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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart: Lack of anti-corruption laws not important

Freundel Stuart Barbados

BBC does a little promotional video about our excellent Transparency International perceived corruption rating, and the PM chirps in.

Not a word from the BBC about the broken promises by the DLP and how they failed to deliver anti-corruption laws. Not a word about the past and passed PM David Thompson money-laundering for his friend Leroy Parris.

The Barbados Advocate has their own opinion: Perfect place ’bout hey!

Also nobody talkin ’bout how former Prime Minister Owen Arthur got his self caught stealing campaign funds and putting the money into his personal bank account.

“We know now that on May 15, 2005 while acting as CLICO’s lawyer, David Thompson signed a secret contract between CLICO and Leroy Parris’ private company that in effect deceived shareholders into believing that Parris was being paid less than he really was.”

…from the BFP article Leroy Parris’ defence of Prime Minister David Thompson rings hollow now


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