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Taking Denis Lowe’s Cruise? Ask the Environment Minister about Mullins Bay.

Mullins Bay Barbados Cruise

Minister Lowe’s Cruise Vessel Usually Turns At Mullins Bay!

When we last heard from our friends at Mullins Bay Blog, Environment Minister Denis Lowe hadn’t shown his face at the site of the infamous 3 groynes that are destroying beaches in the area. The issue is that well-connected and well-financed developers were given permission by government officials to build three rock groynes (fingers into the ocean) to capture sand so their beach would be fabulous at the expense of everyone else along the coast. The sand has to come from somewhere and that is why nearby beaches are disappearing.

Dr. Lowe doesn’t want to hear about this issue and doesn’t want to deal with it because the people in question are also DLP campaign donors – and like the BLP before them, the DLP has no hesitation about trading the public good for money in the party’s bank account.

But it just so happens that the vessel chosen for Dr. Lowe’s End of Summer Cruise is the M.V. Harbour Master, and in the normal cruises the vessel usually turns in the vicinity of Mullins Bay!

That means that everyone on the Environment Minister’s cruise will be able to see the groynes and ask Dr. Lowe about his government’s inaction on the matter. Passengers will also be able to ask Minister Lowe about the rumours of a fourth groyne being planned by the developers. Here is what we see at Barbados Travel Advisor

“I now have it on good account that the Kings Beach Hotel has been sold. The proud new owner, as was suspected, is the same party responsible for the infamous groynes (groins – American English) and developers of the neighboring condos – St. Peter’s Bay Villas (Scandinavian-Bajan developer, Bjorn Bierkam, and frontman for The Villages and other foreign investors). Rumor has it that “they” got it for the firesale sum of BDS $14M at a “silent bid” auction at the end of last June.

So, again as was suspected, the orange paint on Kings Beach’s wall noted above was indicative of something serious happening in the area. Look for more condos as the property already has Town Planning approval for a six-storey/50-unit condo block; so there will be condos from Leamington in the north all the way to The Great House to the south.

Even more foreboding is that surveyors were spotted on the beach last week and the suspicion (no announcements so people can only do the Math) is that they (Bierkam & company) are getting ready to put in another groyne to try to repair the damage done to the beach in front of Kings Beach by the already infamous previous three groynes. The surveyors were spotted as far south as The Pink House in Road View/Mullins.”

So if you are going on Dr. Lowe’s cruise, you can have a look at the groynes yourself… unless, of course, the cruise vessel doesn’t take its usual trip for some strange reason.

Mullins Bay Destruction Not Just An Environmental Issue

The destruction of the beaches at Mullins Bay and nearby is not just an environmental issue. The story of Mullins Bay and the disappearing Barbados West Coast beaches is not a disagreement over environmental science by well-meaning people who all have the public good in mind. No sir.

The rape of our West Coast is all about corporations with money that have been allowed to do as they please by two successive governments. The St. Peter’s Bay condo developers were allowed by government to build groynes to enhance their own beach — never mind the disastrous impact upon the neighboring beaches and coastline.

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Barbados Integrity Legislation a Forbidden Topic at Weekend DLP Conference

shut-up-barbadosThe governing DLP Democratic Labour Party is holding a conference this weekend at the George Street Auditorium, starting tomorrow (Friday August 21st) and ending on Sunday. Prime Minister David Thompson will address the faithful on Sunday morning at 10:30am.

The agenda of the “DLP – Working For You” conference does not include anything at all about the government’s failure refusal to introduce the promised Freedom of Information and Integrity legislation.

Also forbidden will be any discussion of the Ministerial Code of Conduct that the DLP promised in writing to introduce “Immediately” upon taking office. Although the Ministerial Code (including conflicts of interest standards) was promised during the 2007 election, the first meeting of Cabinet saw a rebellion of elected members who feared that conflicts of interest standards would interfere with the “sharing of the fatted calf” that was also promised by Thompson in a public speech.

Consequently, we understand that while DLP members can look forward to some great speeches and food this weekend they won’t be able to examine the (cough, cough) “proposed” FOI and Integrity legislation.

Further Reading

Our friends at Living in Barbados put up an FOI article recently: Freedom Of Information (FOI): Part 1–Basic Concerns And FOI Legislation

We also see that Harvard Law School’s Global Voices Online has picked up on the Barbados FOI/Integrity Legislation issue too.


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