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Barbados Labour Party fires back at Mottley – Peter Wickham says BLP making a big mistake

Prime Minister & Government MPs grinning like Cheshire cats

“So we are back to a situation where now across Barbados we understand that there is not a level of harmony at the top because there is clearly not a meeting of the minds and that doesn’t bode very well in terms of the Barbados Labour Party in the next election,

And all I can say is that I think that (Prime Minister) Freundel Stuart is probably quite happy because it essentially means that any major challenge to him is now essentially going to dissipate because there is no unity.

I think the main concern I have is the fact that it is so unfortunate that an individual who is so overwhelmingly popular nationally, and I would say certainly more popular than Dr. Walcott, has essentially been squeezed out of the race and the rationale behind it is one that I am at a loss to understand,”

Political analyst Peter Wickham talks to Barbados Today: BLP making big mistake.

Meanwhile, the BLP fired this press release back at Mottley…

Barbados Labour Party
111 Roebuck Street, Bridgetown
September 19, 2011


It has been reported that charges of disenfranchising party members have been laid against the Barbados Labour Party through the instituting of changes to its Standing Orders for the Party’s upcoming Annual Conference. Such charges are contained in a letter purportedly signed by Ms Mia Mottley, M.P.

The facts are that under the Party’s Constitution, the Conference Arrangements Committee acts as a Standing Orders Committee and formulated new Standing Orders which have been ratified by the National Executive Committee and these together with the party’s Constitution govern the BLP’s procedures. Continue reading


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Dwayne Bushell launches eCaribClassifieds.com

Can another “free classifieds” website make it these days?

Not that he has a clue who we are at BFP, but Dwayne Bushell is a friend of a friend so we thought we’d help him out and post the link to his new website right here.

>>>>>>   eCaribClassifieds.com   <<<<<<

We’re sure that Dwayne would appreciate it if you took a minute to visit his eCaribClassifieds.com and checked out the concept and execution.

What do you think, folks? Will you use eCaribClassifieds.com? Have you any suggestions? Would you recommend the website to others?

Comments are open!


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