Shell News Is Big News At Barbados Advocate Newspaper!


Photo: Shell Rep Praying That Barbados Media Will Ask No “Difficult” Questions – He Need Not Have Worried

Shell has introduced a new formulation of gasoline to Barbados!

This is BIG NEWS!

It must be… because the Barbados Advocate published a major story on the announcement – complete with the above photo of the Shell representative from “Sol”.

The title of the Barbados Advocate piece is “Sol Bringing A Solution To Barbados Fuel Woes”

And what is “the solution” to all our fuel woes? Why, it is new improved Shell Gasoline, of course!

No Questions About Shell Fuel Spills Were Asked At Press Conference

Take a look at the article in the Barbados Advocate (link here) and then flip through the paper for the next few week or two and see if you see any Shell gasoline ads.

Then try to recall the last time you saw a quality in-depth piece at either The Barbados Advocate, The Nation News or on the tely about the ten year battle to get Shell to clean up the mess their leaking pipeline made along the south coast. (See all of BFP’s Shell articles link here)

After you have looked at the Barbados Advocate article about Shell bringing a “solution to Barbados fuel woes”… think about all the issues on this island, and ask yourself if the citizens of Barbados are being properly served by their news media.

In Other Shell News

A Barbados Free Press reader from Ireland writes…

“I would like to express my support for those in Barbados who are seeking redress from Shell Oil with regard to the pollution of your beautiful homeland, and the subsequent loss of earnings suffered by your farmers. Currently on my own Island of Ireland, Shell are attempting to build an onshore gas operation despite the objections of the local population. Friday morning 10.11.06, peaceful protestors were subjected to horrific police brutality for trying to protect their homes.



Shell Refinery Protest – Security Uses Batons To Beat Citizens

Shell Protest in Cork, Ireland

Hanging Execution of Shell-Protester Ken Saro-Wiwa In Nigeria

You also might want to look into this…



London–10 November 1995–The blood of Ken Saro-Wiwa will permanently stain the name of Shell, Greenpeace said today in response to the news that Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni were, according to widespread rumours, hanged this morning in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Ken Saro-Wiwa was hanged today for speaking out against the environmental damage to the Niger Delta caused by Shell Oil through its 37 years of drilling in the region. Ken Saro Wiwa was campaigning for what Greenpeace considers the most basic of human rights: the right for clean air, land and water. His only crime was his success in bringing his cause to international attention,” said Thilo Bode, Executive Director of Greenpeace International.

…read the entire article (link here)


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16 responses to “Shell News Is Big News At Barbados Advocate Newspaper!

  1. Anonymous-

    BFP, I have a sincere suggestion. Rather than limit yourself to the blog and cyberspace, why don’t you attend these meetings in person and pose these ‘tough questions’ to those who need to answer them? Don’t passively sit behind a computer and blog about it and complain. Blogs are legitimate media now (even if they write garbage) and I am sure that if you make yourself known that you would be granted the same access to these media events that other ‘established’ media houses would. Your cloak and dagger secrecy is really antithetical to your principles of openness and transparency, and it really works against your objective to effect change through a vigilant press.

  2. Hants

    BFP don’t be tempted. Stay Anonymous just like Anonymous-
    This Blog is doing just fine.

  3. Mountie

    BFP—must agree with on this”big news.” I expected to read about some large offshore oil discovery ala Belize. Instead the misleading headline led me to nonsense about pressing ones accelarator. The Simpson SOL empire I am sure will get wealthier. But “bringing soution to Bajan fuel woes?” Not a chance in hell are our fuel woes going anywhere. Stewps.

