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Will Canadian Professor Hans G Machel Be Arrested Upon His Return To Barbados?

Outspoken Critic Of Greenland Dump Site Professor Machel Said This About…

Ricardo Marshall "Stupid, Incompetent, Unqualified"

Ricardo Marshall "Stupid, Incompetent, Unqualified"

Ricardo Marshall: “Stupid”, “Callous”, “(Doesn’t care) about the welfare of Barbadians”, “Ignorant”, “Incompetent”, “Unqualified”,

Liz Thompson: “Notorious Liar”, “Misleading the Public”, “No Integrity”, “Should have Resigned”,”Immoral”, “Unethical”, “Coward”, “Totally Untrustworthy”

Jerome Walcott: “Misleading the Public”

Leslie Barker: “Not Impartial”, “statements about the Greenland site are tainted by partisan (read: BLP) politics.”, “Professional Envy”

Marshall, Thompson and Walcott: “If I had it my way, these people would lose their jobs tomorrow and would never again be allowed to work in or for Government. These people do not work for the benefit of the people.”

If Greenland Proponents Do Not Charge Professor Machel With Criminal Libel or Obtain a Public Apology and Settlement, They Will Be The Laughing-Stock Of Barbados

In 2006 and 2007, University of Alberta Professor Hans G Machel published three major articles at Barbados Free Press dealing with his engineering and environmental objections to the Barbados Greenland Dump. In these articles, Professor Machel used language and terms against four proponents of the dump which surely violate the criminal libel laws of Barbados.

Don’t forget friends – Barbados is a country where newspapers and radio stations cower in fear of the libel laws and regularly pay out tens of thousands of dollars for the smallest mistake. As an example, in October of 2007 Voice of Barbados radio paid off Tourism Minister Noel Lynch to the tune of $60,000 when Lynch ran out of the studio after being asked on air to comment about his personal wealth and Integrity Legislation. (BFP Noel Lynch story link here)

So when Professor Machel in Barbados called out named people as being “stupid”, “incompetent”, “unqualified”, “a notorious liar”, “immoral”, “unethical”, “coward”, “totally untrustworthy”, “(full of) professional envy” and all the rest, it is serious business under Barbados law. I don’t know how things are in Canada, but in Barbados Machel could actually be arrested for such public statements.

As a matter of fact, IF Professor Machel is NOT charged with criminal libel when he can easily be found in Barbados at his speaking engagement on Wednesday night, the Barbados public will find that very noteworthy. IF Solid Waste Manager Ricardo Marshall, former Environment Minister Liz Thompson, former Health Minister Jerome Walcott and former Chief Geologist Leslie Barker DO NOT file charges against Professor Machel or obtain a public apology and settlement, they will be seen as the laughing-stock of Barbados.

Outsiders like Machel probably have no idea of the cultural importance of such a public slap in the face in Barbados.

Charges Against Professor Machel Would Cause An International Incident, And A Second Look At InterAmerican Development Bank Financing

"I agree with Machel. I am a notoreous liar, unethical, cowardly..."

"I agree with Machel. I am a notoreous liar, unethical, cowardly..."

But all is not so simple! If Professor Machel is charged with libel, the eyes of the world will turn towards Barbados. Folks in Washington, Zurich and London might start to look closer at what Barbados did with the tens of millions of dollars from the InterAmerican Development Bank that was supposed to be used to develop the Greenland Dump. Where is did all the money go? Who knows!

Nope, the BLP and the DLP have a bit of a dilemma on their hands. They can’t afford to have Professor Machel charged with his public statements, yet his words are so against Barbados culture and law that the failure to charge or obtain a public apology and cash settlement from Machel is political and career suicide. Outsiders just don’t understand how these laws are used to keep the people quiet in Barbados and how seriously these public insults are taken.

Hey Liz & Ricardo… Here Is The Evidence Against Machel And Where You Can Find Him In Barbados!

Here is the article written by Professor Machel where you can find all the evidence you need and the story links to the other two articles he wrote at BFP. Professor Machel is an honourable man and will surely admit to being the author. We’ll even send you copies of his original emails if you ask!

BFP January 17, 2007 – Greenland Fiasco Dooms Barbados – Professor Machel Names The Liars, Thieves & Incompetents

Jerome Walcott says "Machel is correct. I misled the public and did not work for the benefit of the people."

Jerome Walcott says "Machel is correct. I misled the public. I did not work for the benefit of the people."

Professor Machel will be lecturing in Barbados on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 7pm at Solidarity House – where the Barbados Museum & Historical Society is sponsoring his talk on the Caves of Barbados – Dangers Underground (link to more info on his lecture). As a matter of fact, Professor Machel will be talking about the about the Codrington family who died when their home fell into a collapsed cave on Sunday, August 26, 2007.

And seeing as how there has never been an inquest into the deaths of a whole family, and there probably never will be an inquest held, Professor Machel’s talk will be the only discussion and presentation to date where the public can hear what an expert has to say about what happened to the Codringtons and whether it could happen again.

Who knows what nasty things Professor Machel will say about BLP Barbados government this time!

So Liz, Ricardo, Jerome and Leslie, whatcha gonna do? You LAUGHING STOCKS OF BARBADOS.


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Owen Arthur Only Present For 50% Of Barbados Parliament – Should Members Be Paid Based Upon Attendance?

“If (former Prime Minister Owen Arthur) thinks that the debates are poor-rakey, he should attend Parliament more often and join in the debate with a view to raising the bar,” Inniss suggested.

“Since Parliament reconvened a year ago, there have been about 24 sittings. Mr Arthur attended about 50 per cent of those sittings and spoke on three occasions. The people of St Peter in particular, and the people of Barbados in general, need to ask whether he is affording them proper representation. But his track record certainly does not give him the moral authority to comment on anything that transpired in Parliament.”

… from The Nation: Come To House More, Arthur Told


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