lets not talk about one evil. Lets discuss both and how we will return Barbados to Barbadians.

  43. Mobutu

    (1) Nice try, Jack. I just told you a police investigation is underway. There are many agencies in Barbados with subpoena power to follow up on this story and verify the statements (explicit or implied) that have been made.

    (2) I don’t know where you studied constitutional history. No competent North American (or British) political scientist or scholar of constitutional law will dispute my assertion that in a Western democracy the MAIN FUNCTION of the press is to check the power of government, and more generally the power of the political class.

  44. Jack Bowman

    @ Amazed

    I am confused by your contribution. Perhaps you can help.

    You say: “You [BFP] are trying to stop your readers who also frequent BU from visiting that blog by posting misleading comments.”

    You also say: “If readers … are turned off by any comments made on the BU blog, they are of age to use their own judgment whether to continue visiting or participating.”

    Can you help me to reconcile these two assertions? Thanks.

    Oh, one more thing … can you point out where BFP is “bad mouthing another Barbadian blog, Barbados Underground?” Thanks again.

    Mr. Amazed: what follows is not directed at you; it is a general observation …

    This shouldn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyway, because I’ve noticed that members of the Not Too Bright Community tend to jump to conclusions: I have absolutely no connection to BFP apart from occasionally leaving a comment on its discussion boards.

    All best wishes to all.

  45. PiedPiper

    “Amazed”, what a load of codswallop. BFP has NEVER suggested or tried to stop readers from visiting BU. Your post is obviously designed to create disention.

  46. Mobutu

    This is an absurd set of statements. Most of marketing science is based on segmentation theories, which have been successfully used to explain and predict the behaviour of large groups of people on the basis of lifestyle categories. You are insane to suggest that unusual sexual behaviour is not a core personality attribute, correlated with values and a constellation of personal behaviours. Do we have to re-invent the wheel for you?

  47. Jack Bowman

    (1) I don’t know when you had your irony bypass. No competent possessor of a sense of humor will dispute my assertion that I was joking.

    As to the wheel … yeah, actually, would you?

    By the way … LOVED the “constellation of personal behaviours” riff. Akin to what one of my much-missed colleagues used to call the “higher inarticulacy”, but still it made me smile like a child on Christmas morn. Thanks for that, sincerely.

  48. J

    “you are still married and we can’t do anything for you.”

    Look woman divorce the rsacal.

    Remember those glory days when you were single.

    Recapture them.

  49. Jack Bowman

    Who says they were “unusual”? You? Who? Where animals involved? Children? Refrigerators? Other non-consenting household appliances? Was I out of the country when you were named god?

    Who says they were unusual, and where?

  50. J

    Mobutu wrote “an undisclosed sexual compact between key actors in the two institutions, then the interests of democracy are best served if the purposes and character of this alliance are fully disclosed to the electorate of Barbados.”

    Please spare me the details of anybody’s sex life.

    Unless you are my partner or my doctor I really don’t want to know. And I won’t vote for you if you insist on sullying my ears with the details. Nobody at the Nation is running for elected office, but many people in the DLP will be. And again I won’t vote for you if y ou tell me your bedroom business.

  51. J

    Mobutu wrote “”NON-TRADITIONAL sexual relationships”

    What is a non-traditional sexual relationship?

    Maybe you were born yesterday but weren’t DLP stalwarts Sir James Tudor and Sir Theodore Branker 2 of the biggest bullers in the DLP and in Barbados.

    And both performed stalwart service for Barbados and thier memories are still held in high honour.

    There is a long history of homosexuality in Barbados (and everywhere else)

    Wunna getting on as though bulling and wicking were invented by this generation.


  52. J

    Mobutu wrote “if the sexual relationships are themselves unusual”


  53. J

    Mobutu wrote “In America, feminist ideology decrees that any man who makes unwelcome sexual advances to a woman with whom he is involved in the workplace, is an offender. ”

    Not true.

    The advances must be pressing and persistent.

  54. PiedPiper

    Jack, it amazes me how “tongue in cheek” eludes some people. Keep up the good work.

  55. J

    Mobutu wrote “In other words, most Bajans, including Bajan elites, do NOT consider said consultant to be the deviant you apparently consider him to be”

    Dear Mobutu: I think that you have forgotten that the majority of Bajan voters are female. I put it to you that most female voters will tell you that the consultant’s behavior is deviant. And that many male voters (who are fathers of daughters) will also be disgusted by the consultant’s behavior.

    Dear Consultant/Mobutu:

    Don’t start patting yourself on the back just yet.

