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Report: Venezuela interested in investing in LIAT Airlines

Liat Airline

Caribbean Journal is reporting that Venezuela has expressed an interest in investing in LIAT. The synergy from such a move would be exciting for the downtrodden airline, but what about the politics with Venezuela involved?

Venezuela has expressed an interest in investing in regional air carrier LIAT, according to Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

The Prime Minister revealed the interest during a press conference this week to announce that Dominica would be making another financial contribution to the Caribbean carrier.

“I believe it is an absolutely good move if we were to get Venezuela to invest in LIAT to provide LIAT with the much needed financial and technical support that it requires. It could also mean additional business for LIAT,” Skerrit said. “If we could get Conviasa to service flights from Brazil and from Venezuela and all the Latin and South American countries and transport them to a hub in the Caribbean and then take them to their respective destinations within the Caribbean then it means additional business for LIAT.”

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