Barbados Boycotts Abusive Irresponsible Oil Company: TO HELL WITH SHELL!

So-Called "Clean-Up" By Shell Oil In Barbados

So-Called "Clean-Up" By Shell Oil In Barbados

Boycott Barbados Shell Stations!

We the People, Declare…

1/ Fifteen Years Ago, Shell Spilled At Least A Half A Million Gallons Of Jet Fuel Into The Barbados Water Table. Shell Has Not Cleaned Up The Spill Or Compensated The Immediate Victims

shell-oil-pollution.gifFor the last fifteen years, since 1994,  Shell Oil has been avoiding responsibility for a pipeline leak that spilled at least a half a million gallons of jet fuel into the water table. Their “clean-up” effort has been laughable. This jet fuel has not gone away and even last year water wells within a few hundred feet of a beach were still filled with almost pure kerosene jet fuel. Shell Oil’s response has been to offer Barbados farmers less than one hour of Shell’s profits. Barbados farmers were offered US$2 million in total to be spread among the victims. Shell makes approximately US$3 million per hour.

2/Barbados South Coast Water Table Is Contaminated By Jet Fuel. Our Beaches Are At Risk.

Besides the farmers who lost the use and value of their lands, there has been a vast amount of damage to Barbados as a country. Our water table has been contaminated by Shell and our beaches are still at risk from the pipeline spill.

3/ After 15 Years, It Is Now A Proven Fact That Citizens Cannot Rely Upon Government To Hold Shell Oil Accountable or Force The Company To Clean Up Their Spill

Both the BLP Government of Owen Arthur and Mia Motley and the current DLP government of David Thompson have failed to hold Shell Oil accountable.  Neither the DLP nor the BLP governments implemented any laws that would penalise polluters and make them pay to clean up their mess. Neither the DLP nor the BLP government even passed a simple law compelling pipeline owners to make daily measurements and to report any leakage to the government!

4/ We Refuse To Give Credibility To Strategic Divisions In Shell’s Company And Marketing Structure: Shell is Shell

The current operators of the Shell brand in Barbados argue that their company is not the same company that owned the leaky pipeline. Our response is “Shell is Shell. We shall boycott the Shell brand on Barbados wherever it is found.”

Not One More Bajan Dollar To Shell – Until The Mess Is Cleaned Up, The Farmers Are Compensated, And Shell Acknowledges Its Duty To Pay For Any Future Damages Not Yet Evident.

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15 responses to “Barbados Boycotts Abusive Irresponsible Oil Company: TO HELL WITH SHELL!


    BPF ~ Shell is just showing the public what ‘big business’ is all about. It’s a sad, sad, situation. There SHOULD be an organized boycott against Shell stations, by the public.

    I want to ask you to report on the two following since we (the public) can’t hear anything from the regular ‘media’ ….

    1. What’s the situ with the missing million dollars from the Central Bank?

    2. What was the outcome of the “imported eggs” thing? I didn’t see any ‘foreign’ eggs in the supermarkets…. did you? What became of them? Did the ‘importer’ sell them to the egg people who just dropped them in their boxes and sent them out as if they were ‘local eggs’ ? ? ?

    Let us know, please. And thanks.

  2. Only me

    Shell will make money boycott or no boycott

  3. Only me

    i agree though boycott them

  4. yatinkiteasy

    I paid six $ something for a dozen eggs at Super Centre a few days ago…were they local or imported?

  5. Stressed Out

    I have some foreign eggs over here, seriously… strange shape (very pointy) and super perfect– definitely not from here.

  6. bananareporter

    We have to decide if we want to support these corporate criminals who don’t care about us .

  7. J. Payne

    But question though. Wasn’t the fuel thing wasn’t that Mobil Oil?

  8. J. Payne

    Your boycott info is a tiny bit outdated… and ‘gon hit de wrong body…

    The Dutch Royal Shell company (of the Netherlands) pulled out of much of the Caribbean years ago… Barbadian company Simpson Oil Limited (SOL) ( ) took over their brand in Barbados and other islands…

    Simpson Oil favoured for Esso

    Your boycott will hit a Bajan company not the Dutch Shell company.
    Furthermore Shell is far offshore away from Bajans reach. Shell comes to deliver fuel to BNTCL which I think that pipeline is far off the coast of Barbados… I think it comes in at the big undersea pipe at Oistins. Oddly enough if you use Google Maps you can actually see the tanker. (,-59.542379&spn=0.01043,0.013819&t=h&z=16 ) They just happen to be delivering fuel the day the aircraft was taking pictures for Google Maps. Some of them big tankers is shell way—- out at sea I think. Bbit’ll do no good to boycott. According to the Nation all the gas stations in Barbados share from the same fuel stockpile?



    NO! Shell is Shell. Boycott the Shell brand worldwide wherever it is found. We refuse to acknowledge the different corporate names and divisions that are strategically designed to thwart law suits and liability. Follow the money. Hurt the Shell brand.

  9. John

    There are two problems, one at the site of the former Mobil Refinery and the other “somewhere” between Oistins and the Airport, along the underground pipeline.

  10. The Scout

    Stressed Out
    You’re sooooo right, I saw a few eggs in a carton from a local supplier that were elongated and pointy and marvelled at the shape but never thought that these were imported eggs. I would keep my eyes out for them in future.

  11. Lady Anon

    I get super pointy eggs all the time…yard fowls lay them and they are perfect!

    Anyhow…I have NEVER been a fan of Shell products and have made an effort never to purchase their products. I am sure my car likes me for it.

  12. J. Payne

    Hmm. What I was trying to say is in order for this to work it means Barbados will need the airport to boycott Shell too and the government etc. because some of the fuel goes there as well.

    At least according to:

  13. cq8

    Note how the DLP supporters start talking about eggs to throw off this topic.

    The DLP has done nothing in a year to make Shell clean up and pay for the mess.

    One party is like the other. There is only one political party in Barbados.

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