Peter Binose: Harlequin shows ignorance of Flood Plain disasters – or they are not being forthright

Ricky Small cries for his dear wife Joselle, who was taken by the raging waters at Buccament Bay Resort.

Ricky Small cries for his dear wife Joselle, who was taken by the raging waters at Buccament Bay Resort.

How often does a ‘Hundred Year Event’ happen?

by Peter Binose

According to Harlequin’s Solicitors, it only happens once in a hundred years.

They said that the World Bank are sending a report in which Christmas floods will be described as a hundred year flood.

Obviously Harlequin do not know what a ‘100 year flood’ actually means.

We need to be aware of a 1 in 100 year event does not mean the probabilities will only happen once in every hundred years. It actually means that it is an event that will happen once in every 100 big cloud bursts or storms. If you had a hundred of those in a day, there are probabilities that such flooding will occur. If it happens in a week, then once a week, if it happens in a year once a year etc. In fact what it means there is a 1% probability of it happening. See here.

There is approximately a 63.4% chance of one or more 100-year floods occurring in any 100-year period.

That means folks, 63 floods in a hundred years, more than one every two years.

“That Buccament Bay Resort is built in a flood plain is a physical fact. There can be no debate.”

Flood years for Buccament  

(br)=brush (ts)=Tropical Storm (bd)=Back Door, meaning coming from over land from opposite coast.

1742, 1780, 1886×2, 1814, 1815, 1876tsbr, 1886ts, 1886, 1887-4ts, 1888ts, 1891ts, 1894br, 1895ts, 1896ts, 1898, 1898ts, 1901ts, 1901tsbr, 1905tsbr, 1916ts, 1918tsbr, 1921, 1928ts, 1933-2tsbr, 1943tsbr, 1944-2ts, 1949ts, 1951br, 1954,1955br, 1960br, 1967tsbr, 1980, 1986tsbr, 1987ts, 1994tsbr, 2001 -2ts, 2002ts, 2003ts, 2004br, 2007br, 2010, 2012ts, 2013.

How often is area recorded as affected, brushed or hit: every 2.20 years

Hurricane frequency to directly hit the area: once every 15.50 years (6h)

Average wind speed of hurricane hits: 102 mph

Last affected by depression and rain storm: December 24th/25th, 2013 Tropical trough.

  • 1742, May 7th, Bequia: A strong earthquake or seaquake was felt followed by a tsunami 6’ wave in Saint Vincent.
  • 1780, October 10th: Tremendous Hurricane recorded. Hurricane causes wide-spread devastation. Many houses in Kingstown destroyed. The Kingstown church was also destroyed by the hurricane. The church was rebuilt in brick and opened for service in 1820. Two French frigates were sunk and destroyed. The storm raged from the 10th to the 14th of October 1780. St.Vincent; loss of life to all islands estimated at 22,000. Martinique also experienced a serious earthquake with, 9000 lives lost. Quake was felt in Saint Vincent. The Leeward Coast the first settled area of the French Planters, at this time Barouallie was the principal town of the Island. The church built at Barouallie by the French was destroyed by the hurricane of this year. Also the chapel built by the French near Chatteaubelair was also destroyed by the same hurricane.
  • 1786, September: A great storm took place.
  • 1786, October: A great storm took place.
  • 1795, September: A storm destroys Carib crops, Moreau accompanies a group of Caribs on an overnight canoe trip to Trinidad with a supply of Spanish gold coins salted away after a shipwreck and which the Caribs use to buy food supplies and to charter three schooners to carry the supplies back to St Vincent. The Caribs operate perfectly happily within the money economy of the Caribbean. In addition, Moreau says, “Carib pirogues were constantly on the move between the mouth of the Orinoco and the islands of the Bahamas”, which meant they were well-informed about everything that was happening in the Caribbean. “They were [the Caribs]”, Moreau says, “Victor Hugues’ eyes and ears, the intelligence force for revolutionary insurgence”.
  • 1814, Saint Vincent: Floods (1814-15) at Wallibu when the sand and ash dams in the Wallibu River, created by the 1812 and 1814 volcanic eruptions, broke free.
  • 1815, Saint Vincent: Floods at Wallibu when the sand and ash dams in the Wallibu River, created by the 1814 volcanic eruptions, broke free.
  • 1818, September 28th: Hurricane recorded, huge storm.
  • 1831, August 11th, St.Vincent: Great Hurricane (known as Hurricane Barbado) recorded, lots of damage sustained in Saint Vincent. The islands damaged by this storm were Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Town of Auz Cayes, Haiti was nearly destroyed; St. Jago de Cuba; Havana; Martinique slightly touched. Up to 2500 lives were lost in total.
  • 1831, December 3rd, Saint Vincent: Earthquake felt in Saint Vincent and through many areas of the Caribbean, very disturbed tsunami seas and flooding everywhere, substantially affecting most of the East Caribbean.
  • 1837, July 10th: Major storm recorded.
  • 1837, July 27th: Major storm reported
  • 1838 –
  • 1855, August 25th, Saint Vincent: A tropical storm with 69 mph winds hit the Island causing damage to crops and buildings.
  • 1862, October 6th: A tropical storm with 58mph winds struck the Island, crop and building damage and flooding.
  • 1867, November 18th, Saint Vincent: Effects of tsunami experienced, very high water and flooding.
  • 1875, September 9th: Tropical system hits St. Vincent, a great flood occurred causing damage throughout the country, and in particular Kingstown.
  • 1876, September 29th, Saint Vincent: A tropical storm with 58mph winds struck the Island, causing crop and building damage, and flooding.
  • 1880, August 15th, Saint Vincent: A tropical storm blustered through the Island with winds of 46mph, some crop damage and minor building damage, flooding reported.
  • 1886, August 13th, Saint Vincent: A Tropical storm with winds of 63mph, caused damage to crops and buildings and flooding.
  • 1886, August 16th: Tropical weather system hits St.Vincent. Described in most records as a terrific cyclone (hurricane), was actually a Category Two Hurricane with 109mph winds, much damage to crops and buildings, and flooding.
  • 1887, July 20th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, winds of 69mph, plenty of crop damage, some wooden buildings damaged, flooding.
  • 1887, August 2nd, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm 52mph winds, freshly repaired buildings re-damaged, further crop damage and flooding.
  • 1887, September 12th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm 63mph winds, boats damaged, crop and property damage, flooding.
  • 1887, December 7th, Saint Vincent: An unexpected late Tropical Storm, winds of 46mph, a little more damage and devastation to a year of unprecedented and continual storms. The year had started with a drought and ended with a deluge of water.
  • 1888, November 1st, Saint Vincent: A Tropical Storm occurred with 40mph winds, light damage to crops and buildings, plenty of rain and river flooding.
  • 1891, October 12th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, winds of 40mph.
  • 1893, September 12th, Saint Vincent: Terrific Thunderstorm, Damage to buildings and property by lightening.
  • 1894, October 12th, Saint Vincent: Category 2 Hurricane, 98mph winds, serious damage to crops, homes and property, flooding.
  • 1895, August 12th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm 52mph winds.
  • 1895, September 6th, Saint Vincent: Thunderstorm, Telephone exchange struck and damaged by lightening.
  • 1895, October 15th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 58mph winds.
  • 1896, October 28th, Saint Vincent: Wide spread floods causing extensive damage to property and the loss of several lives.
  • 1896, November 28th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 58mph winds. Georgetown flooded by heavy rain storms.
  • 1897, October 9th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 46mph winds.
  • 1897, November, Saint Vincent: Warrawarrou River flooded and overflows, through heavy rains.
  • 1898, September 11th, St. Vincent: 109 mph hurricane.
  • 1898, October 3rd, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 58mph winds.
  • 1898, December 31st, Saint Vincent: Hurricane Relief Fund amounted to £28,187. 16s. 11p.
  • 1901, July 3rd, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 40mph winds.
  • 1901, August 20th: A savage 52mph Tropical Storm System hits St.Vincent. A South Westerly gale, considerable damage countrywide to most sea front properties, Kingstown Jetty and sailing boats destroyed.
  • 1905, September 7th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 58mph winds
  • 1915, September 22nd, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 52mph winds.
  • 1916, July 12th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 40mph winds.
  • 1916, August 13th, Saint Vincent: Tropical storm, 58mph winds.
  • 1916, October 8th, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 52mph winds.
  • 1918, August 1st, Saint Vincent: Tropical Storm, 40mph winds.
  • 1921 Sept 8th, St. Vincent: 80mph from the S.E
  • 1929, October 5th: Leeward Districts deluged by flood waters, causing considerable damage to property and the loss of livestock.
  • 1937, October 16th: Tropical Storm, A man is struck dead by lightening at Cane Hall.
  • 1954 October 5th, Saint Vincent: Hurricane Hazel hits just south with 80mph winds from the east.
  • 1955 September 23rd, Saint Vincent: Hurricane Janet levels the area with 115mph winds press 28.90 .
  • 1967, September 8th: Tropical Storm Beulah hits St. Vincent.
  • 1969, December 25th: An earthquake felt and small tsunami and flooding recorded in Saint Vincent.
  • 1977, October 18th: Kingstown and most other areas flooded by torrential rain.
  • 1980 Hurricane Allen passes just north with 130mph winds on Aug 4th from the ESE
  • 1981: Agricultural Production rebounded, after storm damage for three consecutive years.
  • 1986, Tropical Storm Danielle spreads havoc and damage to St.Vincent.
  • 1986, September 21st & 22nd, Kingstown and other areas flooded by heavy rains.
  • 1992, November: Kingstown and most other areas flooded by Tropical Storm.
  • 1994: Tropical storms wiped out substantial portions of crops.
  • 1995: Tropical storms wiped out substantial portions of crops.
  • 2002, September 24th: Tropical Storm unleashed a mudslide that buried a woman and three of her children in St. Vincent.
  • 2002, September 30th: Hurricane Lilly hits St.Vincent and the Islands.
  • 2004, September 14th, Tuesday, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Hurricane Ivan swiped St.Vincent as it passed 70 miles south of the island. Wave heights from the hurricane reached 20 feet (6 m) along coastline of Saint Vincent, portions of which washed away 2 homes; the storm surge destroyed 19 homes and damaged 40 more; The Windward coast of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Southern Grenadines got the worst of Ivan. Georgetown, Colonaire, Langley Park suffered the loss of several board houses and damage to other structures near the sea. Other damage across the Country. Sea debris on the Windward Highway and the end of the airport had to be cleared. The winds left more than two-thirds of the island without power, and also damaged the island’s banana crop Damage in the country totalled US$40 million.
  • 2008, September 20th: (NEMO)- Report; 2008 September 19th: As a result of the passage of a tropical wave, St Vincent and the Grenadines was drenched by heavy rains which resulted in one (1) death, island wide flooding and landslides which left many roads blocked. The heavy rains began at about 2.00am and continued for approximately the next twenty four hours. By 6.00am residents were reporting houses being flooded out, rivers overflowing bridges and landslides in several areas of the country. All schools were closed by midday on Friday.
  • In the area of Ratho Mill, a huge retaining wall collapsed unto the Windward Highway resulting in complete blockage of the area. An operation was started to clear the road. Later it was reported that there may have been the possibility that a vehicle or vehicles were buried under several hundred tons of debris. What started as a clean-up operation was converted to a full scale Search and Rescue (SAR) operation. Heavy duty operators were unable to reach the wreckage until 7.00pm. A flattened car was removed its lone female occupant was pronounced dead by the Coroner who was at the scene.
  • SAR operation continued until midnight when it was called off due to more rains and the unstable nature of the damaged walls that were left standing. The operation continued at day break. However, there were no more vehicles under the rubbles. A total of 25 landslides were reported and 11 blockages of roads. Ten houses were reported flooded on Friday and four remain under flood waters. One house was destroyed by a landslide and there were reports of scores of collapsed retaining walls.By midday Saturday September 20, 2008 most roads have been cleared or partially cleared. Assessment of the damaged roads and bridges are being undertaken. Damage assessment is also continuing in other areas to ascertain the full extent of impact of the rains.
  • 2008, October, St. Vincent: Storm sea surges from hurricane Omar severely damaged the leeward [western coast] of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There was widespread flooding, significant erosion and many coastal properties and businesses were destroyed. The Cruise Ship Terminal building in Kingstown received significant damage and all the businesses that are housed there had to be evacuated. Another 20 shops that were housed in the Bus Terminal were destroyed from this storm surge and several others had to be evacuated. The waters also damaged some vehicles and flooded several houses and one school. Approximately ten fishing boats were destroyed and several reportedly received significant damage.
  • 2010 October 30th, Saint Vincent: Hurricane Tomas passes just north with 80mph winds while moving west causing quite a bit of damage with floods, landslides and sea surge.
  • 2013, December 24th/25th: Tropical trough, severe flooding in all flood plains country wide.

That Buccament Bay Resort is built in a flood plain is a physical fact, there can be no debate.

Of course Harlequin would like to deny that its in a flood plain and in doing so deny the physical facts and also the findings and declarations of Geomorphology experts.

A floodplain or flood plain is an area of land adjacent to a stream or river that stretches from the banks of its channel to the base of the enclosing valley walls and experiences flooding during periods of high discharge. It includes the floodway, which consists of the stream channel and adjacent areas that actively carry flood flows downstream, and the flood fringe, which are areas inundated by the flood, but which do not experience a strong current. In other words, a floodplain is an area near a river or a stream which floods when the water level reaches flood stage.

See also: A. S., 2004, Encyclopedia of Geomorphology, vol. 1. Routledge, New York. ISBN 0-415-32737-7

Dear Readers,

I submit this article which I researched and have written from the results of such research.


Peter Binose


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  1. Anonymous

    Lets hope the likes of Harlequin and that bastard Ames are a once in a hundred year event.


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  3. Lloyds of London

    Simple question:

    Could you get insurance? Even is you are the great visionary Dave Ames. I think we all know the answer to that…….

    So your investment gets washed away, pretty screwed!!

  4. worriedinvestor

    what do you expect? Ames bribed people for planning permission its all just a big cover up.
    He and the PM are Masons look totally got proof.

  5. worriedinvestor

    Now you know why Ames is a F***ing Mason, Fatchett, Walton, Ingham, Simon Terry all of them

  6. worriedinvestor

    Alistair Burns is Scottish Rite, thats why Fatchett is now working with him

  7. St George's Dragon

    A 1 in 100 year storm has a 1% chance of occurring every year. Statistically,this means there is a 63% chance of a 100 year flood in a century. That does not mean 63 floods in 100 years, it means 0.63 floods. And that’s in 100 years, not in 100 downpours.
    Go back to maths class Mr Binose, or read a bit further down the Wikipedia page.

  8. yatinkiteasy

    Lets forget all the mathematical equations for a moment and ask the question..”Has flooding ever occurred in the Buccament Bay area, particularly in the area now occupied by Buccament Bay resort?” If so, how frequently has this occurred in the past fifty years or so. Old folks living in the buccament Bay area must remember these events and dates.
    There are many reasons why a river may overflow its banks, not the least of which is the presence of felled trees or other obstructions in the river`s path.The SVG government has done a poor job of clearing these obstructions over the past years, thereby inviting the tradegy of 2013.
    Peter Binose has produced a lot of interesting data about the frequency of storms and floods in St Vincent, but he now needs to show that Buccament Bay specifically has been a “known flood plain” for years.

  9. EB

    No insurance plain more like…..

  10. Robert Storey

    @Yatinkiteasy, it’s not very often that I agree with you but your comments are spot on. When I was at BB in 2012 the river past the bridge was full of debries and rubbish. Also without dissecting the whole of the laborious article, one entry sticks out, the reference to 2008. Peter Binose is constantly talking about how a sea surge has the potential to wipe out BB. It would appear this is precisely what happened in 2008. This was specifically reported on the leeward side of the island where BB is. This resulted in significant flooding and damage in Kingston. Could Mr Binose expand on the damage that BB received? Also a sea surge was experienced in 2010. Again could me Binose tell his public the damage the BB experienced.

  11. Anonymous

    The “100-year flood” Term:
    The “100-year flood” is a term often used to describe a flood that has
    a 1% chance of occurring in any year. But the phrase is misleading,
    and often causes people to believe these floods happen every 100 years
    on average. The truth is, these floods can happen quite close together
    or not for long stretches of time, BUT THE RISK OF SUCH A FLOOD IS
    CONSTANT FROM YEAR TO YEAR. The 100-year flood term was
    originated to delineate areas on a map to determine what properties
    are subject to the Nation Flood Insurance Program. (in the USA).
    Properties within the 100-year floodplain have special requirements and
    mortgage holders will require owners to carry flood insurance on these
    Since the risk is constant the insurance premiums are constant. As a
    trained hydrologist (but one who has never worked in the field) it must
    be pointed out that the flood risk is constantly being re-assessed.
    Building, land use (i.e. plowed fields etc) and any and all artificial
    encroachment (i.e. artificial beach, sewerage settling ponds etc)
    contribute to this assessment. What Mr Binose has written I would
    say would hold up under scientific scrutiny 95%-99%. In the case
    of Buccament seismic and cyclonal activity must be factored in.

  12. EddieLizzard2

    ODFO Bobstorey. You posted some time ago implying that you stayed at B Bay. We know from your posts that you were there for a very short time [readers about two hours he was on a cruise] and you complained about the rain and having to pay for your ‘dinner’. Why didn’t Dave Ames make sure that you were nicely accommodated, especially seeing as you had paid cash for your cabana and as you have claimed were receiving rental income from it.

  13. Anonymous

    EL2 – Do you truly think that he would answer a direct question like that?

  14. EddieLizzard2


  15. Robert Storey

    @EL2 ODFO? I was there for about 6 hours, the “complaint” was a joke in the context of the rain. I am not a freeloader, DA was not aware I was going to BB. I expected no special treatment. Now get over it and stop posting rubbish. What exactly has your silly comment above got to do with serious debate. Absolutely naff all.

  16. Anon - reasons unknown

    All of Storey’s Cabana cash in Ames’ pocket. And no redress for the loyal stalwart. Wonderful.

    My biggest problem with Twat was that he was involved in the propaganda campaign (i.e. was being paid to fight the cause on forums). He received “rental income” (let’s call it that) to deflect the real story of what was going on and therefore help HP & their agents to encourage people to invest despite the voices of reason scattered amongst the mindless troll onslaught. Most of the HP investors won’t have carried out any DD of their own. Of those that did carry out a googole investigation, most would have given up wading through page after page of listings for Harlequin and agent marketing websites, and would have consoled themselves that it was a GREAT investment, because Harlequin and their agents said so. And so did all their websites. Some would have ended up on Singing Pig in the early days, Trip Advisor or BFP and may have stumbled upon the reality and decided not to invest. Lucky them.

    And that brings me to my main point: I think Bob the Twat probably did more to deflect investment in the last couple of years he’s been involved than encourage it. The people who eventually got here would have read what he was saying and would have run a mile. So I’m going to try to forgive him. He’s lost all his money, so he’s been punished enough. And who knows, he may still get pulled in by the SFO. Bless.

  17. Anonymous

    In October 2008 a sea surge hit Buccament Bay. Such was the suddenness that NEMO the local emergency management organisation were only able to give a few hours notice. The sea surged up past the first two rows of cabanas, wiping out the beach. The first two rows of cabanas were flooded to a depth of approx 1 mt. Fishermens boats were washed up between the first two rows of cabanas.

    It had been decided prior to this to self insure the project, this was as a result of the very high premiums being sought by CGM Gallagher the local insurance broker. The premiums were high because Buccament Bay was built on a flood plain.

    The parties with all the information pertaining to the above are now embroiled in a bitter legal battle, Harlequin and ICE so not sure whether either party will be cooperating with RL on this matter. RL could of course contact CGM Gallagher.

  18. Anonymous

    Just to clarify the legal battle between Harlequin and ICE had nothing to do with the sea surge. The resort lands also suffered severe flooding in 2007. Twice and once in 2009.

  19. Robert Storey

    @EL2 that’s you wrong then
    @Anon RU you just cannot help yourself ca you. Another silly silly post from a very silly silly person. You are such an idiot. In fact I think you are in the pay of pro HP people the way you keep detracting from serious debate. Keep it up!
    @Anon 6.54, and you proof is? Where?

  20. Say it as it is......

    February 2, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Answer this are you O’ Halloran? It’s obvious you have worked for Ames why not grow a pair?

  21. Anonymous

    @ say it as it is. Yes I was one of nearly 1200 people who worked for ICE, and sorry this shit is way above my pay grade. Ames has destroyed enough lives already, he ain’t destroying mine 😜RL can go talk to CGM Gallagher.

  22. Anonymous

    And Mr. Storey everyone in SVG remembers what happened in October 2008. Try asking NEMO of CGM Gallagher. Or Ames or ICE.

    Or Layou Police or Ridgeview Construction. Or Mr. Eustace leader of the opposition.

  23. Anon

    There are times I wonder about Mr. Storey. 😕I reckon there must be many times that Ames wishes that Storey would throw himself under a local bus. 😠He always seems to open up another can of worms. Keep it up Mr. Storey.

  24. Robert Storey

    Or a link to the searchlight?

  25. Bentley Deacon

    I am close to the CPC freezing injunction. Ames’s legal team are going to string this on and on and on.

    They know he cannot win. They also know that CPC will win but not be able to collect. If NC were actually qualified then she should report this to her clients and offer them the opportunity to cut their losses now.

    She will not do this as she is milking the clients for £300 per month each. That kind of money pays her rent / office overheads etc.

    She is as bad as Ames as she is selling hope when there is none.

    I suspect that she knows this and will disappear at the appropriate moment.

  26. Anon

    How very odd. If you really were that close you would understand that Carter Lemon Cameron are the solicitors of record. And Peter Knox is the QC.

  27. Operation Overlard

    I also know that for a very long time CPC have acted as a front for the Irish builder.

    They are one and the same. Most of the posts on these forums are now Robert Storey (Harlequin) / Anonymous (CPC / O’Halloran) / Masons (Ingram) / Erica.

    It would be easier to put them all in the same room and let them argue. The person who benefits most from the Irish ramblings is Ames himself. It makes him look relatively sane.

    Erica – less said the better. She was out of her depth the first time she stood up and spoke. Records everything. Never speak to her unless you want what you have said to go straight back to the Irish one.

    The said fact is that investor money has been re-cycled to fund attacks on Ames by the Irish Builder using his puppets.

    This will not stop until someone gives in. Most likely Ames. That will hand CPC a zero valued win, the Irish chap a liquidator who wants him to pay up and Erica no one to listen to her ramblings in long phone calls anymore.

    All very sad.

  28. Operation Overlard

    CLC are simply the lawyers being used by CPC. CPC is the front for the Irish builder.

    The fees are split between CPC / CLC. The Irish man “tops up”.

    Very much in the same way Ames pays Bob Storey money now and again to legitimise his model.

    Erica is the wild card. She is the one who has made it her life’s work to take Ames down. A bit like a star crossed lover.

    The Ames family are an odd bunch, that I admit. Their opposition is even odder.

  29. Anon

    Fascinating absolutely fascinating. And what a whole load of horse poop. Why is it when finally issues are probed we have the usual we know who you are lol.

  30. Barbarossa

    It doesn’t matter a jot

    – Matt will go to prison
    – Dave will go bust
    – Paddy will go bust
    – Nicky will do ok
    – Erica will have nothing left in her life to do
    – Gareth will do ok
    – Bob Storey will lose his investment

    Life will go on.

  31. Anonymous

    Operation overlard = Cliff???
    Tut tut tut

  32. Anonymous

    Why should people who are owed money by Ames not be allowed to pursue him.

    Anyone who is against Ames must be connected to the Irish Builder. Lol

    Maybe its Newman or Wilkins Kennedy behind this but as has been seen, since the arbitration process not a word has been uttered about them.

    Keep up the bullshit Harlequin. Love the witness intimidation. Scum pure scum.

  33. Barbarossa

    Ames will get what he deserves in the end. We all know that.

  34. Barbarossa

    WK are not behind things. The Irish one feeds scraps to the lackeys for them to do his bidding.

  35. Robert Storey

    All this proves one thing. No one gives a stuff about Peter Binose and his long winded whistling up his own arse. Give it up Binose, you are totally out of your depth.

  36. Anonymous

    I’d forget the Irish builder. He enjoys a very tenable position under
    appeal. After all Ames created him through malfeasance. My money
    would be on PiD. Those boys play hard. Real hard.

  37. Anonymous

    I just did a google search and I should have written -nonfeasance –
    above. Mea culpa!

  38. Nike Crazier

    Nikki the solicitor – not tick tock…..rough af F**k

  39. Project 'Hot Potato'

    The Irish builder has CPC on the payroll.

  40. rimmer

    Witness intimidation – Erica – please – stop

  41. rimmer

    PiD – sounds like a rapper

  42. rimmer

    Paddy got turned over by Ames. That tells you all you need to know.

    He got ripped off by his cuckolded girlfriend. Once again, not a master of his art.

    Paddy frequents with the lower end of the market. Hence the women he strings along with the odd payment.

    He’s no player. Just a desperate man hoping Ames will go before the appeal is heard. All played out her, on BFP, while 6 people are watching ?

  43. rimmer

    As for the masonic nonsense. No one in their right mind believes that.

    Ames may be a mason, probably is. He also took millions of dumb investors, procured by greedy salespeople.

    All in all, a shambles ..

  44. The Tempest

    Some people just like wasting money on legal firms that will never ever go anywhere.
    They just love the attention.

  45. Cable

    Dave Ames is a Freemason, just like Ingham, Walton and all of No. 5 chambers.
    I bet Walton will meet Ingham again in Warrington.

    Nikki Crozier will be in disguise as usual hidden in plain site amongst investors.

    He had all his money back in cash, make me sick

  46. Paddy and his porridge pistol

    Paddy does not like women, it’s young boys his preferred choice. The younger the better.

  47. Karma is coming after you

    Who had his money back Ingham?

  48. Cable

    No Walton, he has been paid off by the Sipp company by cheque, that’s why he’s gone quite.

    It’s one rule for one one for F**cking Masons

  49. Anonymous

    I bet the twat got a new Bentley

  50. All that glitters is not gold

    CPC ask for £300 per month on top of the fees ? I don’t believe that about £7000 a month….. for what?

    I just don’t see that.

  51. Another Anoymous

    How do they afford it? what if they loose?

  52. Robert Storey

    @Anon 9.28 now who else uses the “twat” word. Tut tut now we know who this “Anon” is.

  53. Anonymous

    9000 people gave Ames money. The money is gone. Blame everyone and anyone else it will not bring back the money.

    The trust is nothing. Conversion of worthless contracts into an equally worthless trust.

    Its funny to see posters attacking purchasers who have decided to take an alternative course to that of the trust.

    Yes it may cause the trust problems if the CLC case goes ahead. But the problem it causes the trust is the documents that will have to be provided in that cases discovery process.

    See this has Fatchett concerned. He has one set of documents and surprise surprise CLC have another set. My guess is that both although dealing with the same issues are very different in the story they tell.