  56. J

    Yes, yes, yes.

  57. J

    BFP wrote “Nasty business and unworthy of the senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados.”


    And his may well be the first time that I have ever agreed with BFP.

  58. PiedPiper

    It’s astounding, in this day and age, how homophobic Barbados remains.
    Here you have a man, who, it is alleged, sexually harassed a professional woman, on contract to the Antiguan government. When she rebuffed his advances, he threatened and blackmailed her. He followed through on his threats and Ms. Lazlo had great difficulty getting paid for her contract work. This same man, who apparently could use a few lessons in morality, is now questioning someone else’s morality. Strangely, some apologists have actually blamed the victim, Ms. Lazlo, and called her a raging feminist from North America and we know that in North America, women are all raging feminists and just don’t know “their place”.
    This man has a problem with what goes on between consenting adults but sees no problem with forcing himself on someone without consent.
    Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

  59. J

    Mobutu wrote “If any group, including political activists or a political party, exercises direct or indirect financial control over a newspaper or other media organization, that fact will be a matter of public knowledge”

    And I write yeah. I believe in Santa Claus.

  60. J

    I’m with you on this one Pied Piper.

  61. Did Thompson Know?

    Did Prime Minister David Thompson know that Hartley Henry was going to post that “atomic bomb” article on Barbados Underground?

    If he did, he’s involved.

    If he didn’t, he’s lost control of Hartley Henry.

    I think it is an important question.

  62. Red Lake Lassie

    I want to know the answer too. Did the PM know?

  63. Amazed

    Jack Bowman/ August 28, 2009 at 7:49 pm
    @ Amazed
    I am confused by your contribution. Perhaps you can help.
    You say: “You [BFP] are trying to stop your readers who also frequent BU from visiting that blog by posting misleading comments.”
    You also say: “If readers … are turned off by any comments made on the BU blog, they are of age to use their own judgment whether to continue visiting or participating.”
    Can you help me to reconcile these two assertions? Thanks.
    I, Amazed, am referring to the comments of BFP in this paticular post, which reads, “this is the first time we have linked to Barbados Underground in the many months since we dropped their link from our sidebar for PUBLISHING THREATS and RACISTS comments…
    Again, WE DON’T normally LINK TO RACISTS BLOGS.

    Each and every one of us is entitled to our own interpretation which differs among many of us. What I gather from the context is, BFP is telling its readers that the other Barbadian blog is none other than a racist blog, and they (BFP) had to cut them off; and that it is not a blog they (the readers) would want to support.

    With that, I am saying people can determine whether they consider the content of the said blog to be worthy of reading, participating or staying away.

    It is heartrending when we see our own, and it is obvious, trying to pull down a fellow wo/man. It has been repeated over and over that there are Barbadians/Bajans/Baje who don’t mind their own getting ahead but HATE when people move ahead of them. SELFISH!!

  64. Red Lake Lassie

    Barbados Underground allows comments to stand that say murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld was “white trash”.

    That’s it for me. There is nothing more to be said.

  65. RRRicky

    Mr. Thompson cannot possibly condone what his main adviser has done. I don’t know what he will do to solve this but he must be upset. Thompson is a family man and would not condone what Henry Hartley did.

  66. 173

    Hartley Henry – A true Dem


    Hartley Henry is a son of the soil, born and raised in the parish of St. George and a committed Dem. He continues to be a thorn in the side of the Barbados Labour Party and the recent front page story in another section of the Press is evidence that this individual has his pulse on the direction of our print media.

    Hartley’s appeal to the Nation is no different to what this column has called for. We recognise that the notion of fairness and balance is an aspiration that is fading. The reality of the recent poll has sent shockwaves through the backbone of the Barbados Labour Party. The fact that Mia continues to be fading as a leader while Owen Arthur continues to
    wait on her demise is a clear indication of the deep fracture that the Party finds itself in.

    The public is still waiting for full disclosure on the rumblings within the walls of the Opposition. We trust that the same zeal and enthusiasm with which the Nation pursued matters of Democratic Labour Party’s interest will also be given to the current Opposition.

    They must tell the public what the true relationship is between the chairman George Payne and the Opposition leader. Why is it that as chairman, he has not spoken on a single candidate’s nomination? What is the relationship between Owen and Mia and why he is not lending public and parliamentary support to his leader?

    We are aware of the sensitivity of the issues and we know that the print media are doing their due diligence before breaking the news on the total mayhem that has taken over the Opposition. This is at the root of the attempted distraction of the truth. The truth was confirmed in the poll, much to the dislike of the Opposition.

