Dr. Gerald Bull assassinated 21 years ago: Was it the Israelis? Americans?

UPDATED: March 24, 2011

Thanks to an old friend, we ask Who was Jonathan Moyle and why was he murdered a few days after Gerald Bull? (photo of Jonathan Moyle above)

On the evening of March 22, 1990, Dr. Gerald Bull got out of a car in Brussels, Belgium and headed back to his apartment.

Gerald Bull got out of the elevator and walked toward his apartment.  From the shadows another shadow stepped, holding a silenced pistol.  Three shots were fired into the back of Gerald Bull and, after he fell, two more into his head for good measure.  Gerald Bull was dead.

… from the blog Today’s History Lesson: Supergun no Bull to Somebody

“Super Gun” Inventor Felled By Assassins – Were They American, Israeli or Others?

In the mid-sixties, the Government of Barbados allowed the Space Research Corporation (SRC) to use Barbados as a base for it’s High Altitude Research Project (HARP) in exchange for the installation and maintenance of an advanced Radar system at the Seawell Airport (now the Grantley Adams International Airport).

Officially, the purpose of HARP was to develop an alternative method to launching payloads into space. The scientists were exploring the possibility of using large guns to fire objects into space… instead of the conventional method of using rockets.

The large gun could be heard over most of the island… and just a few miles away, our house began to crack in the walls from the shockwaves…

(Thanks to Stephen Mendes and his excellent photo documentation of the HARP project in Barbados.)

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13 responses to “Dr. Gerald Bull assassinated 21 years ago: Was it the Israelis? Americans?

  1. I spy

    Dr.Bull was aware that he was walking a very thin and dangerous line. While working on the HARP project , he confided in one of his engineers that he would be eventually executed.

  2. J. Payne

    If I recall correctly wasn’t bull involved in a lot of bad stuff anyway? Supposedly, things like funnelling arms and financial support to the apartheid regime in South Africa?

  3. J. Payne

    In some ways Barbados was benefiting from the amount of science and technology that was on the island, but as I understand after Barbados turned it down some space programmes wanted to go Guyana? (Beal Aerospace Technologies) That is until Venezuela’s constant threats of invasion scared them out of there…

  4. Gerard

    Wasn’t Gerald Bull a buller?

  5. Rumboy

    I believe it was ascertained that he was disposed of by Mossad ( Isareli Intelligence ) as he was working on another super gun for Iraq.

  6. Rafiq Ishad

    Gerald Bull had a lot of money to run this program..his right hand man in Barbados at the time was Carlton Brathwaite, the confidante and also right hand man to PM Erroll Barrow. Carlton had signing authority on Bull’s project money and autonomy over it. Carlton’s position became clear when Bull was killed…Bull would have no further use for the money whereas Carlton had many. The project was closed down and Carlton lives in two houses on the Platinum Coast, specifically Old Queen’s Fort. Honesty may be the best policy but trickery leads to prosperity. Ask Carlton.

  7. gershon sharoni.

    in early january of this year,i travelled from belize,to san salvador,my aim
    was to collect my israeli passport,which i mailed to the israeli embassy,
    during 2004,one year after the belgian daily,la derniere huere,claimed that the
    belgian police,received info from belize,regard 1990 murder in brussels,of gerald bull.
    the israeli goverment,acted swiftly,confiscating that passport.
    ido harel,the israeli consul,told me that he is not able to give me a new passport,because he is on a legal strike,with his friends in tel aviv.
    only in late month of may,he mailed me the passport,so i was able to leave belize,to israel.
    in 2006.i escaped attempt on my life,in belize city,by 3 local bandits.
    ministry of fear-mossad-was behind it,inflitrating into the local police.
    earlier,i was fired from a job,i was doing at bannister caye,15km east of belize city.the owner of that caye told me he has a difficulty to secure a contract with carnaval cruise line.what he did not tell me is,that carnaval
    cruise line,is owned by harrison family,of tel aviv.
    a year later,i was laid off from a saw mill,in orange walk town,which used
    zim continers for shipments,its mahagonays lumber.
    nowdays,i work as a dishwasher in a large facility.in natanya city.
    why shin beth failed to revenge?i am in the dark.
    gershon sharoni.
    e mail-gershonsharoni@yahoo.com

  8. 219

    is Carlton Brathwaite still alive?

  9. 112

    Why not we all love one another?

  10. Pedant

    Nicely content-free and poorly spelled. Well done, blog writer.

  11. Anonymous

    My dad was one of the engineers for Gerald on the super gun. And my dad himself had some issues also and was concerned about his own safety as well. My dad used to talk about a cover up and we remember him talking about it right after it happened in the early 90s. Gerald was an amazing scientist, all the men working at HARP were and still are wonderful brilliant people.

  12. Anonymous

    Being an American citzen did US okay the execution

  13. Anonynous

    It was Mossad. Whether, or to what degree, they operated in collusion with CIA or other intel agencies, is but incidental and academic. Israel had the only real motive, and the evidence implicating Mossad is overwhelming.

    Sadly, all those involved were played against one-another, as is always the case. Most, like Bull, are terminated when their “usefulness” period has expired.. when they become a potential threat to their “manipulators”, or when they don’t follow the path they are instructed to follow. Bull certainly stepped on some toes in both of those categories; some toes completely unbeknownst to him, I will add.

    What is frightening is that those who ultimately benefit from all this chaos, deception, and killing, can be counted on two hands. Meanwhile, *all* of humanity loses.