Barbados Newspaper Editor Threatened by Senior Advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson – Police Investigation Launched

Prime Minister David Thompson & Henry Hartley

Prime Minister Thompson & Henry Hartley

Mr. Hartley Henry, the senior political advisor to Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson and, many say, the primary engineer of the DLP’s election victory in the 2007/2008 campaign, is under police investigation for alleged threats to the editor of the Sunday Sun newspaper. The editor, Carol Martindale, says that Mr. Henry threatened to destroy her reputation unless she printed a story about a DLP political survey in a certain manner.

Ms. Martindale was warned by Mr. Henry to “Do the right thing” or else face the consequences of a destroyed reputation. According to the account in The Nation newspaper, Mr. Henry told Martindale “If the story is not played the right way, I would turn Barbados against you.” Henry also said that The Nation newspaper for the last couple of months had become the “mouthpiece” of Opposition leader Mia Mottley.

As shocking as this one incident might seem to foreigners, most Bajans are not at all surprised. Not in the least bit.

Officially, Barbados is happy to cash in on the perception of the country as “Little Britain” with all that moniker implies about rule of law, public order, democracy and freedoms – but the reality is quite different. Bajans know that our country has not enjoyed true freedom of the press in two decades or more.

Nothing really changes as each new government seeks to gain control of the news media through intimidation, withholding government advertising, outright threats and the occasional use of bullies and even the police to oh-so-carefully deliver a very serious message to uncooperative journalists. These abuses tend to get worse the longer a party is in power and have been documented publicly by professional journalists themselves. (For details, see the list of sources at the end of this article. Note: I’ll have to fill them in later on Monday when I get home from night shift.)

Bajans also know that over the years government officials have been guilty of some terrible abuses of power not just against journalists and news organisations, but also against ordinary citizens and foreigners alike. Corrupt and abusive government officials have destroyed people’s lives and their businesses – safe in the knowledge that no elected or appointed Barbados government official has ever faced charges for these abuses of power. Ever. Not a single one.

Arrogance of Power

In our opinion, the problem with Barbados government officials is much deeper than their simple wish to control the press. In Barbados it is normal for elected or appointed officials to quickly develop and openly display a certain arrogance of power.

Prime Minister Thompson’s election campaign promise that only faithful DLP members would “feast at the fatted calf” perfectly illustrates the prevailing attitude that election to office gives politicians a license to profit, to control and to have revenge upon political enemies.

Successive governments – and the current DLP government is no exception – view themselves and their own power as the highest authority in Barbados. Most people in the UK, the USA or Canada have no concept of how Barbados politicians define “rule of law” as whatever is convenient at the moment.

And if the maintenance and consolidation of power requires the purging of opposition supporters from their employment with government agencies like the UDC, or cutting government advertising to newspapers that don’t support the party in power – government princes like Hartley Henry have no problem abusing their power to achieve the goal.

Hartley Henry’s threatening of newspaper editors like Carol Martindale is merely a symptom of a deeper corruption that is endemic in our two major political parties. The oppression of journalists under the BLP government of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley was standard operating procedure. The Thompson government are merely a different bunch using the same abusive techniques as the BLP before them. Hartley Henry’s threats are nothing new.

What has changed is that the Barbados news media is finally screaming rape instead of keeping silent. But this time they have to carry it all the way through and not settle for everything just being forgotten as they did when the police illegally assaulted journalists and falsely charged them with criminal offences.

I hope to God that a tape recording was made of Hartley Henry delivering the threats, and I hope to God that the recording is put on YouTube for everyone to hear. I hope that Carol Martindale has the courage and strength to carry this through to the end.

But most of all, I hope that The Nation and all Barbados journalists have finally decided to stop selling themselves to the highest bidder through covering up embarrassing stories in exchange for government advertising and access to easy stories.

Have things really changed around here?

If this Henry Hartley situation just disappears like happens all the time, Bajans will know the answer.

Further Reading

Jennifer Laszlo alleged threats, sexual harassment by Henry

Jennifer Laszlo alleged threats, sexual harassment by Henry

In 1998 communications expert Jennifer Laszlo of Laszlo & Associates, Inc. sent a letter to Prime Minister Bird of Antigua & Barbuda alleging…

“I suffered repeated unwanted sexual advances, harassment and threats from your then senior advisor, Mr. Hartley Henry. He several times indicated to me that if I did not have a sexual relationship with him, that I would not get paid and that he would claim that I had overcharged. I had and will never have a sexual relationship with Hartley Henry. Now it is being claimed that I overcharged, and I have not been paid. This leaves me suffering from unpaid bills, a liabled reputation, and the pain of ongoing inappropriate sexual harassment by your then senior advisor. It also leave the appearance that the threats of sexual harassment were more than threats.”

Here is the full letter that has been circulating on the internet and via email for some time…

Hartley Henry Jennifer Laszlo Threat (pdf)

As published in The Nation…

THREAT TO SUN EDITOR (online article here)

Published on: 8/23/2009.

EDITOR OF THE SUNDAY SUN, Carol Martindale, yesterday received the threat “to do the right thing” or have her reputation destroyed. The threat came from Hartley Henry, senior political advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson.

Just before 2 p.m. Henry called Martindale to warn her that the results of the poll conducted for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and released yesterday get the same Front Page treatment as polls done on behalf of this newspaper.

Henry expressed annoyance with the publication of the past several SUNDAY SUN editions, charging they were geared towards publicising and enhancing the image of Opposition Leader Mia Mottley.

He said: “For the last couple of months the SUNDAY SUN has become the mouthpiece of Mia Mottley. If the story [referring to reports of the CARDES Poll] is not played the right way, I would turn Barbados against you,” he told a shocked Martindale. He also mentioned to her about “doing the right thing”.

The Royal Barbados Police were immediately summoned to the NATION’S Fontabelle, St Michael offices where a report of Henry’s threatening telephone conversation was made to investigators from the Criminal Investigations Department.

Another editor, who was close by, was also privy to a part of the telephone conversation.

THE NATION has sent an official complaint to Prime Minister David Thompson and has also lodged complaints with the Inter-American Press Association and the World Press Freedom Committee and copied these letters to the Barbados Association of Journalists.

Nation Newspaper Editorial

PAGE ONE COMMENT (online here)

Published on: 8/23/2009.

INDEPENDENT MEDIA in democratic countries can choose to facilitate thought and discussion. Or they can stifle it.

They can advance the cause of society, or they can thwart it and be a disservice to those they serve.

