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Barbados government pretends to start billion dollar waste to energy plant with not a dollar to pay for it.

Courtesy of The Nation

Courtesy of The Nation

Environment Minister Lowe’s ground breaking ceremony nothing to do with reality

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Let me get this straight: Bajans are supposed to believe that the Sanitation Service Authority is forging ahead with a billion dollar project list including a new office building ($32 million), waste to energy plant ($680 million), a leachate treatment plant ($42 million), landfill gas to energy plant ($10 million), solar power field ($120 million), wind power field ($24 million) and a mechanical workshop ($11 million).

All of this on borrowed money on the heads of our children and Lord knows how many other future generations.

This, at the same time that we don’t have money to replace/repair 84 buses that sit idle stripped for parts. We don’t have money to pave roads that are falling apart for ten years. No money to hire 100 ‘missing’ police officers. No money to fix a hundred water main leaks.

And we’re making 3,000 government workers redundant and taking the social unrest because there is nothing else to be done. Our tourism industry is shrinking when other countries are growing and building new resorts. Our hotels ‘feature’ a million empty beds a year, an average age approaching 30 years and I’d hate to hear the stats on the average age of the furnishing and mattresses.

No money for a sick, falling down hospital, no money to pay the hospital suppliers and employees on time – a big crisis every payday. Other government projects sit half finished, no work going on. Layoffs coming at the UWI too.

We had to withdraw our international bond issue because there aren’t any more fools left to ‘invest’ in a national retirement scheme that has as 80% of its ‘assets’ – the debt to itself. The government is so desperate for revenue that tax people are warning defaulters that they are coming to seize 10 year old vehicles and worker’s tools if they don’t pay up – and the people have nothing except their trucks and their tools.

And we’re supposed to seriously believe that the government is in ‘final negotiations with investors’ who are prepared to ‘loan’ a billion dollars to a country is on the verge of a currency devaluation that will shake its societal foundations to the core?

What a sick cruel joke.


Read the lies for yourselves…

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