Barbados DLP Executive involved in political influence loan scandal

Reynold Austin Barbados DLP

Photo: Reynold Austin – President DLP (Canada)

Noted Jamaican-Canadian businessman says DLP Executive Reynold Austin obtained US$750,000 business loan on the basis of political assurances

It doesn’t much matter whether we’re talking a corrupt BLP government or a corrupt DLP government – it’s the “Same old, same old ’bout this place”. Once elected, party officials rush to turn political influence and government authority into personal profits.

Today’s scandal involving a DLP executive member is only today’s scandal. CLICO was yesterday’s scandal. Tomorrow there will be something new, and when the BLP forms the government after the next election there will be more scandals coming – only BLP in their flavour instead of DLP.

“It is a scandal that the DLP executive Reynold Austin marketed his land development project on the basis of his position with the ruling DLP Government…”

Without Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information and accountability laws, the buying and selling of political influence and government authority will continue to carry no penalty.

denham jolly Jamaica Canada

Photo: Jamaican-Canadian businessman Denham Jolly

Look how brazen these people are!

In this case, noted Jamaican-Canadian businessman Denham Jolly was happy to make a loan in 2011 to a Barbados development project pushed by the President of the Barbados DLP (Canada), Reynold Austin, upon assurances that the project was important to the Democratic Labour Party government.

In other words, the DLP (Canada) executive tied the success of the business project directly to his insider status with the governing party. Jolly was happy with that. Only when the property development was unable to make loan payments did Mr. Jolly complain.

“Denham Jolly should also apologize to Bajans for taking part in an act of political corruption.”

Jolly told the press that DLP executive Reynold Austin “approached me in the spring of 2011 for a business loan for Pickering Court Development. He assured me that it was a great investment because it was a centrepiece for the Government and the enhancement of their re-election.”

Why should a privately-owned property development be a “great investment” because it is a “centrepiece for the Government” and “the enhancement of their re-election”?

How does a privately-owned piece of property increase in value due to an association with government?

That’s an easy question for any Bajan because we’ve seen decades of worthless scrub and agricultural land turned into millions when a government bestows building permissions upon land owned by political friends.

It is a scandal that the DLP executive Reynold Austin marketed his land development project on the basis of his position with the ruling DLP Government, and the stated value of the land to the government and therefore ‘enhanced’ value of the loan-provider to the Government and the Government’s re-election.

Reynold Austin should immediately resign from his executive position with the DLP, and if he does not the DLP should relieve him of his position.

Denham Jolly should also apologize to Bajans for taking part in an act of political corruption.

Jolly was happy to be part of political corruption when the deal looked profitable, so he shouldn’t expect any sympathy from the people or the courts.

We’ve had enough of this type of corruption ’bout this place!

From the Nation…

Read it at The Nation online, but we have to reprint the whole thing here because the papers have a habit of changing history…

Not jolly


A CANADIAN businessman who invested US$750 000 in the Pickering Court Project, which is still to get off the ground in St Lucy, is seeking to have a lien placed on the 200 000 square feet of land because the developers have not repaid his money.

Speaking to the SUNDAY SUN from his office in Canada, businessman Denham Jolly calculated he was owed close to US$1 million (BDS$2 million) in interest and other fees on the loan.

Jolly said he was in contact with a local attorney to pursue a lawsuit against Pickering Court Development and North Ridge Development Company, in an effort to recover his money.

He revealed that in 2011 he was approached by Reynold Austin, the president of the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) Canadian branch, about advancing a loan to Pickering Court Development.

“I knew Mr Austin through a business association,” he explained. “He approached me in the spring of 2011 for a business loan for Pickering Court Development. He assured me that it was a great investment because it was a centrepiece for the Government and the enhancement of their re-election.”

Further Reading

From Linkedin, Reynold Austin’s website and some news articles, we also learn that Reynold Austin and Denham Jolly are long time friends and business associates from a FM radio station business. Nope, no sympathy from me for either of them…


CEO, Chairman of the Board
DLP Barbados (Canada)
2007 – Present (6 years) Toronto, Canada Area

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The New FLOW 93.5 FM
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Milestone Radio, first applied to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for an urban music station in 1990, but were passed over in favour of a country music station, CISS (now CKIS-FM).[1] They applied again in 1997, and were passed over in favour of CBLA, the city’s existing Radio One station, which the CBC wanted to move to FM for technical reasons.