The Nation Publishing Company, publisher of this newspaper, has chosen to promote public discussion on all matters of national importance, and has a record of stoutly defending our right to do so, free of political influence.

We strongly believe in independence of the media, and our record shows that as Governments come and Governments go, we remain constant in serving the interests of the wider society.

We are careful with the power entrusted to us by the people.

We trust that this is not mistaken as being naive or weak.

Over our 36 years we have sought to champion many a cause, including that of freedom of the Press, particularly in the Caribbean.

It is our humbling responsibility today to draw attention to our own cause by identifying a grave threat made to this newspaper and one of its editors.

Yesterday afternoon, Mr Hartley Henry, senior political adviser to Prime Minister David Thompson, telephoned SUNDAY SUN Editor Carol Martindale, a journalist of over 20 years’ experience, threatening to tarnish her reputation, to “bring her down”, and to “turn Barbados against her”, if she did not publish the results of a public opinion poll conducted on behalf of the governing party, the Democratic Labour Party, in a manner that was pleasing to him.

Parts of his threats were also heard by a second editor, Maria Bradshaw, also of over 20 years’ experience.

Given the tone and content of Mr Henry’s remarks, and coming as they did from a person of considerable influence in the Government, complaints have immediately been registered with international media organisations.

This newspaper regards the content and manner of Mr Henry’s phone call as a threat to our right to report matters in a way that we see fit, a fundamental right of the Press.

We also regard it as a dangerous imposition on the democratic freedoms we enjoy and as such undermining the social fabric and stability of our nation.

We call on Prime Minister Thompson to repudiate the conduct of Mr Henry, and in so doing assure Barbadians that his administration frowns on this unwelcome departure from traditional values of Press freedom.

Barbadians can be assured that this newspaper will not run away from a fight, because what we are seeking to defend is essential to the preservation of our democracy and the right of 270 000 souls to get up every morning knowing that they are free to enjoy their democratic rights.

We will not be intimidated or stopped.


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76 responses to “Barbados Newspaper Editor Threatened by Senior Advisor to Prime Minister David Thompson – Police Investigation Launched

  1. littleboy

    I eagerly await the “other” side of this story. However, this kind of behaviour by people close to the seat of power has existed for TOO long.
    But the Nation newspaper is not blameless.They have played the political game and many known letter writers have disappeared from their pages, but oddly enough have remained with the Advocate. Since the new CEO, Vivian-Anne Gittens assumed office the lean to the BLP has increased, but Henry was out of place if he used the threats, and the Nation has shown a lack of maturity as well.
    The poll should have been front page in the same way as previous polls were.
    On a slightly different note; what is there about Carol Martindale’s reputation that Hartley “knows” that he can reveal to the public to cause ruin?
    Is there a possiblility that some salacious info???

  2. ??

    Thompson needs to look seriously at this situation. Intimidation of the press is not on… even if you don’t like what they publish. Henry is out of place and should be Fired.

  3. Bajan Girl

    BFP, you yourselves have launched many attacks against The Nation newspaper over the years for selectively publishing or for failing to publish certain articles.

    Having said that, I do think Mr. Henry was unprofessional and out of line.

  4. bad boy jim

    Bfp,you should be more concern with this report.the nation has the right to report news as they see fit,you should take that an run with it.That is the bigest threat to our freedom when anews paper can report news as they see fit and not facts and truth.

  5. Patricia Nandwani


    Here is another very serious DLP threat, this time from the Prime Minister and not his principle Political Advisor. It is obvious that Prime Minister Thompson is referring to Rickey Singh who is an indo-Guyanese:

    “By the same token, I think this is as good an occasion as any to make clear to some in our country that the tolerance and patience of this government and country is growing thin with those who persist in unreasonably bad-mouthing and proffering Barbadians as anything other than the friendly, hospitable and reasonable people that they are. Barbados is a democracy.

    We invite and encourage criticism, debate and discussion on topical issues. But I note the constant misrepresentations of a few, particularly one writer, to whom this country has extended a welcoming arm and embrace.

    I want to say here and now that as Prime Minister of this country I have had as much as I am willing to take as far as the unfair and unwarranted maligning of Barbados and Barbadians by those to whom we have extended a welcoming hand is concerned.

    There is precedence for dealing with such ingratitude. I am saying today ‘enough is enough’!”

    This extremely serious threat by Prime Minister Thompson was made less than twenty-four hours after that made by his Principle Political Advisor Hartley Henry to the Sunday Editor at the Barbados Nation Newspaper.

    And – the DLP’s rule of terror continues but according to Peter Wickham and the DLP Poll, Bajan are happy with this type of behaviour and with the DLP!

  6. Facts and Truth Commission

    The Nation, the CBC and the Advocate have each been guilty of catering to the government at one time or another. Sometimes they ignore stories to protect the government, sometimes they ignore stories to protect the opposition.

    Sometimes they ignore stories to protect members of the press who are out of line.

    That is their business and it is the business of the public to choose what to believe in a free and open marketplace of ideas and perspectives and, yes, agendas.

    The danger appears when the government decides to use its considerable power to direct the operations of the news media and the journalists. In a small society like Barbados, threats by the government members are feared because they wield tremendous power with few limits.

    A journalist under pressure will find that their spouse has been fired, or perhaps their parents’ business will lose a much-needed contract. Or the family business will be audited by the tax people every year without mercy.

    Or, as recently happened in Barbados, an uncle will not have his contract renewed at the University of the West Indies where he had been a professor for ten years.

    Threats by government people are taken seriously in Barbados for a reason.

  7. Police Investigation? That should be interesting.

  8. 2012

    Did HH deny the contents of the Lazlo letter?

  9. Jack Bowman

    As someone who has commented often that the local press is almost comically supine, I have to say this effort by the editor of the Sunday Sun is truly admirable.

    New headline: “Bajan Newspaper Digs Deep and Grows a Pair!”
    Subhead: “Nobody Thought It Was Possible. Until Now.”

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  11. Thats why we only have one TV station. There have been numerous applications to open stations in the island but so far we only have CBC (which is gov’t owned). They don’t want freedom of the press so that they can get away with their dishonest deals. Both parties are guilty of it and it is way past time that this foolishness be discontinued.

  12. ??

    One will note however that under the previous administration the DLP was always on the news… but not so with BLP now….. Guess they are afraid that the truth will come out….eh peter

  13. reality check

    This HH appears to be quite the piece of work.

    If one is judged by those he or she chooses as friends and associates then Thompson has been seriously condemned.