    The vote of confidence in the leadership of David Thompson as Prime Minister is testimony to the ability to deliver on the needs of the public. We were hoping for the Nation to do the right thing and be professional in the delivery of the story, but instead they opted to pick a fight with yet another committed Dem. Hartley Henry is a political advisor to the Prime Minister and as such his actions are a reflection on his leadership. It is his responsibility to safeguard the image of the Prime Minister and by extension the Democratic Labour Party Government. He continues to be professional in his conduct on behalf of his boss and this country. There is no question that his work since election and to date demonstrates an understanding of our political environment. Hartley’s success throughout the region has already been etched in our history books.

    The attempt to discredit the political advisor by running a front page story can only be interpreted as an attempt to discredit the Prime Minister. We trust that the Nation Newspaper, in their due diligence, will publish their findings regarding this matter.

    Our relationship with the Nation has been defined by the withdrawal of our column from their newspaper. We cannot continue to be treated as second class citizens because of our political persuasion. This Party has done nothing to offend the print media in this country, but yet we are unable to receive a fair and balanced approach to the coverage of news coming from our hall- ways. This, however, will not detract from our mandate of change and accountability as we implement our manifesto’s Pathways to Progress promises.

  67. Mobutu

    Memo to Pied Piper

    When you are in Barbados, you’d better restrain yourself from public expressions of superiority among “your kind”. That crap belongs in Europe and North America where you are the majority.

  68. Mobutu

    I lived in America for 25 years, and I can tell you that many courts do NOT require the unwelcome advances to be either pressing or persistent. You obviously believe what feminists and their supporters say (or write into regulations) when they need to overcome the objections of those who stand in their way.

  69. Mobutu

    Obviously, you think all females are feminists. You are wrong.

  70. PiedPiper

    Amazed, I can only conclude that you are deliberately trying to obfuscate the words of BFP staff. Several months ago, BFP staff asked it’s readers if they should continue to have the link to BU on their sidebar. There was considerable discussion and the end result was that, for reasons stated by many posters, the majority decided to remove the link.
    Let me repeat for you again. At no time has BFP staff ever stated that they do not want their readers to visit BU. They, BFP staff, just do not want to be associated with BU nor do they wish to give the impression that they support the racist ideology of BU. Get it?

  71. PiedPiper

    Are you threatening me HH?

  72. Mugaffy Allamby

    Of course, glad that you are beginning to understand. Example, being Watergate, where the journalists, not only gathered the facts, but presented them in such a way as to bring the conspirators to justice, hence the accuracy of the role of the press including an element of Mobutu’s explanation and yours ‘ In a democracy, the main purpose of the press should be to provide reliable information’.

    News media certainly does present not only facts, but opinions on those facts, whether in the Editorial, whether in the business press or sports press.

    The mixture of these facts and opinions then can lead to influencing the public, as the right-wing Fox network, knows too well (though their version of ‘facts’ can be disputed).

    In addition, calling a Government to respond to allegation or investigation is, certainly one of the roles of the Fourth Estate.

    In some cases, the full facts may not be available, without direct confrontation to the Government, that alone may have the answer.

    In such a case, confrontation with Government officials provides a direct check on Government, bringing them to task by forcing the issue.

    In others, certain facts can lead to a deeper investigation, then call the Government to account.

    Indeed, without the call to account in the first place, as a part of the fact-finding, there may be no case to answer. Such as, without ‘Deep Throat’, there well may have not been any case to answer.

    So the call to account, worked along with the investigation.

    There can be no doubt, that a fiduciary role exists in the Fourth Estate, as one of the guardians of a free state.

    Do you understand?

  73. Mobutu

    Sir James Tudor was a very unusual figure in Barbados politics, the exception that was allowed. And he was NEVER going to be prime minister, because of his reputation. So you don’t have a point. That behaviour was, and is, non-traditional.

  74. Mobutu

    I am not HH or an apologist for HH. I am Mobutu Sese Seko.

  75. cq8

    I want to know too.

    Did Thompson know that Henry was going to post that disgusting piece of crap at Barbados Underground?

  76. If I were a rich man (or his son).


    Ah yes … complain about “expressions of superiority”! Apart from indicating that you suffer with an inferiority complex this also declares that you have lost the argument.

  77. PiedPiper

    Mobutu Sese Seko has been dead since 1997. Are you a duppy?