Both decisions sparked controversy in Toronto, as the CRTC’s reasons for passing over an urban-format station (which Toronto did not have) in favour of existing radio services were widely believed to be racist in nature. The lack of an urban station also created immense difficulties for Canadian hip hop, reggae and R&B musicians, who had no radio outlets in Canada to play and promote their music.

As well, the 99.1 signal which was awarded to the CBC was believed to be the last available FM frequency in the city. However, in 1998, the CBC found that it was able to surrender two repeater transmitters outside of Toronto due to CBLA’s superior coverage of the region. In 2000, the CRTC opened applications for new services on these two frequencies, and on Milestone’s third application, the CRTC awarded the 93.5 frequency to the company.

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  2. Jeriel

    Mr. Jolly is not innocent to the fact, I am a returning national to Barbados who worked for Mr. Jolly at the CONTRAST Newspaper and Tyndall Nursing Home.

  3. passin thru

    “Brazen” is right BFP! Mr. Jolly obviously doesn’t think that he is 50% of the problem. He probably leaked this story to the press expecting to embarrass Reynold Austin, but has embarrassed himself. There wouldn’t be corruption in government if citizens refused to take part.

  4. S.H. Mercytowne

    Where is the DLP’s promised Integrity Legislation, conflict of interest laws etc?

    If they don’t fire Austin that will say it all.

  5. The Oracle

    The DLP will only relieve Austin of his position if he didn’t share the money he scammed with them…

  6. Well Well.

    Now we know why Sinckler ran on radio today with a package of lies, trying for damage control, but damage already done, too slow.

  7. Rastaman

    If Sinckler says it isn’t so you can bet your last dollar that it is .

  8. Meiller

    It doesn’t matter which party forms the government, it is always the same.

    Transparency International’s rating is a good joke, isn’t it?

  9. Question for BFP Editor

    That is the kind of story that BFP is famous for. MORE PLEASE!

  10. Fear Play

    Does this story indicate that there is still a flicker of light, a ray of hope that BFP is alive and well? Can we look forward to more hard hitting items of news from you BFP? Do you (still) have the courage to offer comment on what is happening in Barbados today even if your vote in the last election contributed to it? I fervently hope and pray that it is so.

  11. just want to know

    This information does not surprise me. One should be asking where did the DLP get all that money to spend in the last election, we are now beginning to see where it all came from. There a few more scandals to come out, and we as Barbadians will hang our heads in shame!!!

  12. Wily Coyote

    Ever watch old movies — The GOOD guys wear WHITE HATS, the BAD guys wear BLACK HATS.

    Both the BLP and DLP wear/are BLACK HATS, coincidence maybe, but me think it’s more of a FACT.

  13. Analyser

    You are consistent with the DLP’s alleged “wrong-doings” but what about telling us about the BLP’s. Try not to run out of space.

  14. LOOK

    If it ain’t one thing, its another

  15. LOOK

    Some dirty low down stuff.

  16. LOOK

    2013 Scandals Worldwide: Mayor, Michael Applebaum, Montreal Quebec, Canada – arrested, fraud charges. Mayor Rob Ford, Toronto Ontario, Canada – drug problem exposed. Mayor Bob Filner, San Diego, California (United States) – admits sexual harassment, New York Mayor Candidate, Anthony Weiner – online sex scandal, Reynold Austin, DLP member – Pickering Court Development mess.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  17. Analyzer

    Please note that ‘Analyser’ is not the same person as ‘Analyzer’. I think they might have copied my handle idea. I guess imitation is a form of flattery so I consider myself flattered!

  18. LOOK

    Shame on you Ham
    It was sham
    The deeds didn’t fly
    Didn’t run away from you.
    COW said. . . . but said LIE
    That old woman cried “my land”
    All that land Ham, you took from her hand.
    What, what could she do?
    Far too many were invited and ALL joined your band:
    Owen, Mia, Mark, Ralph, Mark, Samantha, Philip Nichols too.

    © LOOK

    Too much, too much dirty low down stuff down there (Barbados)

  19. LOOK


    My Land, It’s all my land: Kensington, Sandy Lane, Six Men and ABC Highway.
    My Land all my land were grasped right before my very eyes.
    I cried and cried “my land”.
    The robbers did not hear but do not hide

    © LOOK