    Thompson needs to be seen as decisive and detach himself from these bullies and abusers.

  14. Plumber

    I would like to lay some pipe.

    I lay pipe because thats the job of the plumber. Somebody needs to feel some pipe on the imple dimple for this fiasco . Should it be Carol or Hartley to the fimple ?

  15. Plumber

    Hartley Henry, Leroy Parris, Sinckler, Ronald Jones and Byer/Suckoo have not behave well at all within the last year.

    Cheesesssee !

  16. Lady Anon

    …have not behaved well…

    Past tense, Plumber…put a D on it.

  17. Hants

    For a Nation that keeps Nelson statue we behave very “French”.

    Guilty until proven innocent?

    As de defacto, infacto an wanna be de facto advisah to de DLP.

    Do like BFP and put infomation an press releases in a printable file pun wanna website. Den broadcast it pun VOB.

    Sen a copy to BFP too.

    Leave de BLPNation to duh self. Alsuh doan tell nuhbody but doan advatise nutten in duh newspapah niduh.

  18. OMG


  19. Anon

    I do not believe it for one minute.

    Nation staffers are a bunch of liars. Cast your memories back some years ago. The Nation newspaper had on their front page, porn movies being made at St. George Secondary School involving school children and named teachers who they claimed were involved.

    What was the outcome a huge law suit which the Nation newspaper lost in a Court of Law.

    Since that they have had to make numerous payments to people for telling lies on them. This is just another case. The bone headed staff of the Nation newspaper will never lrean.

  20. WOW!!!

    bone headed staff?

    one question anon, what if there is a recording of this? would they be still bone headed?

  21. J

    Anon. How long ago was that? Were the present Nation editors the editors at that time? Or were they at primary school? Should the current editors be blamed for something which happened when they were in primary school, or yet unborn.?

    Should I cast the sins of your father upon your head? Am I God, or are you God?

    Or are you a complete idiot?

  22. J

    If you bring a gift to the altar and while there remember that you have sinned against your brother, lay there your gift and go and be reconciled to your brother.

    But before reconciliation comes REPENTANCE.

    Mr. Henry has had the best of Christian teaching that Barbadian churches can offer. If he believes that he has sinned Ms. Martindale then he should go to her in REPENTANCE.

  23. Miss Ting

    A Bajan friend of mine who lives overseas said to me while discussing this incident online that it is not whether Mr. Henry threatened Ms. Martindale or not that is the most important thing, it is that he would think he could get away with it. Based only on previous evidence since I do not know him – Jennifer Lazlo letter and an allegation by a security guard in St. Kitts that he put his hand up her skirt – I am inclined to believe that this man is a bully who uses positions of influence for his own advantage.

    It is passing strange to me that he has not uttered a word since the allegation was made. If I knew I was innocent I would be shouting it from the roof tops.

    To those who dilute the seriousness of the allegation with claims that the Nation has a bias against the DLP, since when have two wrongs made a right.

    If there has been some misunderstanding on the part of either Henry or Martindale it is not too late to “do the right thing” – reputations may well depend on it. I would have thought that a phone call from certain individuals would have able to quell the storm, instead gasoline has been thrown on the fire.

    What a strange place we live in. So many pots calling kettles black.

  24. BLP ( Better listen to the People)

    Miss Ting,
    did your bajan friend remind you of the many time Owen called Journalists in the middle of the night and cuss them stink stink stink……did she remind you of him calling HH a negrocrat and Ali an indentured servant? Did you bajan friend tell you that Owen got away with it? Did she tell you that there is a female tag team at the Nation who is bent on brining down this gov’t so as to ensure that the DLP is a one term gov’t. I say to boycott them now. Stop buying the newspaper from tomorrow.

  25. Miss Ting

    @Better Listen

    Actually he did mention Owen Arthur’s equally reprehensible and unacceptable behaviour. It is precisely this type of conduct that contributed to Arthur’s demise in my view. It is spelt a-r-r-o-g-a-n-c-e.

    Two wrongs still don’t make a right in my book.

    Your argument is as transparent as it is thin. Thank God there are some people who can think for themselves (myself included) and whose judgement is not clouded by the paranoia of being a one-term government.

  26. BTW – BLP website revamped and current, BLP blog last entry 13 Aug, DLP website has 21 Aug entry from HH Jr …. yet DLP blog? Last entry 13 Jan 2008! Still!! 44th POTUS updates his personal website uses Twitter and Youtube, compared with other world leaders who do nought via Net – who do you feel will have better handled rep in long run? DLP, BLP or POTUS?

  27. Facts and Truth Commission

    Ian, that is all about the DLP arrogance. They stopped 2-way conversation with the people when they got elected. You watch: next election they fire that blog up again.

  28. Anon

    It would appear that you are one of the bone headed Nation staffers. It is illegal to record telephone conversations in Barbados. They can not be used as evidence in Court in Barbados.

  29. Hants

    Seems like POTUS spends a lot of time twittling his thumbs.

    I guess he doesn’t have very much real work to do.

  30. Hartley Henry

    Dear BFP Family,

    Amidst all the back and forth comments….I now repeat my earlier posting….Please convey my apologies to your readers.

    I have today resigned from my position as Political Adviser to the Thompson Administration.

    I will return this month’s salary to the treasury coffers.

    I will take up residence in……MARTINDALE’S ROAD, BARBADOS.

    Your friend,

    Hartley Henry

  31. BFP


    Thanks for choosing Barbados Free Press to announce that.

    Oh… wait a minute… you’re an impostor, aren’t you?

    Almost fooled all of us there for a minute! 😉

  32. Tall_boy

    I wonder if Liz Thompson is wondering if there is a difference between Richard Goddard’s and Hartley Henry’s alledged behavior.

  33. Facts and Truth Commission

    What do you mean by that?

  34. PiedPiper

    Adrian Hinds, you don’t have enough to keep you busy over at BU?

  35. Mongoose

    Facts and Truth Commission, what Tall Boy aka Adrian Hinds means is, he is pulling the race card, yet again.

  36. Tall_boy

    Did Richard Goddard not threaten to embarrass the GoB if they did went ahead with Greenland?

    It is alleged that Hartley threaten to “turn Barbados” against the Nation newspaper or someone at that nation newspaper if they did not give due prominence to the recently concluded Cadres poll result.

  37. Anon

    The DLP blog will be up soon. Due to a few difficulties it has been down.

  38. Anon

    What this present bunch of lies is showing is the fact the culture of lies which existed at the Nation back then is still there today.