  78. If I were a rich man (or his son).

    The handle of Mobutu Sese Seko is so appropriate. The real Mobutu was one of Black Africa’s most corrupt toads. He was responsible for the killing of the revolutionary Patrice Lumumba at the behest of the western powers (US, UK and Belgium). Plundered the treasury of Zaire now the Democratic Congo for his personal gain while promoting a bogus African “consciousness” which was really a promotion of a cult of personality in none other than Mobutu!

  79. reality check

    Oh my God!

    I just agreed with J

    I must see my psychiatrist.

    Did anyone not notice that Iceland, one of those small island nations, just elected an openly Gay Prime Minister.

    Icelanders are a smart hard working people that don’t abide by any elitism and nonsense. Corruption and lack of transparency are not tolerated.

    Times have significantly changed since Tudor and other solid politicians who had to hide their lifestyle.

  80. J

    WIV is this you?

  81. Canuck Tourist

    I am appalled that the government of barbados publishes on the Barbados Underground blog that describes a murdered Canadian citizen as trash.

    What is going on here?

  82. Canuck Tourist

    Terry Schwarzfeld is not “trash”.

  83. J

    40 years, NOT 4.

  84. J

    Most Bajans know and understand that Terry Schwarzfeld was a decent woman.

    One idiot called her by a derogatory name.

  85. Mobutu

    You do not have any winning arguments. But you are so full of yourselves that you sneer at “some people” for their supposed inability to understand your “irony”. Whenever we call you on your bad behaviour, you invariably respond with the tired claim that we have an “inferiority complex,” a “chip on our shoulder”, etc. There are generations of people just like me who have lived in your societies and know your game.

  86. cq8

    Not just one idiot. There were others who said much the same thing and David left it up on the blog along with comments about whites, jews, indians, guyanese etc etc etc.

    Barbados Underground empowers those people and there are many over there.

  87. Anonymous

    Shall we talk about the gatekeeper that keeps the BLP off of “My TV”? or controls access to the Advocate?

    Let’s really talk about subversion of the media to meet people’s political agendas shall we? Because what is happening here is that the government is trying to exercise control over the one media company that they don’t control right now.

    An attempt to “destroy the reputation” of the Nation Newspaper Group wouldn’t serve ANYONE’S ends would it?

  88. Anonymous

    And that’s why the majority of people on this blog felt strongly enough about it to sever contact with the blog that allowed these comments to stand unchallenged.

    Sad to say but every society has it’s racists even ours. And you will find that they are quick to state their opinions on an anonymous forum where no one can challenge them personally on it in their day to day lives.

  89. J

    One of the party’s biggest donors, fundraisers, and one of its most able administrators.

    The DLP does not really have a problem with homosexuality. The DLP is just afraid that they will lose the next election.

  90. J

    I second that.

  91. Lulu

    Having visited BU, I must say that the level of discourse here is much higher.

    I have a few questions for the one who would be an African dictator.

    How is it that the charges made here against Hartley Henry re: Jennifer Lazlo and I could add a young woman in St. Kitts, where he is right now, are only allegations yet his against Ms. Martindale are not accorded the same privilege?

    Would you place a relationship between a senior reporter at the Nation and the Minister of Housing in the same category?

    How do Mr. Henry’s allegations/innuendos differ from the ones I have heard about David Thompson for years? Can either you or he provide us with proof?

    Can’t you see from what has been posted here that public opinion is against your guru?

    Wake up and smell the coffee man. Barbados is not St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Vincent, Grenada, or the TCI where an arrogant buffoon can wield the power associated with the Prime Minister’s office to frighten people into doing his bidding.

    He has been caught squarely outside of the crease on this one and the continued attempts by operatives of the DLP to justify his actions will only bring the Party down with him. So keep it up and Peter Wickham’s prophecy of a one term government will indeed come true.

    As a footnote, I found it quite curious that one of the now infamous poll questions asked whether the respondents thought the DLP would be a one-term government. An amusing subconscious death wish perhaps?

  92. **Adviser to the President**

    August 29, 2009 at 4:55 am
    Having visited BU, I must say that the level of discourse here is much higher.

    I agree with this comment. I find the commenters over there to be, I dont know how to describle some of them.

    There is the despicable Bonny Peppa who cusses everybody for no reason at all.

    I find it so disgusting.

  93. Hants

    The government of Barbados does NOT publish on the Barbados Underground blog.

    In every part of this planet there are lowlifes and morons who unfortunately have access to a computer and the internet.

    Barbadians except for a few were saddened by the murder of the lady.

    May she rest peacefully.

