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University of the West Indies student asks for Words of Inspiration


Dear Barbados Free Press,

I’m a struggling 21yr old. I read your blog daily and I’m intrigued, yet saddened, by the amount of bullshit we, Barbadians deal with.

I believe more so than ever that the approach to economic stability isn’t through traditional policy but through a reinvigorated industry…of sorts.

I’m a student at the [soon-to-be] defunct University of the West Indies.

Quite literally, I find no solace in the idea of investing so much resources in a degree from the institution. As a young person, I believe that I need to go against the norm in order to sustain a comfortable living on this island.

I think I’m going well so far but I seek to challenge the diverse faculties of your readership.

How do I maintain a good thing without fucking it up?

James (last name withheld by BFP)

BFP’s Robert replies:

Dear James,

I am hardly the person you should be asking for advice, but Marcus is gone somewhere better and Cliverton is probably still hungover at 2pm, so I am the one who opened your email. Continue reading


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A new model of Governance for Barbados

barbados wave flag

by David Comissiong

During the 2013 General Election season the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) spent millions of dollars on a propaganda campaign that was designed to convince you – the people of Barbados  – that the DLP was profoundly committed to maintaining all existing jobs in the public sector of Barbados.

They used the millions of dollars given to them by un-named wealthy “donors” on advertisements and public meetings in which they assured you that a vote for the DLP was a vote to preserve public sector jobs, and that a vote for the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) would be a vote for privatisation of public entities and loss of public sector jobs!

Indeed, they even went beyond this and actually created additional public sector jobs during the year leading up to the General Elections!

Now, a few months later, the leaders of the DLP have callously and unabashedly informed you that there are too many persons employed in the public sector ; that over 5,000 of these jobs are being cut; and that — in the words of Minister Donville Inniss – the decision to cut these jobs was not a tough decision to make!  This, mind you, is the same Donville Inniss that is a member of the largest and highest paid Cabinet in the history of Barbados – the same Donville Inniss who publicly rubbished the proposal that Ministers of Government should take a salary cut!

Well, there you have it!  Once again you have been taken for a ride!     Continue reading


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