    A leopard can not change his spots.

  39. passin thru

    Very very different situation. Chicken farmer vs powerful government turning a park into a dump, not a powerful government person seeking to control press freedom.

    From Keltruth Blog:

    It’s Monday morning. Inspectors turn up at Richard’s property asking for his dogs to be locked up, so that they may come into his yard. Richard responds: “I already put up the dogs. I was expecting you.”

    One of the inspectors replies: “But our visit is a secret. How you know we were coming?”

    Richard comes back with: “I knew you were coming because I filed suit against your minister at 3 p.m. Friday!”

    Retribution is expected in the island…

  40. passin thru

    Here is more on Goddard. Who is the victim? The guvment? ha ha ha!

    A Government insider who was on the Greenland tour with the Minister of Health last Friday posted a comment on Barbados Free Press that threatens government action against environmental activist Richard Goddard.

    Richard Goddard had been under attack for years by the past BLP government. He experienced harassment from government Ministers and officials that ranged from racial slurs and surveillance to business audits by tax and health departments. His crops burned so many times that he gave up planting.

    Now it appears that government officials intend to continue the attacks against Richard Goddard under the newly-elected DLP Government of Prime Minister David Thompson.

  41. Anonlegal


    As I said before names were not called in the article. The article in question is below (taken from the court decision):

    ‘X-rated video taping, after school hours Porno Expose

    ‘The scene was a secondary school lunch room at 7 p.m. Benches had been pushed aside to make room for a mattress covered with a tawdy red cloth. Three school girls and three school boys shed pieces of clothing and performed oral sex in pairs. All had stripped down to just underwear. The video recording camera was whirring. The lights had been turned out and only the glare of a portable, high-intensity lamp illuminated the scene. The Mighty Grynner’s “We Want More”, was playing in the background from a portable stereo. This was the making of a blue movie as witnessed by the Sun reporter. One of the three young girls said it was a member of the school’s staff holding the video camera. She pointed out another staff member, who stood at the side, directing the action. The children said the movies are recorded in the lunch room of the school every Tuesday night around 7 p.m. as darkness falls. Only the sexual acts are varied in these blue movies for the black market featuring school children. “In order to get involved, you must be smart”, said one of the school girls at the school Tuesday night.

    ‘Being smart, she said means being willing to perform whatever sex act the staff dictates that night. A school official, when con-tacted by the Sun, said: “We do not condone that type of behaviour. We do not doubt you. We will investigate”.

    ‘School children between the ages of fourteen and seventeen are said to be participating in these acts. The action takes place in the lunch room, which is transformed into a filming site after dark. A student said the joke at the school is that the whole said affair is “drama classes”. At least, she said, that’s what the participants tell their parents about staying after school so late. And that is what the authorities at the school are told the room is used for. One of the students said the money is good, some $200 for an hour, and the filmmakers even provide copies of the films for the student participators. Other copies are sent overseas, the student said. The sessions usually last about an hour. Last Tuesday, at the end of the session, the children put back on their school uniforms. They left crowded into a car driven by one of the two staff members who had directed and filmed the episode.

    ‘Tip-Off. Acting on a tip-off, reporter Janice Griffith donned a school uniform – not the uniform of the school concerned – and wit-nessed the filming of sex acts Tuesday night at a secondary school. At first she merely peeked into the room then entered. Asking as many questions as she could without arousing suspicion, she compiled this eye-witness account.’

  42. PiedPiper

    “passin thru”, I am very grateful for intelligent posts such as yours that so easily put to bed the posts of those who would attempt to twist the truth.

  43. Tall_boy

    @Passing Thru

    What Richard did differs from what Hartley did? Or are you saying the reasons for doing the same thing differs?

  44. Tall_boy

    Someone please set me straight. Two men threaten to do something if they did not get their wishes met. Am I wrong?
    Did Richard Goddard threaten exposure? Did Hartley Henry also threaten exposure? Is there a difference in their actions????? or is the difference in the REASON for the action??? Is one justified and the other not?

  45. Anonlegal

    “The Nation newspaper had on their front page, porn movies being made at St. George Secondary School involving school children and named teachers who they claimed were involved.”

    I tried to post a clarification earlier but it has been in moderation for the whole day. The names of the teachers were not mentioned in the story. The name of the school wasn’t even mentioned.

  46. Lies, More Lies!

    The DLP blog has been down since two days before the January 2008 election.

    What you saying? The DLP didn’t have what it took to solve some sort of technical problem in 2 years?

    Stop telling lies. The DLP dumped the blog when they were elected. They figured they didn’t need it cause they got what they wanted and why should they talk to the people anymore.


  47. Anonymous

    Just think about the implications of the alleged events.
    1. Mr. Henry has not made any denial (not even a weak one; not a strenous one). He has not asked that his name be cleared? Why?
    2. Two wrongs do not make a right. Whatever, the Nation might have done to offend gives no citizen the right to threaten.
    3. Previous reported or knows ‘attacks’ on press staff do not open a door for any future attacks. The fact that the previous attacks might not have been reported or protested is not a real excuse to launch such attacks now.
    4. The police have not indicated that the are treating the matter as frivolous.
    5. By launching an attack on the press directly the person concerned would naturally have displaced any intended front page lead.
    6. A boycott of the Nation indicates what? That the public is displeased with the press if it seeks to keep its independence or mere annoyance that it stood up against attacks from a particular direction?
    7. If the alleged attack took place, can we expect similar if Purity or BICO or Pine Hill Dairies do produce the goods a particular party likes best? Or is it only organs of information that need be concerned, in which case the blogs must be next?
    8. Why would a party that has control over major media not use those to set the records straight and let the population decide what messages it wants to hear?

  48. BFP

    Good morning Mr. Hinds.

    Now that we see it is you, please return to the venue where you are more comfortable.

    Thank you.

  49. Anonymous

    @Tall-Boy, you have heard of two, but there might have been more. The press focuses on the most NEWSWORTHY events, not reporting everything–except attempts to do so in some controlled economies. They select. Otherwise, papers would be like toilet rolls–never ending.

    Tis not so in America too?

    Those who feel the need to threaten reflect what about themselves? Strength or weakness? A desire for control? A desire to be famous and see their names in lights? Make an educated guess.

  50. Anonymous

    @BFP, is it a matter of vanity why you and BU copy and paste the Google entries that mention your posts as ‘comments’? Cannot the blog post stand on its own merits? Just curious, not criticizing. Not noticed it done on other Bajan blogs.

