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GB&LOL Blog’s Analysis Of Thompson’s Interview: “I wanted to reach through the television and slap him.”

UPDATED: She is a He

Ok, Ok… we admit it. We looked at the photo on the GBL blog and thought that good-looking woman was the author. No chance. It turns out that The Good, The Bad & The LOL (or “GBL” as they prefer) is written by a guy.

Cliverton, our resident womaniser, is crushed.

And yes, we’ve added GBL to our blogroll pretty early because we think he will have something worthwhile to say.


Original story…

A New Barbados Blog: The Good, The Bad & The LOL

Maybe Barbados Free Press will get around to writing an analysis of Prime Minister Thompson’s little television extravaganza, but probably not. When he actually accomplishes something or keeps any one of his integrity promises we might write about it. Otherwise, we’re not really interested in what Thompson says. Words are cheap and far too many Bajans mistake words for action. Thompson primarily says rather than does, just like the last government but DLP supporters give him a pass.. He knows he can get away with it for a couple of years because people want to believe him. They don’t want to have to admit that they were taken for a ride once again.

Our newest Barbados blogging friend over at The Good, The Bad & The LOL has no inhibitions about saying what she thinks. Like us, she hoped that David Thompson was telling the truth during his election campaign, and like us she has come to the sad realisation that Thompson has absolutely no intentions of keeping any of his integrity promises. It was all a big show.

Here’s some excerpts from LOL’s article David Thompson Press Conference

His ‘hands off’ comments about prosecuting those who -because of his campaign to “stop the rot”- have been relieved of their positions or had their projects halted are disheartening. It’s more of the same. Status Quo preserved, nothing to see here. Yes, he is not the commissioner of Police, but the commissioner answers to him. If he wanted us to believe he was serious about stopping the rot, he would issue the commissioner with a directive. I know of x or y, “the evidence has been presented” (directly quoting him here) investigate and take the necessary steps to have this person brought before the law courts to answer the relevant charges.

He absolves himself from making enemies by pointing at the thief but whispering for help…

… read the entire article at the Good, The Bad & The LOL Blog (link here)


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