  94. If I were a rich man (or his son)

    Does Mr Henry speak to Dr Erskine Simmons former MP and Cabinet Minister and present Chairman of the Commission of Pan African Affairs?

  95. PiedPiper

    Excellent post Lulu, don’t be a stranger.

  96. PiedPiper

    You noticed how no one is paying you any mind Adrian?

  97. PiedPiper

    Let us look at this one sentence from the posting of “173”.
    “It is his responsibility to safeguard the image of the Prime Minister and by extension the Democratic Labour Party Government. He continues to be professional in his conduct on behalf of his boss and this country.”

    HH has not safeguarded the image of the PM, he has tarnished and sullied it. A professional in his conduct? Surely this is meant to be a joke?

  98. watch and wait

    Thompson will “again” find some “patriotic” cause to distract from this bs . Next week, it will be along the lines of .. ” outsiders must never tell Bajans what to do…”, ” we will but back some national institution that is strategic …” or the poor illegals again will get the shaft

  99. Hartley Henry Represents the Government

    Hartley Henry represents the government of Barbados and has more power and influence than many elected members of Parliament.

    Hartley Henry publishes at Barbados Underground regularly enough that he must have knowledge of the racism there. Many of the comments left on his own articles are out and out racist.

    Therefore a Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados publishes at a blog that he knows is racist.

    That is close enough for me and many others to say that the government of Barbados publishes at Barbados Underground knowing the racist content INCLUDING the comments that are still up calling the murdered Canadian tourist “white trash”

  100. Igrance

    This is bullshit…so the woman apparently gay and my leader look on the fence himself with he mannerisms…who the ass better at running things is all that matters!! Bullfrog is only another distraction from the obvious that tings dread financially. Who run the USA better bill c or George b. Ah and who was more pious. Don’t be fooled we bajans want results now not bullfrog gossip!! God will judge the rest!! Not none of us on this blog!!!

  101. PiedPiper

    Quote from Hants: “The government of Barbados does NOT publish on the Barbados Underground blog.”

    Hants, I have to question just what is wrong with you. Who in hell is Hartley Henry? Is he not the right hand man of David Thompson? Does he not publish almost every day on BU?

  102. Lulu

    There is absolutely nothing Bonny about that Peppa, although I imagine she appeals to the base nature in some poor souls.

    I could add sylvan to your description of despicable as well.

  103. Lulu

    You have hit the nail on the proverbial head my friend.

    Despite our insatiable appetite for who is doing what to whom and the fodder it provides for truck loads of sanctimonious moralizing, Bajans (myself included) are most interested in results.

    Who, or which Party, will keep employment high and prices low.

    Who, or which Party, will keep corruption at acceptable levels. For clarity, corruption exists in all political parties. If you live in Barbados and don’t know this you need to get your backside back down on the sand.

    Who, or which Party, will provide opportunities for a variety of ambitions – education, training, mortgages, housing, healthcare etc.

    As the saying goes ‘the night is yet young’ and I for one will not be distracted by salacious fairy tales that have little or no bearing on my own well being.

  104. BFP

    What are “acceptable” levels of corruption please?

  105. J

    Now why you have to gone and ask that?

  106. J

    Yes we want good results.

  107. Hants

    BFP there are no acceptable levels of corruption.

    BFP must continue to fight for ITAL.

    This HH bs is a distraction from reality.

    The Barbados economy is trouble and there is no end to the recession in sight.

  108. King Dyall

    What the hell went on here today? What I do not understand is how Mr. Henry intends to use the alleged dirt that he has on the LESBIAN CONNECTION. Let us say he does have some solid evidence – e.g. pictures, wire taps, etc. is he telling us that he will let sleeping dog lie if Ms. Martindale acquiesced to his veiled threats. Are we to believe that his evidence will never resurface in any form or format? Knowing HH he will hold this evidence like the proverbial hammer hanging over the heads of those involved ad infinitum. I would recommend that they continue call his bluff.

  109. Madamme X

    “Poor, Poor Triple H”

    I am having a field day with the recent battle going on in the Barbados press between a particular advisor / master strategist and an editor at one of the local newspapers. In fact, so intrigued am I, that it has spurred me to start writing again.

    I’d like to begin by saying that I am by no means affiliated with any political party in Barbados. In fact, I am Barbadian by birth and have never even voted. Call me a disrespector of democracy. I might be inclined to agree, but the truth is, I’ve not yet seen or heard anything from either party that has caused me to want to cast my X.

    I do however believe in transparency, and when public people are not all they appear to be, they should be exposed and not be allowed to use political wars and “connections” to defend their honour.