  54. Robert Storey

    If CLC don’t win, you lot have lost your fees and DA will sue you all until you have nothing left.

    Serves you right for taking such a nasty stance.You should have been taught to be cautious.

  55. Defrosted

    And when Mr and Mrs Ames go bust what of the freezer then?

  56. Anonymous

    Do you know the difference between purchasing and investing?

    You invested, you cant afford to purchase, you silly Northern woman.

  57. Anonymous

    If Mr. And Mrs Ames go bust, what of the trust?

    Same shit my friend, oh sorry liquidator takes everything trust or otherwise. Preferential creditor status. 😆😆😆

  58. Anonymous

    Lol Storey, If CLC win and they have a damn good barrister in Peter Knox QC, well that could or probably will wipe Ames out.

    Hmmmmm they must have some heap of pooh on poor Dave and Carol. Cause there is so much flapping going on about the cost of taking the case.

    How much is it costing Ames to defend it?????

    First ever defence on a no win no fee basis lol. Redefining legal precedence in the UK high court. Lol

  59. Anon

    Ames, the agents and sub agents took your money.

    Funny that cause nobody seems to harp on about Ames.

  60. Robert Storey

    @Anon 10.08 I knew some guilable poster would fall for that. NOT ME.

  61. Anon

    Fuck off Storey you cretin. 9000 people have lost their money. Many their life savings. So just Fuck off you stupid prick.

  62. If..... they win

    February 2, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    That word ‘if’ they win.

    What ‘if’ Ames goes bust prior to the outcome?

  63. Anonymous

    Why Robert? Are you saying that Ames’ somewhat nefarious
    defense team is better than Peter Knox? Indeed – what first rate
    legal mind would defend Ames?

  64. The silly minority

    Face it the ‘CLC 23’ have took another his risk approach again, to an equally dubious sales person.

    Let’s call them the 0.00001%

  65. Robert Storey

    @Anon 10.21 let me spell it out to you. THE POST of 9.36 WAS NOT ME. Now who is the cretin. You sad fool who would fall for an impersonator. LOL

  66. Expensive regrets

    For the ones that made the wrong choice

  67. Expensive regrets

    I wonder if the advice will stand up to SLA?
    Does seems a little too expensive?

  68. Anon

    Storey let ME spell this out to YOU. ” FUCK OFF” you Shit Stirring CRETIN.

  69. Robert Storey

    @Anon well well touched a nerve have I. Such an articulate turn of the English language. Nice. Very nice.

  70. Anonymous

    RS, any thoughts on a company selling properties on land it does not own? On a chairman paying himself commissions on sales of properties that do not have planning permission nor financing etc? Is it right to enrich yourself before you have come close to fulfilling legally binding contracts?

  71. Robert Storey

    Answer the question:

    February 2, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    That word ‘if’ they win.

    What ‘if’ Ames goes bust prior to the outcome?

  72. Once bitten......

    Did anyone do any DD on Crozier?

    Very little info on her is there? Bit odd?

    Any proof of what she does?

  73. Anon

    Well Bob if Ames goes bust prior to the outcome you can kiss goodbye to the trust.

    If Ames goes bust prior to the outcome its good night for all 9000 contract holders with the exception of the 23 in CLC’s case or the 13 you have claimed.

    See they have Carols assets frozen too.

    But I doubt Ames will go bust before the outcome. Do you?

  74. Anonymous

    Lets not forget the cases in the Caribbean….they probably will
    recover something before anyone else…

  75. the Masons will evidently take anyone

    Mason’s are suppose to admit men of character only?

    Standards have fallen precipitously if Ames has been a member.

    Start your house cleaning before your organization is only filled with the likes of Ames and others.

  76. Anonymous

    @ Once bitten, isn’t Crozier the woman who owns CPC. The company who works with Carter Lemon Cameron, a London City Law firm well established. Is this not the same legal firm who went before a judge and convinced him to put a freezing order on Dave and Carol Ames’s assets. And who went before a second judge and had the freezing orders upheld?

    If Carter Lemon Cameron and Peter Knox QC are willing to work with Crozier and Peter Knox QC that’s good enough for me.

  77. Anon

    Once bitten, apparently Crozier obtains freezing orders for clients over dodgy developers personal assets.

    Looking for some recent references here, oh yeah xxxxxxxxx vs Dave Ames and Carol Ames.

    Oh sorry once bitten you must be referring to the rumours that Mrs. Crozier was involved in some dodgy dealings in Spain some time back. Again, these are but rumours, but if they were true who better to catch a thief like Ames, then poacher turned game keeper.

    Anyone see the film “catch me if you can” classic.

    Anyone do due diligence on a guy named Fatchett or a company called RL. I believe recently they were admonished by a judge for their behaviour in obtaining an exparte gagging order. I believe RL lost the action on the return date when the action was contested.

    Its not the first time the professionalism of this firm has been questioned by a judge nor is it the first time they were admonished by a judge.

    Was this not the same company who got bogged down in the UK courts on technical, jurisdictional and to date insurmountable legal issues pertaining to a class action suit they were attempting to take in the same courts with respect to some property disputes in the Caribbean ?

    And is RL not the same firm representing clients who have yet to see a penny from the Arch Cru debacle which has been running for over 4 years now.

    A noisy bunch are that RL but underneath all the noise and showmanship appear to have achieved little to date for their clients.

    And ELS legal, anyone do any due diligence on this company? A google search of this business shows it had a very colour full past before becoming ELS Legal. The new firm has by all accounts cleaned up its act.

    They appear to have been dropped into the Harlequin mess, with one of the companies previous partners having worked for Harlequin prior to joining ELS. He then introduced Harlequin to ELS before himself jumping ship from ELS apparently after realising how poisoned the Harlequin chalice was.

    And finally, Anyone do due diligence on a company called Harlequin ????? Anyone…. ????? Anyone at all …….????????

  78. Once bitten......

    I ask again,

    What if, Ames and his wife go bust before the freezing order case?

    What do you know of Crozier?

    How much could Ames pursue the clients who have taken action against him assuming he wins he wins?

    You can’t just ignore such pertinent questions.Unless the truth is unpalatable.

  79. Robert Storey

    Did anyone carry out DD on Audry Dixon?

  80. Can anyone explain this about Crozier?

    Thank you for the heads up on the Spain thing anon, don’t you sleep. 3.00am?

    I just did a search, why would someone make this up?

  81. Anonymous

    That looks like a no….

  82. Peed of with stirrers

    Ames is getting desperate again lol .

    So bloody predictable

    Can’t we stick to the point of the thread at least for the next two weeks till we know what’s happening with the trust ?

  83. Robert Storey

    The first person to take this thread off topic was Eddie Lizzard 2. Not in your wildest dreams could you call him an Ames supporter, so get your facts right before posting such rubbish.

  84. Bob is Ames little patsy

    Did anyone carry out DD on liar and hypocrite Robert Storey?

  85. Angela

    Bob Storey, does it matter if Crozier is a bit off? She is not handling the money, you can’t have someone too straight to catch Ames out.

    You are just a nasty little man knocking one out on the bog with your ipad

  86. No smoke....

    Work it out why Ames has not been nicked, even TopGear gave them a mention, last night.

  87. Ayes have it

    Ames will produce fake DD as he is desperate for the trust to go through as he thinks it will stop the SFO from arresting him .

    Fatchett will be played just like everyone who falls into the trap of beliving our leader , I agree that the trust will help the clients but it wont stop the inevitable failure of Harlequin .

    Any news on Matthew Ames yet or is he still talking about Ed who lives in the forest

  88. No smoke....

    @Ayes have it

    The only thing I would add is Matt is guilty, and Fatchett is fully aware or the visionary Mr. Ames.

  89. Robert Storey

    Ayes have it

    You know nothing, give me proof. You have no idea if Ames is playing Fatchett you moronic mong

  90. Anonymous

    @ Once Bitten. If Ames and his wife go bankrupt the trustee of the bankruptcy would then have to negotiate with the lawyers for the plaintiffs to have the freezing order removed.

    Will depend on the mood of the judge on the day.

    The issue of damages in the event that the Ames’s could win has been agreed between both parties and the level of damages set.

    All sides are fully aware of their financial exposure.

    As for the Crozier allegations, if Ames for one moment thought these to be true he would have brought this to the attention of not only the judge but the Police as well. He hasn’t and even if he did the judge would not be interested as Crozier is neither a plaintiff, defendant, or solicitor of record in the case.

    If Ames for one moment thought he would win the case, he would not be instructing his wife and minions to post on here in a bid to put fear into the plaintiffs.

    Now Once Bitten and Robert Storey maybe you can answer the following question?

    When Ames gets arrested and charged by the SFO and Essex Police, what will happen the trust?

  91. Ayes have it

    I wasnt inferring that FATCHETT didnt know or wouldnt find out . He would have to be stupid (which he isnt ) to belive anything that Ames tells him or even shows him !

    I think if Matt is found guilty , Ames will break then .

  92. Anonymous

    Junior is back on the dock today, he sure is dragging this one out for all its worth.

  93. potential trustee

    @ANONYMOUS – If Ames gets arrested then the trust , the new finance and everything is over . Mr Fatchett told me that when I asked the question .I think maybe everyone is holding back untill Gareth gets things sorted as there is a lot of pension money missing .

  94. Trick or teak?

    @ Ayes have it
    Re the Matt Ames Fraud case
    As of this morning the Prosecution Counsel has begun their closing speech after presenting their evidence to the court. I can’t wait to see Carol blub!

  95. Anonymous

    @ potential trustee. You are correct. In addition should Shipleys put HMSSE into liquidation it is all over, also should CLC win their action and obtain a judgement Ames and as a result Harlequin are finished. Same applies to the Irish Appeal and the judgements against Ames and Harlequin in St. Vincent.

    Sadly there can be no finance and there will be no finance forthcoming whilst the Ames family retain control of Harlequin. Even Mr. Fatchett will concede this fact.

    The problem for Mr. Fatchett, CLC and all others involved is that Ames is a sociopath. He does not believe he has done anything wrong.

    The Matt Ames case is most interesting in this respect, its almost a mirror image of the defence Ames senior himself puts forward as justification for his actions.

    It will be worth looking at that case in detail once it is concluded.

    Mr. Fatchett now faces many problems with respect to the due diligence and to his credit they are not of his making. But with so many actions ongoing against the Ames family and the differing evidence being provided by Ames in the different actions Fatchett runs the risk that his due diligence will differ in fact from for example evidence put forward by Harlequin and Ames in the various actions being taken in St. Vincent.

    Fatchett again through no fault of his own is seen by other lawyers and the authorities as being too close to Ames. I can understand why Fatchett may have needed to gain the confidence of Ames but in a similar fashion Ames has tried to use this to his advantage and this has led to a least a perception that Fatchett is in league with Ames.

    Fatchett as a result has lost much credibility with those in the know.

  96. The Great Architect, of the Caribbean

    Bro. Fatchett believes in the old saying; Keep your friends close and Keep your enemies closer 😉

    So mote it be.

  97. The Gavel

    Anonymous – 12.57

    Fatchett is engaging with Ames to be able to better understand matters. Crozier has never spoken to Ames and communicates through letters.

    Does that mean that Fatchett should be criticised for speaking to his opponent ?

    Does it mean that the only way is the £7k per person freezing orders ?

    Thought not.

    Both tactics have their place. Neither Fatchett or Crozier are dumb. They know what they are dealing with.

    The Authorities do not speak to the Irish Builder / Erica / Bob Storey / RL / Crozier etc. They work independently. It would be madness to think otherwise.

  98. The Gavel

    Anon – 3.36am

    Small point – RL – CF Arch Cru clients received £54m


  99. Anonymous

    @ Gavel, unfortunately you are incorrect. The £54 million pound payout was arranged and facilitated by what was then called the FSA. Now the FCA. RL were not involved in this deal.

  100. Anon

    Fatchett may well be engaging with Ames, but to understand matters fully it would be prudent of him to engage with all the other parties past and present. And he has not. He will not because to do so might alienate Ames.

    Off course the authorities would speak to anyone with a knowledge of Harlequin either current or historical. To think otherwise is pure fantasy. And that would include the Irish builder, Crozier, purchasers such as Broughton, even Bob Storey has told us in the past of his communication with the SFO.

    And as per Arch Cru. RL were NOT instrumental in securing £ 54 million for their clients.

  101. Anon

    Of course Fatchett cannot be criticised for speaking to his opponent.

    He should however be criticised for lying about the issue of the Stat Demands.

    For claiming that he had a mandate for the trust (75%). When he still does not.

    For failing to answer some very basic questions.

    For lying about a settlement with Tailormade, when indeed Tailormade won a contested hearing in court.

    Fatchett should also be criticised for thinking that Ames is also a victim in all this.

    He could be criticised for failing to disclose the report on Buccament Bay which Paul Walton undertook in September 2013 and which Fatchett promised to release but never did.

    He could be criticised for never visiting St. Lucia nor the Dominican Republic, which he never did.

    He could be criticised for many abject failings in how he has dealt with the matters in hand.

    Fatchett claimed he had the full support of the government of St. Vincent for the trust, he failed to mention this would be based on a substantial payment to the government of SVG.

    Fatchett could be criticised for not making public the issues pertaining to the establishment of a trust in Barbados.

    There are many eyes on the trust. Many eyes.

  102. Robert Storey

    That is quite correct, the SFO approached me and I was quite happy to share my experiences of HP with them.

  103. Bob and his self importance

    Actually, TheGavel,
    Bob Storey when he was posting as ‘Fatchett does not represent me.’ aka FDNRM claimed he was interviewed by the ‘Authorities’ around the beginning of last year.

  104. Anon

    Now now we know Bob spoke with the SFO. But very much doubt the SFO went to seek Bob out. More likely that Ames got Bob to approach the SFO in defence of the realm.

  105. Bob and his old posts

    from Fatchett does not represent me.
    March 12, 2013 at 4:04 pm
    @Anon 999, I am happy with my investment, apart from the .1% of investors who want to bring it down. I have been receiving my rental as per my contract, I have received compensation for late delivery, as per my contract and I decided to cancel my 2 Rivers contract and received compensation, as per my contract.

  106. Robert Storey

    Anon, why would you doubt that? It is well documented on here why the SFO sought me out. Stop being so lazy and do some research rather than posting rubbish. See the poster above has looked up a post from last March and has the truth. Get off you arse and do some background work.

  107. I have been catching up, if that’s possible.

    Wish to set the record straight on a few points:

    1. I did not receive a cash payment from my SIPP provider, to suggest otherwise is just silly. Why would someone say that?

    2. I won’t be buying another Bentley; one is quite enough. Strange that someone would know such detail?

    3. I first started in Freemasonary about 1986 – at last something correct.

    4. The Masonic conspiracies are just that, the Internet is full of them, it’s just people making things up not based on facts or any proof.

    5. The report on Buccament Bay was completed but only issued to Reg Legal.

    I’m pleased to say I have not been accused of having ‘sexy time’ with all manner of people!!

    It look’s like things are progressing well regarding the Trust and forming a working relationship with parties, that I would have thought impossible in the past.

  108. Anonymous

    Why has only Bob Storey received rental income? Why is every other contract in breach?

  109. Bob & Bob

    Because he is doing the Devils work, two Bob’s like peas in a pod.

  110. Robert Storey

    @Anon, are you sure about that? Are you really really sure about that? You have not even got the brains to double check on information that is available.

  111. Bob and his old posts

    Wow this one’s a corker!

    from Fatchett does not represent me.
    April 7, 2013 at 9:50 am
    @Erica, [that’s Mrs Broughton folks] the reason I get my rental is that I am different to 99.9% of other investors, and that is collaborated by the SFO. I don’t have to apologise or justify the reasons. Stop trying to guilt trip me on it. Or anyone else.

  112. Robert Storey

    @Paul Walton, re the Bentley, perhaps someone would know you had a Bentley, but that same person now thinks it is being smart to put it in the public domain. Perhaps someone you have been a colleague or partner with but now wants to discredit you? If you get my drift? Cough cough.

  113. Robert Storey

    @Bahop. And your point is? Truth always hurts. Now use your time usefully, go and do the washing up or wash the car, something to stop you fixating about me. I know, a picture, that’s what you need. Send me an e mail and I will post one to you. You sad person.

  114. Anon

    What Bob Storey, Paul Walton, Garreth Fatchett or indeed any other proponents have abjectly failed to demonstrate is what benefits will actually accrue to anyone joining the trust as currently proposed. Given that Ames and his family are to remain at the helm.

    A question for Mr. Fatchett.

    Can you honestly state that finance will be forthcoming once the trust is established ?

    Can you honestly state that finance will be forthcoming with Ames still at the helm ?

    Can you honestly state that any finance that may be forthcoming will not have any affect on the assets to be held in the trust. ? In other words can you state categorically that purchasers within the trust will not be asked to forgo those assets for security for any proposed financiers. ?

    Mr. Walton if indeed that is you who posted, you have indeed stated recently on the RL site that you were successful in your redress claim against your IFA or such agent. Are you now taking one step back from that statement. A wee bit of clarity on your statement on the RL site might help other purchasers considering this route. And was there any specific reason why you could not make your report on Buccament Bay public. Surely this would help other purchasers with their decision making process or were you engaged by RL to specifically undertake this report, and if so what qualifications do you have in order for you to carry out such a report, indeed what access were you afforded by Harlequin to the site or any records or engineering data.

    And Mr. Storey we hear much from you but nothing of any substance. Glad to see that not only were you one of the few if any to receive income from your investment and a satisfactory resolution as per your contract including compensation for the late delivery of your units but also you were specifically selected by the SFO for an interview. I wonder how they came upon your details? It appears that you interview did not hold much sway with the SFO as their investigation along with that of the Essex Police seems to be continuing a pace.

    And finally an update on Matt Ames’s case the prosecution and defence summed up their evidence today. The judge will do his summing up in the morning then the jury will be invited to retire to consider their verdict.

    Very tense times for Matt and poor old Carol.
    Lets all hope for some good news here.

  115. Anonymous

    Would it not be a gesture of goodwill to leave the Ames family in peace as poor Carol awaits the outcome of the jury’s decision. Look we all know that if Matt is sent down it will push Carol over the edge, so lets consider cutting the poor woman some slack, she and her eldest are facing some very dark days ahead.

  116. Anonymous

    What about the dark days thousands of investors have had as a result of the Ames scam? Did the Ames think about them when they were paying themselves millions in commission for units sold on land that they did not own and they would never build etc etc?

  117. Bob and his old posts

    Bob Storey blames BFP for the loss of jobs at Harlequin. He’s still well-in with the SFO though.

    Fatchett does not represent me.
    April 3, 2013 at 12:21 pm
    So the continuous speculation has now got its first casualties. Looks like employees and construction workers in Barbados are the first to loose their jobs. Well done BFP. As the people from the SFO said back in January “dont discuss this interview, peoples jobs and livelyhoods still depend on HP” Well its ironic that its Bajans who are the 1st to suffer. As its been stated many times, no one has actually lost any money yet. Well they have now. Well done all!

  118. Anonymous

    For the love of God. The trust is addressing all of the issues for purchasers. The trust is being established and Ames supports it fully. So where is the loss. Just ask Mr. Storey or Mr. Walton or Mr. Fatchett.

    Can we not leave the Ames’s in peace. They have demonstrated to Mr. Fatchett that they too are victims in all this. Look at Matt Ames’s plea in his case. He along with his family are being victimised by the police.

  119. Anonymous

    Totally agree with Mr. Storey. Ames is a victim, attacked by BFP with absolutely no reason. No other hotelier has managed what Mr. Ames has managed. He redefined luxury in the Caribbean.

    Thanks to BFP and their defamatory coverage of Harlequin the business is in trouble. Thank god for Garreth Fatchett and Dave and Carol Ames who despite all the negativity have rescued Harlequin.

    The Caribbean needs Mr. Ames. You all know this. Yes Bob I am with you. Its amazing how one website, a dodgy builder, a corrupt set of accountants and some terrible auditors were allowed to destroy Mr. Ames’s dream. Damn them.

  120. Ames in jail now please

    Ames is a victim .? Are you on drugs ……. The Ames family have systematically destroyed the pension pots of 2000 people . I hope Matt Ames gets ten years it may scare this shower of crap into realizing the damage they have wrought ,

    Go jury go jury

  121. Paddy McGinty's Goat

    February 3, 2014 at 5:52 pm
    Anon, and on and on and on………………. good God you are boring!

  122. Robert Storey

    @Anon 5.52, well documented previously how and why the SFO contacted me for an interview. Your assumption is that my statement would “sway” them in some way is as ludicrous as it is inaccurate. You really are struggling now for mud to sling.
    @ Bahop you do realise that while you are trialling around old BFP articles you are making yourself look so stupid. How long will it be before you take a post from an impostor and say it was from me. This should be worth a laugh. Get a life!

  123. Gypsy Paddy

    I hope Paddy gets nicked, he stolen millions. At least Matt is a better looking conman and not as fat as Paddy.

  124. Gypsy wedding, but she left him.

    Fat lying Gypsy….. just listen to him.

  125. Anonymous

    Someone with better computer skills than me post the Kingston Trio’s
    Tom Dooley and dedicate it to Matt and Carol…………..

  126. Dedicate it to Matt and Carol

  127. HMRC fraud prevention unit

    One wonders if Pressed to impress of Ashton in Makersfield declares all the income to the taxman?????

    It’s a cash business…… looks worthy of a inspection.

    Or even the income derived from a certain Irish builder?

  128. Ames in jail now please

    Who gives a shit for sure it doesn’t rob £400,000,000 does it you harlequin troll

  129. Bob and his old posts

    How long will it be before you take a post from an impostor and say it was from me.

    Well Bob I could go and find the ones where YOU were were exposed impersonating another poster. Did we not have had a good laugh at your incompetence when you forgot to change your name? But I have work to go to now. Later perhaps.

  130. HMRC fraud prevention unit

    The Tax inspector cares; very much indeed.

  131. el viejo perro es un ladrón.

    Ames – property scamster
    Crozier – Dixon – Spanish Property scamster

    I bet they are related !

  132. Crozier robó a personas vulnerables que

    I bet when Crazier accepted the money she didn’t think twice about the damage she was doing to the finances of those people.

    Ames must find it ironic that he is up against a bent property agent.

  133. Robert Storey

    Bahop zzzzzzzz boring boring boring who cares.

  134. Mad as a mad thing

    The best of the best was when E rica’s silly blog was hacked
    (cough cough wink wink) and the the PI Richard Ingham I have proof ( I am totally mad) being followed.

    Taking pictures of peoples cars, driving 200 miles absolute nuts

  135. Madness

    The PI episode was the best by far. Nuttier than a squirrels faeces.

  136. Una vez que un ladrón

    80,0000 por año para qué?

  137. estiércol de aves

    Sin el incidente birdtable era mejor

  138. Paul Walton

    It wasn’t Broughton who said Ingham was a PI it was Crozier she told me first before she told Broughton

  139. Ames in jail now please

    It’s too funny for words …… Ames dirty little thief who nicked 400.000.000 quid .
    Erica b woman who takes in ironing
    Paddy multi millionaire constructor
    Fatchett , more bends than spaghetti junction ,versatile mind and shrewd
    Crozier , lethal charm , deadly
    Corney , quiet efficient and ready to blow Ames out of the stratosphere .

  140. Anonymous

    Just F***k off and leave me alone – I know who is behind Ingham, dont think them Masonic bunch will help you, tick tock I got you all on my dash cam.

  141. Paul Walton

    No I am Paul Walton, and I got paid in pound notes, no tax lol

  142. Paul Walton

    No, No I really am Paul Walton and I have a Black Bentley

  143. Worried investor

    I found out Richard Ingram was a private investigator from Cliff who worked for Harlequin so your a liar Paul Walton . It was me and don’t you lie about it .

  144. Paul Walton

    No no no no I’m Paul Walton and I have 2 Bentley’s.
    I found out from Bob Storey who was told to follow Cliff who was following Richard Ingham, who was following me.

  145. CPC Holdings

    I’m Nikki Crozier who is working for the Irish builder, who is working with Fatchett.

  146. Robert Storey

    You lot have not been followed until some no mark keeps dragging up posts from last march. Now that is serious stalking.

  147. Sean Ghent

    I’m actually Sean Ghent who still works for Dave Ames and reported about Alistair’s house being on the market for £2.5 million.

    I work part time for the Essex Police and the Basildon Echo.

  148. Dan Dalligan

    I’m really fed up because dave Owes me £250,000 in commission.

  149. Simon Terry

    What about me only on a two day week – that’s tough you know.

  150. Throw the towel in

    Now it’s even funnier . Oh please my sides are hurting “………….

    The Irish builder and Gareth and Nikki throw in Jeremy , Wilkins Kennedy , Erica , Paul Walton and the SFO and Robert bloody Storey

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean we are not all out to get ya ,!

    Grow up . You all lost out and Matt Ames will go to jail Followed by mummy and daddy .

    Simon Terry may escape because he is a lawyer and fairly clever to boot .
    There is NO claim against WK
    There is no defence
    But hell who gives a shit
    It’s better than eastenders

  151. David Campion

    I just run off…

  152. Robert Storey

    I was told to shut up , but won’t

  153. Throw the towel in

    Dan you should have stuck with Darragh Macanthony now there’s a man who knows how to con , he makes Ames look like an amateur …. Oh woops he is .

  154. Sonia Stennings

    I really hate having to tell people to join the Trust but we all work for Dave and my son’s are a bit dim witted, so we do it.

  155. Dan Ames

    I just hide under the table.

  156. Matt Ames

    I just Sh*g people OVER the table – up the wrong un

  157. EB

    I’m being followed by a black Bentley………..

  158. Carol Ames

    Matt was always a difficult child (sob sob)

  159. Throw the towel in

    @EB at least you’ve gone up in the world last time it was a crappy White Audi

  160. Dave Ames

    All these post are trying to damage your investment, people don’t want Harlequin to suck seed, and about the Irish courts case………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  161. EB

    The Bentley is on the bird table!

  162. Anonymous

    Well I’m having the last laugh. My name is Dave Ames and heh I took all your money and now Im going to make you join a trust so in fact you can never sue me.

    And as for Matt, Matt who ha ha. No son of mine would ever get caught. And as for Carol, I will be glad to see the back of that dumb cow when she tops herself over Matt😊.

    Always good to have a dopey bent lawyer by my side, int that right Simon you low life. Dan go stick your commission up your ass, dont need you now. Taylor you window licking moron, come to daddy and suck his cock. Good boy.

    Yeah the laughs are on me folks. What a bunch of dumb asses who invested in me. Sue me ha ha, boo see look how you chicken shits run. Ha ha ha.

    Face it losers you are all afraid of me. Crozier ha ha. Try and enforce a judgement against me. See if I give a shit. Lol hell will freeze over before you get a penny from me. Ha ha ha

  163. Throw the towel in

    @anonymous 7.55 the truth hidden in humour very good my friend .
    My truth is different Ames will never get that trust set up . Fatchett has brains he got the list for the redress claims he knows it’s going to fall art . Ames will stand and fall alone , even Carole will fall by the wayside .