    Maybe Tall-Boy, a regular BU-poster boy can illuminate.

  51. BFP

    Please make yourself more familiar with “pings” and “trackbacks”. That which you speak of is not something we are “cutting and pasting”. It is an automatic function designed to enhance inter-blog conversation and reference.

  52. Anonymous

    BFP, thanks for the blogging lessons on pings etc.

  53. Excuse Me

    Excuse me, Lies, More Lies! But how true your handle is! The DLP blog IS up and running. If you care to check, the last comment on there was made on August 10, 2009.

  54. **Adviser to the President**

    I find the posters on this blog to be more sane, more polite,and more sensible than those persons on the other blog some of whom I FIND TO BE VERY DISGUSTING WITH THEIR PENCHANT FOR CURSING and carrying on !

    keep it up posters on this blog

  55. **Adviser to the President**

    thank you gadfly for your information

  56. PiedPiper

    gadfly, The Bhana family is long established in Barbados. I knew and did business with the Bhanas for a number of years and I found them to be a HARD WORKING, HONEST family who took their responsibilities to their business partners very seriously. They are industrious and every member of that family pulled their weight. What is wrong with a family trying to prosper and get ahead in life? As one of the premier business families in Barbados, why would it be so unusual that they are courted by whichever party is in power?

  57. BFP


    … for racist content.

    Ya wanta talk like that, go to Barbados Underground.

    Ya banned here now

  58. BFP

    The last article was posted in early January 2008! LOL

  59. fish man

    i wonder if gadfly is annoyed he was not lent money by the bhana family when he came to borrow money

  60. Johnnie Too Bad

    I understand that the goodly gentleman commonly referred to as HH has now gone. What a blessed day it is to see the back of such a bully. He has been pushing his weright around for a long time, so I am not sorry to see him fall on his sword. After all I guess some bullies may have their dignity. Good job Carol, I now believe you that you would get him someday.

  61. Adviser to the President**

    gadfly-yuh let me down —getting banned
    but this is a decent blog unlike the other blog to which you have been advised to go to.

    I am sure the raggamuffin -BONNY PEPPA with her rantings and ravings and cussing could not survive here on this blog AS SHE DOES ON THE other one.

  62. **Adviser to the President**

    Why is the name disppearing

  63. Excuse Me

    I think we are at cross purposes here. Yes, the last ARTICLE on the DLP website was in January, 2008, but the last comment on the BLOG, under the caption Newsflash, was in August, 2009.

  64. BFP

    That’s right… the DLP have ignored their blog since January 2008. They achieved what they wanted and the two way open conversation with citizens was no longer useful to them.

    Says everything about their motivations and intentions.

  65. BFP

    Don’t know. Fixed it for you though.



  66. **Adviser to the President**

    The apoligists who are debating whether it is a threat or not should put themselves in Carol Martindale’s shoes.

    Put yourself in her shoes. Suppose you are a lecturer at Cave Hill and a student called you and told you to give her an A+ or else she would do so and so, Suppose it is her intention to come into your office for a one on one meeting and then pull out her and cry rape. What would you do.

    Anyone of you who is reading this post and who in your present job or even in your home received a similar call. How would you view such a telephone call ??
    Tell me , Tell me !

  67. Goodbye to rubbished Mottley


    Officers and Members of the Executive and General Councils,
    Members of Parliament and the Senate,
    Cabinet Colleagues

    One of the enduring lessons I have learnt over the past 18 months as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance is that you do not need three hours to say what you wish people to know, or what they would like to hear. Brevity, I have discovered, can be the key to being heard and understood.

    I do not propose to wear you down from this podium this morning. There are a few things I need to say from the perspective of Party Leader and also from the perspective of Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

    First, I express my gratitude to the Officers and Members of this Democratic Labour Party for your devotion to our Party, continued prayers and expressions of support and goodwill for the policies and programmes of our administration.

    I know there are times when our members encounter grey areas and do not fully understand or appreciate the rationale for certain actions and or policy positions.

    Yet, I am appreciative of the fact that 18 months into this new administration, we have succeeded as a party in publicly rallying together around a series of initiatives and stances that will define and have defined and characterized our tenure so far.

    I wish as well to thank and congratulate the members of the Parliamentary Group who have, in large measure, risen to the occasion notwithstanding their relative inexperience at the start of this journey.

    There are members of the Cabinet and of the Parliamentary Group who work hard and are unrelenting in their quest for excellence in furtherance of their mandate to effect meaningful change, both at the administrative and political levels of their role.

    Collectively this administration has done a commendable job, particularly in light of the rather complex hand it was dealt – the result of the combined effect and impact of the global economic downturn and the reverberations of the flawed and ill-advised policies of our predecessors.

    On that score, I wish you to rest assured, that while you may not hear us harping as much on that which we found as far as administrative and fiscal irregularities are concerned, these matters have in no way been swept aside or under the carpet.

    In the fullness of time – I repeat in the fullness of time – we take certain steps, ask some pertinent questions and make public some alarming information with respect to what we discovered obtained in respect of the management or lack thereof of the scarce financial resources of this country.

    Do not, for one minute, believe that because you have not seen us flying raising more red flags with respect to the ABC Highway Improvement Project, and the ThreeS fiasco that characterized that project, that we do not intend to hold a few hands to the fire. It’s not over!

    Do not believe that because we are putting new structures in place at the Urban Development Corporation that we are not at the same time creating and building a file on all that we discovered and all that went wrong. It’s not over yet.

    Do not believe that we are not aware of certain financial irregularities in agencies such as the Barbados Tourism Authority; in the award of contracts for the procurement of products and services and in the terms and conditions of employment of certain known friends, associates and acolytes of leading members of the former BLP administration.

    Do not take silence for ignorance.

    All of us as young men in this party (and I assume the young women as well) would have heard party stalwart Astor B. Watts point his finger in the air and say, as he was about to reveal some pertinent fact, “Now is not the time for that…”

    We have established our priorities and we want to get the engines of government up and running again. When adequate delivery of services, in particular, is realized and our policies are fully underway, then is when we shall turn our attention to sharing with you and with the public of Barbados, details of the legacy that we inherited from those who presided over the affairs of government and governance in this country from the period 1994 to 2008.

    Of course our critics will say, “get on with the job!” I will take their advice until such time as we have adequately steered our course. But I cannot promise them that all will be forgotten.

