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Mia Mottley: Internet, Social Media wonderful if you agree with my position on everything

When in government, Mottley was against Internet free speech.

“[Blogs] will marginalise our existence as parliaments and will cause disrespect, not just for the rule of law, but for the institutions that are required to keep our societies safe,”

July 19, 2006: Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Says Internet Blogs “Marginalize…Parliament” – Calls For Regulation of Blogs, Call-In Shows On Radio, Television

How things change now that the BLP is out of power!

Former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley, is suggesting that Barbadians use social media as an avenue to create change in the society.

Mottley said social media should be used as a democratic forum to evoke change.

“We have the perfect opportunity now to use that technology but marrying it to the essence of who we are as Bajans in terms of our commitment to social justice and the other values that made us who we are over the centuries…” she said.

Mottley called on young people to start tackling issues they felt passionate about since “democracy is about the people”.

The politician further urged people to use Facebook and Twitter for “meaningful activities that effectively expands our opportunities for success”…

… from The Nation article Create change with social media

As usual we’re going to reprint the entire Nation article here at BFP because that paper has shown it will delete and change articles to change history. Please read the article at the Nation, but if it changes or disappears, here it is… Continue reading


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Rise of the Bermuda Industrial Union government

Who really runs Bermuda? Who really runs Bermudian businesses?

by Bermuda Jim

Fresh from the sweet smell of victory over the Paula Cox government in the Sacked Bus Driver scandal, Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert (above) has now shown who runs private businesses in Bermuda – even if they have no BIU workers on staff.

Mr. Furbert, who is now de facto Labour, Economy and Transport Minister, just forced a privately owned company to bow to BIU orders to reinstate redundant workers. Yesterday BIU gave the company and the government 24 hours to surrender. It only took 17 hours before Renaissance Aviation and the government raised the white flag. Continue reading


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