    Funny tho friends and enemy’s isn’t it?

  164. Anonymous

    And the last two hours folks is where your money ended up. With a bunch of gormless thieving bullies

  165. Anonymous

    Verdict due in Matt Ames case tomorrow evening – Wednesday. Here’s hoping that its a guilty verdict and an 8-10 year sentence. Champagne on ICE.

  166. Anonymous

    Anon 9:11
    Best pun yet !

  167. Anon

    Wonder what’s on telly. The Harlequin trolls are all gone quiet. The RL site is also very quiet indeed. This week will hopefully mark the beginning of the end for the Ames family. Have it on good authority that Carol is not taking this at all well. Boo hoo you old cow. Watch and learn, with a bit of luck you will soon be following the same route taken by Mattie boy. But lets hope Matt wont be there to comfort you. Doubt Dave will be there for you, you stupid old bag.

    Its time to face the music Carol. Thats what you get for taking £200 million. Thieving bitch.

  168. Madness

    Its very close in Isleworth… don’t count your chickens

  169. Throw the towel in

    So close you can hear the cell door closing “………. How’s Ed of the trees wasn’t Irish by chance was he .

  170. If ya dont make it wont

    once Matt is behind bars the SFO will then work their way up the tree…will it be mummy or daddy next….or maybe lets go for a double ……. justice

  171. Mrs Ames

    I’m Matt wife, I will be glad to see the back of him, cheating sneak.

  172. Bob Ladell

    My name is Bob Ladell, Dave said Gareth would look after me but I don’t think he likes me – and people keep putting that life changing youtube clip of me on the blogs,

  173. Bob Ladell

    This one really upsets me and it’s not fair

  174. James Cannon

    You think that’s bad, pah!! My name is James Cannon from Seven Capital.
    That bloody nutter recorded me at Warrington and I got told off.

  175. Garreth Farchett

    That’s nothing! you big pansy Dan Dalligan said I was not even a solicitor, that top trumps you.

  176. Mr O Halloran

    Childs play, you cissy.
    I have been accused of visiting ladies of the night, have a small willy, sexing up EB and being a Gypsy!

  177. Dave Ames

    I have done nuffin wrong it’s all the Irish builders fault and one or two disgruntled investors.

  178. FSA

    Well we got blamed for Matt Ames misfortune, that’s just nasty.

  179. Barclays Bank

    That’s just not true it was OUR Fault.

  180. Alistair Rae Burns

    Hang on, hang on, I have to sell my £2.5 million house.
    The wife’s giving me a hard time because the Porsche has gone back. The nighbours what will they think?

    We are the laughing stock of Cheshire

  181. One of the Stennings....

    My name is sunni or Sonny or Sunny Stenning what will I do for work now?

  182. Richard Ingham

    I’m watching you watching me, sat on your birdtable

  183. E rica B roughton

    Help my forum has been hacked and someone has removed a post about Dave Ames being served !!

    I better get rid of the evidence.

  184. Anon

    Its that damn Irish man again. This time Matt Ames bought some trees off Eddie the Leprechaun. A good friend of the builder to be sure to be sure.

    Matt Ames’s defence is that the money can be found at the end of the rainbow.

    Its close in Isleworth???????? This isn’t the 2.30 at Doncaster. Lol A mans liberty is at stake as his his Mothers sanity.

  185. Paul Walton

    I admit I had sexy time with Gareth to get a cheap deal and it’s what all Mason’s do.

    I will do anything to Help a Brother in need.

  186. Bro. Dave Ames.

    Help me!!! look I’m a Mason
    So must be me

  187. 36. sportingman, FDNRM, Bob Storey, Roberty Storey

    Dave why have you never asked me to join??

  188. Yorkipoo, whatsthefuss, intheknow, Richard Ingham

    Dave why have you never asked me to joint?

  189. Richard Ingham

    Damm forgot I’m a Mason with Fatchett, Crozier, Ames and Walton plus all of Harlequin.

  190. Carter Ruck

    Don’t leave us out, we were instrumental in Harlequins success

  191. Dave Ames

    Yes they were I’m not a legal man.

  192. E rica B roughton

    Ha, got ya recorded……I will finish off that Simon Terry.
    I record everything and he wanted my laptop tick toock

  193. E rica B roughton

    Come to a meeting I will charge you a fiver and shout at you all.

  194. Panorama

    We are still miffed

  195. Mathew Chapman

    Not as bloody miffed as me

  196. Throw the towel in

    It’s Eddie lepre-chaun , you can easily recognise him he wares national elf glasses , speaks like a bog trotter and does “money grows on trees my boy and for fecks sake you can take that to the bank (if there is one in the area )
    as his ” no brainer” speech .
    Good luck Matty , guess you can’t see the wood for the trees ………..

  197. Memory Stick in mi chuff

    I have hidden it well. They’ll never find the memory stick.

    Paddy’s nose came close during sexy time.

  198. Paul Walton

    I don’t care go me money back and another Bentley even a new pinny for my Masonic sex lodge

  199. Chris Corney

    I just got loads of cash and £90,000 pa

  200. The blame game

    I blame the Pope. He told me to steal money from David who is an Orangeman in his spare time.

  201. Sean Ghent

    I have all the secrets as I erected the bird table.

  202. Roman Peasant

    I’m Spartacus..

  203. Peter Binose

    I blow my whistle, I have blow Paddy’s whistle and I am not proceeding to blow this young man’s whistle. I am an expert on cottaging.

  204. Mrs O' Halloran (ex)

    I divorced the Irish builder, cos he is skint and wanted me to call him the big white chief.
    And something about a bird table and blue plant pots?

  205. Throw the towel in

    Actually I am Spartacus ……… Imposter

  206. Paddy O'Tarmac

    I paid for my girlfriend. She once told me she loved me. I paid extra for that.

    I now have a harem.

  207. In the forget me not bushes

    No I am Spartacus! and a PI

  208. Ian Paisley - Harlequin's new ambassador in Northern Ireland

    No surrender !

  209. Paul Gadd - Harlequin Kid's Club Co-ordinator

    Do you wanna be in my gang ? my gang x3

  210. Batiatus

    Actually I am Gareth Walton Spartacus Batiatus

  211. Bob Ladell

    When I was a kid I was very ill in hospital and Gary Glitter came to visit me.

    I was touched.

  212. Spartacus

    I am Spartacus…..

  213. Jeremy Newmans

    When I was young Sir Jimmy Saville came to see me in hospital. He told me to stand still. He then told me the happiness was all over my face.

  214. Wigan sign on day is Wednesday

    I am related to the Wigan Crew. I forged my Mortgage application. I am on benefits.

  215. Dedicated to E rica and Paddy and his teeney weeney willy

  216. Happy to meet..................

    All that remains…………

  217. yatinkiteasy

    Boy, the Harlequin Trolls are out in force!.,,,good job lads, DA will support you when it all goes belly up.

  218. Anonymous

    Again Harlequin are attempting to dissuade readers from viewing this blog. These are the same people redefining luxury in the Caribbean. Nice to know the 400 million was in safe hands.

  219. Anonymous

    I sincerely hope that Royd Smurthwaite is reading this rot and
    shaking his head and rejoicing in the fact that he got out in time.
    (Even though very costly)

  220. Anonymous

    This blog demonstrates what an imbecilic bunch of morons those who support Harlequin really are.

    Ames did not attend his sons case in Isleworth because he did not want his “Good Name” tarnished.

    What a totally deluded little man, and what a dysfunctional family.

    Matt would not accept a plea bargain, instead pleading innocence and he too stating that by accepting a plea bargain this would damage his future good reputation as a businessman, has he forgotten he is already banned from acting as a director for 13 years.

  221. Anonymous

    Ames has tried to destroy the lives of anyone who has had the misfortune of having any dealings with him. For quite some time after Royd Smurthwaite was pushed out, he was subjected to the bully boy tactics of Ames. Ames is nothing more then pure scum, unfortunately for him history has a habit of catching up with people and he, Carol and Danny boy will need to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders.

  222. Anon

    Sally you haven’t a clue. Lol and you are no investor, now crawl back to Ames and be there for him when the deck of cards falls.

  223. Anonymous

    To : Matt Ames – Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye…..

  224. Anon

    Sally would you not be better off holding Carols hand during her time of need. And why is it every time someone challenges Harlequin you guys assume it’s either the Irish builder or Broughton.

    Oh yes because you believe no one else has the bottle to stand up to you guys. We’ll sadly you are wrong, now Dave was ordered by the courts in SVG this week to pay out about 500,000 US. I suggest you advise him to pay that money.

  225. Anonymous

    Anon @ 12:AM How does someone look up the SVG ruling?

  226. Anonymous

    Sally is the Irish builder responsible for the string of adverse judgements Ames is receiving in SVG this week?

    Indeed he may well be who knows, but what should be of concern to all concerned is that a small few are about to turn Ames’s life upside down.

    Fatchett may have procrastinated for a little too long. He was after all not the only game in town.

    Ames has been panicking the last few days, looking for investors to complete on Buccament Bay so he had the cash to payout on the judgements this week. Sadly Ames exhausted all avenues and this particular clock ran out.

    Between Matt and the shit storm in SVG it is not going to be a good week for Ames or indeed the trust.

  227. Anon

    The judgements will be available on the Eastern Caribbean Courts website in the next week or so. Will keep all updated as events unfold.

  228. Anonymous

    Judging from the last two posts the long arm of justice is finally
    beginning to function. This is something that Fatchett has never really
    accepted: legally it is now an island thing. The way it was set up it
    has always been an island thing.

  229. Anonymous

    Question to the ridiculous HD claque: Has the impoverished weeping
    fisherman on Bequia ever been paid?

  230. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Ames, I was at one stage looking to invest in your magnificent business model but due to financial restraints unfortunately had to pull out.

    I have a large amount of documentation from your good self and your network sales manager a Victoria Butcher.

    I was just wondering where to send the documents to. They are not very important I don’t believe, just some accounts for HPSVG and stuff from you about my money being held in an escrow account and title deeds to the 110 acres you own in SVG. And a letter from you showing me the land you own in Brazil.

  231. EddieLizzard2

    Contact the Serious Fraud Office at

    A link about how to give information in confidence here:—giving-us-information-in-confidence.aspx

  232. EddieLizzard2

    Contact the Serious Fraud Office at

  233. EddieLizzard2

    Link to—giving-us-information-in-confidence.aspx

    SFO Confidential, Serious Fraud Office, 2-4 Cockspur Street, London, SW1Y 5BS

  234. Robert Storey

    @EL2 would you like the contact name and direct line number? Oh you don’t have it? Ask me nicely and I will give it you.

  235. EddieLizzard2

    Fuck off It’s confidential

  236. Anon

    Go on Bob give him J××s number you know you want to. Its time someone in the SFO shut that fuck wit Bob up.

  237. Matt Ames

    You are not allowed to speak of Brazil, unless your are referring to a lady garden

  238. Bo#

    @ Anon
    Has it a name?
    Will you give it to me?

  239. Management speak

    Thank God pervy, Bob has been detained for having inappropriate material on his Spectrum ZX90.

  240. Masonic repo squad

    Has Alistair Burns from TailorMade (in liquidation) had his house repossessed yet ? The bank are positioning themselves.
    So mote it be.

  241. Bro. Bounty Hunter

    We have already took the Porsche….

  242. Bro. Dave from the Grand Lodge of Visionaries

    I instructed the above action.

  243. Histrionic personality disorder aka E rica

    No you did not. liar liar pants on fire I did it, I did it. I done all of this.

  244. Angela **** of the antartic

    No I discovered he was a Mason first, you cow.

  245. yatinkiteasy

    Matt Ame`s Trial sounds almost like a comedy..if it was not for the fact that he took over a million pounds from innocent investors in Teak forests that never existed, on land he did not own..Hey, this sounds familiar.
    In court, he said some interesting things
    1. He made 750 thousand GBP over a two year period selling Harlequin Properties.
    2. He claimed Harlequin still owed him 250 thousand GBP.
    3. He told the jury that he took the model for his “off plan” forest investment from his parents Luxury Caribbean Resort investment scheme.
    Read it here before Ames gets it taken down.

  246. Histrionic personality disorder aka E rica

    Well you can f**k off too, I have everything you ever said on my state of the art reel to reel recorder.

    You want believe how many C60 and C90 cassette I have just of Simon Terry, it runs into 100’s

  247. Worriedinvestor

    Don’t you think you fall out with too many people E rica? it’s not normal.

  248. Histrionic personality disorder aka E rica

    You fuck off worriedinvestor, you have been banned from all my blogs you tw*t – all the same lying scum thief.

  249. Stef B rought ton

    Errrrm Mum you are worried investor!

    We better have another cyber attack, so we can deleted the posts we done by mistake 😉

  250. Robert Storey

    @Anon 1.07 that would Joe. Now don’t be shy.
    @EL2 it’s only confidential if you don’t have it. Lol

  251. EddieLizzard2

    From the latest Echo article by Jon Austin…

    [Matthew] Ames told the jury he took the model for his “off-plan”
    forestry investments from his parents luxury Caribbean resort investment scheme the court heard.

    Looks like Mattie Boy has dropped Daddy & Mummy Ames right in the poop then!

  252. Robert Storey

    EL2 come on Lizzard, BBaywatch already posted that at 1.55 on another thread. Can’t you two get your shit together? Couldn’t coordinate a tree planting ceremony!

  253. yatinkiteasy

    Perhaps Matt can show how to plant trees.

  254. EddieLizzard2

    Actually Bob yatinkiteasy posted it at 1:36 pm so stop being such a fucking pedant.

  255. BBaywatch

    They do say that it sends you blind – Sideshow Bob can’t even read the thread he is posting on – Yatinkiteasy posted a link to the Echo piece (which I hadn’t seen) at 1.36pm! Stick to flippin burgers – all he is good for.

  256. Anon Bob the ex-burger flipper

    And Bob couldn’t flip a burger!

  257. Robert Storey

    Well BBaywatch that makes you as bad as EL2. The three of you are not able to co ordinate yourselves. Talk about overkill. What gem are the three of you going to repeat next. Why not ask for Jon Austin to e mail you directly lol

  258. BBaywatch

    From a response to a question on TA by a guest who has stayed at BB very recently –
    “I feel the resort needs a lot of reinvestment it is very tired in places ie sunbed covers in general very mouldy ,rattan furniture a lot needs replacing ,our plunge pool was leaking,one day you drank very expensive wine one day ran out of pretty much every wine manager sent out to supermarket ,food at lunch sometimes pot luck as chef said he did not have ingredients for what menu stated ,our coffee machine nearly scolded us badly it was broken,and regardless of floods (the gardeners had done a brilliant job reinstating) a lot of villas behind boarding were derelict with weeds everywhere ,a half built hotel type building which looked very ugly ,a lot of the wooden decking was in bad repair , paper cups in coffee shop but happily given china ones to take to coffee shop where they happily gave me coffee ! No performing arts ,etc etc BUT we had a wonderful time walking to local village sheltering from storm in a lovely ladies house ,going into Kingstown on local bus 3 times , ferry to bequia , and on my sunbed on almost deserted beach I thought I was in paradise so as you can see head and heart and I suppose it depends on what you expect from a 5 star resort and what you paid people who booked the week before paid less than half of most people there . The staff were amazing and worked their socks off to please you.”

    Quite clearly most of the latest reviews are straight out of the Basildon Bunker (porkies and fibs) Dept. Certainly redefining luxury in The Caribbean!

  259. EddieLizzard2

    Why not ask for Jon Austin to e mail you directly lol

    How do you know he doesn’t already? 😉

  260. Robert Storey

    a recent TA review.
    After moving from another hotel in BVG we spent the last 9 nights at this resort. Never in my life have I seen such a happy and cheerful crew. Every face had a huge smile, unlike the small island
    Resort we moved from. Yes there were one or two minor faults, due to the floods on 24 December but the management and staff have worked miracles in a very short space of time. Our villa right on the golden sand beach overlooking a clear blue and clean ocean was perfect. From the 2 fridges with every kind of soda drinks and water also yoghurt milk etc, a coffee machine that gave fantastic coffee and then the linens and towelling that we’re great quality and so plentiful. The chamber maid Ivy who without any doubt was the hardest and most diligent person doing this job it hasn’t ever been my pleasure to meet. Every day a new towelling animal or person would appear on the bed along with little messages written in flower petals, by the time we departed the hotel must have had a towel shortage as we kept all of them and made a great collection. The food was well prepared and very good quality, the steaks and lamb were as good as any anywhere! The cocktails were never ending you could sit anyplace and a cocktail was in your hand in 5 minutes.
    If you wanted to work out or do yoga etc it was there, but all so low key as to not disturb the tranquility that is the number 1 reason for being there. I can only say that my days in this place were a true pleasure and I regret wasting 8 days in another place in St Vincent.
    • Stayed January 2014, travelled as a couple
    This visitor has only written 46 reviews of 18 hotels in 23 cities so he MUST me a HP troll.

  261. yatinkiteasy

    If things are so rosy at BB how come their rooms are being discounted all over the place by 40 % or more?
    7 days all inclusive, including airfare on Virgin, and transfers from Barbados, at 1400 GBP per person. Take out 30 % for the Tour Agency…whats left for BB?…not much, but then again (literally) who`s counting? Personal piggy bank comes to mind.

  262. Anon

    Wonder if Matt Ames declared any of his commission to HMRC, the same applies to Dalligan, Manderfield / Wooler, Terry, Taylor, Stenning, Butcher, Carol, Dan, and the rest of that bunch of gormless yobs.

    I can see it now, the HMRC forms were not written in Essexees so could not be understood by Essex man. ☺

    Wouldn’t it be funny if someone was to tip off HMRC ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    So Matty boy takes £750,000 in Commissions puts another £1,750,000 into the pot, money taken from gullible investors, £ 2,500,000.00, buys no forests, but manages to buy a mansion and a Lamborghini. Pays back £ 250,000 to investors, then apologises that the money is gone.

    Who is Matty blaming? Eddie the Leprechaun in Sri-Lanka ?

    Matty says he is owed £250,000 in commissions yet strangely enough does not appear as a creditor on the Shipleys list.

    You had better get your claim in quick Matty. The rest of you had better get your tax affairs sorted.

  263. yatinkiteasy

    From Destinology UK website …offer for BB resort.
    ‘Pirates of the Caribbean resort’

    Buccament Bay Beach Resort is located in a tranquil bay enjoying the warm calm waters of the Caribbean Sea with an intoxicating backdrop of verdant mountains ……..etc etc

    How ironic they would dub it “Pirates of The Caribbean Resort”

  264. Anon

    The “Holiday Place” are offering Buccbay all inclusive 6 nights pp £1209.00

  265. Beggars Belief

    Bob brings us a glowing TA review mentioning the towel animals. I thought that had been used so often it had been taken off the script.

    GF need take his due diligence no further than the towel animals. If housekeeping can make pretty elephants with the towels then every financier from New York to Hong Kong will be fighting to invest. Job done!

    What is the relevance of the reviewer having down loads of reviews in lots of countries? If they are a cab for hire wouldn’t you expect that?

  266. Sid

    You may well laugh Beggars Belief, but towel origami is hot right now and is the first thing people look for when booking a luxury Caribbean holiday. Well, towel origami and cold flannels of course.

  267. Sorry to fart

    The ubiquitous plastic glasses.

  268. Sid

    Re-defining luxury or de-refining?

  269. The only way is Essex

    Sid you are just nasty. lambrini in plastic glasses is the height of sophistication in Essex 😉

    If you really want to ‘wow’ the neighbours drink it in your hot tub wearing a fake Polex

  270. yatinkiteasy

    Wonder if Harlequin ever tried this company?

  271. Anonymous

    Sid, luxury Caribbean holiday makers are also very much guided by whether there is a B list ex sportsman on property, or someone from the west end. After that, I grant you, towel origami follows closely.

  272. Robert Storey

    Led by a true visionary of our time.

  273. Anon

    Well folks, this is it. We will know this week the faith of Matt Ames. Next week Fatchops heads to Manchester to get nearly 1000 punters on board for his trust.

    Cutting it a bit fine Fatchops, thought you had a mandate, your latest release does not allude confidence.

    When are you going to give up in your attempts to coerce purchasers into joining a trust which as proposed basically wipes out investors investments.

    And how do you propose to deal with the imminent judgements in SVG.

    I expect your usual bullshit about any judgements not affecting the trust caveated as usual by It’s your opinion.

    A blind man can see that the Matt Ames case is a dry run for the main event.

    Selling trees off plan, what a load of bull shit. I was emulating my mother and fathers great business model.

    What do they do in Essex, sell cars off plan ?

    Matty is a joke like his inarticulate and uneducated parents. And an embarrassment to the 100’s of thousands of decent articulate business men and women in Essex.

    What an excuse, its the way we speak in Essex your lordship. If the jury finds him guilty I’m sure those words will haunt him. He will be best advised to take English Lessons whilst wallowing in his cell for years. In fact the judge should consider making it a pre condition of his sentence.

  274. Greenwash

    Summing up in court no 12 at the Matt Ames £1million+ green gas fraud trial

    Case adjourned til 10:15 tomorrow Wed 5 Feb

    the clock is teaking 😉 and Mummy Ames is denuding the planet of trees to make tissues big enough to dry her deluge of tears. Altogether now Ah bless!

  275. Anonymous

    In the British system if Matt Ames is found guilty is he immediately
    remanded to custody or would he be let go to appeal?

  276. If ya dont make it wont

    I think for a crime of this size it is prison, and only if the appeal is successful is he then released

  277. crim crim

    If found guilty, he will most likely be remanded in custody until sentenced.

  278. Anonymous

    The judge may remand Matt pending a sentencing hearing. Which may be a few weeks from any judgement.

    It is rare but not unheard of that the defendant is released on bail pending the sentencing hearing.

    But the view is if Matt Ames is found guilty and the verdict is unanimous, with judge he has, who appears to take a tough stance with such cases, Matt could be remanded pending his sentencing hearing.

    Carol is reportedly in a very bad way. With her family around her, Dan the little ponce and Nicola who is laundering much of the Ames money.

    What a real snake pit of a family.

    We’ll we would like to take this opportunity to offer our prayers and thoughts to the Ames family tonight. We pray that Matt gets found guilty and the maximum sentence as permitted by law is passed. We also pray that Carol continues to take this very badly and we hope and pray that those in Harlequin who to date have been sticking two fingers up at the law begin to feel uncomfortable in the knowledge that the net is slowly closing around them.

    Carol get over it cause hopefully you will be next.

    Great to see how Matt dropped Mummy and Daddy in it. Oh and Danny and Nichola need to watch out too, I believe when this comes crashing down they too will be joining Mummy and Daddy for a long lonely vacation.

    Carol it’s time you said your goodbyes to your grand kids, cause we don’t think you will make it out given your age and current mental state. Dan and Nichola we suggest you start saying goodbye to your kids too.

  279. Free the Wickford One

    Not as close as you think.

  280. Anonymous

    What the judge is being offered a free holiday ? Oh let me think Ames told you the case is gone Matts way.

  281. Year Zero

    The Lifetime SIPP turnabout means that only one SIPP provider remains. Guardian.

    In the last month, the agents, all but one SIPP, PHIG and Erica have publicly backed the trust.

    The re-education process is well underway.

  282. Worried Investor

    I would like to state that ever since Mr O’Halloran stopped paying for my holidays I have decided to support the trust.

    He has let me down. He promised me a better life. A life together.

    Alas, this is not now happening. I am resigned to supporting the trust.

    Haste la Victoria siempre !

  283. Wow

    Oh rubbish rubbish

  284. Oh Matt, I love you

    Ready to rim

  285. File in Cake

    Dave’s Disco

  286. File in Cake

    Let’s hope he’s at a different prison !

  287. Beggars Belief

    The Court listings show that the Crown vs Ames case is scheduled in Court 12 again for the morning but other cases in there in the afternoon.

    Does this mean that they expect it to be all over by lunch?

  288. Robert Storey

    This is just typical of the sort of the nasty minded Wigan witch mentality and Crozier the rug muncher

  289. File in Cake

    Looks like they expect the jury to retire pre-lunch.

    All getting a bit close now…

  290. EB backs the trust

    Last few to persuade and then we are on our way !

    Mr O’Halloran – will you back the trust ?

    Or will you do another long windy ramble at 3am GMT ?

    EB nows backs the trust. She is on board. RL told me she sent her £240 quid.

  291. yatinkiteasy

    A briefcase with a million cash might do the trick.

  292. Blue Peter Appeal for RL


  293. Anon

    Yes judge sums up in the morning then jury retire to decide verdict.

    In the meantime Carol tries to find where the jurors are ensconced so she can bribe them.

    See that’s how Ames succeeded by bribing and bullying people. Bribe, Ralph, Julian Francis, Sabuto Caesar, Richard Sealy, Lashley, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Stephenson King, everyone either got or was offered an inducement of one kind or another.

  294. Paddy and his damp patch

    Erica sold her recordings to Paddy, but not just the spoken word 😉 if you follow my gist.

  295. Mean Investors

    It’s a scandal. RL are so close to £1m.

    What’s up with these mean, tight fisted investors. I feel we have let them down.

    I bet they do not even make a profit on the job. Selfless.

  296. The Irish builder

    Erica was pretty cheap to buy, several helpings of fish and chips,fifteen pints of IPA, plus the promise of a flash of me carrot crotch.

  297. Matts Prison Disco

    It’s the root of all evil…

  298. Anonymous

    Why, I have no need to back the trust. I wasn’t stupid enough to invest.

    Me thinks Ames has not been fully upfront with you peeps. I don’t need to back the trust but am actually very supportive of it.

    For a totally different reason.😜😜

    However I’d like to commend Mr. Fatchett on a job well done, looking forward to seeing the reaction on investors faces sometime in the future.

    Thank you Mr. Fatchett, please keep up the good work.

  299. Dave we luv you

    Bye bye Bob & Bob’s disco.
    Special request to Dave

  300. Matts Mantra

    It’s a lose / lose situation.

    If he gets potted then Ames will crumble, investments gone.

    If he doesn’t get potted then everyone at Harlequin will feel invincible.

    All in all, not a good situation.

  301. worriedinvestor

    Don’t forget who is looking after toxic toad

  302. Anonymous

    Special Offer for purchasers:
    Buccament Bay Resort for £99pppn

    With Christmas now out of the way, a number of purchasers have got in touch to enquire about the special rate we shared in December 2013 for a stay at Buccament Bay Resort, so we have decided to bring back the purchaser special offer so you can visit our award-winning resort and see why it is one of the best hotels in the Caribbean!