    Two wrongs do not make a right. Before we cast any more stones, we will get in place our Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest Rules, Freedom of Information Legislation, Amendments to the Defamation Act and the establishment of the Office of Contractor General. And we are doing so.

    But for now, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to remain focused on the assignments at hand.

    Over the past two weeks, I had commissioned a full length study and evaluation of our stewardship to date. I deliberately asked for aspects of the findings to be made public because I wanted to be as open and transparent as possible in reviewing the past 18 months and in charting a path forward in the short and medium term.

    Believe me, there is no ulterior motive in our actions. Scientific polling is important and can assist in defining more clearly the path forward. The conditions that led to our election are clear in our minds. But the external factors – economic and otherwise – have changed dramatically and have affected the peoples’ and our priorities.

    The results of the latest Cadres Poll have been released and overall I am generally satisfied. I am, in fact, heartened and inspired by the overall rating of the performance of your administration.

    In very difficult circumstances, characterized in the main by the effects of the global economic downturn and the legacy we inherited of bad management systems, poor financial structures and a quagmire of low worker morale borne out of the arrogance and indifference of the former political directorate, coupled with the relative inexperience of our team when we assumed office on January 16th, 2008, this party in government has been given a passing grade in every department, in every sphere of social, political and economic activity!!

    The overwhelming finding is that this administration has performed creditably and in some instances exceptionally in the 18 month period, which, I must remind you, was forecast to be and has been most difficult.

    We anticipate that conditions are not likely to get much worse in the 40 or so months remaining in our term of office.

    Therefore while we cannot and will not as yet give the “all clear” for you to remove the shutters and the fasteners from your family’s financial doors and windows, it is fair to assume at this point that atmospheric conditions will not get terribly worse than they did at around this period last year.

    I am speaking now as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. I am encouraged by the analysis and prognoses of several of our informed and enlightened fiscal and economic planners, including several who cannot, by a long shot be considered sympathizers, far less supporters and historical well-wishers, of this political party and the government it has the honor to form.

    My advice to you therefore is to remain guarded but confident in the capacity of your party in government to ride out the churning seas and navigate this vessel we call Barbados to safe harbor.

    Do not be distracted or disheartened by the propaganda and empty rhetoric of the other side.

    They are in so much confusion, poor souls, they don’t know if to look up or look out.

    The findings of this latest Cadres poll would have confirmed much of what they feared and what we know about the state of leadership of that organization.

    Owen Arthur has succeeded in undermining public appreciation for and confidence in the leadership of Mia Mottley. He half-heartedly anointed and some may say appointed her in that position only for optics. He never once supported, nurtured or enabled her growth.

    Little wonder that 18 months later, she trails him by more than 15 percentage points. That is precisely what Owen Arthur set out to achieve. He set her up to fail and she has failed!

    What this tells us is that they have their hands full in the coming months!

    I am neither a supporter nor a well wisher of the Barbados Labour Party and never have been, so it is not for me to tell them how to manage their affairs.

    From where I stand, the best thing they can do, from our perspective, is ignore or reject the findings of that study and proceed with business as usual.

    If they believe they can foist Mia Mottley on the people of Barbados and that the people of Barbados will turn a blind eye to all they know, fear and suspect about the fall-out for Barbados from making her Prime Minister, they can continue to fool themselves.

    By the same token, Owen Arthur can continue to function as the proverbial ostrich, burying his head in the sand and believing that no one around can see other parts of his anatomy. Owen Arthur has a lot to answer this country for. Let him resurface.

    I dare him to come back!

    The Cadres Poll, which sampled the views of 1,000 eligible voters in Barbados, threw up some interesting findings.

    It confirmed Cost of Living is an issue against which we must not turn a blind eye. This government has implemented several strategies to contain inflation. We have given tax breaks and eases – even resources – to all sectors and we have been unrelenting in our quest to get social partners in the private sector, particularly the distributive sector, to work with us in containing mark ups and stamping out inefficiencies.

    We have made public our support for the entry into the local market of international food distribution networks and a state entity, and while progress on that front is being made, at a rather slow pace I might add, I sense, from this most recent finding, that government will have to quicken its step in relation to getting directly involved in the sourcing and retail of certain staple products, the current prices of which we are not happy.

    We have talked and we have threatened. The time has come, I believe, for us to act aggressively in relation to demonstrating to existing importers and retailers how key items could be sourced and retailed in Barbados for far less than that which is currently being demanded of the public.

    I will very shortly be requesting a meeting of senior officials in the Ministries of Agriculture and of Consumer Affairs to determine how best we can speed up this process.

    The survey spoke too of the embrace by the public of our policies in relation to housing and addressing this fundamental need and concern of citizens. I want to give the assurance today that this government is committed to its manifesto pledges of housing this nation and enfranchising those who desire to own a piece of the rock.

    Financial resources are limited but we are committed to pursuing and implementing creative approaches – including joint ventures – to financing the very ambitious but entirely attainable goals we have set ourselves in relation to publicly-assisted housing solutions in Barbados.

    To date Minister Michael Lashley and his team in the Ministry of Housing and the National Housing Corporation have started and completed in some cases projects in Workhall, Marchfield, Greens…

    Comrades and friends, the study had much to say as well about the public’s embrace of our policies in respect of free public transport for school children and the policy positions we have outlined and definitive action we have taken on the issue of undocumented migration in Barbados.

    I am not surprised that Barbadians overwhelmingly support the government’s stance on the latter issue. Those who prefer to wear blinkers confined their view and perspective of this matter to the issue of our embracing free movement of Caricom nationals.

    There is much more to the issue than our embrace of the principle of an integrated Caribbean and I am inspired by the fact that close to 70 per cent of Barbadians understand this.

    I have said repeatedly that we have to set and maintain standards in relation to the quality of life that we wish for ourselves and for all persons calling Barbados home. Suffice to say that we have embarked upon the development of a comprehensive immigration policy which will be introduced shortly. There will be no turning back on this issue.

    By the same token, I think this is as good an occasion as any to make clear to some in our country that the tolerance and patience of this government and country is growing thin with those who persist in unreasonably bad-mouthing and proffering Barbadians as anything other than the friendly, hospitable and reasonable people that they are.

    Barbados is a democracy. We invite and encourage criticism, debate and discussion on topical issues. But I note the constant misrepresentations of a few, particularly one writer, to whom this country has extended a welcoming arm and embrace.

    I also note the refusal by another who should know much better to publicly acknowledge the inappropriateness of the allegation of “ethnic cleansing.”

