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Mini Moke returns – but Barbados misses Caribbean distributorship

Mini Moke new old

The Moke: Old and New

The Moke is in production again – this time in China – and the new version remains true to the concept launched by Austin way back in 1964. The car was originally a military version of the famous Austin Mini and is loved by tourists all over the world’s tropical zones. This time it will also have an electric version.

The new manufacturers have just awarded Caribbean Distributorship to a company in the British Virgin Islands: Tola Moke Limited.

The motto on the distributor’s website is “A fleet of Mokes for an army of tourists”

Optimistic yes, but we need some optimism around this place!

Good luck to Bruce Wong of Tola Moke. We hope he sells a bunch ’bout this rock, and we’re really anticipating the electric version.

Tola Moke: Introducing the new Moke!

Wikipedia: Mini Moke


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Barbados Government Minister says Muslims contribute to poor productivity and work ethic

Byer-Suckoo: Election Day... and after Election Day

Minister Byer-Suckoo: Election Day… and after Election Day

Minister of Labour Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo said that it was very sad when “employers have to say that the laziest people in their workplaces are the Muslims”

“Muslims in the workplace are not reflecting Allah.”

Oh, wait, she was talking about Christians…

Whew! That’s okay then. It’s okay to call Christians anything you want, but if you say the same thing about Muslims, well… you’d have to watch for the riots and knives, wouldn’t you?

Nice, safe targets those Christians…

From The Nation (website here)…

Christians knocked

BY ANESTA HENRY | SAT, JULY 06, 2013 – 12:09 AM

Christians are not reflecting God in the workplace, says Minister of Labour Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo.

She said that Christians also contributed to poor productivity and work ethic in the workplace.  Continue reading


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