A Piece Of Barbados History: Dr. Jerry Bull’s Assassination, The HARP Gun, Saddam Hussain and Israeli Intelligence


One perspective at Barbados Forum (link here)…

HARP (High Altitude Research Project) was a research project of Dr Jerry Bull who, at the time (1963), was on the staff of McGill University. McGill University has had a long standing relationship with Barbados, both as regards accepting Barbadian students to study in Canada (I attended McGill briefly, 1955-56), and hosting university research projects (Belairs Research Institute, St James, is a continuing example of this relationship).

The objective of HARP was to launch projectiles into space, at comparatively low cost, using a conventional artillery piece. This objective was achieved at HARP, one projectile reaching a height of nearly 100 miles from the earth. Whenever the gun was fired at Paragon, Christ Church, a tremor could be felt in most of the southern parishes ~ in 1963 I lived in Collymore Rock, St Michael, and can clearly recall feeling such a tremor, and hearing the sound of the gun’s discharge, on several occasions.

The cost of the project, at first underwritten by McGill University, was later absorbed by the US military. The project was terminated in 1974 and the guns abandoned at Paragon. Dr Bull continued his work regarding development of large artillery pieces and was later implicated in a clandestine attempt to supply such an artillery piece to the government of Saddam Hussein. This attempt was prevented by international action and Dr Bull was later assassinated in Belgium ~ thought to have been an action of Israeli secret agents.


Another Perspective – By Bull’s Friend Angela Cole (link here)…

On March 30th 1990, Dr. Gerald “Gerri” Vincent Bull had a gun full of bullets unloaded in his body and head outside his apartment in Uccle, an exclusive area of Brussels. In 1994, four years after his death, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), fronting for the National Security Council (NSC), in an effort to cover–up for those who are responsible for his murder, released the news that Gerri, my friend, was not the villain or culprit they had for the past twenty years held him up to the world as and for which the Democratic Government had jailed him for six months. They, they admitted, in a spirit of new honesty, had gone to him in 1975, him whom they had created an act of Congress to make an American citizen, the only man to be so hallowed besides Winston Churchill, and appealed to his patriotism.

“You have to help us in South Africa. Castro’s troops in Angola are beating shit out of us. We need something to kick those communists’ asses. We need your guns in South Africa.” They said they said to Gerri.

Bull was the ballistician of the century as named by Jane’s Journal of Armaments and Defence, the foremost magazine in the arms world. When I met him in 1970 he was in Barbados across the runaway from my office at International Caribbean Airways in Seawell International Airport at his High Altitude Research Project (HARP)/ Space Research Corporation (SRC). Those were the days when the war for space was being fought and few people knew.

Bull, who received his doctorate from McGill at twenty-four, was the pioneer mind behind wind tunnels, rocket designs and ballistics. After, Gerri, a teenage student designed a wind tunnel to simulate the conditions which would have occurred when his uncle, a flyer during World War II, was shot down and killed over the English Channel the Canadian government Research and Defense Institute (CARDI) took this young man under their wing and developed his scientific talents. His lifetime idea and work was force, speed and trajectory. He was one of the only people in the world that had an idea of the mathematics behind high velocity physics – aerodynamically designed projectiles fired from barrel lengths, at tremendous speed and force, boosted with rockets, packed with electronics and Boom! Orbit! Satellites! Space Gun!

The largest gun Bull used, was in Barbados; the HARP gun. This was a prototype of the Space Gun and the forerunner of the guns of the future; from the hand-held Schwarzenegger Eraser electromagnetic rail gun that shoots through solid objects and with an X Ray motion sensor that locks on to the heartbeat; to the liquid gas gun at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories that forms part of the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), American’s attempt to protect the United States from attack by intercontinental ballistic missiles by controlling the space above earth, with just such a weapon as this that can hurl a projectile into space at an oncoming missile. The gun at HARP is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest firing gun; at vertical declination i.e. pointed upwards, it fired a projectile 200 miles into the skies above Barbados.

The Iraqi “Doomsday Gun” and ballistic innovations such as the base bleed shell, a patented over the counter shell, which makes a big gun fire one-third farther, are Bull’s creations. Bull changed the shape of shells to increase accuracy, and designed a gun that could shoot thirty miles and hit a target the size of a tennis court nine times out of ten.

… continue reading this article at Angela Cole’s website here

And from our friend Stephen Mendes…

In the mid-sixties, the Government of Barbados allowed the Space Research Corporation (SRC) to use Barbados as a base for it’s High Altitude Research Project (HARP) in exchange for the installation and maintenance of an advanced Radar system at the Seawell Airport (now the Grantley Adams International Airport).