    I want to say here and now that as Prime Minister of this country I have had as much as I am willing to take as far as the unfair and unwarranted maligning of Barbados and Barbadians by those to whom we have extended a welcoming hand is concerned. There is precedence for dealing with such ingratitude. I am saying today ‘enough is enough’!

    Members and supporters of this great political party, the finding in relation to Constituency Councils and Summer Camps is worthy of careful study.

    It is clear that Barbadians support and approve of the idea of Constituency Councils and also the concept of Summer Camps.

    The concern, as expressed in the poll, is that there is doubt as to the critical importance of these in the current economic environment. I have not discussed this with the Cabinet as yet, but I believe these are two progressive social policies that need to be nurtured and supported.

    This party while in opposition differed fundamentally with the Barbados Labour Party’s concept of development under Owen Arthur.

    Their focus and energies were on building shrines and edifices, rupturing the process of self-actualisation, ripping apart the notion that self sufficiency is desirable and extending the limits of mendicancy.

    Of course, with all the cost overruns and lack of transparency and accountability in the financial management of some of these projects, one is left to wonder what was their motivation in embarking upon such ventures?

    Nevertheless, they saw development in terms of concrete and asphalt, bricks and mortar. We argued then, as I do now, that there needed to be people-centred development.

    Both the Constituency Council initiative as well as the Vacation Camps programme were conceptualized with the development of people in focus and in mind.

    They have not come without financial ramifications, but what good thing does?

    We have just completed the 2009 Vacation Camps Programme and this will be reviewed and examined by the Social Policy Committee of the Cabinet as well as a group of broad based civic-minded practitioners, to determine what changes ought to be made to remove and smoothen out the kinks in the venture.

    I am satisfied that with respect to the camps, the positives far outweigh the negatives and therefore I personally will be recommending the retention of this initiative, even though we may have to review its current administrative structure and financing.

    With respect to Constituency Councils, they are here and they are here to stay! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept but I believe we may have to review how they are packaged and delivered to the country.

    Clearly, from the findings of the study, the detractors have succeeded in poisoning the minds of some residents as to the usefulness of these Councils at this time.

    While persons agree that they are desirable, the view has been expressed that they should be deferred until more rosy financial times. Again, I beg to differ.

    I believe firmly that it is in times when the national economic picture is a bit grim, that we need to focus on our communities and ensure that vital services are not denied.

    Therefore, I appeal to the people of Barbados to give this initiative a chance to work. Let us get the councils up and running. Do not kill them before they are born.

    I believe firmly in the capacity of ordinary Barbadians to meet and determine at the community level the prioritization of initiatives and the best bang for their buck.

    Monies have been voted for Constituency Councils and I will be recommending to the Cabinet that we proceed with this venture. It must be given a fair chance to succeed.

    Another national point of concern as raised by the public of Barbados pertains to the specter of rising unemployment and the difficulty persons are experiencing in finding meaningful employment. This perturbs me greatly.

    The Government’s payroll for permanent staff is as large as it realistically can be at this time. While I would like to spike the short term popularity of the government by employing a few more hundred persons, and who wouldn’t, it would be grossly irresponsible right now when I know deep down that the country cannot afford it.

    We are making use of every available opportunity to place persons displaced by layoffs and who previously were not working in positions, but I urge members and supporters to be understanding in appreciating that there are certain fundamental differences between the manner and approach of the two major political parties to the development of Barbados.

    Notwithstanding the noisy, crocodile tears being shed over 13 employees at the Urban Development Commission, the reality is that this government has operated in a fair and evenhanded manner as far as employment practices are concerned.

    We came to office recognizing that even though there is a need and a desire to place more and more of our supporters and well wishers in positions, that those whom we came and found were first and foremost Barbadians, who were entitled to work and earn a living in this country.

    We did not embark on a campaign of targeted firings or victimization in any form.

    Some of you within the hearing of my voice judge us harshly in this regard, but it is simply not our culture in this party to go about employment-cleansing among those whom we know not to be sympathetic to our cause.

    We are mindful of and committed to placing those who have for 14 years been targeted and displaced. We are committed to assisting those who have fallen victim to layoffs and business closures, but we cannot and will not adopt the now infamous dictum of my friend Lionel Craig who, on behalf of his party, espoused the theory that all known political opponents should starve.

    Sorry, but that is not the DLP way!

    Deep down that is why the majority of you, knowing the distinction, chose this party of the late Rt. Excellent Errol Walton Barrow to support and associate with in the formative years of this nation’s development.

    While I am on this subject, I wish to add my voice on this occasion to the alarm and disgust of those who look dimly upon the seeming determination and resolve by some to make worker retrenchment their first option in dealing with a real or perceived downturn in business activity.

    This administration, notwithstanding the economic challenges with which it has had to grapple, has extended a helping hand in every productive sector of this economy.

    We have reached out to and assisted the hotel and tourism related sector. We have assisted agriculture. We have offered a helping hand to small business, including the soft introduction of our manifesto pledge of channeling more of government’s procurement business their way.

    In this year’s budget we introduced the payroll assistance scheme whereby we effectively deferred payment of national insurance contributions of businesses to better times. Against this backdrop, I am deeply concerned that some employers are still, as a first consideration, opting to layoff workers as a means of cutting costs.

    There are those who believe that some of these layoffs are deliberate and politically inspired. I do not have the facts to say ‘yeah’ or ‘nay’ in relation to this, but I find it strange that companies and entities which traditionally we have held up as models of efficiency and as success stories, can all of a sudden run out of ideas of how to keep their staff employed.

    This is a matter which I propose to take up with the social partners because if government is keeping its end of the bargain by assisting in every way conceivable with the lowering of overheads and operating costs, then other players will have to pull their weight or we may have to pursue a policy that rewards those who do and somewhat penalizes those who do not.

    You cannot reap the sweets of government’s generosity and at the same time refuse to embrace the need for restraint in laying off workers. Something will have to give!

    But, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are not daunted in our efforts to create and find new job opportunities.

    The Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy and the Council of Economic Advisers has discussed in principle an expanded welfare to work programme and training-with-stipends opportunities to mitigate the impact of unemployment.

    The global economic challenge has wrought havoc in many households. During these tough economic times, apart from

    We recognize the demands of back to school and the psychological pressure brought on by the approach of the Christmas season. We wish to ease the strain on as many families as possible.

    Comrades and friends, 18 months is an ideal time for us to stop, look left, look right and proceed onward. We must not take our eyes off the political ball. We must never become so consumed by the business of government and governance that we minimize or compromise our ability to evaluate and determine the political temperature of the country.

