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Friday night = I got them old Barbados blues again

Marcus & Cliverton – We Ain’t Drunk… we just drinkin’ !

Five years ago I confessed that Clive and I love the blues. Old blues, new blues, deep south, Chicago, Texas blues – we love it all. I’ve been playing this old made-in-Mexico piece of trash Strat for 10 years, but alas, I have no talent. I have less than no talent. All the practice in the world cannot compensate for the stupidity and shortness of my fingers. I guess God put the length into all of my legs and left my fingers short. (Just as well, says Shona!) 😉

I would love a new Telecaster (Made in the USA) with a Humbucker in the neck position but it’s never going to happen. Way too much money and I don’t deserve it.

But I do love the blues and tonight we’re going to look at two of the masters: Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan. (Clive is moaning that he wants Joe Strummer of the Clash included in the list because Joe played a Telecaster like Collins does, but Clive is absolutely blitzed right now so pay no attention.)

Friends, it has been a while since Clive and I did this together but it is good for the soul. Forgive me my love!


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