Officially, the purpose of HARP was to develop an alternative method to launching payloads into space. The scientists were exploring the possibility of using large guns to fire objects into space… instead of the conventional method of using rockets.

The large gun could be heard over most of the island… and just a few miles away, our house began to crack in the walls from the shockwaves.

The SRC had to foot the bill for repairing or relocating homes close to the gun… but the small cracks that we had were never attended to… it was hard
to prove that they occurred as a result of the gun.

At least one young Barbadian, Michael Howard, a brilliant physicist attached to the project… died at age 33 from cancer, believed to have been caused by
radiation from the high-power radar used to track the projectiles. Safety levels were not yet established in those days.

A CIA investigation of the SRC revealed that they were involved in supplying armament and ordinance to the Apartheid regime in South Africa, contravening
the U.S. embargo in effect at the time.

Our government told them to leave the island.

Propping up the racist white regime in South Africa by secretly using OUR airport or the one in Antigua as trans-shipment points for their illegal
cargoes… they HAD to be expelled !

The wrecks of at least 2 aircraft and various artillery left behind by the SRC made this an exciting adventure for us…. I was fascinated by the remains of
the electronics equipment which we found in a cave ! (… continue reading this article here)

Our Thanks To…

Barbados photographer Stephen Mendes for the photo of the HARP gun from his excellent website Barbados Photo Gallery.com

Writer Angela Cole – whose website we have just joyfully discovered and hope to occasionally feature. (link here)

(Side note to Angela… we see and respect your copyright notice and are asking for your permission to quote brief passages from your works and to point our readers to your website. If you wish us to remove your materials and references to your site, just let us know and we’ll comply. Cheers, BFP Robert)


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  2. J. Payne

    This project had the HUGE backing of Errol Barrow.
    There’s also more about Project HARP and the man in.

    * Carmichael, Dr. Trevor A. 2001. ”Passport to the Heart: Reflections on Canada Caribbean Relations”. Ian Randle Publishers, Kingston 6, Jamaica. ISBN 976-637-028-1 [ http://www.david-kilgour.com/secstate/passport.htm The book’s Forward passage], [ http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa4000/is_200207/ai_n9131167 synopsis]

    This type of role for Barbados was intresting but not for a good means. I think for example the Queen Elizabeth Hospital should for example find itself one, two or maybe more overseas medical universities to align itself with as a way forward. Medical students from a few of the biggest and brightest schools at a Universities in the world could come and do their medical residency under doctors at the QEH in exchange Barbadians would get some cutting edge technology through these partnerships..

  3. Rumplestilskin

    Article states, ‘who killed Gerald Bull’ is the subject of here next book.

    Does not take a book. Mess against Israel to the level of the missile gun threat against them and the most effective secret service resource will kick in, simple.

    Mossad, French Foreign Legion and the British are the three best.

  4. J. Payne

    That is very— true Rumplestilskin. Have you ever heard of
    Mordechai Vanunu? The whistle blower that exposed Israel’s Nuclear programme to the world….

    They kidnapped him dragged him and have kept him in prison for treason…

    You mess with Israel they will come for you anywhere. Don’t forget every weapon either Britain or the USA has. Israel has… Any time a country in the middle east attacks them Israel actually expands after the conflict by taking over some of their land and claiming they need it for a buffer… So the cycle begins again the country will say Israel took more of their land, they want it back. They attack Israel again and the same thing happends they get more of their land confiscated via superior weaponsry that Israel has.

  5. They assassinated the MAN and the TECHNOLOGY (SCIENCE). Now, even today, they still can’t shoot a damn thing into space.

  6. Straight talk

    Mess with the big boys you’re going down.
    If it aint Amerikan it aint gonna happen.

  7. Ballistix

    Two 16 inch naval cannon (ex Iowa class USNavy battleships) were brought onshore, thru an active surf zone at Foul Bay, St.Philip.

    A Bajan man died that day, squeezed between the barge bearing the barrels, and a boat alongside, poor bastard.

    Once they got the two barrels onto the waiting rail-mounted trolley-cars (with the aid of a Caterpillar D9 from Soil Conservation, dung-in Sin Andrew?) the specially laid rails led from Foul Bay to Paragon, where things were set up.

    Bull bored out the rifling of the barrel/s because the tortional twisting was an additional,un-necessary impediment to sensitive instrumentation, already under severe strain from the mechanics of sheer acceleration from zero(at rest) to a zillion mph(exiting the muzzle),
    and it was thought that rifling served no purpose for their purpose, and so it was bored out, probably yielding a true bore dia of close to(if not exceeding?) 17 inches…like a very large shotgun.