    £99 PPPN All Inclusive for Adults *

    £60 PPPN All Inclusive for Children *

    2014 at Buccament Bay Resort is going to be an exciting year:

    Tour operator bookings for 2014 are already up 100% on 2013
    The new Argyle International Airport is planned to open by the end of the year
    The resort has welcomed a new Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer, Charlotte Woolf
    New conference centre now open
    Safran and Bamboo to move into their new homes on the water front village

    See why we are a multi-award-winning resort!
    * Please note: Offer subject to availability and excluding peak periods. For travel in 2014. Flights not included.

  303. Anonymous

    Yes folks buy literally into a trust and get returns of at best £50 per night based on half and half room share, less of course a % for the all inclusive which was not factored into original returns.

  304. Anonymous

    Hang on a second. Oi Fatchett, you told us all, Ames / Harlequin had no money and we had to pay for due diligence and valuations.

    So who the hell paid for the two new Restaurants. I think you have tried to have us over on this one.

    Your just as bad as Ames. Fucking scum Fatchett. Your fucking setting us all up. Fucking scum.

  305. If ya dont make it wont

    Safran and Bamboo to move into their new homes on the water front village
    Is that because the flood waters carried them there and then dumped them :-0)

    One of the saddest things about all this is that Ames actually believes he is pioneer and serious businessman

  306. Anon

    In 2012 Ames said bookings were up 150% on 2011. God knows what the 2013 figures were. But 2014 looks to be up 100% on 2013, according to Ames.

    In 2011 Ames told us along with Mark Sawkins that the resort was on average 90% occupied. No units have been completed since 2011 so hmmmmm something does not add up.

  307. Anonymous

    Sadly once your in the trust you dont get to share in the 50/50 room revenue. Thats only for those who complete. The rental units are not included in the trust.

    But if you do complete on a unit your management fee will be 4-5%. So say you forked out £300 k on a unit. A further £30 k on completion fees and £ 15k a year on your management fees. Well with the rates Ames is Quoting he will need about an average 85% occupancy for a purchaser to break even on management fees alone.

  308. Due Diligence

    Anon –

    I can assure you that the pleasure in revealing all to investors will be all mine.

  309. Anon

    Thats a good Question. Oi Storey you twat, what % of a management fee were you paying ? Since you were getting a return. And your friend in the authorities name is Joe by the way.

  310. Anonymous

    Anon 10:59
    I hope that the two restaurants were decorated by the fabulously
    talented Madame Gonsalves.

  311. Anonymous

    Note investors are now being referred to as purchasers in the note from Harlequin. They of course are purchasers as they purchased specific properties, did not invest in the entire range of properties, just one in one resort in one island. Their purchase of a property is getting them a very cheap stay in St Vincent, so that is something. Best to take advantage of this as will be the only benefit of having purchased a property – the actual property purchased of course will never be built or even get planning permission.

  312. Robert Storey

    @Anon 11.26 Feb 4th 2.14. Now whose the twat. Lol

  313. Spelling Police


    you are the twat Bob!

  314. Masonic Paddy.

    I think we have got all this wrong. Ames, the agents, Sipps etc have given in to RL.

    Maybe, the Irish builder is working for Fatchett?

  315. Robert Storey

    When quoting someone else use the ” ” symbols. New sentence has a capital letter as in “You” As spelling police you are not very good are you? Just a twat perhaps?

  316. All seeing eye.....

    Bob, Masons use ‘symbols’ are you on the level with Bro. Ames?

  317. That Woman

    Matt’s in the dock tick tock.
    Bet you wished you had not been black balled now – ha! totally going to jail me thinks…..

  318. Spelling Police

    @ Bob, you have used the inverted commas incorrectly.

  319. James Shaw aka Gareth Fatchett's gopher

    Who reads the R Legal forum and the posts by its 6 active members? You will know “James Shaw” if you do. When Gareth Fatchett sees a threat to his bank account “James Shaw” goes on the attack.

    BFP is a threat coz it can turn customers away so he posts about masons to distract. That is not to say that BFP is a credible source of information without the masons crap. PHIG is a threat coz it gives customers another option so he attacks them. The SIPPs are a threat coz they have the customers money Fatchett wants so he attacks them.

    “James Shaw” is not an investor. He is Gareth Fatchett’s employee saying the things he can’t say.

  320. Anonymous

    James has a brother called Rob who is MD? of Tailor Made.
    If James knows so much now how come he has not know this for years and years? I guess it must of suited him to keep quiet. just saying.

  321. James Shaw - upsets SIPPs

    PHIG have been chucked overboard, Mason’s maybe yes maybe no, Sipps are just twats, does it matter who James Shaw is unless you are one of the above??? Could you be Guardian by any chance?

    Has JS last comment based on accounts upset someone?

  322. James Shaw - upsets SIPPs

    I don’t speak to my brother.

  323. worriedinvestor

    James Shaw is Nikki Crozier, she is in bed with Fatchett, in more way than one!! The share more that bodily fluids……

  324. Anonymous

    Worried investor is Nikki Crazier and she is certainly Crazy. Lol

  325. Steph

    No worried investor in me mam

  326. Anonymous

    James whether Guardian have money or not is irrelevant people would be claiming from Guardians insurance,

    James did you pay a deposit or was that a freebie from your brother?

    How come you have only started moaning recently about your investment? are you that thick you didnt see this for what it is

  327. James Shaw - upsets SIPPs

    No need to be nasty to me, just because you are feeling the pressure…. it will get worse….. You will capitulate.

    Give a woman a mans job 🙂 an all that…..

  328. Sid

    I really can’t believe how long this house of cards has stayed up. Where does the money keep coming from to keep the business alive? We’ve been told for a year now that HP are skint and that BB alone loses $1m per month. Ames must have some f@cking overdraft. But then I suppose his credit rating must be spotless!

  329. It's good news week

    Do not worry, the money continues to flow.


  330. Mystic Fred

    The agents are looking for someone to blame….

    Look at Matt’s defense, he is blaming the nasty agents.

    Will dad do the same thing?

  331. Pink pound

    I bet RL are ticked pink

  332. Fatchops

    I am going to buy an Aston Martin with the Pink Money.

    Alistair Burns from TM is going to sell his to me.

    Thanks Erica / Paddy / Nicky and all the other detractors. Your madness pushes people to our Pink Forms.

    Love & Best Wishes,


  333. Anonymous

    Verdict in on Matt Ames case. “NOT GUILTY”.

    Its time that people stopped attacking the Ames family.

  334. Anonymous

    If that were true were is Bob Storey with his smirking insouciance?

  335. know enought to know this is a scam

    Cant post much right now as I am busy setting up a ponzi scheme

  336. Jury's out ...

    All very exciting !

  337. Beggars Belief

    As the Judge has not yet finished summing up I can’t see how the jury can have come to a decision!

  338. Robert Storey

    @Anon 12.25 “where” the word is “where”. As I have, and will not, make any comment regarding the MA case your comment is quite stupid. A bit like you really. Using big words, but cannot get the small ones right. LOL

  339. Jury's out ...

    The jury will be out tomorrow. If they come back quick – guilty and vice versa.

  340. green wishy washy

    Summing up still in progress … and the case has now been moved to Court 13. Let’s hope Matt and the rest of the Ames family are superstitious.

  341. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Who many times have you seen Ames refer to his hand when speaking,
    it’s a Masonic thing called The five points of fellowship.

  342. Anonymous

    – BLLSmitb – You were certainly a blast from the past.

  343. Anonymous

    The Harlequin trolls once again are conspicuous by their silence. In many cases their new employers will not tolerate time wasted in support of Ames. We will expect a spike in troll activity between 18.30 and Eastenders when again we will see some activity after Eastenders but this will die off from 22.30 onwards.

  344. Anonymous

    Oops I’ve just been a troll talking about trolls. Silly me

  345. Anon

    C’mon Harlequin any comments to make on Mattie boy.

  346. Harlequin RAT?

    I want to bring to your attention the following program used for industrial espionage.

    A remote access Trojan (RAT) is a malware program that includes a back door for administrative control over the target computer. Once the host system is compromised, the intruder may use it to distribute RATs to other vulnerable computers and establish a botnet.

    Because a RAT enables administrative control, it makes it possible for the intruder to do just about anything on the targeted computer, including:

    Monitoring user behavior through keyloggers or other spyware.
    Accessing confidential information, such as credit card and social security numbers.
    Reading copying email files.
    Taking screenshots.

  347. Not guilty.

    Bad news for the Irish builder, if Matt is found to be innocent almost by definition, so is Dave.

    The defense has been top class, one that could easily be duplicated if some trumped up charges are brought against our leader and visionary Mr. Dave Ames.

  348. Dereliction is the new DD

    Does anyone know whatever happened to that Harlequin hotel in Barbados or the investors’ money. Is it derelict still?

    H Barbados occupies a seafront position at Hastings Beach in Christ Church on the southwest coast of Barbados with an outdoor swimming pool and 70 studio suites.

    The renovation of the first Harlequin boutique hotel in Barbados will be completed in 2012, delivering purchasers a rental income far earlier for a quicker return on investment although with less capital appreciation than the new-build larger resorts from Harlequin.

  349. Mann to mann

    It’s time for Matt to Mann up,when he gets sent down take it like a mann.
    He will get plenty of mann love in the nick.

  350. Daves disco

    A special request for an old ex partner.

  351. Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dave Ames

    A special request for you Dave you little shit.

  352. Daves Millions

    Missing out on the gravy train. It’s enough to turn a Mann to drink and throw himself on a Cliff.

    I bet he’s in a real Paddy over this.

  353. Skype accounts

    Is nothing safe these days?

  354. Dave M's Disco

    For Dave, fairs fair …

  355. Dave Anal

    You need to be one step ahead of these lot. It’s a bit like keeping up with the Jones.

  356. Dave Anal

    Slightly off subject, my favorite film, mann did I like it.
    The silent steps, or something similar?

  357. Silent Steps

    Dave, Mann to Mann – did you about Paddy and Erica’s special deal?

  358. Sean Ghent

    Jy bastards Ek het nog nooit ‘n onwettige vuurwapen

  359. Anon

    It’s Dave Man not Mann. 1 n please. Thank you.

  360. Dave 'The Terminator'

    I did feel a bit bad when a certain ‘something’ was found in a Welshman cabana.

    He went against me- simple.

    The he just fell off the edge of a cliff.

  361. The little cosy group

    Man or Mann – what could you be possibly talking about.

  362. The little cosy group

    I was thinking of having a little self help group to discuss certain things like termination contracts, conspiracy theories?

  363. I'm a Mason

    Yes, good idea.

    Can I join, I’m a Freemason.

    Look at the bottom of my linkedin account

  364. No Smoke without Freemasons

    Can someone convince me it’s still just a theory? These lot keep cropping up.

  365. View from the hill

    Well very soon we will have a verdict in the Ames test case currently in court 13 . The view from the hill is it’s a close call as the bar for criminal claims is much higher than the bar for civil ., this is a true 50/50 .
    If Ames jnr is guilty he is looking at a four year stretch if innocent a huge claim to city of London police .
    We will know soon and then we will see “………

  366. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    @No Smoke without Freemasons

    All Harlequin employees have to join.

  367. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    The verdict will be not guilty.

  368. Mrs Cresote

    Erica will turn into Mrs Creosote if that happens.

  369. Anonymous

    The Matt Ames case is a dummy run for the main event. Lets hope justice is seen to be served and Matt boy gets his wings clipped so to speak. Its time the Ames family were brought down a peg or three.

  370. Thirty sicks

    @ Robert Storey
    Whatever did happen to that Harlequin hotel in Barbados. H was it called? Is it derelict still?

    Bob seeing as you are so close to Dave Ames, Harlequin, the SFO and the Essex Police investigation you might know? Perhaps you can enlighten us?

  371. Anonymous

    Naff off, I’m watching A place in the sun. I have no time for your stupid questions.

  372. Anonymous

    The victimisation of the Ames family needs to stop.

    There is a minority out there who have caused the Ames family no end of grief and based on what. Jealousy because they could not achieve what Mr. Ames and his family have achieved.

    Just take a look at trip advisor and look at all the awards Buccament Bay has obtained.

    If the SFO or Essex Police were going to do anything they would have done it by now. Simples.

    And its time Fatchett laid off. Mr. Ames wants a trust. They are an honourable family. Matt Ames faced his investors and had the guts to tell them that as a result of the wrongful acts by the authorities he had lost his business and the investors money.

    Its time the UK government woke up. Entrepreneurial spirit will be dampened if families like the Ames’s are badgered into bankruptcy and threatened with criminal sanctions.

    Entrepreneurial spirit is not just for those educated individuals. Those without any education can prove that they too can make it. Matt, Dave and Carol are proof positive of this.

    And sometimes rules need to be broken and white lies told in order to succeed. We have all done it. Look at the thousands of Harlequin purchasers who lied on their mortgage forms. I mean how the hell else would many have been able to raise the finance for Harlequin.

    Harlequin you have my vote.

  373. Anon

    @ Anonymous 9.25pm

    Many families face a future of financial ruin because of the “entrepreneurial spirit” of this family. If you think that should go unpunished then you live your life by a different moral compass to me.

  374. Anonymous

    Look it. There are risks with every investment. And Ames was at pains to point this out.

    Not totally sure what the issue is. Harlequin are moving from strength to strength, try looking at the Buccament Bay blog. Its Fatchett and Co. blowing this out of all proportion. Ask your self why Fatfuck features has never taken legal action against Ames cause he cant.

    The SFO investigation was as a result of Newman and Wilkins Kennedy. They have since apologised to the SFO.

  375. Naughty investors

    Mortgage applications with lies on ?

    I thought investors were the victims, not part of the problem.

    Mortgage fraud – tut tut

  376. Mrs Cresote

    I have a good mind to report the naughty investors to the SFO, bugger, forgot fell out with them too.

  377. Lord Haw-Haw

    If I had been naughty, and committed mortgage fraud I would shut up.

    For borrowers, the consequences of being found out committing mortgage fraud can be severe. In the worst case scenario a loan can be ‘called-in’ by the lender which means the borrower will have to find another mortgage somewhere else. This might be tricky if other lenders discover the borrower has previously been caught submitting fraudulent applications.

  378. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    And don’t you think Mr. Ames knows the one’s who committed fraud? Just stating a fact for debate.

  379. Anonymous

    Sadly there are a couple of thousand in this boat with respect to Harlequin. Now should the SFO / Essex police prosecute the Ames family well this will come out, especially given the scrutiny the now defunct Progress Mortgages in Essex is after coming under.

  380. Anon

    Yeah right. Mr Ames was at pains to point out the risks on video when declaring his Thailand properties were “basically risk free”.

  381. Anon - reasons unknown

    No, hopefully the SFO investigation was as a result of me and quite a few other qualified IFAs who reported the scam to them YEARS and YEARS ago.

    Many of the pulled IFA reviews were down to complaints by me I’m happy to say.

    Newman, Wilkins and Erica turned up very very late to the show so deserve relatively little credit for the revolution.

    As for fat paddy conman conner, Padraig, he showed up just when the Harlequin toilet had been flushed and the whirlpool was starting to gurgle. He was unbelievably lucky to have been handed £13m-£50m of investors’ money by that thick fuck Ames, but he couldn’t have pulled it off without him.

    Ames, Wooller/Manderfield, Terry and accomplices are outright liars, deceivers and frauds, driven by greed. Always have been. I’m looking forward to the wheels of justice continuing their agonisingly slow but steady journey.

  382. Anonymous

    So why aren’t there thousands of investors looking to take action against Ames????

  383. Anon - reasons unknown

    Hmm … I mean the “pulled TA reviews” … it’s getting exciting and I can’t type as fast as my brain wants me to

  384. Anonymous

    Very amusing defence of Ames. Never heard a scam referred to as entrepeneurial spirit! So anyone can just invent an impossible dream, like building resorts in the Caribbean in very challenging locations to a scale wildly unsuitable, lie about potential returns and guarantees which could never be kept, take deposits for properties on land not owned by the developer, pay out two thirds of that money in commissions to agents and to yourself, pay out dividends to family members, before that land has been bought in some cases or planning permission secured in all cases, obviously because there is no money because you have nicked it there is not enough to begin building any of the promised property even if there was planning permission, instead go and invent new projects to fleece more commissions, and all the while knowing this had to come to an end, as all ponzi schemes do when the new money stops coming in and people actually demand to see what they have got for their money. 400m pounds taken, a 100 room hotel is the result of it. It was never a risky investment, it was simply never an investment. A child can see that.

  385. Lord Haw-Haw

    Ames did not sign the application form ( just playing devils advocate)

    Sorry to say chaps, you are stuck with the loan. Hope the Trust works.

    No other options that I can see.

  386. Anonymous

    So when did you report this dastardly crime ????? It appears no one bothered listening to you. Also looks like you got involved in an ass covering exercise.

  387. Anonymous

    My guess as to why thousands of investors have not taken action is that they cannot afford it, or think it is throwing good money after bad and have preferred to write off their “investment”. The contracts are in clear breach and monies should have been refunded, there is a clear case against the developer.

  388. Anon - reasons unknown

    Exactly! Why aren’t they suing for class action against Ames the lying CONMAN and CROOK?

    They seem more content with a 1/6000th share in a charge on the common areas of a depreciating, rotting half built resort in 19 acres of a third world country with no international airport.

  389. Anon - reasons unknown

    Anon 10:12pm – there is an SFO investigation. I reported it in 2010. I know others reported it since 2008.

  390. Lord Haw-Haw

    @ Anon – reasons unknown

    Well done for that. As an IFA could you help with these questions.

    Would it be a fair assumption that all mortgage applications for Harlequin investments would have ‘been’ for home improvements or similar?

    Would it also be a fair assumption the loan would have been rejected if it was to buy a high risk overseas investment ?

  391. Robert Storey

    @Anon – reasons unknown

    If you are so clever and qualified how do we fix it?

  392. Anon - reasons unknown

    I’m not an IFA “Lord” Haw-Haw.

    I reported to the FSA and my MP. IFAs have been reporting to the FSA (now FCA) since 2008. Have a look at Motley Fool.

  393. Anon - reasons unknown

    You don’t Storey Twat. Like I have been saying for years, you liquidate it and bang Ames and accomplices up for a long time for fraud.

  394. Anonymous

    Totally bizarre. Complaints to the SFO as far back as 2008, going on 6 years and the authorities never stopped Ames from selling. In that period he took say £300 million. If I were a betting man the SFO aint going to do jack shit.

    And neither are the thousands of investors we are told lost money.

    So why is Fatchett doing a trust which only helps Ames if Ames conned all these people out of money.

    And if Ames’s assets are frozen how come he travels first class, has drivers, gardeners and maintenance workers working at his house.

    What a load of bollox.

  395. Anonymous

    @Robert Storey – In the case of HD liquidation equals euthanasia/
    mercy killing. It is terminal. Liquidate period.

  396. worriedinvestor

    @Anon – reasons unknown

    You moron Erica started this and totally deserves credit for this, not you. Have you had people in your garden? following you? calling your home all hours, asked for you laptop? I have had people in my bush hiding recording equipment.

    Erica is a hero and should be thanked.

  397. Larry Grayson

    The Pink Pound is the way.

    Heads we win, tails you lose.

  398. Steph

    Can we include the Ames family in that euthanasia?

  399. Robert Storey

    @Anon RU, you fall for the impersonator every time. It’s a pity your brain doesn’t work as quick as your fingers. You really are guilable.

  400. Gay Pride

    I hope that comment was in any way Homophobic? I’m pleased to say we have Alistair looking after our interests.

  401. Robert Storey

    Who has been in Erica’s bush. The thought makes me shudder.

  402. Topiary

    @ Robert Storey

    I think Paddy has had some of his heavy plant machinery doing a bit of topiary.

    They have filled two skips already.

  403. Anonymous

    Anon @ 10.31, totally agree. In this modern age with Stanford and Madoff as examples, it is truly amazing that this has gone on so long. There is so much patently wrong and illegal about what has gone on. Ames appears daft in the world of business and basic speech, but he appears to know how to fend off authorities, enrich himself from the funds of others whilst clearly breaching all contracts and spectacularly falling short of delivering on his promises. And all the while he manages to keep people believing in him and even set up a trust to protect him, many years after he has supposed to complete resorts that have not even begun yet. He will be encouraging fraudsters everywhere to fill their boots, a poster child for would be conmen, as indeed his son alluded to in his own fraud trial.

  404. Silent Steps

    Have you a report, or do you prefer Skype?

  405. Anonymous

    Steph – Even the Dutch wouldn’t go that far. But I feel your pain.

  406. Silent Steps - A secret coven?

    So at last we have the unveiling of Mr Cliff Jones my former director of security at BB who since I terminated his services in March last year has ever since he lost his case for unfair dismissal and claim for US$72,000 has aligned himself with several other malcontents such as dishonest contractors, accountants, etc. what a fine bunch they make and obviously a reliable source for you Erica as you quoted the message from Cliff earlier!

    Cliff I know you are not an investor and other than a terminated former employee, oh I will bring your file with me for the record to shed light on the truth, in what capacity are you attending the meeting Saturday, other than as an agitator and accomplice of O’Halloran?

    Pass on my regards to Paudie, Jeremy, Mac and Dave Mann oh and happy to meet you all on Saturday!

  407. Dave Anus

    This is from Cliff the Freemason. Never been in contact with Erica, should say : Never out of contact with Erica.

    March 6, 2013 at 6:19 pm
    How arrogant Sean.

    I was never “Your Director of Security ” You pompous fool. It was Mr Ames who employed Me . But hey live in Your little bubble.

    Which looks like it will burst soon ..

    As for printing “Private And Confidential ” information on here that has just displayed your complete incompetence. HR Issues are confidential . Also factually You are wrong , but You have always been a stranger to the truth.

    What email or comment of mine did “Erica” print, as I have not had any contact with this Lady.

    FYI Sean I have relayed Your latest indiscretions to Mr Ames and also Harlequin HR oh and My Solicitor .

    See You Soon !

  408. Anonymous

    What meeting Saturday. ?????

  409. Robert Storey

    @topiary might as well go all the way and go for a Hollywood. There will be no hiding place then.

  410. Anonymous

    Jeremy won’t be there, too busy settling into his new house.

  411. Anonymous

    Is this the same Robert Storey who NEVER lowers himself
    to sewer talk? Nah!…must be an imposter.

  412. Anonymous

    Silent steps and Dave Anus are one and the same person who are resurrecting last years posts on BFP between Sean Ghent and Cliff Jones
    The meeting they are discussing is Broughtons

  413. Anonymous

    What is the point in bringing up irrelevant posts from a year ago. It will not change the outcome of the Matt Ames trial either way.

    And how come some posters are certain Matt Ames will be found not guilty. Do the Ames family and those who support them honestly believe they are above the law?

    It certainly appears that way.

    And does RL not have the ability to take Ames head on. They seem to pussy foot around him at every stage. Its very apparent that G. Fatchett is doing Ames’s dirty work and bidding possibly by coercing all and sundry to join a trust which only dilutes investor interests by a much larger degree then what investors could hope for in a liquidation of the assets.

    Has Fatchett ever worked on liquidations??????? To do so he would understand that the investors would have a very large say in the appointment of any liquidator and deals could be done.

    Looks like this Fatchett guy has completely over stepped the mark here and I can see him facing a rough time of it from investors, the SRA and authorities in the future.

    Sad really because all the Ames family appear good at doing is wrecking many peoples lives.

    I know of no single family as reviled and held in contempt as the Ames family is.

  414. Anon

    I’m sure people are right to point out that the jury’s verdict is far from a foregone conclusion. Despite ludicrous defence lines like, “I honestly bought some saplings from a guy called Eddy but paid in cash because there were no banks around and, no, sorry there is no paper record of this”, the old line of innocent until proven guilty holds in our legal system.

    All twelve members of the jury have to be sure Ames set out on a deliberate path to deceive investors. So even if a single voice remains unconvinced then they are duty bound to return a not guilty verdict. This is the high bar of criminal prosecution.

  415. Bro. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    Believe me it’s not guilty

  416. Anonymous


    2 travel operators give health & safety thumbs-up following floods

    Buccament Bay Resort in St Vincent – one of the islands affected by the Caribbean Christmas floods – has successfully passed independent health and safety inspections by two of the world’s leading long haul operators.

    The inspections follow the tragic and freak storms on Christmas Eve 2013 that saw a reported 15inches of rain fall within 24 hours on St Vincent & The Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica, causing flash floods and landslides that claimed at least 22 lives, including a dear and valued member of Buccament Bay Resort staff who was on her way home from the Resort when the storm hit.

    The Resort experienced a small amount of non-structural damage in the storm; however, under the leadership of the excellent management team, it was cleaned and restored to normal operating conditions within just a few days and continued to receive excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, including comments such as:

    Raz_Khan: “The resort operated as if nothing had happened… If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday with everything at the highest quality, but with the option of activity if you want it, then I can thoroughly recommend it.”

    Jimi-uk: “We stayed for a week from 13th January. On the resort property and beach areas you could find no trace of any flood damage at all. The staff were some of the friendliest I have ever experienced in a hotel property.”

    Mike D: “The management and staff have worked miracles in a very short space of time. Our villa right on the golden sand beach overlooking a clear blue and clean ocean was perfect.”

    Rotciv: “We are at Buccament Bay now. I would never know that my room was flooded… The resort staff are so friendly and very enthusiastic about the hotel.”

    Harlequin would like to thank the Resort team for their outstanding professionalism in minimising the impact of the storm on guests and quickly restoring normal operations under such exceptional circumstances.

    Please see the photographs below, which were taken on resort on 28th December 2013, just four days after the storm.

    img_5743 copy xs.png
    img_5745 copyxs.png
    img_5703 xs.png

  417. Rumpole

    Anon February 6, 2014 at 7:25 am
    Actually, that’s not quite right about returning a not guilty verdict. It will be up to the Judge. Agree with everything else you say.

    The jury will be told when they first retire that they must reach a unanimous verdict. Since 1974 juries have been allowed, in certain circumstances, to reach a majority verdict. This is a verdict of 11-1 or 10-2. If some jurors have been discharged during the trial, perhaps because of illness, then if there are 11 jurors there can be a verdict of 10-1. If there are 10 jurors, then 9-1 is acceptable. If there are 9 or fewer jurors then the verdict has to be unanimous.
    Source: ukcriminallawblog

  418. Sid

    Bro. Leaky Leaky, how could you possibly know? Are you in league with the jury?

  419. Anonymous

    Perhaps the jury all went to BB with the Judge as they are all masons. Lol

  420. Sid

    I bet Ames hand picked the jurors from his lodge….which is actually Isleworth Crown Court.

  421. worriedinvestor

    It would reveal the likes of this, a totally corrupt little man ( and that’s with one n ) tick tock Matts been in the dock

  422. Short Legs, short steps

    I would say
    Pasos cortos, visión larga

  423. Sid

    ¿Qué significa?

  424. All seeing eye.....

    If you look on line the Provincial lodge head office is in Wickford, the very village Ames lives in.

    Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex
    2 Station Court
    Station Approach
    Essex SS11 7AT
    01268 571610

  425. Short Legs, short steps

    Sid, lets just say there is only a few that know the significance of ‘silent steps’, it’s a very subtle way of letting them know 😉

    A play on words……

  426. Are you Mann enough?

    Moving forward and getting back on track with our lives doesn’t take a day. It takes a lot of small silent steps to allow us to break free from our broken self and move on

  427. green wishy washy

    Re Matt Ames FRAUD TRIAL
    10:25 am today
    The jury has retired to consider a verdict

  428. 17 year old hacker for hire Romania

    Dave do you still need my services?

  429. Anonymous

    Cannot believe it. The verdicts in. Its a not guilty. NOT GUILTY. Unreal. A NOT GUILTY Verdict. He is innocent. Wonder will he sue the police. Wonder will he go back to work. I’ve been a fan all my life ………………………….. ooops sorry wrong website, mia culpa. I was referring to William Roache.

    Is your boy Matt being accused of being a paedophile or sexual deviant. Must be awful. He is free he is free he is free………………….William is free ……………….

  430. Erica Broughton

    I can confirm I have sent my cheque to RL and joined the Trust, I made an (expensive) mistake with CLC.

    I feels totally stupid.

  431. Sid

    I’m sure Deirdre is ecstatic.

  432. Sid

    William Roche must be a mason.

  433. Carole Ames Thoughts of the day

    Oh what do I do My Matty boy has stood here and told them horrid silly people that he learnt everything from Daddy Ames . That barrister chappie from the other side tried to make my boy out to be a low life criminal accusing him of taking peoples money and not buying trees …. its a bit of a worry because eddie missed his easy jet flight but Im sure that nice man will direct the great unwashed to find my boy innocent . Daddy has told me he will donate two front line cabins at BUCCAMA …… WHERE THE HELL SHALL I PUT THE INDIAN RESTAURANT NOW ONLY GOD KNOWS!!!.Needs must though AND AFER ALL WE HAVE 9000 UNITS .

    Carole , you complete lunatic “we have 9000 contracts we have 102 units !!! idiot woman . Daves Ames stomps off stage left

  434. Dave Anal

    Cliff Jones Harlequins gun toting security guy was a Mason, just like Dave and Simon Terry

  435. Anonymous

    @Erica Broughton Do not be upset there are about twenty odd other people made the same mistake with regards to CLC.

    It is really not your fault that CLC/CPC put your name down on the court documents instead of your just shows their incompetence

  436. Sid

    Is the CPC claim still ongoing? I thought Erica had been offered a full refund a while back?

  437. ahem

    Sid I think you’re right. The posters are shit-stirring HP trolls just being mischievous and trying to derail the thread. One can always detect the work of that pasty-faced little git at Basildon (the fat one with conjunctivitis and acne).

  438. Sid

    She sounds like a dream. No wonder she has so much spite to offer. Why don’t the pro-Harlequin lot try to represent themselves in a more professional way…which is what they should be doing in order to show us mugs/investors that they really are on our side and we should have faith in them. I don’t think I’ve seen a post from HP yet that didn’t make me massively regret ever stumbling across them. The whole experience of being a HP investor has been horrific since the start and won’t improve….but that’s not news to anyone.

  439. Anon

    Sid the CLC / CPC case is still ongoing. My guess is the freezing orders are now beginning to hurt Mr. and Mrs.

    I have never seen such blatant rubbish concerning active litigation. CLC have obtained and are now rigorously enforcing the freezing orders against Mr. and Mrs. Ames and Ames is trying every dirty trick in the book to derail this process.

    Ames owes money to purchasers, 22 purchasers have decided the trust is not for them and have taken a class action against the Ames’s personally. Twice already the purchasers argumements have been upheld by a judge, once in granting the freezing orders and subsequent to this in upholding it.

    The parties are all due back in court on the 18th of this month where more dirty laundering is likely to be hung out for all to see.

    Of course Mr. and Mrs. Ames will not want any of this played out in the full view of the public but instead of settling this case Ames would prefer to derail it.

    Watch out for some real nasty stuff from the Ames clique in the coming days in a bid to derail this particular action.

  440. Sid

    Thank you for that Anon.

  441. View from the hill

    @there a pretty solid bunch the CLC/CPC lot .they sail on doing there thing without a whisper in public . Interesting ways ,

  442. Anon

    Remember those who shout the loudest have the most to loose. And from where we are sitting its hard to hear anything with the racket Fatchett, Ames and Harlequin have been making these last few months. I mean just how many more updates will Fatchett produce before getting off his ass and finally doing something.

  443. Robert Sorey

    @Anon, I thought it was 23 claimants. It hasn’t reduced to 22 because one has dropped out and is claiming their money back from CPC under a ” no win, no fee” action?

  444. £7000 punt for CPC , great idea

    CPC / CLC are good at taking £7000 per month from clients,and £10k in fees – for what????

    If they lose? Expensive legal fees.

    What if Mr & Mrs go bust, they don’t like that scenario & I expect lots of comments now…….

    Maybe it was just a mistake to take this approach?

  445. Thirty sicks

    @ Robert BS storyteller
    Why are you so concerned with such trivia and minutiae? Does it really matter if one did actually drop out as you insinuate? There are still 22 aggrieved claimants pursuing Ames and they are seeing results.

    Jeez! You are one boring fuckin’ old pedant.

  446. Thirty sicks

    @ £7000 punt for CPC , great idea

    I am tired of this innuendo Prove it or shut your trap!

  447. Anonymous

    Someone is very touchy about CPC…………… wonder who that could be?
    one of the 22, or the I that left?

  448. worriedinvestor

    Now now you know that’s not what we do on here 😉 tick tock

  449. Sid

    And why would it matter if Mr & Mrs go bust? Their assets are ‘frozen’ aren’t they so if they do go bust the secured property will be sold and the 22/23 will get their money won’t they? Isn’t that how it works?

  450. worriedinvestor

    No Sid, they just have to stand in line with all the others.

  451. Sid

    Really? I thought the whole point of the exercise is to ensure your money is secure and give you priority over other claimants. If that isn’t the case, then I don’t like their odds as Ames will go bust before he settles with anyone.

  452. Jack Sparrow

    Well he can’t pay the £2.5 million anyway, don’t have the cash..

    He may just do it to spite the investors for trying such action – he is going to lose the assets anyway if CLC win the case.

    Then what will they get back? 20% 25%? then take away costs = SFA

  453. Sid

    I think you could be right Jack, though completely understand why they have taken the action they have and admire them for taking a direct stand against Ames personally. Though I do feel like I have dodged a bullet by not getting involved.

  454. Robert Sorey

    Ha ha thirty Sicks. So you cannot deny it then. The cracks have been opened. You think it’s trivia because the truth hurts. Anon let the cat out of the bag. LOL

  455. Thirty sicks

    Fuck me! Bob what are you on mate? It’s only just after six o’clock and already you are incoherent.

  456. Anon

    Sid there has been a lot of talk about whether the Ames family declare bankruptcy or not.

    To put this beyond doubt. The following has to be considered.

    1. Garreth Fatchett is pushing hard for a trust. He claims (wrongly) that the trust will secure purchasers investments. The trust does more to protect the interests of the Ames family then it does to secure purchasers investments.

    2. If Ames was to declare personal bankruptcy his assets including the RDC’s would fall into the hands of the Ames’s personal insolvency practitioner. His role would be to liquidate the Ames assets to settle debts due by them, this would include the 22 claimants left in the CLC case.

    In other words if the Ames’s Mr. and Mrs. were to declare bankruptcy it would cause the collapse and liquidation of Harlequin and an end to the trust.

    3. Once CLC obtain a judgement against the Ames’s Mr. and Mrs. they become secured creditors. Unlike those in the trust who no matter what will always remain unsecured creditors. Fatchett has never once answered any questions on this issue.

    4. Even if the Ames family decided that personal insolvency was an option, this could be challenged in a UK court.

    5. The truth of the matter is that the Ames family may not be as illiquid as those on this site might like us to believe. The resultant discovery process as part of the CLC case may well demonstrate what the real total of the Ames’s personal assets are.

    This process is due to commence shortly.

    This may very well prove most embarrassing to the Ames family and indeed Mr. Fatchett.

    The bottom line appears to be that the Ames family are very unhappy about their personal assets, how they came about them and the promises they made to purchasers being aired in open court.

    It appears that those who support Ames are advocating a do nothing approach. Of course all this does, is protects the Ames family.

    There is also much talk about an Erica Broughton. Whether she is, or is not involved in the CLC Action is frankly irrelevant. Using this as some sort of proof that the CLC action is some what flawed is just pure stupidity on the part of those who support Harlequin.

    All the Harlequin supporters are doing is demonstrating how low they will stoop in their bullying of an individual who’s sole crime was to have invested hard earned money in a number of units in Harlequin’s portfolio. Based on false information provided to them by Harlequin and its agents.

    The question that should be asked prior to anyone joining the trust now, especially given the attitude by Harlequin and their supporters towards litigation against them is why should we forgo our options with respect to taking legal action against the Ames family as a precondition to joining a trust which is being bandied about as the only way of securing our investments.

    The irony is that those who are the most litigious are now trying to force a trust upon us where we will have no legal recourse.

  457. Robert Sorey

    @4.42 I was “a f***ing old pedant” Now I’m your mate. How strange. Hope you could understand this ok.

  458. Thirty six sicks from Bob's mouth

    Oh and another thing Bob, aka 36, Sportman, Fatchett does not represent me, FDNRM

    Try to remember to change your name back to the correct spelling after you post under another name.

    Robert Sorey… Freudian slip or what?

    Worra dunce.

  459. Robert Storey

    Different computer

  460. know enought to know this is a scam

    what is the matt ames trial verdict….all gone quiet?????

  461. Anonymous

    Same idiot

  462. Anon - reasons unknown

    Easy to forget how to spell your name when the computer doesn’t do it for you. Tawt.

  463. Robert Storey

    Anon RU have you managed to work out yet if it’s my post or an impostors post yet? I know it’s a bit taxing for your brain, sorry what brain?

  464. Anon - reasons unknown

    Oh, and for the benefit of those on RL who don’t know: lying on a mortgage application about anything constitutes mortgage fraud. LOOK IT UP rather than just dismiss it as BFP scare mongering ffs. Surely it’s time to get your heads out of the sand over all issues that aren’t very nice to hear?! Knowledge is power: it will at least give you some idea of what to do (like not relinquishing your rights to sue Harlequin – duh).

    As far as consequences are concerned, the lender could call in the loan, could (although statistically unlikely, especially in these circumstances) prosecute you for fraud (to recover costs) or you may get away with it provided you keep up your repayments and they don’t discover what you’ve done. Be careful what you say on social media when posting in your own name.

    It makes absolutely no odds whatsoever if your advisor told you to lie. You signed the application. YOU committed fraud.

  465. Anon - reasons unknown

    I couldn’t give a shit Storey, you know that.

  466. Robert Storey

    Obviously. You post like you are constipated.

  467. Anonymous

    Let it out Bob, let it all out. And don’t drop your i-Pad this time.
    Splish-splash !!!

  468. Anon

    As stated once the CLC 22 obtain judgement they become secured creditors fact.

  469. Reality


    Dave / Carol go bust then the CLC order is worth just about the paper it is written on.

  470. Anon

    Silent steps you have no idea who I am, and you have failed to demonstrate how I might be wrong. If the CLC 22 obtain judgement against Ames then they are secured creditors.

    If Ames goes Bankrupt please explain where that leaves his assets, ie his sole shareholding of the majority of his overseas companies.

    C’mon now. Explain to all of us what will happen the companies should Ames declare bankruptcy.

    And what legal precedence has been set whereby those who join the trust will become secure creditors?

    You have stated what I have said is wrong so please explain how!

  471. View from the hill

    @reality …… You appear so scared of the freezing order , wait till February 18th you will be shitting yourselves then

  472. Rumpole

    Reality 7:51pm
    Not so! Don’t post information about insolvency unless you know what you are talking about.

  473. Slowly does it


    CLC have an interim order. They do not have a judgment in their favour.

    Therefore, until they do, the interim order would be trumped by a trustee in bankruptcy.

    CLC will not get to court until early 2015. By that time, the other actions will be long since over. It’s a dead duck as it cannot be brought on fast enough.

    Ames’s lawyers will do things painfully slowly. Slow, slow, slow ….

    The illness suffered by Carol will slow things down again.

  474. Anonymous

    What a vile and reviled family the Ames’s are and Harlequin are reviled throughout the Caribbean as can be testified by the attention BFP have brought to the scam.

    Those who support Harlequin are unable to formulate a single coherent sentence in support of Harlequin and Ames yet have no hesitation in attacking purchasers and others who’s only crime was to invest in Harlequin.

    The constant diversionary tactics are being used by Harlequin to divert attention away from the life wrecking ball that is Harlequin.

    Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with the Ames family have been ruined or will be ruined, including those scum Dalligan, Taylor, Wooler, Stenning, etc etc etc.

  475. Anonymous

    The CLC case looks like going ahead before Summer 2014.

  476. View from the hill

    @anonymous correct

  477. Robert Storey

    @Anon 8.10 Anyone with an axe to grind or wants self promotion can post a thread on BFP. This has been proved by the current thread. This thread has promted questions which the Author has declined to answer.

  478. Reality

    Dave’s Tri Polar !

    All three personalities live in a world of fantasy !

  479. 22 new victims

    CPC / CLC drain the lifeblood from the victims until they give in.

    CPC / CLC earn £150,000.00+, investors lose out.

    Dave knows this. He isn’t stupid. When the money runs out, so does the freezing order.

  480. Divided Loyalties ...

    Cliff Jones is a mason. David Ames is a mason.

    They will not be against each other.

    David Mann is not a mason. Paddy O’Halloran is not a mason.

    They will not be against each other.

    Easy dividing lines – hidden in plain site

  481. Daves Vices

    Dave likes a drink
    Dave likes to obsess
    Dave was paid pennies to leave
    Dave uses escorts after his wife “left” him
    Dave writes rambling messages about the unfairness of this at odd times
    Dave is embittered as he was not allowed to share in the gravy train
    Dave wants revenge
    Dave wants to be vindicated

    Which Dave am I talking about ?

  482. Windy at odd times..

    If you read the posts which go on and on they are always at odd times.

    They are so windy. We know you hate Harlequin, but the record needs to be changed.

    You’ve reported Harlequin to every authority under the sun, complained about the inaction of those authorities. No one is listening and no one cares.

    When you are beaten, accept it and move on. Do not wallow in self pity. It will not bring your wife back.


  483. In the next episode........

    Who are the Group know as Silent steps???

  484. Anonymous

    Its time the SFO / Essex police take notice of this blog. They will know why, as those recent posters tonight have. Sadly Harlequin may just have shown their hand.

    Its always bad news that triggers a reaction from Harlequin. Tonight’s display might just have coincided with some communication from the prosecuting authorities ?????

    All the indicators are it has. And it has nothing to do with Matt Ames.

  485. View from the hill

    @the Irish builders true love …..FFS that would frighten a frigging police horse ……… You paddys are brave lads …….I wouldn’t know whether to fuck it or fight it

  486. Anonymous

    OMG……….Erica Broughton/Robert Storey – Histrionic personality
    disorder – pervasive pattern of attention seeking behavior etc
    OMG they are one and the same !!!

  487. Sally

    It’s getting very CRAZY in here tonight! I think some are WORRIED what will come out

  488. Man! what a mess.

    They are worried about the the RAT virus…. all those e-mails between you all tut tut. 😉

    Dave Mann the ring leader, goes back years with Erica….

  489. anon

    If Broughton is no longer in the CLC case and she is no longer friends with her secret lover then she is on her own? She must be a loose canon with no one to talk to……Imagine all them calls with paddy who know’s what secrets he told. 😉

  490. Dave Ames

    For Matt from Dad.

  491. Sally

    MWAM Dave Mann was never interested in Broughton she was too old for him 😉 he’s like William cockroache he likes them veryyyy young……Do tell what emails you speak of?

  492. Dave Ames

    For Matt from Dad,

  493. Sally

    PPC What operation? The one for the ICE ORDER 😉 I believe they are VERY close, or the CHANGE op 😉

  494. pink pound

    Good pink news today. floweth …

  495. Anonymous

    I do wonder what it is that have the Harlequin mob so excited tonight. No doubt they have received some not so good news. Perhaps some communication from the authorities.

    Interesting to note that due to an NDA we have had no mention of Wilkins Kennedy, Martin MacDonald or Mr. Newman.

    We expect the jury’s decision on Matt Ames tomorrow. This decision will decide the future direction the prosecution of the rest of the Ames family will take.

    It is rather comforting to see the Ames family in such a distressed state.

  496. Pearl Necklace

    We can talk about Mack if we need to …

  497. Anonymous

    Mr Newman is too busy sorting out his internet in his downsized house in Walton on Thames. He is totally out of the picture now.

  498. Anonymous

    Why not lets talk about how a bunch of greedy unscrupulous lying wankers managed to con 9000 people out of in some cases their life savings and out of £400 million.

    And why not talk about how those wankers truly believe they are untouchable.

    And how those wankers and absolute cowards will do anything to prevent the truth getting out. DALLIGAN, STENNING, WOOLER, TERRY, TAYLOR, MACKEY, GHENT, AMES. Etc.

  499. Anonymous

    In that case so too is the Irish builder cause Ames took all his assets and sold them and said the Irish Builder is toast. So he too is out of the picture.

  500. Anonymous

    So did WK and Newman admit to running the Harlecon website??

  501. Anonymous

    WK had nothing to do with the Harlecon site. Their only connection was that Newman was employed by WK when he was running the site.

  502. Anon

    So why does Ames shit himself when it comes to the “Men”. Irishman, Daveman, Newman.

    Why spend millions on security? Just asking?

    Or is there someone else Ames owes money too. Associates of Vinny Stenning’s Daddy perhaps.

    Or some Westham boys?

    Or friends of Dave Man ?

    Or Andy Smiths mob and his drug running mates ?

    The security was / is real. Ames and Carol and their little faggot son Dan are total cowards.

    Dave lets see you trying to dodge those Jamaicans you owe money too. Rumour has it those guys going to get you or Danny if you don’t pay up.

    You still looking for guys to take a hit out on some of your problems Dave. You do talk a lot of shit man. But dangerous shit. Loose lips sink ships my friend.

    And in the Caribbean you are now seen as a liability. A Big one.

  503. Anonymous

    Something to think about Matt and Dave:

    We sewed the sacks, we broke the stones
    We turned the dusty drill:
    We banged the tins, and bawled the hymns,
    And sweated on the mill:
    But in the heart of every mann
    Terror was lying still

    Ballod of Reading Gaol / Oscar Wilde

  504. Anon

    Excellent but its “MAN” with one “N” Dave Man. Not Mann.

  505. Anonymous

    Only “developer” in history of Caribbean that had body guards was Ames. And he had hardly developed anything. Spent fortunes of investor money on body guards. Why did he need them?

  506. Anonymous

    Some say Ames will go bankrupt, for those of us who know him as we do, he will never submit to bankruptcy. See in 2002 Ames was about to loose his job as manager of a double glazing outfit in Essex, the company was being bought out and Ames was surplus to requirements. He became ill breaking out in boils. He had just come out of bankruptcy a second time and swore he would never be in that position again.

    Ames has threatened many in the Caribbean. Ghent and Jones carried weapons whilst at Buccament Bay. These weapons were not licensed so when word got out about the weapons a scape goat was found in Jones.

    See with Ames its rather odd. Nearly all if not all those who have worked with him and have fallen foul of him never had any issues before meeting Ames.

    The following is only a very small taste of those who had the misfortune of crossing paths with Ames, there are many many more who are worthy of mention and we will get around to this at a later stage.

    Lets take Roger Manning, one of his first business partners, a local Bajan business man, Ames fell out with him alleging he was a Paedophile.

    Then you had the very short lived relationship with Brian Lara, the West Indies cricketer, Ames found him arrogant and accused him of being an alcoholic.

    Then you had Ames bribing Owen Arthur in Barbados and bragging how Owen was in his back pocket.

    Then you had another Business partner Gregory Ferrari, Ames accused him of being an alcoholic and womaniser.

    Then you had Ames sack his own son Matt for taking close to 1 million in cash from the business. Matt Ames referred to this in his trial, but this money was never recorded in the accounts for HMSSE nor is the £ 250,000 he claims he is owed recorded by Shipleys.

    Then Ames sacked his VP of Hotels and Resorts Alan Bell. Accusing him of accountancy fraud.

    You had Ames sack Ridgeview construction and accusing Royd Smurthwaite and Ken Picknell of fraud.

    Such was Ames’s hatred of Picknell that he tried to solicit a number of individuals to have him killed.

    Then Ames fell out with DLA Piper his UK lawyers accusing them of over charging him.

    He claims he sued the guardian newspaper over an article describing Merricks as a dust Bowl this was 2009, it still is in 2014.

    He sacked Oasis in 2009.

    Hazel Barr Harlequins recently appointed compliance manager as a result of project orange resigns cause she cant do her job.

    In 2010 Gary Simms and Desire Hotels in the States walked away from Buccament Bay.

    As did Wilkins Kennedy.

    Ames sacked the ICE group in 2010 then began court proceedings against them.

    Ames sacked his Buccbay Accountant Desmond La Hue accusing him of accountancy fraud.

    Ames sacked Krauss Manning the new construction company after trying to poach their senior staff, who refused to leave and join Harlequin.

    Ames’s chief financial officer Michael Slade resigns in 2010 after just 6 months with Harlequin.

    Ames sacks the majority of construction workers and employs sub contractors. He refuses to pay employees. Some employees take him to the court and just this week finally win their case with a judgement of close to 750,000 ec dollars being made against Harlequin. Ames and Commission spend nearly 3 years ducking and diving this case.

    Between 2011 and 2013 Ames sacks are looses a host of senior staff including Joerg Roterburg and Mark Sawkins. Sawkins resigns following moves by his bank in St. Vincent to freeze his accounts after local managers accuse Sawkins of laundering Harlequin money through his personal bank accounts.

    Ames accuses Andy Smith of defrauding Harlequin. Locals claim Smith and Ames fell out because Smith was not willing to share in the loot Smith was making smuggling drugs on barges bringing in white sand to Buccament Bay.

    In 2011 / 2012 Ames bribes The bajan tourism minister amongst others in return for concessions for his blu hotel.

    Cliff Jones security manager of Buccament Bay gets sacked amid accusations that he had an unlicensed weapon in St. Vincent and conducted himself improperly.

    In early 2012 Ames and his wife approach an insolvency practitioner in Essex with a view to winding up HMSSE. At this point Carol Ames had had enough. Yet it took another 12 months before HMSSE entered administration. The Ames’s were advised to “CLEAN” up a few loose ends before putting the company into administration.

    BBC probe allegations that the PM of St. Vincent was taking large bribes from Ames.

    Ghent sets up Matthew Chapman, an award winning producer with Panorama who subsequently resigns.

    And one asks why Ames needs body guards.

  507. Anonymous

    From RL blog

    I have received the following e-mails from my agent, that’s certainly good news. I must be fair throughout the process he has never run for the hills, same for his ‘manager’

    I also received the attached letter from Lifetime.

    It looks like Guardian are the only ones not playing ball?

    First email

    I apologise for the number of emails you will have received regarding your Harlequin Investment.

    I have attended various meetings recently with regards to the Trust and feel that these meetings were informative, constructive and centred around the interests of investors.

    Following on from the meetings, we have been asked to inform you that Regulatory Legal Solicitors will be hosting Investor Trust Meetings to remind investors of the logic behind the Trust, progress made to date and answer any queries that may arise. They intend to provide you with sufficient information to enable you to decide whether the proposed trust is the most appropriate course of action for you to take.

    I strongly recommend attending this event if you can however if you are unable I will send a summary out on the day.

    I also appreciate that our view and opinion on Gareth and Regulatory Legal May have changed but this is as a result of meeting directly with Gareth and also seeing evidence that supports his motive and processes. It’s in all of our interests as investors to put differences aside for the greater good.

    Details of the forthcoming are as follows:-

    The Village Hotel, Warrington.

    Tuesday 11th February 2014 at:-

    Morning Meeting – 11am to 1pm

    Afternoon Meeting – 3pm to 5pm

    Evening Meeting – 6pm to 8pm

    Please call Rebecca Handley on 01384 889900 to book a place at your chosen time.

    Please also email or text me with your meeting time as I will be there all day to assist you with any queries.

    Second email

    Dear Client

    Further to my previous emails advising you to contact the FSCS with regards to making a claim for compensation, I trust you are all in receipt of your claim packs by now. If not please contact the FSCS as advised in order to request your pack as soon as possible.

    Due to the importance of the information you need to provide and reasons for your complaint against Tailormade Independent, I have been in touch with Gareth Fatchett from Regulatory Legal Solicitors directly.
    He has emphasised how important it is to provide accurate information, getting the correct wording and facts on the claim form could affect the outcome of your claim. We have been informed that if the form is filled in incorrectly then it could result in NO compensation being paid and this is why I feel we need to give it the best possible chance.

    During our meeting we raised concerns regarding the trust and Regulatory Legal Solicitors involvement in Harlequin, however it has become apparent that everyone working together to find a solution is the best option for everyone involved and their investments. Gareth has experience in dealing with compensation schemes and has proved to be successful with Financial Service Claims previously. It is for this reason I strongly recommend we use this experience and knowledge for our claims going forward.

    Their Legal team have put together a process which they believe will give investors the best chance of a successful outcome. Gareth will be holding Legal Surgeries in Warrington to help clients with any FSCS queries, you are free to go along to an informal meeting, you will not be obliged to instruct this firm to act for you, if however following the meeting you wish for them to act on your behalf they will issue terms of business to you. Please or call Rebecca Handley on 01384 889916 to book a time and date that is convenient to you. Dates as follows:-

    Monday 24th February 2014 AM or PM
    Tuesday 25th February 2014 AM or PM
    Wednesday 26th February 2014 AM or PM
    Thursday 27th February 2014 AM or PM
    Friday 28th February 2014 AM or PM

    I feel it is important that you try to attend one of the Legal Surgeries listed above, in order to receive the best advice on your FSCS claim.

    I understand that our view and opinion of Gareth and regulatory legal have been negative but after meeting him and viewing some of the evidence and documentation he has attained I feel it would be best to put our feelings and differences aside for the best possible outcome for investors.
    If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact me. “

  508. Lord Haw-Haw

    A very interesting and articulate post.

    Ames seems to have some yet, to be diagnosed illness that can turn any event round in his head to a positive.It’s much more than delusional.

    If I was facing a firing squad I would want Ames next to me saying all is well…

  509. Lord Haw-Haw

    I’m sure Sean Ghent posted it was the other security guy that had an illegal firearm and can’t return to SVG?

  510. Toast

    A dedication to Irish builder….

  511. Anonymous

    Jeez the Harlequin trolls just don’t get it. Ames has no friends left outside his circle of thieves. As a result of Ames thousands of investors look like they are toast too.

