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Afra Raymond loses ‘afraraymond.com’ domain name

afra raymond CMMB

Yup. It looks like our old friend Afra Raymond lost his domain name ‘afraraymond.com’. Enquiries to that website are now directed to a website that is definitely not our Afra Raymond.

Meanwhile, Afra continues to send out posts and emails directing folks to AfraRaymond.com


If you want to read Afra’s articles (and they really are worth your time) you can still go directly to his website at WordPress…


Have a read of Afra’s latest about the efforts to shut down his bold exposure of the truth about Invader’s Bay, CLICO and all manner of government corruption.

“There are several lessons one can draw from this exchange – the sheer hostility to the truth which is now becoming a disturbing ‘new normal‘ in our society;

… the invisible hand of the bureaucracy in devising large-scale developments, stated to be for the benefit of citizens, without citizen inputs; the inescapable reality that these obstructive forces operate across and within all our political administrations.”

Afra Raymond: The Uff Bluff


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