    I’ve had the misfortune of working with said analyst and aside from being a womanizer, dishonest and no great brain in the political strategist department (he simply holds brain storming sessions and then claims other people’s ideas as his own) he is also a bully, and that is why I believe the editor in question is telling the truth.

    I too was threatened by him. He once told me I do not want to get him angry, because I don’t want to know what he could do or have done to me if I did. Now that is a clear case of power going to someone’s head. I did not report it, because I did not take him seriously. To be honest, his bark is much worse than his bite and had the conversation been face to face, rather than on the phone, I probably would have burst out laughing at the expression on his constantly befuddled and ignorant looking face. Seriously, take a good, long look the next time you read his column.

    This brings me to another point. Why are women so enamored by this man? It must be a clear case of power, as he is not even remotely attractive – unless compared to a bloated bullfrog. I believe that had I given in to his advances to get under the covers, I would not have ended up like Ms. Laszlo in Antigua, yet another one of his victims. We’d probably still be on speaking terms, I would have been paid for the work I did and I would not have been at the receiving end of his empty threat. But I’ve never been the kind to sleep my way to the top and if I were, he definitely would not be my highway of choice – too many potholes on that road for my luxury ride.

    Now, let’s talk about “the connection”. His party used their “connection” to keep the story off of “My TV”. He used his “connection” to post his response in “his party’s” paper. So if we are going to accuse “the other party’s paper” of shoddy journalism, let’s be fair and also lay the accusations squarely at the feet of the other two media houses wid alllllll de connections right now.

    And I wouldn’t be so fast to say as you did in your editorial in the Advocate on August 26th, “Master Strategist”, that the evidence is there for all to see, because you seem to be forgetting, that this editor is not the only person you threatened, nor am I for that matter. In fact, I’d say that “the other party’s paper” did a great job in setting tongues wagging. Suddenly, the wood ants are crawling out of the woodwork. You’d be surprised “Master Strategist” of how many people are suddenly remembering and discussing being threatened by you, both in your homeland Barbados and abroad where you ply your trade.

    But as the saying goes: “Empty vessels make most noise.” So I’ll defend you to the hilt “Master Strategist”. I’ll tell them not to bother with filing any complaints because you certainly are one HUGE empty vessel making lots of empty noise and you will continue to use your “connection” to try to intimidate others and to save your hide.

    And before I go, I’d warn wifey to keep all eyes planted firmly on the Helen of the West, home of the former politico you “work” with on your many campaigns. Must be nice to be shacked up with someone when you’re away from home and need some comfort on those lonely nights, when you’re mentally drained from all this political planning and strategizing.

    Perhaps you should focus your efforts on planning some form of strategy or campaign to stop the train wreck you are on your way to creating. Ask your buddy at the PR company you started and still own (your words not mine) to lend you a helping hand.

    With Love
    Madamme X 😉

  110. yatinkiteasy

    Who is Mr Henry anyway? Does anyone have a brief biography of this idiot?

  111. watch and wait

    yu rite, things dread financially. but when people who get place in power pay cockroaches with our money and would even appear to got no idea what to do with de economy, this this type of bs becomes too much to handle

  112. BFP

    … Because Lulu wants corruption kept at “acceptable” levels. We just wondered what those levels were.

  113. PiedPiper

    Oh My Goodness, what a lovely, juicy contribution Madamme X. I think I actually giggled. You are a “word-crafter” extraordinaire!

  114. Madamme X

    Why thank-you PiedPiper. The words were easily crafted, or rather, the picture easily painted; but thanks should be given to the Strategist. After all, he provided such a wonderful canvas or canvass. Take your pick 😉

  115. reality check

    Thank-you Madame X for you very interesting and well written perspective.

    As indicated before HH sounds like quite the piece of work.

    I wonder if he does vaginal searches like the DPP looking for rent money?

    He would have voluntarily resigned in just about any other country if for no other reason but to save the party.

  116. Anonymous

    An idiot.

  117. Anonymous

    The truth is neither the DLP or the BLP care whether party members are gay or not. Because some of the best, most hard working, most creative members of both parties have been gay. This has always been so and will always be so.

    And I would not be at all surprise if both parties have always had hard working, creative bi-sexual members also.

  118. Hants

    Madamme X wrote “I am Barbadian by birth and have NEVER EVEN VOTED.”


  119. **Adviser to the President**

    yeah it seems the whole lot over there.

    you can add Pat to to the menu too.

  120. Lulu

    I thought that would ruffle your ITAL feathers BFP. And no I don’t want the sermon on the ills of corruption.

