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Oistins Friday night: No Jamaican chicken allowed in the lavatory!

The tourists must wonder!

It’s all in good fun at Oistins on a Friday night and even the public washroom sign is in on it.

It’s all about Jamaican chicken, right? Somebody once told me that jerk chicken is about the rub and little else. That’s what they are talking about isn’t it?


See you there tonight, friends. Ah… I mean at Marcia’s Place, not the lavatory, ok?


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Barbados needs a Registered Crime Offenders Program

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Deportees

Dear BFP

How many of THESE guys are Bajans, to be returned home to Bim, to be allowed to go free out of GAIA to kill more people in St. George and elsewhere?

Barbados needs a Registered Crime Offenders Program whereby returned criminals are registered and kept an eye on… Not in Bajan fashion (after they’ve done the crime) but before.

Like how they do it in Big Countries.

We ARE a Big Country now, aren’t we???

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