  512. Anonymous

    Morning Carol, Dave, Nicola, Dan and not forgetting the star of today’s show young Mattie the Essex linguistic,

    I see you are all suitably suited and booted. Carol you look amazing as always. Your frown makes you look, we’ll it makes you look like you always look. Like someone who smashed off every branch of the ugly tree on the way down.

    The grand kids seem to be in good form. Looking forward to Daddy’s big day in court are they.

    Did you all have a lovely big English breakfast, it could be a long day.

    Have you brought the Kleenex Carol. It’s ok , we are all routing for Mattie. I’m giving even money on him getting 8 years. Others giving better odds on 6 years.

    Some whacked out meth heads are even saying he will walk.

    We’ll Carol we are all watching and waiting with baited breath. See that G4S van, that could be Matties ride home, be nice to the driver, no need to scowl at him.

    Have you considered plastic surgery to have the frown removed, on second thoughts don’t bother your ugly enough as it stands.

    Look behind you in the public gallery later and say hi.

    Best of luck now.

  513. Anonymous

    Sleep well Carol ? It’s exciting isn’t it. Great seeing Mattie grow up to be just like his Dad.

  514. Anonymouse

    It’s hysterical how these people with all the (made up) inside information don’t have the balls to use a real name or even a proper username.

    Why are they so cowardly? Because they know they’ll end up just like Newman taking it all back and saying sorry.

  515. Anonymouse

    You can use Newman’s apology as a template when you get caught:

    Mr Newman has admitted that he set up and operated the website and regrets his actions in doing so. He did not intend to suggest, and has not asserted in these proceedings, that the business operated by Harlequin was in fact a fraudulent scheme.

    Mr Newman apologises for the offence and upset that the website caused to the Ames family.

  516. Anonymous

    Anonymouse – Well Bob Storey (who would never hide behind an
    improper (made up) user name it will be a very long day for you since
    you have stated that you cannot comment on Mattie boy or the trial.
    (Unless of course it is under an improperly spelled (made up) user name).

  517. Anonymous

    Made up inside information ahhh no sorry. All true and can be fully backed up. So just bring it on.

    So just who is spilling the beans now?

    I suppose it’s also made up that Ames took £400 million and built squat diddly.

    Or the allegations against Mattie boy are all made up too as deluded sorry alluded to by Mattie boy.

    And now the Harlequin trolls are on here looking for sympathy,

    What about the 9000 contract holders who have lost everything, any chance the Harlequin scum will spare a thought for them?

    Didn’t think so.

  518. D Oracle.


  519. Anonymous

    Ironically the Harlequin trolls who have engaged in hugely defamatory nonsense on this site for months against all and sundry now appear to suggest that the anti Harlequin brigade will face the wrath of Ames for as they see it defamatory remarks made against their great leader.

    I reckon the Harlequin trolls are just a bunch of hallucinating crack heads.

    Now wonder how Matt is getting on.?

    Katherine if Matt gets sent down please share your thoughts on this with the rest of us.

    Or will it be seen as a travesty of justice.

  520. Anonymouse

    Who gives a shit about Matt?

    If all the “inside information” is real why isn’t there any evidence and someone with a spine going public?

    No what this really needs is anonymous comments on an obscure blog!!!

    Get that apology ready it’ll save a lot of time.

    Everyone is brave until their identity is blown.

  521. Anon

    @ Anonymous 02.29 am.
    Man you have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Ames needed body guards and security dogs at Buccama Bay cause he knows people want to kill him.

    He owes money everywhere. In St Lucia the farmers have taken back their lands at the Marquis Estate.

    In Barbados he owes millions.

    The staff at Buccama Bay always steal stuff because Ames can’t pay them right.

    His dog Commisionn is a bent lawyer, everyone knows this. Ames will pay bribes first before he pays people.

  522. Anon

    @ Anonymouse what part of the information provided do you take issue with ?

    Did Ames ever threaten to use force to have the farmers thrown off their lands in St. Vincent. For example ?

  523. A rose by any other name

    February 7, 2014 at 10:52 am
    ‘If all the “inside information” is real why isn’t there any evidence and someone with a spine going public?’

    Some did – look what happened! The most vicious vile campaign orchestrated by Harlequin and using investors’ money. There’s plenty of evidence BTW.

  524. Anonymouse

    All of it. It’s just cowards throwing shit and hoping something sticks.

    Put up or shut up!

  525. know enought to know this is a scam

    when is the matt verdict due? just wanna know the start of the fall of the ames is under way…thieving twats

  526. Anonymouse

    Oh fantastic more rumours and bullshit without evidence!!

    Jeremy took it all back when he realised the case was on the horizon and he failed. If he was telling the truth why wouldn’t he want it to go to court?

    Change the record or get that apology ready.

  527. Anonymous

    How odd, for months now Harlequin supporters have attacked, bullied and engaged in absolute defamatory statements against all and anyone who dares speak out or indeed who Ames sees as a threat to him and his families interests.

    Now today we have the same people threatening legal action against anyone who speaks ill of Ames.

    It’s really time they put a sock in it.

    Where’s the £ 400 million guys. ?

  528. A rose by any other name

    Dave Ames didn’t want it to go to court you chump!
    Too much shit would have leaked out and shown them to be the thieving Harlequin scum they are.

  529. Rumpole

    know enought to know this is a scam
    February 7, 2014 at 11:24 am

    FYI – The jury is still out. We might get a decision this afternoon.

  530. Anonymous

    @ Anonymouse The Law suit against the Irish builder is true. Ames accusing DLA Piper is true, this was reported on. What happened Oasis ? What happened the Rasta Farmers ? What happened Alan Bell ?

    The BBC were running a story on bribery until their producer Matthew Chapman was set up, although I have heard since Panorama still want to run the story.

    What about Ridgeview and Ken Picknell, everyone knows Ames sacked them for allegedly stealing.

    Andy Smiths business partner was arrested two years ago on suspicion of drug running in the Caribbean. This was reported on.

    Do you know Roger Manning, or Gregory Ferrari ? Gregory Ferrari is a journalist in SVG. Call him and ask him.

  531. Anonymous

    Ames settled the defamation case out of court. For all we know he paid Newman off. But we will never know the truth because it was covered by an NDA. And if you read the agreed statement Newman apologised not for the publication of the website but for an inference the Ames family might have read into the court documents as were submitted. The devil is in the detail.

    However if the intelligence levels and comprehension of the English language of those who support Ames is anything like that of Mattie boy well sadly that says it all. Let’s not forget how Mattie apologised to the court for his Essex ways.

  532. Anonymouse

    That’s what you took from the line “[Newman] did not intend to suggest, and has not asserted in these proceedings, that the business operated by Harlequin was in fact a fraudulent scheme”?

    Derp! Morons. Get a spine and go public or shut up.

  533. Anonymous

    “For all we know he paid Newman off” Yeah right, that is why he has had to move downmarket, from Bray to Walton on Thames. What a way to spend a pay off.

  534. Anonymous

    Does anyone know who or what entity owns Blu Hotel in St Lucia? Given it was purchased using investor funds, are investors trustees therefore in the company that owns the hotel? Those owed money by Harlequin could place liens against that hotel if it is owned by Harlequin (there are many cautions already on some of the Marquis land that they do own)

  535. Anonymous

    Anion 12:09 – Add to that H-Hoteld and reported land on
    (maybe the entire island) Petite Nevis.

  536. Anonymous

    @ Anonymouse ” Did not intend to suggest ….. And has not asserted in these proceedings.

    Seems quite simple to me, unless I am missing something, possibly an Essexese take on this ????

    Walton on Thames is still upmarket. Down market would be Wickford, Basildon or indeed Brock Hill.

    So Ames is not operating a fraudulent scheme then, phew that’s comforting to know, has anyone told the SFO or Essex Police.

    Indeed Anonymouse given that you are so certain of your facts why do you choose to remain anonymouse, if what you say is correct be brave and tell us who you are

  537. Anonymous

    Question on a point of British law – When Ames is charged and
    in trial (and he will be) are the multitude of DNAs lifted so that the
    truth will finally be out? As Anon7Feb14/1:12am implied I would
    love to here what Ken Picknell has to say.

  538. yatinkiteasy

    @anonymous 11.40am Gregory Ferrari in St Vincent is not a journalist.
    He was a business partner with Roger Manning in the early days of BB development.He is no longer connected with Harlequin.

  539. Anon

    Yes you are correct was getting him mixed up with his brother ??? Patrick. Ames held an EGM and voted Gregory and Roger off the board in 2006. It was not intended to suggest that Gregory still had any involvement in Harlequin. Apologies if this was not clear.

  540. Anonymous...

    Jury is back. Not Guilty on both counts. 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  541. Anon

    @Anonymous 1.45pm

    Why both spreading misinformation? What’s the point? The Court has confirmed that the jury has not yet returned a verdit.

  542. Anon

    Typos corrected.

    @Anonymous 1.45pm

    Why bother spreading misinformation? What’s the point? The Court has just confirmed that the jury has not yet returned a verdict

  543. Anonymous

    Isleworth 13 T20131516
    Matthew Ames
    Details: Trial (Part Heard) – Resume – 10:21
    Trial (Part Heard) – Jury retire to consider verdict – 10:25

  544. Anonymous

    Just bang the little shite up and then go after the old man – If he escapes this I will lose all faith in the justice system

  545. View from the hill

    No verdict before Tuesday …….Matty gets a weekend at home

  546. Anonymous...

    A collective Awwwwwwww. Pass the gravy Matts finger nails might taste better. Poor Carol a whole weekend to ponder. Lol

  547. Anonymous

    Would suggest not cut and dried then.

  548. View from the hill

    No court case is when a jury is involved as the evidence must prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty . If the evidence is not conclusive he walks .

  549. C U N ext T uesday

    Imagine a guilty verdict right in the middle of DA meeting in Warrington next Tuesday!!!

  550. Tailormade MK2. applies for liquadation as well.

    Well well well, Application for strike off.

    Company Number: 08079423

  551. worriedinvestor

    I think I will object to the strike off.

  552. know enought to know this is a scam

    why taking so long………if the jury still not convinced, could not be good…..seems black and white to me.

    Cant believe you can scam like the Ames do and it not blatant fraud

  553. Erica Broughton

    This is actually TailorMade

  554. You can run but you can't hide

    So Tailormade Sipp change their name to Cambridge May Sipp, maybe the directors should do the same!!

  555. You can run but you can't hide

    Our old mates from Tailormade,( in liquadation x1 and 1x struck off) whatever next!!!!!

  556. Anonymous

    How can any woman in her 80s be named in dozens of companies as a director for such a short time?

  557. CAB

    View from the hill
    February 7, 2014 at 5:28 pm
    ‘No court case is when a jury is involved as the evidence must prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty . If the evidence is not conclusive he walks .’

    Is English your first language? Your understanding of basic law is astonishingly uneducated. God help any innocent person who comes across YOU if you are asked to serve on a jury.

  558. Nosy Parker

    Alistair / Rob what happened with Openwork?

    Don’t they like you ?

    Cambridge May Ltd ………

  559. Anonymous

    Rob / Alistair.

    Don’t even think about trying to turn this cock up you created for agents and investors into a money making scheme.

    Not one red cent, put it right, do it now.

    I will look forward to hearing what you have to say Tuesday.

  560. Wot no Aston !

    Shame about the Aston Martin, what did you say to your posh neigbours 😉

  561. View from the hill

    No English is not my first language but I hope with effort to make myself understood . I apologise for my error but I am German.

  562. Anonymous

    Komrad…what is the meaning of your name?

  563. The view from the hill

    The song of the roxettes . View from the hill

  564. Come dine at Ali's palace

    Tailor Failed have a long way to fall, and the little shits deserve it. Especially that arrogant Scottish prick.

    Come dine with me for fucks sake who do they think they are?

  565. Anonymous

    Thank you TVFTH. Just listened to your namesakes on Youtube and
    have had my theory re-inforced that Western Civilization ended with
    the invention of the amplified-guitar.

  566. Son, you're on your own?

    Lets see if Matt Ames not being a Mason works?

    Could it be that Ames won’t help him for the second time? When he had a chance to ‘put things right’ he declined.

  567. Anonymous

    The latest intel on Bob Ladell.

    Dave Ames has officially washed his hands of ‘Bob’

    He found out he had been in contact with the Irish builder with a view to using the information to oust Ames.

    Lesson to Bob:

    Loose lips sink ships.

  568. Anonymous

    Looks like the anti Harlequin trolls had a night off last night. Must have been the opening of the Sochi games that kept them occupied.

  569. Anonymous

    We had been instructed to attack Tailormade instead.

  570. Difficult questions for you? TM in liquadation

    Tailormade ( in liquadation)

    Rob / Alistair what’s going on with Open works – have they fell out with you?

    How is the Taxi business doing?
    The talking wills?
    Why have you asked for another company to be struck off?

    Neil Horrabin,Paul Morgan – could you be hiding behind them by any chance?

    Not one penny you will make from this cock up.

  571. Difficult questions for you? TM in liquadation

    See how long it is before the plug is pulled on this:

  572. Such a shame, what goes around........

    No wonder the fancy cars and the £2.5 million house is on the market……

  573. worriedinvestor

    Where are the directors?
    Bit odd?
    No Rob Shaw no Alistair Burns – the TM directors?

  574. Pearl Necklace

    Great news.

    Pink pound continues as options become limited.

    Ames trial not had a majority direction yet. Tuesday this will happen. The longer it goes the more the odds shift to the defence.

    This time next week either Irish eyes will be smiling or the Ames family become almost untouchable.

    Which prosecuting authority will fancy Ames senior if junior is not guilty ?

    Mann, Newman, O’Halloran, Crozier, Broughton all campaigned hard to the authorities for nothing.

    The alternative equally applies.

  575. The blame game.........

    The blame game 😉

    Investors blame agents, sub agents blame main agents, they blame Ames, he blames the Irish builder.

    Investors blame SIPP companies, they blame Ames, he blames WK and singing pig.

    Ames blames agents he never sold it, he never give advice either. It’s all the FSA fault now…..and a dangerous woman….. and Walton, the Mason having sexy time with anyone.

    Erica blames Richard Ingham, because he is always fiddling in her bush….. She blames the police…. lack of sexy with Paddy, the Police blame Erica for being a nutter.

    God gets blames but that’s only every 100 years, so the Freemason cop for anything and everything, they blame no one cos it’s a secret.

    Matt blames Mum & Dad and the lack of banks in the jungle…..and of course consultant charges and Essex.

    Sean Ghent blames Cliff Jones for having a pop gun on BB, Cliff blames Ghent for being a racist.

    Nikki Crozier is blamed for some scam, she blames her sister, Fatchett is blamed for not being a real solicitor, Dave blames Dan Daligan for writing it, but he know it was Dan Ames…..

    Dan blames Mum, she blames being depressed.

    100% mortgages, Dave blames the banks and the world economy, agents blame Dave because the pretty pictures say 100% mortgages, Dave blames Simon Terry…… he blames the recordings.

    Fatchett blames Tailormade for being nasty, they blame him, cost Fatchett a few quid….

    Investors blame agents for telling them to say the remortgage is for home improvements, agents blame investors, the banks blame investors for being thick.

    TM goes bust they blame Fatchett, Alistair’s Burns posh cars go back he blames Dave. His wifes blames him, but as long as the neigbours don’t know 😉

    HMSSE goes bust Dave blames the SFO, Irish, builder, Fatchett, FSA, investors for not paying the 70% balance on the non completed units.
    and his wife, she blames a poor memory.

    It’s still the banking error that stopped the interest payments unless your name is Bob Storey………

    Had enough now…… but could go on….


    It’s not Daves Ames fault.

  576. Robert Storey

    Good to see that no one blamed me for anything. I’m innocent anyway.

  577. Matt and the missing trees.

    So am I 😉

  578. Anon - reasons unknown

    Nice one, “The Blame Game”. Spin that out to the UK authorities and you’ll get away with a multi-million pound ponzi scheme of deception. You and your extended family can live like Oligarchs off the pensions and equity of the uneducated and trusting lower working classes.

    Should anyone have the nerve to try to prosecute you, you can spend the peasants’ investments on top class legal teams to fight off the outrageous allegations.

    Fraud is a piece of piss in the UK. Just ask Matt Ames.

  579. Matt Ames

    Dedicated to me Dad, my mentor.

  580. Anonymous

    Why is anyone who is not happy with Harlequin called anti Harlequin? I am anti fraud and therefore anti Harlequin. If someone can explain to me how selling property on land you do not own, where you have at best grossly exaggerated returns to make those sales, have built 2% of what you were under contract to build, still don’t have planning permission, paid yourself millions in “dividends” etc is not fraud, then I personally would no longer be anti Harlequin. We have never had an explanation as to why and how this is not fraud and that is why the business community in the Caribbean feels Harlequin are bad news and have been operating a scam. If evidence were provided to the contrary, would be well received.

  581. Anonymous

    The same reason that anyone who is deemed not to be anti Harlequin must be pro Harlequin. I too am anti fraud, but because the fraud of the Irish builder is discussed then it must be a “pro Harlequin” comment.


    Well I’m anti anyone stealing my money including the Irish builder, so I must be called a racist?


    That always puzzled me why Broughton is so close to someone who clearly stolen investor cash.

    blimey I’m a fatist too 😉

  584. Anon

    But the “Irish Builder” issue has to be put in context. The sums involved are a tiny fraction of the total amount invested. Secondly, the only reason the builder got hold of the funds was because Harlequin failed to put any reasonable systems in place to protect investor money. I suppose why would you bother when it isn’t your own money?


    Don’t talk bollocks.

    A thief is a thief. Just because he nicked less than Ames, does not make it correct.

  586. Masonic corruption???

    The meeting on the 11th Febuary just happens to coincide with Ailstair Burns lodge night, The Scottish Rite. 9 pm Alderly Edge.

    No doubt, Ingham, Walton, Fatchett, Ames will attend, apparently it’s Rob Shaws big night….. he has been rehearsing like mad for his 18th degree.

  587. Masonic corruption???

    Dave Ames when he visits a lodge is greeted with open arms, he is very, very, senior, top of the Masonic Tree

  588. Anti theiving scum

    confuse d.c om
    Can’t you and your bunch of HP trolls think of anything else to post?
    You are getting monotonous and boring.

  589. Anonymous

    I was talking to the Broughtons recently and they do not speak to anyone any more they have changed solicitors as Mrs Broughtons name was put into the CLC/CPC case instead of her husbands who’s SIPP was used to purchase a Harlequin Property
    They do not read or write the rubbish posted on here,their sole aim is to obtain a refund which is what they and thousands are totally entitled to.
    It was nice to hear that they have moved on and I wish them well.

  590. Anti theiving scum

    A sensible post at 11:13am. Good luck to Mrs B.

    HP trolls and the Ames – your time will come. You SCUM.

  591. Anonymous

    It does not make anyone pro Harlequin to discuss a builder who stole money. This of course is wrong. In context though, the Harlequin “model” had long since been found to be unworkable, Ames had already paid himself millions, the builder came late to the train wreck. He did not help it, but as mentioned earlier, how can someone hire a contractor without a contract? Wide open to abuse and error – the investors had a contract with Ames not the builder. It is Ames they should be going after for not protecting their investment on the most basic level. But given he had chosen to spend your money on paying himself before even obtaining planning or buying the land units were sold on, then what can you realistically expect from him? Irish builder bad and crooked apparently, Ames appears to be involved in a far larger fraud, and again evidence to the contrary would be good to see to sway public opinion.

  592. Anon

    @ confused at 10.01am

    At what point in my post did I condone misappropriating funds?

    All I was saying is that a less careless developer would have had systems in place to prevent anything like that from happening.

    Also, no state has seen fit to put the Irish builder on trial for a criminal offence.

  593. Anonymous

    People have different points of view which is fine. Why you must be deemed a “anti” or “pro” troll for having that point of view is beyond me.

  594. Anonymous

    She has admitted she got a refund on the Brazilian investment, £45k invested, £15k returned if my memory serves me well. It was the DR investment that she was chasing.

  595. Anonymous

    Re the Irish Builder. There are some on here prepared to blame the Irish builder for all of Ames’s woes. But the Irish Builders case result / judgement has raised many eye brows.

    I am not on here supporting the Irish builder, I an on here to ask some probing questions.

    Let us take the Daily Nation article of August the 20th 2013 on the Judgement. It started with the following words, ” If the evidence presented in the Irish court is accurate” This is a very odd opening sentence indeed.

    Then you have to take the previous judgement in the Irish case. In it a judge who has since been promoted to the Supreme Court called Harlequin’s case extremely weak and bordering on vexatious.

    Then all of a sudden Harlequin’s witnesses provide oral testimony to suggest the Irish builder did a terrible job. And all those witnesses worked for Harlequin ?????????????

    Including Campion who had worked for ICE then joined Harlequin when ICE was removed, being made MD of Harlequin Developments.

    So can one question the calibre of those employed by Mr. O Halloran?, it seems that Ames was happy to re employ some if not most of them, and promote some of them to very senior positions, even though they had been employed by a company that had not preformed previously to this as claimed by Ames.

    Then you have the figures involved. Between a staggering £13 Million and £30 Million as claimed by Ames and no police involved.

    The allegations made against RLB by Harlequin in the Irish courts, that they too were involved in the fraud, yet RLB were never sued nor ever made a defendant.

    The allegations made against Wilkins Kennedy by Harlequin that they were also involved in the fraud, yet Wilkins Kennedy were never sued, nor made a defendant in any fraud case.

    The allegations made against Martin Mac Donald in the Irish case. Yet Mr. MacDonald was never made a defendant nor pursued for the return of the money.

    Same applies to Mr. Newman.

    You have Ames at pains to point out the Irish builder is toast and stating that Ames has sold all the builders assets to recoup his losses. But where is the proof of this? And what assets. ?

    And if the Irish builder is toast why does Ames through this forum continue to raise the Irish Builders involvement. ??

    The Irish builder is appealing the case. You had Garreth Fatchett state the following on the day of the judgement in Ireland, ” The Good News For Investors Is That There Is To Be No Appeal In The Irish Case”.

    Does this mean the appeal is bad news for the investors ?????

    Yet now there is to be an Appeal. You had Fatchett state in October that they need to thread very carefully with respect to the Irish Builder, again one has to ask why is this ?

    In my humble opinion the Irish builder is really a red herring in this whole mess. There are those, no matter what the outcome of the appeal, will attack and blame the Irish builder or anyone else for that matter in order to divert attention away from Mr. and Mrs. Ames and their families now wholly questionable business model.

  596. Anonymous

    Newman was fired/resigned from WK. Both he and MacDonald were implicated in the fraud in the court judgement.
    WK want to settle out of court. This will happen by May/June this year. Once this has been agreed MacDonald will be gone.

  597. scum scum scum

    I hope the Ames family is having a miserable weekend and sleepless nights worrying about what to do for the best.

    The future is not looking too good is it?

  598. Erica Broughton

    Only the irish builder and his oppo Dave Man write such long winded posts, Paddy nicked the cash to buy his wife, Ames nicked the cash to set up his bit on the side.

    It’s all about sex.

  599. Erica Broughton

    O’ Halloran goes on holiday

  600. Realism

    The Irish builder stole money, That was wrong.

    He did not sell, promote or create the Harlequin business model.

    No one comes out of this well.

  601. Makes one gag

    Don’t be silly the WK case will never get to court. There is too much documented evidence that will come out that could put the Much Maligned Midget, Crying Carol and Dappy Dan in jail. Why do you think MMM went for the soft option (also known as a gagging order)?

  602. Anon

    Again Harlequin come out with a whole heap of misinformation. Newman is widely reported to have resigned as a result of his involvement in Harlecon. Nothing to do with the Irish case.

    So Wilkins Kennedy are going to settle with Harlequin ? Will this be the subject of an NDA ? Can Fatchett confirm this will happen as part of his due diligence ? Will investors benefit from this alleged settlement ? Highly unlikely given an NDA, how will investors know how much was paid ?

    And would any settlement mean the death of Wilkins Kennedy a UK top 20 accountancy firm and the loss of some 500 jobs. I mean who could trust this firm after this ?

    And why do Harlequin choose not to mention RLB. ? They too were implicated in the Irish case.

  603. Anonymous

    The current Judgement suggests that Mr. O Halloran took the money. The appeal could reverse that decision.

    But what is most certain is that Ames took in excess of £400 million.

    His wife took £ 200 million of this.

    This is beyond doubt. Was it illegal to take £ 200 million in commissions before having planning or owning the land, now that is the question.

  604. Anonymous

    Look at the time lines. Noone saying Irish builder was not dodgy, but he came to the farce much later on, long after all sore of fraud had been committed by Ames and the $$ he misappropriated is a very small amount of the total $$ that was taken.

  605. Anonymous

    February 9, 2014 at 12:10 pm
    CLC were glad to get rid of the crazy woman, just like the other investors she pissed off.

    Broughton, is always after a freebie, CLC said no you pay your way, she went mental, said she could not afford it.

    Did she pay to join the class action or not???

    Or are you saying that the Broughton were in it for free!!!!! and I have been paying you your f cking fees????

    Good riddance; now she is touting her case to anyone who is daft enough to listen.

    So she has gone to Gareth and the trust???

    Paddy is financing it all, however, since she is out of the case his flow of information has stopped – she is of no use to him.

    Did paddy piss his pampers?? Lol

  606. Anonymous

    The Appeal will confirm whether the Irish builder was dodgy are not. Ironically the Irish builder stands to gain millions in compensation should he win the appeal, hence Fatchett’s nervousness on the issue.

    It wasn’t Ames who sued the Irish builder, it was HP SVG and Harlequin Hotels and Resorts and it is these two firms who will have to pay out millions in compensation should the builder win the appeal.

    In the same vein if Wilkins Kennedy was to do a deal it would or should be with HP SVG and Harlequin Hotels and Resorts. And HP SVG audited accounts would have to show this.

  607. Realism

    The Irish builder will not win his appeal (if at all) until 2015 earliest.

    By the time he arrives, the assets will be in the trust.

    Do you really thing the SVG courts will overturn the trust arrangement in favour of Paddy O’Halloran ?

    Do you really think that the English courts will overturn the investor trust in favour of Paddy O’Halloran.

    Of course not.

    There is too much riding on this politically.

  608. The Irish Builder Thief.... O'Halloran - the one who stole OUR money

    Such a shame he seems like a thoroughly unpleasant chap.

  609. Dave's Disco

    Now for some nice music….

  610. Anonymous

    Anon 1.32 where is it suggested Newman resigned due to the Irish case? WK will want an NDA. They will not want their reputation? trashed by the reporting of a negligence pay out due to the actions of their employees. It won’t be the death of WK but their reputation will take some recovering. Perhaps they will make the payment in order to keep it quiet.

  611. Anonymous

    @ Realism. If a court makes an order, trust or no trust the order can be enforced.

    I think people believe the trust carries some legal weight with respect to secured third party claims. It does not.

    But if you were stupid enough to invest in the first place, swallowing more crap is not unsurprising.

