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Barbados Ambulance Won’t Come, So Passersby Call Newspaper Reporters – Then Ambulance Comes!

barbados-ambulance-scandalThis would be hilarious if people weren’t dying for lack of ambulance service on Barbados.

Diabetic man falls down on street and folks come to help. Ambulance is called and the passersby are told by the service: “We got no ambulance for you.”

Nothing happens for an hour and a half!!!

Then a passerby gets a bright idea and calls the newspaper. Daily Nation reporters headed for the scene call the ambulance and say “What happening here?” After the reporters arrive on the scene the ambulance pulls up and takes the man to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital!

Moral of the story…

If you need an ambulance in Barbados… call a newspaper reporter!

God, I love this island, but I hate the “island time” third world standards and attitudes that keep us down.

Read it and weep…

Nation News: Diabetic Man Waits Over Hour For Ambulance


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