    I am a realist and I know that no matter how many laws we pass and how much we moralize about it, corruption will always be with us.

    I am deeply concerned at the levels of corruption in all areas of our economic life, both public and private. I have never paid a bribe nor will I take one.

    As a voter though, I know that favours will be granted, not always for monetary reward, but somewhere along the line there will be a quid pro quo. When I begin to sit up and take notice, is when money that can be used for national development is diverted to the pockets of individuals in power or third party bag men a la Hallam Nicholls or Hartley Henry. When projects that should cost x cost y because of built in commissions shall we say.

    Like most things in life it is a question for me of moderation. So if a fella gets two first class tickets to Miami I ain’t losing no sleep over that. There is no utopia here on this earth and to believe that the passing of integrity legislation is going to wipe corruption from the face of Barbados is naivete in the extreme.

    Every voter will know for him or her self what they are prepared to tolerate.

    This is not to say that I do not support the relevant legislation backed up by supporting independent enforcement agencies.

    Sadly, the quality of our politicians today demand it. I know this is going to sound terribly elitist and will likely result in a firestorm, but it speaks only to my observation of previous politicians and the political environment in Barbados. The ones that came from solid middle class or professional backgrounds (Barrow, Haynes, St. John, Forde, Greaves, Adams, Cheltenham, Tull, Smith, Phillips, Moe, Miller) were far less likely to succumb to the baubles of corruption than those who came from working class backgrounds. Not that all working class politicians did, but I think it more than mere coincidence that the ones that I know of did.

    The thing that makes the difference is the quality of the leader. And I can give two examples in this regard. Barrow dismissed Joy Edwards from his Cabinet over a scandal at the Ministry of Housing. Adams did the same with Don Blackman for taking bribes as Minister of Transport.

    Contrast this with Thompson’s reshuffling of Dennis Lowe when a contractor reported receiving a text message from him asking what there was in it for him.

    Owen Arthur did not fire any Cabinet Ministers for dishonesty but for political advantage. From what I have heard, he diverted campaign contributions to the Barbados Labour Party to his own bank account, without the knowledge of his colleagues. And no I do not mean the cheque that was on display at Haggatt Hall.

    As a corollary, until and unless we either have state-sponsored election funding or Parties and donors have to make declarations about political donations there will always be the consequence that large donors, like Clico for instance, will wield disproportional influence.

    I remember hearing a story that the President of Clico was boasting at a cocktail party that he had he had five or six Caribbean Prime Ministers in his pocket. You work it out. Clearly this is wrong.

    Am I going to get upset if a Minister of Government and his missus are treated to dinner at Sandy Lane. I think not. Like I said I am a realist and I understand enough about human behaviour to know that there are some things which are beyond the scope of legislation

  121. Anon

    Way to go.

    Hartley Henry is a hero.

    We need more like him.

    He has Mia Mottley by the “balls”.

  122. Lulu

    The plot thickens. Read the Advocate page one editorial.

    Well I never! Sounds like someone at the Advocate was on one end of the telephone. Wonder who that could be?

    The story has no legs and the Nation is drawing negative attention to Barbados’ journalistic reputation on the world stage. Is it Barbados’ journalistic reputation or the reputation of the government and its Senior Political Strategist? And what has the Advocate done by following suit?

    Apparently, threats to ruin someone’s reputation and bring her down are no big thing either, if in fact they were made at all.

    More despicable is the suggestion that the Nation objected to ‘exposure’. These are Mr. Henry’s words in his self defense article in the Advocate. The Nation’s objection was to Ms. Martindale being threatened by Mr. Henry.

    Since when does a newspaper ‘know’ of the private lives of well-known individuals. Is that the same thing as knowing that newspaper editors are unfaithful to their wives? Or is it unsubstantiated rumour? Where is the proof of what goes on in the private lives of well-known individuals in this scenario? Is it so simply because the Advocate says so, or perhaps Sam Cuch and De Duppy? My o my!

    The Advocate has re-confirmed my view that its only value is as chicken litter.

    There is a movie in the making somewhere here. Kiss ass newspaper owner accuses his competition of exactly the thing he used to do before he fell out with the previous Prime Minister. Ruling party
    refuses to believe that public opinion is against their self anointed guru strategist. All this against rumours of headlines for sex. Who will we get to play the lead roles?

    What is it about DLP Prime Ministers and the magnetism of the death wish?