    Harlequin as a business is finished.

    Ames as a businessman is finished.

    Many but not all investors will spend years with an extra debt burden they did not budget for.

    Ames instead of improving the quality of life for thousands of investors has destroyed many of the investors lives.

    Simple fact of life peeps. Fatchett will give you all a bunch of documents and then let you all decide your own faith.

    The money is gone. All gone. No finance. No mortgage payments. No returns.

  612. Anonymous

    In less than four months Chikungunya has spread from St Martin
    to BVI, Dominica, French Guiana and St Barts. Should not as a
    prophylactic measure Buccament Bay start draining all those holding
    ponds? Also I was on a Liat flight several weeks ago and they do
    not spray cabins.

  613. Anon

    At Anonymous 2.54pm. Point exactly it does not say any where that Newman resigned as a result of the Irish case.

    Lol investors are so naive. No wonder many were taken in by the scam. Now some are saying Ames will get paid out by WK and guess what guys. Ames will be gone with that money too. And no one will know because of an NDA. Wake up guys. Its bullshit.

    If Ames was sure he would win any case against WK then take it all the way. Publicly vindicate the “Good” name of Ames and the “Good” name of Harlequin. And let investors see how much you have won.

    Ames you are a liar, a thief, and unintelligent Essex lowlife and scum.

  614. Realism

    There are no secured creditors. Land has no Mortgages.

    A winning Irish man would be an unsecured creditor.

  615. Anonymous

    DA does not want a court case with WK. They would just drag it out as long as they can as they can and DA prob does not have the money. WK know they will have to pay so out of court is the best option for both sides. If it went to court DA would prob go for bigger settlement. Also depends what insurance cover WK have.

  616. Sunday Sermon

    To understand what the 99% are doing….

  617. The View from Mount Pleasant

    Chikungunya is already being reported in SVG and once again the blame will lie squarely with Harlequin should guests succumb. Having commissioned a well respected water garden designer to design the system at Buccament Bay they did not complete it to the correct specification, sacking the designer before all of the work was carried out. He complained and was then subject to a full assault by Carter Ruck and I believe lost his business and was forced into bankruptcy.

    As ever corner cutting and denial of any problems always took precedence where Ames and the HP management were concerned.

  618. Anonymous

    Chikungunya has been found in 5 Caribbean Islands, non of which are anywhere near SVG. A View from Mount Pleasant = full of shit.

  619. Anon

    Unsecured creditors are only relevant in the event of a liquidation.

    Any creditor who obtains a judgement can proceed to enforce the judgement by way of a Stat demand.

    Realism these are the facts of the situation.

    Harlequin have not proceeded with a claim against WK. This is just another fantasy being generated by Harlequin.

    Investors have an opportunity to verify this through Mr. Fatchett.

    Garreth Fatchett could of course confirm this as part of his due diligence as any prospective payout would be of both interest and benefit to investors.

    However Ames is facing some difficult weeks ahead. The SFO / Essex police are about to make their move, they are waiting the outcome of the Matt Ames case to see if elements of their prosecution need to be altered.

  620. Murky old Callaloo Soup

    Just to remind the HP trolling scum on here and the investors who still think there is something to salvage here’s an old post from Trip Advisor dating way back to Sept 2008. It makes disturbing reading because even then it was claimed that investors could not get their money back.

    Harlequin Property – Buccament – A place in the sun
    20 September 2008, 8:54
    On the 26th – 28th September in Birmingham, Harlequin Property will take part in “A place in the Sun – Live” fair.

    This weekend 19th – 21st they are in ExCeL, Docklands, London at “the Property Investor”.

    Any of the Uk-based trip-advisors that are going there? Please let us know what the harlequin property say about the development in SVG and other places.

    i have been contacted by several investors sending me messages stating that they cant get their money back, mr Ames is refusing to answer the letters. He is also saying Harlequin Property is merely an agent, they need to contact Harlequin Caribbean Property Ltd.

  621. Murky old Callaloo Soup

    Just to remind the HP trolling scum on here and the investors who still think there is something to salvage here’s an old post from Trip Advisor dating way back to Sept 2008. It makes disturbing reading because even then it was asserted that investors could not get their money back.

    ‘Harlequin Property – Buccament – A place in the sun
    20 September 2008, 8:54
    On the 26th – 28th September in Birmingham, Harlequin Property will take part in “A place in the Sun – Live” fair.

    This weekend 19th – 21st they are in ExCeL, Docklands, London at “the Property Investor”.

    Any of the Uk-based trip-advisors that are going there? Please let us know what the harlequin property say about the development in SVG and other places.

    i have been contacted by several investors sending me messages stating that they cant get their money back, mr Ames is refusing to answer the letters. He is also saying Harlequin Property is merely an agent, they need to contact Harlequin Caribbean Property Ltd.’

  622. Anon

    @ Anonymous 4.10 pm Chikungunya is a disease which has no cures or antidotes and is not governed by boundaries. A number of suspected cases are being investigated in St. Lucia as we speak. The WHO are very concerned by the latest out break which is spreading.

    But the Harlequin scum will want us to believe that SVG is immune from this virus. Ames has redefined the prevention of viruses in St. Vincent.

    Harlequin are scum. Utter scum.

  623. Anonymous

    So Anon what you are saying is that 2 employees of a top 20 accountancy company can be part of a fraud while employed by the accountant and the accountant will not be liable. You get WK to state that all claims against them have been dropped and you might be believed. Until them pull the other one.

  624. Anonymous

    That Trip Advisor thread is pretty sad. This 5.5 years ago, and already several forums had been shut down by then, issues have been raging for 8 years about this being a scam and in that time more thousands of people will have lost all the money they have invested. They should have been protected from themselves. One poster saying that all people need to do is go to the office in Basildon to see how great it all is. No, when you buy property in an island, or anywhere for that matter, you go and see where the property is or where it will be built, the last thing you do is go and see a glossy photo or CGI of the people (fraudsters sadly in this case) selling it to you based of all places in Essex, some 4000 miles from where the property will be. Expensive lesson learned. The only good thing that can come out of this is a tightening of controls over selling scams of this kind. Same goes for Caribbean, although I doubt the governments here will ever learn. Do not let a developer sell property on your island and not keep the monies ring fenced for that development, and escrowed until project is financed and ready to go. Not rocket science, but then neither is being able to spot Ames for what he is and thousands seemed unable to.

  625. Yet another anon

    How about the fact the case has never ever been filed against Wilkins Kennedy ……….. Will that do ya .??

  626. Anonymous

    What do you think the expression ” settled out of court” means. Of course a case has not been filed against WK, they have been caught bang to rights. WK do not want it to go to court. Will that do you??

  627. Anonymous

    Amazing that people still defend Harlequin. Either must be in the employ, completely irrational or have a broken moral compass. Did anyone look back at that TA thread?

  628. Wilkins Kennedy refused to sign off Harlequin accounts

    Anonymous February 9, 2014 at 4:28 pm
    ‘So Anon what you are saying is that 2 employees of a top 20 accountancy company can be part of a fraud while employed by the accountant and the accountant will not be liable. You get WK t…. more…drone.. drone

    You sound so like Bob Storey. Don’t forget to tell the BFP forum that Wilkins Kennedy refused to sign off the Harlequin accounts and why.

    Apparently Carol had a nasty melt-down bitch fit because it wasn’t going her way. She is a director of many of the Harlequin companies along with her son Daniel.

  629. Anonymous

    Buccement Bay and SVG started the aides epidemic. in for a penny an all that.

  630. Yet another anon

    @anon5.20 …… Bollocks to you no that doesn’t do me pal .there is no claim there is no 30million compensation as Ames stated its a pile of shite . That do ya?

  631. Anon

    Simple fact. WK have not been “CAUGHT” bang to rights. The Irish case is being appealed. If the appeal is successful the judgement is overturned. Now why would WK want to “Settle” a matter that is still before the courts????????

    Could it be that Ames and his witnesses lied to the court. After all Ames lies about everything else. Lets not forget the judge also implicated RLB one of the largest firms of cost consultants in the world yet Ames nor Harlequin ever mention this fact.

    Why not settle with RLB out of court ?

    Is it now a case that everything Ames says is true. ?

    What happened the £400 million. ?

    What happened the promised mortgages ?

    What happened all the resorts Ames said would be opened by now. ?

    Ames started marketing the boutique hotels long after ICE Group were removed from Buccament Bay. So what happened here. ?

  632. A small wiener

    February 9, 2014 at 5:51 pm
    Buccement Bay and SVG started the aides epidemic. in for a penny an all that.

    Oh do fuck orf you silly little prick!

  633. TSG

    Wilkins Kennedy refused to sign off Harlequin accounts
    Not true. WK gave clean audit reports. It was BDO that had the balls to qualify/disclaim them. Try to get your facts right.

  634. Some say..........


    We have a busy week this week.

    Monday – 10th February 2014

    We are meeting with Harlequin and the independent 3rd party solicitors firm to review the trust documentation. In our opinion, the trust structure is 90% completed. The trust company has been established.

    Tuesday – 11th February 2014

    We have three meetings in Warrington (The Village Hotel) for investors following our meeting with agents on the 27th January 2014. We are informed that David Ames will be attending the meeting to answer any queries. We will be updating investors as it is now nearly 5 months since the trust process commenced. We look forward to seeing you, if you are attending.

    Thursday – 13th February 2014

    We have invited all SIPP providers who hold Harlequin investments to meet with us. We will be chasing attendees up tomorrow and publishing those who are attending and those we are not. Due to the seriousness and magnitude of the situation, we would be shocked if any SIPP provider did not attend.

    FSCS Legal Surgeries

    If you have received an FSCS form, we are going to run a legal surgery to advise you on your best possible approach. The legal surgeries are being held 24th February – 28th February 2014 in the Warrington area. We have information on the site and to book you simply need to call our office.

    All Investor Letter

    The letter to all investors will be printed and mailed tomorrow. The letter is going to the entire Harlequin database of investors. We hope that this letter will form the catalyst for those who have not yet engaged to do so.

    Agent Meetings

    Between meeting Gareth Fatchett is meeting with 5 more groups of agents to explain why they should bring their clients into the trust process. Every agent meeting so far as been positive. Yes, there have been criticisms and negative issues. However, we all realise that for the greater good of investors, these need to be put to one side. All that matters now, is the protection of the investor acquired assets and creating the structure which will allow Harlequin the opportunity to re-finance.

    Terms of Business

    We are issuing the Terms of Business to formally record the monies sent to our client account. These letters will be send across the next 2 weeks. They will contain a unique ID which is going to be used as part of the disclosure / due diligence process. Those who have not joined will not be issued anything.

    Closure of

    The migration process to the trust site will start early March 2014.


    The protection of investors and the best possible result for investors is at the forefront of our mind. We have done everything we can to engage, meeting with, host and explain. We are very close to the time where we have to conclude those who do not wish to take part have to be left alone.

    Thank you for your support.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  635. Anonymous

    The appeal of the Irish builder will not change the ruling of the judge that WK employees were part of a fraud against DA.

  636. Anonymous

    Yet another Anon. So now you have brought this down to Top Tumps. Believe what you want

  637. Anonymous


  638. Anonymous

    Believe what you want ? Well 9000 contract holders paid in excess of £400 million because they believed Ames. And less then 120 got built in the intervening 8 years.

    After Wilkins Kennedy resigned and after Ames sacked ICE, Ames started selling rooms in boutique hotels. He promised these boutique hotels would be completed in 18 months. Investors again believed him. Guess what ?

    So lets believe what we want. Or is it believe what Dave, Carol, Dan and Matt want us to believe??????

  639. Wilkins Kennedy refused to sign off Harlequin accounts

    TSG you’re right…thanks for the verification.

    Wilkins Kennedy, resigned in 2010 when Ames claimed that they were negligent in their duties [ie they wouldn’t do what he said].

    However, the next auditors, BDO, also had problems making Harlequin’s accounts stack up and that was the firm that declined to sign off the 2011 accounts (as you rightly said TSG). The firm issued a disclaimer saying it had not seen enough evidence to ensure the accounts were accurate.

    But never fear because according to the Echo newspaper [March 2013] Baker Clarke Partnership, conducted a ‘forensic review’ of HP’s accounts and said all investors’ money was accounted for.

  640. TSG

    Wilkins Kennedy refused to sign off Harlequin accounts

    That scenario is not what WK’s resignation statement supports. Harlequin had levied no accusations of negligence at WK prior to their resignation. Indeed, they only signed off the 2009 accounts with a clean audit opinion in January 2010.

  641. Anonymous

    Baker Clarke Partnership. Another can of worms has been opened.

    Independent ? not sure ?

    Adela Chalmers was the defacto CFO of Harlequin in 2011.

    Now how the hell Baker Clarke can say they are both independent or indeed not conflicted is beyond me.

    Baker Clarke are not licensed to carry out audits either.

  642. Silent Steps

    O Hallaran & Man are getting really boring now….. can’t you come up with anything new?

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😉

  643. Sunday Sermon

    Baker Clarke are not auditing any UK company. HMSSE is in administration.

    Odd, but the clutching of straws seems to be happening again.

  644. Anonymous

    Sorry but I am neither Mr. Man nor Mr. O Halloran. Now if you are that bored silent steps, why don’t you “FUCK OFF” so and peddle your pro Harlequin propaganda some where else.

  645. Anonymous

    Baker Clarke stated they carried out a forensic review of Harlequin’s accounts and stated all investors money could be accounted for.

    Now which accounts would those be.

    The UK accounts (as prepared by Adel Chalmers) or the Caribbean accounts ( which never existed) or was it the other set of accounts, the differing sets of accounts.

  646. Anonymous

    Don’t need to come up with anything more. Ames started Harlequin as a twice bankrupt man, with not much money as he was a total failure. He then sold 9000 units on land he did not own or did not have planning permission to build what he was selling, did not build them and paid himself millions. Enough said. And he did it all by spending investor money simply to sell more rather than build, to silence critics rather than build, and of course later on, he let himself get ripped off himself by a builder as he thought it was acceptable to have a multi million dollar build contract with other people’s money done without an actual contract. How is this man not in jail? Can anyone disprove the above?

  647. Silent Steps

    Now, now, Mr. Man and Mr. O’ Halloran there’s no need for such gutter language.

    You do seem to be getting really desperate even upset, Mr. Ames has outwitted you again.

    I’m not pro Harlequin, but anti fraud.

    Mr. Ames will get his just deserve, but it’s all about timing. I wouldn’t expect you to know about that.

    Good night.

  648. Anonymous

    I’m not Mr Man nor Mr O’Halloran either.

  649. Anonymous

    Who the Irish builder, I agree he should be in jail.

  650. Anonymous

    A pointless exercise trying to have any sort of debate with Harlequin on here.

    Ames and Harlequin will always deny anything is wrong.

    Scum. Fucking scum

  651. If ya dont make it wont

    Anon @ 7:44 Correct…nothing more to say….when Ames gets locked up the party around the world gonna be 2000 all over again bring it on, looking forward to a big party very soon…maybe even starting Tuesday

  652. Anonymous

    Hear hear. The champagne is on ice or should that be on ICE.

    Roll on Tuesday, lets hope tis the start of the end for Ames.

  653. 3 star Resort.

    The pictures of BB, that no way a 5 star resort – building site with dirty water, nothing special.

    Maybe it considered up market by people from Essex.

    SVG is a grotty little island.

  654. Sunday Sermon

    Tuesday won’t stop Ames Senior.

    He will have 3-6 months before having to put a CVA to Shipley’s.

  655. Anonymous

    @ Sunday Sermon

    Ames only has till April. And Ames will have to do a little bit more then what he has produced to date.

    Actually Ames will NOT succeed with his CVA. That I can promise you. Ames and Fatchett are not the only ones communicating with Shipleys LLP.

    And Ames is fully aware of this. There will be NO CVA. None.

    Much and all as this infuriates Ames senior.
    Ames right now is a cornered rat and whilst he is on dangerous animal he has dropped the ball recently and is making many many, well lets just call them mistakes for now.

    No CVA. No Finance. No Harlequin.

    Trust me I know.

  656. Yet another anon

    @anonymous ……… Too many mistakes looks like maybe a key advisor has left the building ?????

  657. If ya dont make it wont

    anon 9:47….the last line of your post should also read no ames…
    dave, carol dan matt. Prison is too good for them cheating bastards….pity they no gonna get locked up in the usa where prison is a hardship.

    when they all behind bars, the world gonna party….when ames is inside he will certainly know the meaning of the word “shafted” lol

  658. Anonymous

    Ames has made many enemies. Ames, his wife, his son Dan, his wife, his son Matt and his wife and his daughter Nicola and her husband and all their kids, will forever more have to look over their shoulders.

    And Carol knows this. And as for the US authorities, funny you should say that. 😜

    The Ames family have destroyed enough lives.

  659. Anonymous

    I’ve just returned from a performance of Die Zauberflote and must say
    the Masonic allusions are about as iffy as those on this blog.

  660. Anon

    In a few weeks Fatchett will send out his DD packs. We wonder if he will be so kind as to include a little detail on the financiers or will he wait till someone on this site provides that due diligence.

    It is believed (if you can believe Ames) that Ames has indeed engaged a (allegedly) Blue chip Consultancy firm to provide the necessary construction finance.

    We are sure Mr. Fatchett will Boar us with some of the details on this soon enough.

  661. Sally Erry

    Anon @ 11.12

    Starring Carol Ames as Queen of the Night?

  662. Ashamed agent

    I met up with the guy who ‘recruited’ me into selling Harlequin ‘investments’ over the weekend.

    A couple of things:

    1. He explained the Trust set up in more detail, seems the only choice on
    table, unless you want liquidation.

    2. PHIG took money from the ‘top tier’ of the main agents to fund their
    plotting and planning. It seems they are certainly not on the side of RL
    or Ames – they wanted to go it alone with some of the big players. Making
    a job for themselves.

    3. This plan never took off because the agents decided ( begrugingly) is
    the only chance to sort this mess out, notwithstanding PHIG are not
    trained or regulated!

    4. Dave Ames is attending the meeting in Warrington, I would love to be
    there but it’s just not possible, what will he say? The agents are after
    his blood so are investors – he has a pair must give him that.

  663. Poor spelling

    February 10, 2014 at 3:29 am

    Sorry if you find it a boar

  664. TSG

    February 10, 2014 at 3:29 am

    Would that have anything to do with the Earl of Oxford?

  665. Poor spelling

    lost me on that old bean?

  666. TSG

    Poor spelling

    The blue boar was the badge of the Earl of Oxford. I presume Anon 3.29 was alluding to a blue boar rather than just having poor Irish spelling.

  667. Anonymous

    A matter of regional interest : the New York Times is reporting today that
    Caribbean Airlines flights out of Guyana are under increased surveillance.

  668. Daves disco

    A special request for my old chump Paddy

  669. Daves disco

    This is for me, because I am a champion and for Dave Campion, just because he is ”The Man”

  670. Anonymous

    I see you guys are back from your meeting with Fatchett. Getting all the ducks in a row for tomorrows meetings.


  671. Anonymous

    @ Daves Disco. Are you not allowed blog and troll on work time? ☻

    Bet you cant wait to rush home to post on BFP. ☻

  672. Daves disco

    Even one for Paddy, I’m on a real roll

  673. Daves disco

    We must obey .We must obey .We must obey .We must obey .We must obey .We must obey .We must obey .We must obey .We must obey .

  674. Anonymous

    @ Daves Disco.

    Put up the Youtube video of a BLUE Moon on Monday for Mr. Fatchett or is this too BOARing lol. ☻

  675. Daves disco

    No hard feelings this is for Paddy and Dave Man

  676. Daves disco

    No, I will dedicate this to myself, feeling good!

  677. Daves disco

    What’s all this boar talk, lost on me? It’s boring. I would much rather be DJ.

  678. Coggel in the wheel

    Talk it fat shit said all the right things ……. Told you Rob and Alistair won’t be nasty , told you the clients were all falling into line and the pink pounds were mounting up nicely .

    Told you all was ready to go and not to be scared it’s all going to plan .

    Fatshit is a brilliant con man Dave you could learn loads from him ………. As you will find out soon very very soon

  679. Harlequin had a flawed business plan

    I see the amoebae that post here standing up for Dave Ames and Harlequin have begun frothing early tonight. Their scrotal sacs will be aching and empty by tomorrow what with all the vile porn and wan-king they indulge in before they post.

    And Matthew Ames’ fraud trial drawing to a close too.

  680. Coggel in the wind

    Never fear Ames will get guilty on one charge not guilty on the other . Ames will see this as a positive .Fatshit will continue his best friend game and meanwhile Corney the ice man will strike .they don’t know what’s coming keep friends close and enemies closer .

  681. yatinkiteasy

    I believe it will be left to Caribbean Companies and Individuals to take down Harlequin by suing them for non payment of services rendered..all the rest of Masons and Irish bullcrap will mean nothing then.Time will tell.

  682. Daves disco

    This is for Paddy, about BB and his wife…… well she has gone 😉

  683. Daves disco

    For Dave Man ( with 1 n)

  684. Anonymous

    -Yatink – You continually reinforce the obvious. Those on one side
    of the pond will believe and convince themselves of any and every
    thing: except the simple fact that their money is gone. Those on the
    other, who have been witness to years and years of half-baked,
    hair-brained schemes that always end badly know that their money
    is gone. Maybe that is why they post such crazy/cookoo entries
    and rely on Youtube to somehow reinforce their loss.

  685. High roller

    I’m a high risk investor, it gives me wood when it goes wrong.
    Unfortunately its balsa wood 😉

  686. The teachers pet

    The tubby trio , wow alliteration and they said you had no education Katherine ……..

  687. Daves disco

    This is for a special friend…..

  688. Dave's Disco

    One for our mates from Warrington

  689. In the name of the father

    Pathetic bastards , I cannot wait for the verdict it’s all arranged …… The sins of the father …….

  690. Dave's Disco

    One for Paddy. I am keeping Buccament Bay. You will go bust.

  691. Anonymous

    Not sure what purpose the constant posting of You tube clips does to support the Harlequin Debate, either for or against.

    One can only assume it is yet another stunt by Ames and Co. to try and stifle reasoned debate on Harlequin.

    It is sad to think that these type of posts appear to be done by someone who during the day has no access to BFP.

  692. Fatchetts Deal

    Thousands are expecting that the trust will mark an end to their woes and will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the Harlequin story, with finance flowing in and returns being made.

    But this is NOT the case. We have agents running to join the trust, just like that cowardly, sick, anonymous, scum, “Ashamed Agent”. The real reason they have run to Fatchett is that Fatchett has promised all these agents that neither he nor any of his agents or associated companies will pursue these agents for redress.

    So the trust not only protects Ames but also the hundreds of Agents who sold investors this rubbish in the first place.

    And as for the finance, If Fatchett carried out the slightest bit of due diligence on this “Wholly Fictional” financier, then he would know the trust was dead.

    There is a huge Irony in the financier Ames seems to claim is bashing down his door, one would even suggest that Ames may very well have done a deal with one of his nemesis to facilitate this.

    It will soon become apparent what has been going in in the background. The latest information on the financiers has been passed onto the Essex Police and SFO.

    Whether Fatchett is another gullible idiot or complicit in this latest blatant act of fraud will be up to investors to decide.

    Or indeed the UK authorities.

    In our opinion Fatchett at best has demonstrated complete incompetence in his dealing of the Harlequin matter and is at worst complicit in criminal fraud.

  693. Anonymous

    One might say that Fatchett views Harlequin as a business opportunity
    and NOT a legal opportunity.

  694. Anonymous

    “In OUR opinion” Wonder who this collective body is then?

  695. Thirty sicks

    Bob’s back at 9:59

  696. worriedinvestor

    Ask yourself why Ames walks free and Matt Ames will be found innocent? It’s all about wearing those funny little aprons and chasing goats around the show. Devil worshipers..

    Ames is a Mason, they are all Masons, totally scum tick tock. I know who you are.
    scum scum scum

  697. Anonymous

    Fatchett will take in close to £ 2 Million in Trust Fees. Sets up a trust company. Will provide some very basic due diligence, then will leave it up to purchasers to decide.
    Fatchett will be no longer involved once the trust packs are issued.

    So you are left with 1000’s of investors who hold a few ponds and paths. And Ames still controlling Harlequin.

    Wow Fatchett. Who have you just helped. 5000 – 9000 contract holders to give up all legal recourse in return for some ponds and paths.

    Who the hell benefits from this ? Yeah Mr. and Mrs. Ames. Fantastic. Who do you really represent ?

    What a sham. ? What an utter sham ?

  698. worriedinvestor


  699. Anonymous

    “Buccament Bay Resort Woos Locals” is an article in the Searchlight. Surprised there has been no comment on this at all.

  700. worriedinvestor

    Goats total perverts, no wonder Ames is involved.

  701. Robert Storey

    @Thirty Sicks, am I? Where is that then?

  702. Masonic bullies

    A Freemason is a person who knowingly destroys peoples lives for self gain.

    Freemasons portray themselves as a good charitable fraternity of men. They own the media so they get to say what they want. They have infiltrated all of society. It is nothing less than an international money making scam (same as the crooked pyramid schemes). Did you know that the ninth degree Masons take their vows to kill for Freemasonry ???? some charity. Masons are also the NWO’s foot-soldiers. All secret societies, orders and cults are as one (intertwined) with this evil human virus called “Freemasonry”.

    In defence of most Masons, they were conned in the first place. They were led to believe it was a good fraternity of men, then they were hoodwinked and threatened with violence. If they had known this before they joined, nobody would have anywhere near them. Masons are trapped into this extreme evil, they are too scared to talk freely. They have become FM slaves and most have become crooked benefactors.

    This information is brought to you by Second Family (UK), a support/pressure group for victims of Freemasonry. We are not a hate or revenge group, only peaceful campaign for change and to educate 90% of the world. One Mason will lead you to all other Masons in business/politics/authorities and at social events,
    engagements, weddings and funerals.

    We at SF recently contacted UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) and GLOS (grand Lodge of Scotland) and the top Masons at Rosslyn Chapel and others. We invited this “good charitable fraternity of men” to talk to talk to their victims in front of a live audience and cameras, no response. SF’s offer is still available.

  703. Anonymous



    We have a strategy for all categories of investor. We will publish this with the due diligence.

    What we cannot do at this stage is make it obvious. It may allow others to take a more defensive approach.

    Be patient.

  704. Masonic terrorists?

    More proof required???
    Freemasons are the invisible terrorists within the local community. They could literally clear up crime in 24 hours with the technology available. We pay for it and they get to abuse it. Did you know that 90% of Taxi
    Drivers are Masons. They see, hear and relay all movement and conversation straight back to the Lodge.

    Forget worrying about the I.D. cards and eventual Microchip, your mobile phone is your 24/7 electronic tag. They already know your every move and calls since you bought one.

    Now, don’t get us wrong, we all need security and we do respect the non-Masonic government officials and non-Masonic professional people. Freemasonry is illegal under International Law, Humanitarian Law and Common Sense Law.

