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BREAKING HERE FIRST: More Peter Wickham CADRES secret US Embassy briefings

WikiLeaks reveal Peter Wickham in private briefings with US Embassy Political Officers, diplomats FOR YEARS

Feb 3, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Kramer: “Wickham has met periodically with Emboffs over the past several years to offer his views on a variety of issues.”

Sept 22, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Kramer: “Wickham… a credible source.”

Sept 22, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Kramer: “In a recent meeting with PolOff, Wickham assessed the current political situation in Barbados as generally favorable to the DLP.”

Nov 17, 2006, US Ambassador Mary Ourisman: “Peter Wickham, political scientist, pollster, and consultant to the SLP, said in a private conversation with PolOff (Political Officer) on September 15 “

May 22, 2008, US Ambassador Mary Ourisman: “In the last election the Chinese gave money to both of the major parties in Barbados, in order to assure continued recognition, (Wickham) added.”

Will Peter Wickham now ‘revise’ his previous Press Statement?

Sacked CBC Journalist Peter Wickham issued a CADRES Press Statement in response to our September 3, 2001 Exclusive story: BREAKING HERE FIRST: CBC sacks Peter Wickham over secret corruption briefings to US Ambassador.

In that CADRES Press Statement, Mr. Wickham issued a Clintonesque slippery denial – saying he never met privately with US Ambassador Mary Kramer.

Hey! Nobody ever said Wickham met privately with the US Ambassador, so why was that the subject of his press statement?

An anonymous reader thought they knew the reason and contributed Wickham’s Sticky Wicket – CADRES Press Statement wiggles and wobbles. The BFP reader noted some flaws and holes in Mr. Wickham’s explanation and denial.

Barbados Free Press crew finds more WikiLeak Secret Briefings!

Your BFP team spent the last 24 hours finding more WikiLeaks US Embassy cables naming Peter Wickham as the source in private briefings with US diplomats and US government personnel.

We’re still working away and there’s probably more left to find, but for now we present you with excerpts from what we have so far and the WikiLeaks links where we found the documents.

We’d like to hear from our readers, but our first impression is that Mr. Wickham has some explaining to do considering his Press Statement.

Now… be gentle folks. Like when President Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”, he really meant that moistening cigars in that way didn’t count as “sexual relations”. (Somehow I don’t think Shona would buy that line from me!)

We wonder… what did Peter Wickham really mean when he issued that CADRES Press Statement? Maybe he just meant to say that he never had sexual relations with the US Ambassador. Yes, that must have been what he meant! 🙂

WikiLeaks US Embassy Cables 2006 to 2008. Source: Peter Wickham >>>> Continue reading


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US Embassy Sources: Prime Minister David Thompson was offered CL Financial Board Seat

– Confidential Embassy Cable discusses David Thompson / Leroy Parris conflicts of interest

– “Economic ties between CLF and the PM also reportedly included an offer of a board seat, according to Embassy sources.”

– Who are the confidential “Embassy sources” ???

US Ambassador Brent Hardt: “Collapse of Trinidad’s CL Financial Group Ripples Across The Pond To Barbados”

CLICO's lawyer, David Thompson, helped build the house of cards.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, Barbadians now know another reason why Prime Minister David Thompson and the DLP Government protected Leroy Parris, refused to place a Judicial Manager for CLICO and did not implement Integrity Legislation.

Bajans always knew the whole CLICO-CL Financial / Leroy Parris / David Thompson / DLP connection stank to high heaven, but it is still tremendously saddening to see more evidence that the Thompson/Stuart DLP’s commitment to Integrity and Conflict of Interest laws during 2007 Election Campaign was all a pack of lies.

I am saddened. I wanted to believe David Thompson, Freundel Stuart and the DLP.

Who the hell do I vote for next time?

DLP Integrity Promise was all a pack of lies…

“Thompson’s close personal ties to the head of CLICO and his professional role as chief legal counsel for CLF prior to taking office in January, 2008, have made him vulnerable to opposition charges of conflict of interest in the management of this crisis. Economic ties between CLF and the PM also reportedly included an offer of a board seat, according to Embassy sources. With ties this close it is little wonder that Mottley has held three press conferences in the last three weeks seeking to pin the blame for any fallout from the CLF collapse on the PM. The fact that Mottley,s tactics forced the PM to so quickly mount a televised response shows the danger that the collapse of CLICO poses to him personally.”

… from the March 4, 2009 US Embassy Cable: WikiLeaks 09BRIDGETOWN144

Read the full WikiLeaks US Embassy cable at the above link or here>>>>> Continue reading


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Christopher Sinckler’s success can determine Owen Arthur’s political future

“Arthur knows that if Sinckler gets it right, as Minister of Finance, especially coming out of what many regard as the second worst global economic crisis in history – then Owen Arthur’s allege grip loosens and he immediately becomes even more irrelevant to a rapidly changing Barbados.” 

Submitted anonymously through France!

Based on the advice from Prime Minister Stuart, it is better to explain a man than to waste time criticising him.  Politics in Barbados has become predictable.  You can expect Owen Arthur to give the impression that only he can run the Barbados economy.  You can expect him to repeat himself over and over, even as he alleges that the economy is worsening.  He can be expected to criticise Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler, who is merely trying to fix some of the very problems, which were manufactured during Owen Arthur’s tenure.  And, you can expect Owen Arthur to spend every passing day trying to give the impression that Minister Sinckler does not know what he is doing. Continue reading


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