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Barbados Labour Party Senator Kerrie Symmonds: Guilty of Spousal Abuse Until Proven Innocent

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

Kerrie Symmonds Wife AssaultDid BLP politician Kerrie Drurado Symmonds assault his wife, Andrea Nicole Symmonds and slash her auto’s interior?

Or, as some women do when they want to be rid of their man, did Mrs. Symmonds create or exaggerate incidents to achieve an advantage during court proceedings?

The truth may out in court… or, as often happens in Barbados, someone may pay money to make the truth go away.

But whatever happens, there’s nothing as interesting as a politician involved in a scandal!

Barbados Advocate: BLP Parliamentarian summoned to court

The Nation: Attorney to appear in court

Here’s some paperwork that no one else seems to have published…


and more…

Barbados Assault


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Barbados To Miss Out On Jet Blue’s US$599 All-You-Can-Fly Offer

Everything ended just fine in September 2005 when a Jet Blue Airbus had a nosegear problem.

Discount airline or not, Jet Blue has skilled pilots! Everything ended just fine in September 2005 when a Jet Blue Airbus had a nosegear problem.

Will Jet Blue fill those Bridgetown seats?

Discount airline Jet Blue is selling a US$599 all-you-can-fly pass that will allow holders to book and fly as much as they want to and from Jet Blue destinations between September 8 and October 8, 2009.

What a great deal!

Unfortunately though, Jet Blue doesn’t start service to Barbados until October 1, 2009, so Bridgetown will only be on the schedule for a week.

Still, that’s better than nothing and an indication that Jet Blue might shake up travel to Barbados in the long run.

Adrian Loveridge’s question remains though… Will the additional airline seats to Barbados be filled, considering that US-Barbados travel has seen pretty well zero growth in the last five years?


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