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Barbados Government Continues Cover-up In Archcot Building Collapse Deaths – Five Killed and No Inquest!

Updated August 26, 2010 – 3rd anniversary of five preventable deaths

This article was first published on August 8, 2009. Every once in a while we bring important articles to the top of the blog again because, unlike the Barbados news media, we at BFP don’t keep silent about wrongdoing to keep those guvm’nt advertising dollars rolling in. We’ll leave the article here for a day or two to once again remind folks that when a whole family of ordinary nobodies dies because of criminal acts – it counts for nothing if some of the protected elites are involved.


Freundel Stuart Coverup

Home Affairs Minister Freundel Stuart continues cover-up of Codrington family deaths

“Government will be demolishing three properties at Archcot Terrace Britton’s Hill St Michael, as it moves to get the area to return to normalcy. This is in the wake of the collapse of apartment buildings there in August 2007.

Home Affairs Minister, Freundel Stuart says five properties will be acquired by government including those to be demolished and two that housed the collapsed apartment buildings.

His remarks came Friday morning in a ministerial statement to Parliament on the matter, noting that Cabinet met early last month and has agreed on the way forward for the area…”

…from a CBC News article that never once mentions the fact that five people died: CBC.bb – Archcot study

CBC article “disappears” five deaths – Codrington family not mentioned by CBC!

A sleeping family of five died in August of 2007 because somebody built a house over a known cave at Archcot Terrace Britton’s Hill St Michael, Barbados. The land had a prohibition on title to prevent just such an occurrence, but somebody removed that prohibition on the title. Somebody built a house on top of the cave for profit and never lived in the house themselves. Somebody owned the company that built the house. Somebody issued a building permit or maybe somebody built without a permit.

Then when cracks appeared in later years – probably aggravated by nearby construction – somebody issued a stop-work order. Then, four days later somebody removed that stop-work order and the construction continued. Somebody or many somebodies killed the Codrington family just as surely as if they had put a gun to the heads of the sleeping children and pulled the trigger.

Government & News Media Refuse to Name the Names

Many of the “somebody” people involved in one way or another with the deaths of five members of the Codrington are prominent people in Barbados politics and business – at least according to rumours and the little bit that has appeared in the media. Continue reading


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Nation Newspaper CLICO Advertisement – “Why do I save? 3 Reasons!”

Clico Saves

My 3 CLICO Reasons for saving…

1/ I used to have savings, but then I invested with a CLICO investment fund and now I have nothing.

2/ CLICO gave millions to Barbadian and Caribbean political parties so they could act without oversight or accountability. Now those politicians are bailing out CLICO and protecting CLICO executives.

3/ CLICO used my “investment” to fraudulently “invest” in over-priced Florida swampland while CL Financial executives took kickbacks from the land vendor as a reward for purchasing the land at way more than its true value.

Those are MY 3 reasons for having to save now. What are yours?

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