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Barbados Police Again Fail To Uphold Law At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary & RAMSAR Protected Wetlands

Barbados Deliberately Neglects Enforcement of Wildlife Laws on RAMSAR Treaty Protected Wetlands

On Saturday August 15, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary personnel reported at least 15 people boldly fishing in broad daylight from the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary boardwalk.

The Royal Barbados Police Force were called but as usual they didn’t respond for hours. I guess the sanctuary people should feel honoured the police arrived at all because back in March the police didn’t bother coming and the staff had to go to the station to file a report even though gunshots and threats were part of the story. (See BFP’s Barbados Police Again Fail To Answer Call For Help)

So last Saturday when the police didn’t arrive for hours, staff eventually triggered the alarm to involve the private security company employed by Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Finally two police officers and two armed security guards arrived and caught the thieves red handed. Most of them ran off toward the end of the GHNS boardwalk towards the Migratory Bird Exhibit.  The last group who were the ones caught were older, and it is believed they are the ringleaders.

No Arrests, No Charges

According to our source, the police only warned the thieves that it was private property and told them they were not allowed to fish. This was despite the fact that the Graeme Hall staff informed police that they wanted the perpetrators arrested and charged.

The tarpon that the thieves were taking are not good eating because the waters of the ponds are polluted due to the government’s refusal to maintain the sluice gate that controls the flow of tidal water in and out of the wetlands.   GHNS staff members believe that the thieves may have been after the tarpons’ large and shiny scales which can be used to make jewelry.

Barbados Environment Disaster

Typical Lazy Police Officers or Police Carrying Out A Political Agenda?

Why did the police not arrest and/or charge the thieves? Were they being lazy or does it go much deeper than that?

There are powerful and corrupt people who want to see the end of the nature sanctuary and wetlands so they can profit from commercial development at Graeme Hall. This was true of the previous BLP government and it is true of the current David Thompson DLP government.

The current DLP government even changed the law to remove protection from two thirds of the Graeme Hall parkland. This change to allow commercial development on the parkland was initiated by the Owen Arthur government, but when Arthur was defeated, the DLP passed the legislation anyway because now their DLP friends (like Leroy Parris) would profit from the environmental rape!

You owe it to yourself and your children to read our background story Barbados Government Steals 2/3 Of Parkland For Developer Friends – Graeme Hall Environmental Disaster Continues


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Illegal Dumping Free-For-All In Barbados: No Charges, No Penalty if you are caught!

Troy Marshall, of West Terrace Gardens, was caught dumping in Casuarina Drive, Christ Church, by residents. Marshall, a landscaper, was made to clean up his mess on Tuesday morning, supervised by officers from the Oistins Police Station…

In June, Wade McClean of Mount Standfast, St James, was caught dumping in Wotton, Christ Church. A resident alerted the authorities. He too, was made to clean up his mess.

… excerpts from The Nation article St. James man caught dumping

Is it any wonder that people continue to dump anywhere without fear of consequences?

Smiling Troy Marshall gets the message that there is no real penalty for dumping

Smiling Troy Marshall gets the message that there is no real penalty for dumping

A story in today’s Nation is intended to caution those who dump illegally in Barbados, but ironically publicizes the simple truth that IF you are caught dumping garbage the only penalty you are likely to face is the loss of a bit of time to clean up your mess.

Not much of a risk, is it?

Do our environmental authorities, law enforcement and government not realise how foolish and self-defeating this is? Do they not know that a “catch and release” policy displays their weakness and perpetuates the problem?

Are the authorities and government people that stupid?

It just shows the low priority that the government places upon the environment. In fact, our primary business here in Barbados is TOURISM: keeping the place clean and beautiful should be a national priority. As we’ve said here at BFP many times before…

Yes we love Barbados, but in truth there are many other Caribbean islands with sand and sun that are as beautiful (or even moreso). Job Number One for every Bajan should be to keep our home as clean, beautiful, safe and friendly as possible.

The “Catch and Release” policy of the authorities is part of the problem – not a solution to illegal dumping in Barbados.


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BICO Ice-Cream Complex Fire – Million dollars or more damage

Bico FireMuch of the BICO dairy complex was destroyed in a major fire last night.

What a tragedy for BICO employees and their families. No time would be a good time for a fire, but the world economy and job market are pretty tough right now.

Many of our visitors from North America or the UK will not really grasp how significant an event like this is in Barbados – in the local economy and in the community.

The Nation has an article up, but no doubt there will be plenty of coverage by morning.

The Nation: Bico up in flames

(Thanks to The Nation for the photo. Fair trade for the link.)


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Tributes Continue For Sir John Stanley Goddard “Quiet Manner, Business Acumen and Integrity”

Sir John Stanley Goddard

Sir John Stanley Goddard

Sir John passed away early Saturday morning and we see many folks and organisations contributing their condolences to the family and expressing their respect and fond memories of Sir John as a person and a leader.

The Barbados Consumer Research Organisation spokesperson, H. Malcolm Gibbs-Taitt, spoke of Sir John’s contribution to the island’s economic development and his support for the enactment of laws to protect ordinary people. (Nation News Consumer body lauds Sir John’s work)

“Quiet Manner, Business Acumen and Integrity”

One of the short phrases about Sir John that seemed to resonate with our family came from the current President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Glenda Medford. This is what she said…

BCCI President Glenda Medford

BCCI President Glenda Medford

“Sir John is an icon. Not only was he a pioneer for Goddard’s Enterprises which expanded its business beyond Barbados’ shores to Central and Latin America, but he was also a leading advocate for the private sector. Sir John served as President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry between 1968 and 1969 and as President of the Barbados Private Sector Association from 1998 to 2001”

“He will be remembered fondly for his quiet manner, business acumen and integrity. We extend condolences to his widow, children and grandchildren and the entire Goddard family. May he rest in peace.”

Glenda Medford


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