    Episode 1: Errol Barrow and the Constitution Debate
    Episode 2: Erskine Sandiford and the BTA Affair (pun intended)
    Episode 3: David Thompson and Hartley Henry

    We are now at Day 7 of this 9 Day Wonder and this debacle simply is not fading into memory for someone’s memoirs.

    Mr Bryan is absolutely right, the higher monkey climb the more Bajans can see that Hartley Henry must go before he does irreparable damage to his boss and his still young government.

    Anybody wanna give odds that he will still be here this time next year?

  123. King Dyall

    Well said Lulu. In reading your post I can sense the pragmatism coming through. However, I still do believe that we need to put in place a framework that can be used as a reference point in order to legally determine when the line in the sand has been crossed by those elected and non-elected government kleptocrats.

  124. King Dyall

    This is one of the best written contributions that I have ever read on BFP. It was gripping from start to finish. Obviously you could not care a hoot about what HH thinks about you or your exposé – Madamme X nuff respect. Looking forward to reading more of your post on BFP.

  125. King Dyall

    ATTENTION BFP: I propose that you place Madamme X piece as a front page article. It is too important a post to allow it to be lost amongst the > 120 responses to the lead article.

  126. Lulu

    “kleptocrats.” love it. my word for the day.

  127. Jack Bowman

    Can someone explain …?

    Less than a year ago, one of the individuals mentioned in the BU/Advocate story (unnamed but identifiable) took legal action against a wealthy company that publishes a fairly prestigious magazine. The company was obliged to apologise and to offer an unspecified “five-figure” sum of money.

    Read the Nation report of the case at:

    Why on earth should similar action not be taken in this case?

  128. Stanley Hewitt

    Oh, I have an idea.

    Why don’t we set up Neighbour Action Groups (NAGs) in every community. These NAGs can provide important information to the Police, Immigration Authorities and to Hartley Henry on issues related to: Nationality, Sexual Orientation and Newspaper Preference.

    Here’s how it will work. If someone is either Black or Indian and is of Guyanese nationality, that person should wear a badge on his or her shirt bearing the Caricom insignia (CC). These persons should then be transferred to a special camp far from the native Barbadian population and eventually shipped overseas to a Caricom country of choice. In all instances, white people shall be exempt from any or all of these sanctions because God created them more equal.

    If someone is suspected of being gay, that person should wear a badge bearing the insignia “M”. Such a person should be carted of to QEH for immediate brain surgery and counseling and/or have their names published on select blogs.

    All readers of the Nation newspaper should henceforth also register as a reader of said newspaper and wear the insignia “N” on his/her crotch. School age children shall be entitled to strike this area with their book bags.

    Persons of deviant persuasion who should be exempt from such treatment should be tagged accordingly: sexual harassers (“HH”), closet homosexuals (“H”), child molesters (insert insignia here) and those who have foreign bank accounts to hide ill-gotten financial gains (again, insert insignia here).

    Persons bearing the “CC” and “M” insignias should also be subject to genetic engineering procedures to ensure non-proliferation of the species. In the event there has been any co-mingling of native Barbadians and these groups, the offspring of such unions should be sent to Trinidad where they are used to mongrelized breeds.

    Tell me what you think.

  129. King Dyall

    Definition of a Kleptocrat = A Bureaucrat who is also a kleptomaniac. There are many in the Barbados Government – Especially elected Ministers of Government – e.g. MTW/ Tourism/ Health and Civil Servants particularly those working in the Customs, Immigration, Town and Country Planning and Inland Revenue departments.

  130. Lulu

    this is so funny. (in an instructive way)

    I am on the alert for schoolchildren bearing book bags. lol

  131. Lulu

    I am with you my brother.

  132. Lulu

    Perhaps you would like to post this over at BU.

  133. PiedPiper

    Yes Jack, perhaps you should. You have raised a very interesting question.

  134. J

    Lulu wrote “Wake up and smell the coffee man. Barbados is not St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Vincent, Grenada, or the TCI where an arrogant buffoon can wield the power associated with the Prime Minister’s office to frighten people into doing his bidding…keep it up and Peter Wickham’s prophecy of a one term government will indeed come true.”

    I second that.

  135. J

    He will be here next year this time, but if he is the party will lose the next election.

  136. J

    Quoting the learned attorney This is a rumour that has consumed the whole country, and not many people can make the distinction between rumour and fact.”

    Nah the whole country was not consumed.

    After a day or two we went about our business as usual.

    We were NOT consumed.

    You understimate us if you truly believe that “not many people can make a distinction between rumor and fact”

    As one of the “many” people who can in fact make the distinction shall I sue you on behalf of the “many”

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