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Tri Mart will not sell cigarettes to plumbers, carpenters…

… Or to Miners

Someone please tell me that this is a PhotoShop creation!

It must be, right? Here in Barbados we brags that we gots de highest litter I see rates in de Carib? Rights you is? Right?

Maybe they doesn’t not. Or do not. Or doesn’t nor do not or someting to de miners in de hole. Coulda happen!



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Canadian University team wants your thoughts on Medical Tourism

Simon Fraser University research team coming to Barbados

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I am part of a research team from Simon Fraser University, near Vancouver, Canada, that is researching medical tourism – that is, international travel with the intention of receiving medical care. As you may know, international patients, including Canadians, are traveling to Barbados to engage in medical tourism. Many questions are raised by this process, including what steps Barbados has taken to encourage and regulate this industry, how this industry has developed in Barbados, what effects this industry is having in Barbados, how many Canadians are traveling to Barbados and for what procedures, and whether Canadians are investing in the medical tourism industry in Barbados.

To address these questions, my colleagues Valorie Crooks, Rory Johnston, Leigh Turner and I will be visiting Barbados from April 26 – May 2, 2011 to conduct interviews with ‘medical tourism stakeholders’. We would like to invite you to participate in an interview during our time there in order to better understand the scope and effects of medical tourism in Barbados and the role of Canadians in this industry. Continue reading


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