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Saudi Arabia threatens news media over Ethical Oil Commercial

Saudi Arabia threatens “Don’t talk about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia”

Until the day arrives when our cars and factories are all powered by the sun, wind or clean nuclear fusion, we’re going to be buying oil. Lots of oil.

Should we buy oil from fascist despots who want to impose Sharia law on the west and wipe out women’s rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech? Or should we buy our oil from more ethical sources?

Saudi Arabia threatened to sue The Oprah Network in the USA and television stations in Canada if they ran the above commercial. As one Canadian journalist said to the Saudi fascists Take your secret Saudi threats and shove ’em, you misogynist creeps!

“Canada is a country that is a champion of freedom of speech. That is a constitutional right,”

“And we don’t take kindly to foreign governments threatening directly or indirectly Canadian broadcasters or media for giving voice to freedom of speech. We think that’s inappropriate and certainly inconsistent with Canada’s belief in freedom of speech.”

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tells the Saudi fascists to kiss their camels in the Globe story: Ethical oil’ ad sparks war of words between Ottawa, Saudis


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Rigged Democracy, Borrow-and-Spend record – proves BLP not fit to be a government

“Bonasera… Bonasera… What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Had you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they would fear you.” – Vito Corleone: The Godfather

"Campaign Donation" deposited to Prime Minister Owen Arthur's personal bank account. Barbados political elites break laws without fear.

BLP Resistant to Change, Above the Law and Answerable to No One

by an anonymous reader

It would seem that on two occasions now, Mia Mottley tried to use the existing rule and electoral system within the Barbados Labour Party to run for the Office of Chairman of the Party and on both occasions she has had to withdraw because of “RIGGED DEMOCRACY.”  A woman, coming-up against an unfair system and against the most powerful men in the BLP – who had already announced an: “Incoming Chairman,” long before  nominations for the post were closed and even before a vote was cast – did not stand even a sporting chance.

The BLP is now functioning like a law unto itself and it must be held accountable. 

Perhaps that is why Miss Mottley seems to be pleading with the people of Barbados for justice and to hold the BLP accountable, in order to preserve our stable democracy, the rule of law and good governance.  The very strong is never supposed to take advantage of the weak.  When that happens, the society has a duty to act.

Having become the victim of a unfair system on two occasions now (and after sounding the alarm and signaling to the country that all is not well within the BLP) it is up to the electorate and the taxpayers of Barbados (who pump an annual subvention into the BLP) to recognise that the BLP is just not ready and give it a lot more time to try and get its act together.  Secondly, since the BLP does not seem to be able to regulate itself, creating much political disturbance in the country annually, that is the surest sign to the country – that it is simply not ready to lead.

The BLP seems to be of the view that Barbadians like money so much that the mere talk about the economy will automatically cause the entire country to ignore everything else that is not right within the BLP and change the present stable-Government.  But on careful analysis, the BLP’s argument that Barbadians should vote for them because they managed the country well 14 years ago – seems seriously flawed!

The truth is that fourteen years ago, the world was being run on debt and huge deficit financing, which now have to be repaid or brought under control. Simply put: the alleged growth of the past ‘decade-and-a-half’ or so – was a “mirage.” Plain and simple!   Tourists incurred huge debt by way of loans and credit just to travel to Barbados.  That debt now has to be repaid and until it is – people will not travel as before.  Reduced arrivals to Barbados are therefore not a fault of the present Minister of Tourism.

Years of plenty but borrowed money to travel or not – tourists came to Barbados in mass and yet – the then BLP Government kept borrowing! 

It played fast and loose!  A massive bill for the Warren’s Building; then Clico and the BONC debt are some of the examples of its alleged: “sound economic management.”  If after 14 years as the Government and the BLP cannot even pay its phone bill – that should tell you something about its allegation of sound economic management.  Vote for what and why?  Even after being given time in 2008 to reflect, there is nothing new or fresh about the BLP!  Instead, it still seems tired; stale; resistant to change – above the law; answerable to no one and unable to connect with the youth.


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