    The recent poll told us that we are doing satisfactory at the national and constituency levels. It told us what steps we need to take to enhance our favorability rating with the public.

    Members and known supporters alone cannot return this great party to office. We need to retain and maintain the confidence and support of the public at large.

    To this end, we will be utilizing the scientifically derived data to address several of the specific concerns that several of you have outlined in recent months. Today is not the time and an annual conference address that is fully covered by the media is not the occasion, for me to either spell out the challenges or outline the intended strategies for overcoming them.

    What I will say to you is that we have heard you! We have heard your concerns and several of these have been borne out in the data we have just collected.

    It is therefore our intention to act deliberately and decisively in the coming weeks to effect necessary changes to how we operate, particularly at the constituency level and in our relations with you, the rank and file members and supporters of this political party.

    What I would say to you as our voice, ear, face and touch in the constituencies, is that you need to remain focused on the bigger picture. We suspected where we may have been slipping up and we have acquired the data, which forms the road-map to what we need to do to address and reverse your concerns.

    Having expressed your concerns and being aware now that we have heard you and that we intend to act in a decisive and meaningful manner, you need now to regroup and focus your attention and your energies towards denouncing and counteracting the propaganda of the other side.

    They are in a state of disarray. Their leadership is failing and the attempt to introduce new candidates has backfired, because none of those so far named has resonated anywhere in the country, especially in the respective constituencies to which they have been assigned.

    It is amazing how a party as old and established as the Barbados Labour Party could bring someone from total political, community, professional and civic obscurity to serve in the Senate, 18 months after a resounding defeat at the polls.

    I will not even reference in this address, the reasons for that vacancy having been created in the first place. Two years ago I spoke at this conference about ‘biting’. I refuse on this occasion to make any reference to ‘beating’.

    What I would say is that I shall forever be grateful to Owen Arthur for, in his practice of the politics of inclusion, ridding this party of some very unsavory elements.

    I think there is merit in the view expressed by some that strategically, the Leader of the Barbados Labour Party should have used the opportunity to clean house in the Senate because, truth be told, the Member that has gone was at least in attendance at most sittings and made his voice heard.

    The Member that is left hardly goes to the chamber and when she does, she slaps a few disjointed words together, merely for it to be known that she is present.

    Again, it is not for me to delve into the inner workings of the Barbados Labour Party, but Mia Mottley continues to baffle even stalwarts of that party by her propensity to make far reaching decisions that impact the image of the party on the basis of who ultimately is prepared to support her in what is now a seemingly inevitable battle with Owen Arthur for the leadership of that party.

    I do not wish members of this organization to become distracted by the shenanigans and tomfoolery that are taking place in Roebuck Street. Let them stew in their own broth.

    We have a country to build and a people to mold. We have a party to reform, modernize and make ready for future elections. I wish for each of you to unite around the flag of the Democratic Labour party.

    Personalities will come and personalities will go, but this Democratic Labour Party shall remain constant. We have a clear vision and a well articulated philosophy on how the development of Barbados should take place.

    As I explained earlier, we do business differently. This party needs your attention and dedication. It needs your promotion both at the national and constituency levels.

    You need to go out into the communities and hail the policies and the work of this party in government.

    You need to outline to your neighbors, friends, work colleagues and associates, the refreshing difference that we have made since coming to office. You need to believe in this party and sell its virtues in the nooks and crannies of Barbados.

    Let the detractors live in dreamland. Let them comfort themselves by apportioning us a set number of years in office.

    Let them continue to ignore the reality of their shortcomings and the need to candidly address issues of lack of transparency and the brazen financial infelicities that characterized their tenure in office.

    We have a job to do my friends. We have been dealt a tough hand, but we are playing it nevertheless. We have gotten pass the first 18 months, which were always going to be the toughest.

    Today I am saying to you, as Johnny Nash and Jimmy Cliff sang many years ago, that after 18 months of practical on the job experience; after 18 months of unearthing and cleaning up the mess left by the former administration; after 18 months of nurturing and building trust and respect among the people of Barbados, I, as Prime Minister and Political Leader of this party and my team of ministers and parliamentarians, can see clearer now the rain has gone!

    We can see all the obstacles in our way!
    All of the dark clouds have disappeared!

    Trust me, my dear people, tomorrow, next month, next year and for the rest of this first term in office, for all Barbadians, I am confident, that it will be a bright, bright sun shining day!

    Oh yes, my Dear, Loving, People, we can make it now the pain is gone!

    All of the bad feelings have disappeared!

    Here is the rainbow we’ve been praying for!

    It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshinin’ day!

    Thank you Comrades and Friends…and may God Bless Us All!!!!

  68. Arthur

    It is amazing how political hacks and sycophants justify vulgar, disgusting and possibly unlawful behaviour. It is also quite short-sighted that DLP brown-nosers should find there is some kind of ‘justification’ for Hartley Henry’s behaviour while at the same time remembering very similar BLP behaviour in a different way. It’s called being short-sighted and hypocritical.

  69. PiedPiper

    The above is posted by “Wishing In Vain” of BU fame. There are many who believe that WIV is in fact Hartley Henry. I really don’t care one way or the other but I do object to anyone using a blog for political propaganda, particularly when it is of the ridiculous length of this one.

  70. Plumber

    Had the plumber there too

  71. Plumber

    my tutor Korah would be proud to be proud of you

  72. 181 / 69 Mottley

    It is up to BFP to publish or not publish so if they do publish sit back read and enjoy the learning.

  73. PiedPiper

    So, the oily HH has followed through on his threat and has released a most unseemly and sordid item to BU. After doing so, he has actually tried to justify his position. I find it extraordinary that this man is the PM’s “political strategist”. Are we to gather that the PM condones blackmail? If the PM expects to maintain and credibility or respect with the people who voted him into office, he should ditch this loose cannon forthwith.

  74. Hants

    Why do we need a blog when we have the best blog in Barbados. BFP is the best forum for us DLP supporters.

  75. Anonymous

    actually the style of HH’s article is very much like a WIV post. To make assertions about peoples sexuality and to draw all manner of red herrings across the line about other journalists who supposedly suffered at the hands of the BLP.

    What is apparently completely lost on Mr. Henry is that the people got rid of the BLP government for its actions.

    He also seems to have completely missed the point that anothers transgressions do not supply any justification for his behaviour.

    So we have in effect a written confession by a Government advisor that he threatened a member of the media with blackmail.

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