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Can’t hardly wait for Elan Trotman’s Love and Sax!

Barbadian Jazz Saxophonist has new album

Trust me on this guys – if you can’t make it happen while snuggling up and listening to Elan Trotman’s new CD Love and Sax… it’s never going to happen!

We’ve followed Bajan son and sax wizard Elan Trotman since his Memories album and it just keeps getting better and better. Check out his website and listen to some fine, fine music here.

Plan for the weekend…

1/ Clean up place.

2/ Lay in some smooth Merlot ’cause that’s what she likes. Doan be cheap!

3/ She likes lamb, so okay. It’s expensive, but she likes it. Rosemary, garlic, mint. Check.

4/ After dinner, put on Love and Sax. Add wine. Take your time guys. About when Elan starts playing the seventh track “Turn Down The Lights”, well… the rest is up to you.


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Adrian Loveridge’s Tourism MATTERS: Some questions and a bit of praise for the Barbados Government

The Balance: Upping profits while protecting our airlift capacity

by Adrian Loveridge - Small hotel owner

I frequently wonder whether we as a destination have become overly dependent on tour operators filling the rooms of our accommodation providers.

Of course it’s a balance.

Large room allocations to tour companies that may also be vertically integrated with airlines and even travel agents help protect air lift.

Have any detailed studies been undertaken to evaluate the net differential financial value that stays within Barbados, when comparing direct bookings and those generated through the travel trade?

Should ‘we’ be looking more at taking full advantage of using social media and the internet to drive a higher percentage of published price business?

What prompted these thoughts at this time was an anonymous person, posting on one of more popular blogs.* queried the overall contribution of our small hotel when compared to a much larger property of 227 rooms. Less than 5 per cent of our occupied room nights are sold below published rack rate and all the revenue is banked in Barbados. Proportionally, even with our small staff, we employ 65 per cent more persons per room than the quoted ‘around 200’ employed by the larger hotel. Continue reading

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Barbados Court does government’s will: Tells Al Barrack he’s screwed

AS IF the Barbados Courts would really rule against the government for $65 million!

Contractor Al Barrack is owed $65 million by the Government of Barbados and the Barbados justice system ruled that he is owed the money for the office building he constructed – or at least started to construct until unknown and hidden caves under the building site changed everything.

Oh, but now he wants his money or to seize and sell the building and other government assets to help pay what the government owes him. Ha! Fool that Barrack is! He thought justice was for all.

The courts will keep this man going round in circles until he dies because on an island of fewer than 300,000 people EVERYTHING is politics including the court. Doing business with the government of Barbados is fine, fine so fine… until something goes wrong. And then, my friend, you have to turn to the government run courts to seek “justice”. As so many have found, the courts will keep you going round and round for ten or fifteen or twenty years and by that time you’re crazy looking for justice and you dress in whiteface and hold signs and stand on the corner and shout and be laughed at.

Beware when you do business with the government of Barbados, because the court is the government and the government is the court.

Like we said in our past article Al Barrack gets it wrong again – it’s not racism, it’s business as usual

“All because a government construction contract went bad FOR THE GOVERNMENT because of an unknown cave under the project.

Welcome to the wonderful world of doing business with the Government of Barbados, Mr. Barrack. Like a male praying mantis seeking a little love, it’s thrilling but often ends badly for the little guy.”

mostly contributed by Al’s Friend.

Strong language removed by Auntie Moses.

Here is the latest on the Driving Al Barrack Crazy and enjoying every minute of it story from Barbados Today. As usual we ask BFP readers to read the story at Barbados Today, but we’re reprinting the entire story here because you know how the press changes history ’bout hey. Haven’t caught Barbados Today doing that just yet, but ya never know!

NHC break

Court rules stay on Al Barrack writ against government

by Shawn Cumberbatch

The protracted and controversial battle between the National Housing Corporation and Al Barrack, over the $65 million the state agency owes the contractor, has taken a new and significant turn.

Barbados’ High Court has just put the brakes on a previously-issued writ of fieri facias commanding the chief marshal to sell the NHC’s “goods, chattels and property” to clear the massive debt, saying if such was allowed to proceed “the statutory functions performed by the corporation at its various locations across Barbados, and in particular at its head offices at Reef Road would be severely dislocated without (Barrack) achieving any substantial reduction in the amount owed”. Continue reading


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