  4. Anonymous-

    Even though it is entirely unimportant who I am – being just a lowly commentator on this scandal rag – I am not ‘Anonymous’ by reason of fear or out of concerns for secrecy. When I first came here I couldn’t be bothered to enter a name and email address while commenting on a topic that particularly angered me…and then the lovely readers took it upon themselves to call me a mouse and – in the interest of continuity – the name stuck. It occurred to me on more than one occasion to use my real name since I am far from embarrassed to be a BLP supporter and I would not want to give the impression that I’ve been ‘sent’ to the BFP as a party publicity henchman (as you scandal mongers have suggested). However, since the authors of this rag themselves choose to be anonymous, and by and large all the commentators themselves hide their identity, I no longer see the need. I still say BFP looses all its credibility being cloak and dagger, and I think that we all should demonstrate the principles of transparency by using our own names instead of ‘hiding’… and it needs to come from the top. So, ‘Marcus’, ‘Cliverton’, ‘Robert’ and ‘Shona’… after you.

  5. ross

    Anonymouse where did you say you keep your money again?

  6. Troubled

    Anonymouse – you make no sense….you accuse this fine blog for their anonymity, but yet you too are affraid to reveal your true self – give some lame story about a nickname that stuck! – please…you too my brother live in fear! – after all – big brother is watching you: “George Orwell – 1984″….read it…you might learn something!!!!

  7. Anonymous-

    November 15th, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    Anonymouse – you make no sense….you accuse this fine blog for their anonymity, but yet you too are affraid to reveal your true self – give some lame story about a nickname that stuck! – please…you too my brother live in fear! – after all – big brother is watching you: “George Orwell – 1984″….read it…you might learn something!!!!

    Comprehension wasn’t your forte at school, was it? Also, if you want to accuse me of being ‘afraid’ (of whom exactly?) you may want to learn how to spell the word.

  8. Jupiter


    I thought you said you were H.E. Humphrey?

    I tell you people he is ezra alleyne who is posing hear.

  9. Anonymous-

    There are a number of Humphreys in the world. I am referring to spelling out first name and last name – as so far only Lynette and William have done.

    What is your infatuation with Mr. Alleyne, chap?

  10. Troubled

    still have not answered the question….my, my we are getting rather personal arent we?!!??…maybe because I you cant stand critisism?….we would expect that from an ignorant person now wouldnt we?…..

  11. Bajanboy

    The issues about the faulty aviation fuel pipe have nothing to do with Sol. Sol has licensed the use of the Shell brand and has purchased the assets of Shell in much of the Caribbean. Sol currently has nothing to do with the supply of aviation fuel in Barbados, and it never has. The only embarrassment for Sol is Shell’s delaying tactics in resolving the environmental damage that the leaking pipeline caused.

  12. Jane

    We are all responsible for what happens on our island. Mr. Simpson from SOL is doing his part to try to reach a resolution ASAP.

    If we wait for who we consider is responsible to do what is right we might be waiting a long time.

  13. Olive

    Shell International has a legal Dept of a 1000 lawyers whose job is to frustrate, delay and to employ all other tactics to delay settlement for as long as possible; In the hope that the farmers get so fed up that they will walk away from the issue.
    Govt seemingly is not going to assist the farmers.
    My suggestion? let us, the people, boycott Shell products until the issue is settled. We have forgotten how powerful we are! let us speak with our money withold it from shell, we have other options let us use them. It is time for us, the people, to support each other. Those farmers grow food for us to eat & depend on that to raise their families we need to support them

    SOL in its first year of operation has exceeded its budget. Over the past years Shell has made millions out of Barbados, and must be held responsible for the leak which they have acknowledged. Mr. Simpson has to be congratulated for his concern, some say a brilliant pice of PR work, but the responsibility is Shell’s they must pay a reasonable settlement.

  14. Aeneas Walton

    Jupiter must be from Mars. Mr Ezra Alleyne is my contemporary, and I think I can say that he is no coward.
    He puts his views in print under his own name, and declares his identity when he calls the call in programmes, and wasn’t he the one who led off and persisted with the 1974 Consitutional controversy, taking on the late great Errol Barrow.

    Get off Ezra’s back, he is not known to write anonymous comments!

  15. 125

    He is also know to steal/use/ borrow, not sure which, client’s money

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