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Why Barbados Tourism Authority’s choice of Rihanna as a marketing strategy failed to yield results


The Great British Holiday Report sends another message to our Barbados Tourism Authority…

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner - now selling!

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner – now selling!

Perhaps the decades of using tiny budgets to generate ‘big picture’ results  has made it almost a prerequisite to research as many marketing options as possible, hopefully increasing the probability of success.

Last month, Teletext Holidays commissioned an independent market research company,  Opinion Matters, to conduct a survey of 1,775 UK adults,for in their words ‘uncover British Attitudes to booking holidays’. The Great British Holiday Report concluded what many tourism professionals perhaps had already gleaned over the last few years of challenging operation, but it’s worth repeating some of the findings if we are going to fully understand one of our main markets.

You can download your own PDF version of the report here: The Great British Holiday Report

Without wanting to copy, parrot fashion, large parts of the report I think its important to put the findings in context…

‘Getting away from it all for a week or two is the highlight of the year for many Britons, which is why we put so much time and effort into choosing the perfect holiday’.  

However, the way holidays are booked and planned has changed in recent years.

‘What’s more, as a result of the economic downturn, Britons have become more accustomed to seeking out the best deals’.

‘Many Britons now book within weeks of their departure date: 23 per cent within two months of travel and more than two thirds (67 per cent) within six months of departure’.

But even those conclusions have to be further broken down. Men are more inclined to book last-minute, while women are almost twice as likely to book more than a year in advance. Continue reading


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Hotels and Resorts Part Two? Barbados government to purchase Almond Beach Village Resort – Government will compete against private tourist hotels

2013 Almond Barbados

Facility: Almond Beach Village Resort, St. Peter, Barbados

Location: Between a rock and a hard place.

Current condition: Closed, shopworn, A real ‘fixer-upper’, Needs much more than paint to be restored to even a 3 star status

Well, we almost can’t blame the government for wanting to do anything to open Almond Beach Village Resort again. The whole thing is so embarrassing when an apparently vibrant and heavily marketed resort closes down because of inadequate tourists and no profits.

But is this government purchase really part of a solution to our tourism and economic woes… or is it more of the same?

We don’t lack for tourist beds on this rock, we lack tourists to fill them. Almond Beach Village is a “mass market” resort that has to move the people in and move them out in great numbers to make any money. But the place was so run down with tourists swimming in their own sewerage that at the end even cut rate pricing couldn’t attract folks. That’s what happens when you feed off of an asset without maintaining it. It’s like when people don’t change the oil in their auto engines: you can save a fortune on oil changes and maintenance, but only for a year or two and then your car is junk.

Government might be better off to save the money and put it into serious efforts to upgrade our whole tourism product across the board. We have lots of empty beds at operating resorts. We should be trying to fill those first before the government goes into competition with privately owned hotels.

Adrian Loveridge will undoubtedly have something to say about this.

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The Nation News: Government to buy Almond Beach

Government has indicated its intention to purchase Almond Beach Village in St Peter and put it back into operation in the shortest time possible.

A press release from the Barbados Tourism Investment (BTi) stated that Government was not in a position to divulge the full details of the agreement as they are still in the final stages of negotiation with Almond Resorts International, the current owners of the property.

A press release today stated that this latest development would allow the 400 rooms at the Almond Beach Village to be put back in operation in a manner that will positively impact our tourist arrivals in 2014. “The increased number of bed-nights will also go a long way in assisting Barbados to achieve a targeted five per cent increase in visitor arrivals for 2014”.


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Brazil’s image problem for the Olympics: Violence. Latest: Football referee stabs player to death, fans behead referee

Brazil flag

Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup and the Olympics in 2016, but so far all the world has seen is video of massive protests and shootouts between paramilitary police and drug gangs. With this latest horrific incident of a double murder at an amateur football match, Olympic and World Cup personnel must be wondering what they have got themselves into.

Let’s skip the Olympics and World Cup and spend a nice quiet vacation in Barbados instead, shall we dear?

South American Football – Referee beheaded by fans for killing player

There were absolutely horrific scenes at an amateur football match in Brazil when spectators lynched a referee and put his head on a stake after he had killed a player.

The barely believable incident happened in Maranhao, Brazil, last Sunday. Continue reading


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