  705. Matts Disco

    To Mum & Dad

  706. Matts Disco

    For my Wife and kiddies

  707. Mission possible

    What’s the big surprise Ames sucking up to his former associates ????? You stupid people the financier is Ohalloran , always has been .
    It was a set up , why do you think Ames never enforced the judgement in IReland ……. He won .
    Fatchett gets rid of the investors for a couple of ponds and a footpath , O halloran builds up the resort and it all gets sold to a mystery company for five pence in the pound ,

    God you lot are as thick as shit

  708. Daves disco

    Pissy Pampers Paddy

  709. Daves disco

    I promise this is the last one, Carol has me Horlicks ready, and she has those sexy baby doll on 😉

    The is for my new best friend Gareth

  710. Anonymous

    Who is

  711. Anonymous


  712. If ya dont make it wont

    @ masonic bullies ….the wacky backy deffo overdosed tonight

    your post is hilarious

  713. Anonymous

    @anon are BB wooing locals to make up for the total lack of sympathy and support to Vincentians who suffered in the floods of Xmas Eve. Are they going to give them some of that nice cheap Chilean wine?(8US$ bott) that is served at the 5 star resort
    What have they done for the family of their employee who died in the floods that day?
    Their insincerity is obvious and deplorable.

  714. Anonymous is based in based in suburban Essex………….curious?

  715. Anonymous

    The directors of the company are a Mr. Mark Coggle (former CFO of ICE Group) and a Mr. Stephen McConaghy (former construction director of ICE Group)

    They claim they can make between 1 million and 700 million + available for projects.

    And their expertise is the Caribbean.

    Now wonder what connection they have to this mystery financier.

  716. Anon.........

    Where have Mr. Coggle and McConaghy been the last few years, oh yeah the Middle East. Where have O’ Halloran and Man been the last few years, oh yeah the Middle East.

    And half of Jamaica has been out there too. Oh yeah, who sued Ames and won in St. Vincent, you got it, a bunch of Jamaicans.

    Course Ames and co. will deny any involvement with any thing. As will Fatchett.

  717. In the Know

    Word on de street is dat Ames be set up for a big fall. O Halloran, Man and dem Jamaican brothers too well conected.

    Ames now fucked in de Caribbean. He rip off Preconco in BIM.

    Coggle he working both sides. Always has. McConaghy he fraid of his own shadow. He do wat he told.

  718. worriedinvestor

    Crozier will be there today in disguise, very few people know what see looks like, that’s odd don’t you think? Why is that?

    Walton will be there with Ingham,another Mason.

    Walton admitted to being a mason, he has connections to Italy and Eastern Europe, both associated to organised crime, like the masons.

    He should get on well with Crozier. 😉

    tick tock……watching n waitin

  719. worriedinvestor

    These are behind the finance, ha! tick tock

    O Halloran wont allow this, just you watch…..tick tock.

  720. Anonymous

    Morning Carol you wrinkly old bag you. Are the grand kids in good form. Have they a day off school. It must be very exciting in the Ames household this morning. Lol.

    What with Dave gate crashing the meetings in Manchester and you and that ponce Dan heading to Isleworth, its a busy time for the Ames’s.

    If its any consolation we are hoping Matt gets 10 years. Thats 10 birthdays Carol, 10 Christmas, 10 anniversaries. Will you or Dave be still alive when Matt gets out ?

    What age are you now 63, 64 65?

    Jeez I just remembered you will probably be inside for 5 to 10 your self.

    At least Dave might end up with Matt, you wont though you greedy old cow.

    How Ironic, Dave gets a chance to see his days out with the son he reviles and on the other hand you may never get to see him again. And you love him. As they say only a mother could. Lol

    Does it not bother you that this could happen lol. Its so funny.

    Now fuck off Carol enjoy the show in Isleworth, here is hoping for a cracking result.

    Oh before I forget, given that Danny is up to his neck in this too, cherish every moment you have with him cause when you get banged up so will he so it will be bye bye time to Danny too.

    So final. So scary. So real.

    Now fuck off and enjoy your day you old thieving bag.

  721. Let's hope Carol get a very nasty shock

    Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  722. Anonymous

    Has the jury reached a decision yet re: Matthew Ames

  723. know enought to know this is a scam

    The longer the jury is out the more chane of the wrong verdict :-0(

    Still cant see how you can sell trees, buy em cash as no banks and then order a Lambo and there is no fraud intended

    If he walks, bollocks to running a legitimate business gonna go into the Ponzi anything business.

  724. Rumpole

    The jury was not debating yesterday they only resumed today. There are two charges. One charge relates to the Investor Club, which was set up in 2008, which allegedly took £846,494 for investments in teak tree plantations in Sri Lanka.

    The other concerns Forestry for Life, set up in 2009, which allegedly took £443,327 from investors keen to protect rainforest in Brazil and other third-world countries.

  725. Anonymous

    Is Rumpole always for the defense?

  726. Anonymous

    Well when are the anti HP trolls going to reappear? Are they all holding their breath waiting for the MA judgement?

  727. Rumpole

    MA trial jury still out. Resume at 11:40 Wednesday.

  728. Sid

    That’s one cautious jury! I only wish I’d executed the same level of caution when investing in HP!

  729. know enought to know this is a scam

    tis a worry the time they are taking, as it would seem they are not all convinced…..must be fin blind not to see it obvious a scam

    Aint no law in the uk peeps do whatever they want

  730. Anonymous

    The outpouring of indication by the anti HP trolls if MA gets off will be interesting. Will the British legal system be vindicated or not.

  731. Anonymous

    Indignation I’m sure that’s the word you meant to use.

  732. Anonymous

    Bloody predictive spelling

  733. Anonymous

    Still waiting for an explanation or argument from pro Harlequin as to how Ames has not been operating a fraudulent scheme/scam for almost a decade. Surely Matt Ames is entirely irrelevant to this.

  734. Anonymous

    I wonder why with the Forestry for Life fraud case still undecided
    James Middleton should join his sister Kate on Mustique – far, far
    from the Fleet Street press. Maybe he could do a BB day-pass
    and write a critique for Tripadvisor as long as he is in the area.

  735. Anonymous

    If you think MA is irrelevant then I suggest you speak to Anon 8.11 who seems to have a fixation about the case.

  736. Anonymous

    Today’s meeting.

    Fatchett was very good indeed
    Dave Ames was a bumbling village idiot, felt sorry for him
    TailorMade cowards never turned up, scum
    The penny has dropped with people this is a serious mess

  737. Anon

    Naw not fixated by Mattie boy. Just hoping that justice will be done and a guilty verdict is forthcoming.

    The Ames’s are scum. Just look at the latest show by Ames this morning.


  738. Hello mag

    The younger Middletons have just arrived on Mustique this week where Granny and Granddad have rented a very nice villa. I saw Uncle Beardy James carrying the nappy bag for baby George the future King off the plane.

    The UK Daily Mail reported that the BA flight landed at St Vincent airport. Hahahah!

    I would absolutely love to know why James Middleton was not called as a witness in the Matthew Ames fraud trial.

  739. Anonymous

    You missed the Tailormade wankers off your comment

  740. TM cowards

    The directors that never turned up, tossers.

  741. Anonymous

    at least ames has the balls to turn up unlike the short arse from TM and the old scottish fag alistair.
    he is struggling to pay his morgage – Im gonna write to his posh neighbours lol

  742. Eyes wide shut

    Where you at the meeting ? Rob from Tailormade was there …..

  743. Anonymous

    The only thing I can say in defence of Ames is that he has always presented himself as a bumbling village idiot. In all his speeches and interviews, he comes across as just about the last person you would invest in due to his inability to complete a sentence or clearly explain a concept in anything like a satisfactory manner. Nor did he ever present himself as someone who had even a vague grasp of reality, never mind a grasp of developing and operating resorts in the Caribbean. Yet still thousands invested and sports stars lined up to take money from him.

  744. Nonce

    @Eyes wide shut
    February 11, 2014 at 8:34 pm
    If Shaw made himself know instead of being such a little cowardly shit maybe I would have seen him.

    who was he hiding behind?

  745. Anonymous

    Judging from the RL site -Ames- the Wizard of Oz- and
    -the emperor with no clothes- seem to share a lot.

  746. The Equalisers

    We are here to bring the Ames family down. We are here to ensure justice will be done.
    We have no interest in the trust.
    We wish all purchasers the best with the trust.
    We will be happy when the Ames family are finally brought to justice.

    And their day of reckoning is fast approaching.

    And Ames knows this.

    Those looking to join the trust should consider whether they want any Ames family involvement.

    The trust will have far more chance of success if the Ames family are removed.

    Help yourselves and your chances.


  747. Anon .........

    My Dearest Sweetest Carol, I don’t know how you are managing to cope with all that is going on.

    I miss your poems and letters telling me how well you Dave and the boys are doing.

    How is Nicola, has she decided to give her marriage a chance. It must be horrible for her living on that isolated ranch, married to a guy 16 years older then her.

    I know you don’t get a chance to visit her once a month any more.

    It is so sad to think how your in laws tried to rip Dave off over that land in Perth. He was so right to tell them to shove it even after he worked tirelessly to sell out those sites.

    And the Indian that took Dave to the cleaners in Goah and then Panama.

    And those thugs in Thailand. Ripping Dave off like that after he sold all those properties for them.

    And then to have your close friend from Wilkins Kennedy betray you in such a horrible fashion. You and he were so close and he stabbed you both like a knife through your heart.

    Dave is too soft Carol. God knows I have told you often enough. Look at the money the sales guys were extorting out of you and Dave.

    Dave is so lucky to have found that very nice lawyer Garreth Fatchett. Dave was telling me the other day that he was like an angel from Heaven. Getting all those people to support you and Dave is just amazing.

    I know you and Dave were not happy by the tactics used by Simon Terry and the guy from Wales. But Carol look what he has achieved. They were right to forge the ownership documents and to provide false accounts and valuations.

    They had no choice but to pay those bribes in the Caribbean. Look at all the good work Dave was doing in Barbados. So the US $100,000 bribe to the Barbados Tourist Minister had to be paid to get the planning through. I’m glad Simon Terry asked me to make the payment. I do not think you would have agreed.

    The guy Jones who accompanied me was a bit of a creep though. I never told you this but he tried to touch me up. He put his hand on my knee and squeezed it. You know I only get hard for you. What is he some kinda lonely gay boy?

    I was so happy when Sean told me he set him up by putting a gun in his room.

    It is really none of any ones business what money you and Dave have in your companies. So what Simon did was right.

    You need not worry about Matt. I mean who the hell do the authorities think they are. The financial crisis was bad enough. But being set up by that Eddie guy in Sri Lanka. I never trusted him.

    I never trusted any Irish guys, especially Irish guys called Eddie the tree hugger. Or Paddy the builder.

    I am glad that Simon Terry has convinced Matt to sue the Police for £30 million.

    Some might say trying to have the Irish builder killed was a bit extreme. But no one knows what stress he put you and Dave through. Sean told me they nearly got him twice.

    That guy Dinky Balcombe from St. Vincent was definitely the right man for the job.

    I was delighted to hear that sense has prevailed and you and Dave have given into Simon Terry’s plan to take Wilkins Kennedy for £30 million. I would have gone for £50 million.

    I’m glad too that Dave decided not to go down the court route with the action. Keep it the same way as the Harlecon case. That way none of your private affairs will be made public. But it is best that everyone still believes that you and Dave are taking Wilkins Kennedy to court.

    I am sorry this is so short. My prayers are with you tomorrow. Everything will be fine. Trust me love.

    Always yours forever.


  748. Anonymous

    Just for Matty I hear it is seven long years……

  749. Anonymous

    @Anon 3.38 everyone knows that WK case is not going to court. WK don’t want it in court. Everyone seems to know this apart from you that is.

  750. liar liar pants on fire

    Ames if filing court papers in the next week, that what he said Tuesday morning – I seen it myself.

  751. WhatstheUse

    Was the Masonic bunch there having a meeting yesterday in Warrington? Was it the usual Fatchett, Ingham, Ames, Walton love in? Did anybody see them?

  752. know enought to know this is a scam

    liar liar….DA has all the stolen investor money to squander on court cases, the lawyers aint gonna say no The sooner all the Ames are behind bars for ever the better the world will be

  753. An observer

    I seen some funny hand shakes between Walton, Ames and Fatchett, no idea what Ingham looks like.

    Fatchett referred to ‘dark forces or bigger things’ I believe this is the masons.

  754. An observer

    @know enough to know this is a scam

    If Matt Ames get’s off, Ames Snr. will be untouchable.

    Teflon Ames.

  755. Mr Robert Silk

    I thought yesterday was well presented.

    The trust is a sensible idea and it is obvious that David Ames will be sidelined as part of this process.

    It all seems simple and straightforward.

  756. Sid

    Hello Mr Silk. I agree that Ames will be sidelined once the trust is in place and a new management team will be appointed (which can only be an improvement), but I’m still not convinced that the trust will help me recover any of my lost investment. I think things have gone too far for that and can’t believe for a minute that the resorts that do exist can be transformed from heavy loss making enterprises into profitable ones that can generate enough money to not only cover costs but pay investors a return also – which is why we all invested in the first place. All in all, I’ll keep my fingers crossed but have written my money off and am treating the whole experience as a very expensive lesson.

  757. Question Time Dave!

    I concur Sid, unless you invested by a SIPP then, you have a fighting chance.

    Ames knows he is of little long term use (and his Essex bunch) to a new investor.

    It was clear from the meeting I attended, we have all lost confidence in him and his so called team.

    What will he do with the completion money – that needs to be looked at, if there really are any genuine completions – who knows? Only the little man.

  758. Sid

    Ames will know that trying to hold on to completion money at this late stage will only discourage a new investor. So if he does try, in the knowledge that he could be scaring away anyone who has the resources to maybe rescue HP, will just show where his priorities lie….which will come as no great surprise to anyone. I think it’s important that Ames is seen publicly to be re-investing any completion money back into the business. If he tries to walk away with it, he will just be banging another nail into his own coffin. Time will tell.

  759. Question Time Dave!

    How is the Ames family surviving? Harlequin is it’s only income.

    Matt Ames – what’s his ‘job’ now?

    Maybe completion monies are featured in his exit plan.

    I will never ever trust him or his family.

  760. Sid

    I think completion monies are part of the planned exit. Which shows they are thinking only of themselves right up to the wire. But then HP has only ever been a lifestyle company for the Ames family. I don’t think they ever gave a flying f@ck about any investor (except Bob of course) until things started falling apart and they had to been seen to be responsible to cover their own @rses. Even now they aren’t doing a great deal to show their concern for the people they have ruined. Offering up a few pathways in return for not being sued is hardly giving something back.

    I think Matt is now a professional defendant isn’t he? He’s been doing it for long enough! I just hope that a re-trial isn’t called for. I think the tax payer has spent enough already on this circus.

  761. know enought to know this is a scam

    Pity the Ames didn’t get any Russians involved, as they would all be concrete pillars holding motorways bridges up by now…them Russians know how to sort peeps out who cross them…no 2nd offenders there, deffo not gonna have 9,000 offence lol

    what a cracking idea….eh komrade wanna buy a pond and a path

  762. Question Time Dave!

    Sadly all we have is hope the Trust works, other options were looked at, none worked.

    Anyone know any Russians?

  763. Run to the Hills..

    The trust will happen and the SIPP’s will be sued. The Achilles heel being the annual management charges. The sprat to catch the mackerel !

    Last night was very clear to me. I sat their and watched RL play their flute like the pied piper. To be fair, it was impressive.

    I am sure Gareth Fatchett must have been an evangelist preacher in a prior life !

  764. Pink mound


    New FSCS Legal Surgeries

    The North West based surgeries are filling up fast. If you would like to attend with us, please call our office on 01384 889900 and speak to Rebecca Handley.

    We are considering a similar event in the South East in early March / Mid March 2014 period. For us to put such a meeting on we need to understand demand, location etc. We can arrange both Central London / Essex Venues.

    A Midlands venue is easy for us as we would hold it in Birmingham / Brierley Hill.

    If you are outside the Northwest and would wish to attend a FSCS Legal Surgery please email

    Please set your preferred location (Essex / London / Birmingham / Brierley Hill).

    We expect to make announcements in the week commencing the 24th February 2014.
    Warrington Investor Meetings – 11th February 2014

    Thank you to the people who attended. We are very confident that those people who were undecided are now positive and will join the trust process. We are considering further trust update days in other venues.

    We expect to make announcements in the week commencing the 17th February 2014.

    We were worried that some of the investors who had not engaged were against the trust proposal. Last night reassures us that as long as we can explain the process clearly, investors will commit to it. There is a great deal of further hard work to be done to ensure as many investors as possible engage. We are committed to this effort.

    Thank you for your support yesterday.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  765. Anonymous

    MA guilty on both counts.

  766. Anonymous

    I guess that we are all waiting for independent verification…

  767. Anon

    Why do people bother spreading mis-information on here? The jury has not yet delivered a verdict.

  768. Anonymous

    Echo New – Baseldon is now reporting Matthew Ames found
    guilty…………………that is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY

  769. Anonymous

    Mis-information eh. Independent verification? You heard it here first.

  770. Anonymous

    Now go for the old man – end of harlequins as this scumbag said he used same business model as his dad .. shot yourself in the foot you mug – rot in hell

  771. Anonymous

    ANON – 2.22 –The Echo post to their website was made at 2:23 PM
    They are now openly calling him a CONMAN…..

  772. Anon

    And Isleworth Crown Court have confirmed the verdict of guilty on both counts with sentencing to follow on 14 March. So it is official that Matt Ames is a criminal.

  773. Anonymous

    Fantastic News on Matt Ames. Absolutely fantastic. It should not be long before Dave and Carol face the same faith. Just fantastic.

  774. Anon

    Do we presume that the Proceeds of Crime Act will now be invoked to sell assets to recover money owed to the victims of this crime?

  775. yatinkiteasy

    Former acting GM, and son of Chairman of Harlequin`s Buccament Bay Resort convicted of Fraud!

  776. Sid

    I must say, I am surprised by the verdict after so much deliberation as it must be very difficult to prove intent beyond any level of doubt. Do you think the authorities are linking the 2 cases and using this one as a test case before taking any action against HP, or are the 2 mutually exclusive? If they are linked then I expect the authorities will move soon, though this could have a negative impact on the trust.

  777. Robert Storey

    @Yatinkiteasy. Do you actually read a thread before you post anything. Only 2 hours behind!

  778. know enought to know this is a scam

    YES YES YES the tide is turning, give them Lambo keys back you are now officially a crook. Go prepare the jail for mummy and daddy coz they next on the list

    The Echo say he now faces the potential of a jail sentence, surely conning over a £1million must involve a good few years behind bars

    Is he free or remanded in custody

  779. Healed over gash

    I will offer to perform a much needed task for Matt’s wife; so it doesn’t heal over I’m prepared to give her one for nothing.

  780. know enought to know this is a scam

    @ Robert Storey………that the best you can do….once DA &CA are charged and found guilty, you gonna have no life left as you will have nothing to defend….cant wait

  781. Norman Stanley Fletcher

    Matt Ames to appeal !

  782. Man in a Boat

    Erica will be red raw by the end of the evening.

    Her Wigan jewel will be rubbed to a high polish.

  783. Man in a Boat

    This is all very exciting…

    4 years

  784. In the pink or in the stink?

    Are we talking front bum or tradesman’s?

  785. Dave Ames

    I’m Have immediately taken legal action against Matt Ames. I will have another new law named after me.

    It will be called don’t drop ya dad in the shit you little runt.

    Matt is no longer my son. Makes me wonder is Carol had an affair with a crim…..

  786. Dave Ames

    Let me make this clear, I have started legal proceedings against Carol and her whole family, even the dead ones.

    It’s obvious he is not of my loins.

    Always said those brown eyes weren’t right.

  787. Black Balled Matt

    Bet he wished he was a Mason now 😉

  788. Sid

    Of course he will appeal….I know I would! But surely he will be remanded in custody for a long time before he gets the opportunity….if it is granted of course. And what would happen if the appeal failed, would that result in an extended sentence?

  789. Sid

    @Man in a Boat 4:10 pm, is 4 years the official sentence or your guess?

  790. Anonymous

    I know that in a U.S. court MA would be offered bail until sentencing prior
    to turning over passport etc. If indeed he is, where will the money come from
    other than Harlequin investors. Would Dave risk it if any money is left.
    Crime Families operate differently from you and me,.

  791. Daves Disco.

    To my ex Wife Carol.

  792. know enought to know this is a scam

    @ Sid Once he is sentenced he will stay locked up (assuming the sentence is a jail term…and I would think it is for the size of the fraud). then he can appeal and the appeal court decide if there is a genuine reason…ie new evidence, procedure was not followed etc and if so an appeal date will be set, if not serve ya time. The sentence will only be extended if crown office think the sentence is too lenient

    The SFO may well move quicker now, as him being a con man will add weight to the view DA is a con man and they dig until they obtain the proof required to secure a conviction £400 million gone can not be brushed undr a carpet

    If I was a member of the Ames family, I would be enjoying every day like it is the last day of my life coz one day soon their freedom will be removed

    Thing is now with MA he will be barred from most countries as well so even when he comes out he wont be going off to live off the stolen loot

    I guess four years maybe six is what he will get, still gonna be a long time behind bars and very much a marked man when he comes out, he will be watched, plus big difference being a convicted fraudster (on two counts) to being bankrupt, he will be avoided like the plague….think the jury did an excellent job

  793. Anon

    I think the SFO will feel that the CPS will now have the stomach to mount a prosecution. Especially as Matt helpfully mentioned in Court that he modelled his business on Harlequin. “He learnt me everything I knew guvner”

  794. Robert Storey

    @ASOTD. Another repeat post from 2.39. Wakey wakey.

  795. Anonymous

    Give it a rest Robert – You are NOT why webmaster.
    ps – It must be frustrating as hell that you can’t post on
    the topic at hand.

  796. Robert Storey

    “Why” webmaster? HA HA, but I have posted on the topic at hand. Lol

  797. Anonymous

    Mea culpa…this is totally off topic but if they ever re-film “The Revenge
    of the Nerds” Bob Storey would be perfect as Booger. What a
    quarrelsome self-important little loser. Such a wannabe who will
    remain forever a never was.

  798. I was in the public gallery

    Carol Ames shouted at the Jury ‘This is not justice, you don’t know what you’re doing’

  799. know enought to know this is a scam

    wonder who be in the gallery shouting when they find her guilty
    oh yeah 9000 shafted investors shouting woopee

    Once DA is found guilty, the proceeds of crime will them swoop and all will be recovered inc the ifa payments…take some time but gotta be a lot of peeps now with a slightly loose feeling in their backsides lol

  800. Fat Matts, enlarged rusty sheriffs badge

    What a shame Matt’s golf buggy is up for sale.

  801. Anonymous

    Relax Carol, the last bankrupt hanged in England was a John
    Perrott in 1761. Over three hundred years ago.

  802. Anon

    Well after deliberating for nearly a week she could hardly accuse the jury of making a hasty decision! They must have turned over the evidence in minute detail.

    The judge should have held her in contempt of Court and slung her in the slammer.

  803. Order Order Order ...

    Order of events

    1. Matt sentence – 4 years
    2. Trust / Land security
    3. Dave arrested and charged.
    4. IFA / SIPP get sued
    5. Agents sued

    From high rollers to bust in 2 years. That must hurt.

  804. Anon 1

    Dave Ames is not his son. But yes Matt was not convicted unanimously, the Judge bent the rules to allow a majority verdict. That is wrong and Carol is correct to voice her anger.

    Matt was set up. Even the jury could not decide. What a travesty of justice. Its wrong. So wrong.

  805. Katherine

    It is disgusting what happened to Matt Ames. Its so disgusting. There was no unanimous verdict. Its wrong. Rules are rules.

    And the judge bent the rules. And attacking Dave and Carol just shows how sick Paddy and Man are.

  806. Justice today, more to come

    Loving it. Blatant thieving scumbag gets found guilty and the trolls blame Paddy etc. Clutching at straws there aren’t you. Even the dumbest investor ain’t gonna buy that. Lol

  807. Twelve good men

    The judge did not bend any rules he was found guilty on a 10-2 verdict which is good enough in English law .
    Verdicts can be unanimous , 11-1or 10-2 the only way it can be less than 10-2 is if a juror is discharged during the trial then 10-1 is acceptable .

    Just admit he is guilty …… It’s not disgusting it’s a verdict of the jury.

  808. If ya dont make it wont

    anon1 & Katherine…..the decision was still a majority….that means that more of the jury thought he was guilty than those that didn’t…so like most things in life the majority rule…so he was guilty and get used to it as dave and carol are gonna be next keep waiting and watching coz it gonna happen…then who next…maybe even you until it gets to the runts like knob storey

    Matt going inside for a stretch, DA & CA now even more likely to follow and all the HP trolls are gutted….superb

    btw I am not Paddy or Mann with as many n’s as you like and I do not live in Warrington

  809. Anonymous

    Katherine you blubbery cetacean – vent it out your blow hole.

  810. Anonymous

    I wonder what precisely could have silenced Robert Storey.
    Well we know that he (for some reason) cannot comment on
    the Ames family. More’s the pity because he usually posts a
    clear-eyed (not) commentary on any and sundry irrelevant topics.
    That is if your perspective is warped.

  811. Masonic revenge......

    Think about the date of the conviction.


    1+2 = 3 3rd Degree in Freemasonry
    2×2= 4 +1+4 = 9 divide by 3 = 3

    33rd degree The highest Masonic degree.

    Message don’t upset the Duke of Kent.

    All hidden in plain sight…..

  812. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    Bob has been promissed a special completion deal ( that won’t happen)

  813. Robert Storey

    @Anon 8.43 Nothing has silenced me. In fact I agree that proven fraud should be punished. And just to support my opinion I have noticed that certain ex inhabitants of Bray has just sold their house and moved into a rented bungalow in Walton on Thames. The reason for this, to pay the legal fees for a recent court case. Now who could that be? Of course I could name names but I don’t have a cat that could run over my keyboard. At least Poppy is safe.
    @awhadldwa you have just proved you know nothing at all.

  814. Harlecons kids

    Bob, what do you think about the Ames business plan for fraud ?

    Harlecons kids con club 😉

  815. Anonymous

    Bob you disgust me always have always will and karma will catch up with you one day.

  816. Me Mamm will shout

    When the proceeds of crime kick in Mummy Ames will really have to shout at the state.

  817. Robert Storey

    @anon 9.15 couldn’t give a toss what you think. Who do you think plastered all my personal details on here? Who do you think posted my ID because “a cat” accidentally walked over the keyboard? Who do you think had those details and where they came from? You see Anon 9.15 I know so that’s why I don’t give a toss what disgusts you.

  818. Dave Ames

    Let me make this clear Matt Ames has been set up by the Irish builder in an attempt to damage your investment.

    Fortunately, he is not my son.

  819. Anonymous