  8. i reported to the belgian police,on dec,2002,from red bank village,200km,south
    of belize city,that i suspect,the person who gun down, gerald bull,on 1990,surfaced in belize in year 2000,and lived quiet life in independence village,some 225km south of belize city,working for an israeli company based in honduras
    the belgian daily la derniere,printed on jan 2 2003,and now the israeli goverment,ministry of fear-mossad- runs amok after me in the narrow streets of orange walk town,pay local peoples to terrorize me.
    gershon sharoni.
    orange walk town .

  9. Straight talk

    Point taken gershon:
    but to refer to my previous post ” mess with the big boys and you’re going down”

    Leave town fast, quiet and faraway.

  10. Straight talk

    What a disastrous shame, that this marvel of 20th century genius is left rotting , unloved, at the end of the runway.

    Another piece of Barbados’ history with the potential to earn tourist dollars, but condemned to the bush, less than 1 mile from the Concorde experience.

  11. more

    Straight talk, are you really Straight talk?
    The gun was removed some time ago.

  12. reader

    Angela Cole has written a new book called Reflections Reflections – Modern Politics The Caribbean, Africa & Asia Minor Volume 1
    you will find pictures of Gerald Bull and the gun.

  13. Straighter talk

    You sure more?
    I’ll walk up tomorrow, it was there 6 months ago. Rotting.
    Have they carried it to the metal dump?
    If so, Airbourne your department is becoming overzealous!

  14. Pro-Israel

    Ah, so it is all calmly clear, straight talk. It is all suddenly very, very clear; one who often reads and watchs people very similar to…..you.

    …………….in your head
    ……………………………..is the fault of….. should’ve guessed……………………………….

    The JEWS!

    Outer spacism, Straight Talk!

  15. Straight talk

    Kindly excuse me from your persecution complex.
    I have enough problems of my own, thank you.

  16. Pro-Israel

    Readers, make your own decisions. The two link out of the blue, and it can only be one meaning tonight.


    Sleep well, Straight Talk.

  17. Pro-Israel

    That link is to this thread. The correct link to see the two thoughts together is


    Again, sleep well, S.T. I’ll talk with you again soon.

  18. Adrian Loveridge

    Its an amazing (true) story and I always thought it
    could be made into a wonderful film. I had thoughts of Donald Sutherland playing Gerald Bull but perhaps he is a little too mature now.

    I might have missed it but don’t forget Frederick’s FORSYTH best seller ‘Fist of God’ which is based on the HARP project and its association with Iraq.

    I am going to try and get hold of Angela Cole’s book.
    Sounds fascinating.

  19. Straight (as a barrel) talk


    “Straight talk, are you really Straight talk?
    The gun was removed some time ago.”

    Whoever moved the guns must have now replaced them at at their original site.

    They’re still there, and well worth a visit….

    and yes, I really am Straight talk.

  20. G.Earth

    I took a look via Google Earth, and there are two long thin objects visible, so maybe the gun/s are still there.

    In my living room stand two huge brass shell casings(with screw-in primers removed).
    These relics came from the HARP project, some years ago, from one of their lesser guns, a howitzer…
    130?mm/5.25?inches bore dia.
    The casings stand nearly 33ins. tall!
    Try fitting that in yer 9mm.Glock.

    I know a friend who had a pair of Martletts standing outside his front door!
    There are bits and pieces of ordnance, still surviving!

    Cool pix to be seen at

  21. Straight talk

    G. Earth:
    Been down this morning, they are there.

  22. more

    Sorry, I guess I must have been mistaken.
    But tell me, what was it that was removed from the site on container trailers some years ago which caused problems on the road? And where did whatever was removed go to?

  23. H’mm:

    I think a chill-out is in order.

    Please, take a look at the Wiki article on Gerald Bull as a first level cross-check before going off on any deep ends (on both sides). You will also see an obvious reason why Barbados is not particularly interested in preserving this bit of history: too many embarrassing cross-connexions into some very dirty bits of the past: e.g., inter alia, South Africa [and with it Israel’s IMI on some highly questionable connexions], Saddam Hussein’s war projects, etc, etc. (NB: There is a saying that it takes a few generations for feelings to cool down enough to write objective history.)

    As to whodunit on his death, it seems there are any number of suspects: Iranians, Israelis, CIA, and for all we know perhaps even an angry and irrational Saddam. [At his death he was evidently, under pressure from SH, working on improving Iraqi scud SSMs. The same ones that were hitting Iran in those days and which would be hitting Israel and Saudi Arabia a few years later.]

    Wiki has an apt epitaph for this genius level but naive, technologically obsessed and insufficiently morally constrained man:

    “Gerald Bull had worked for so many parties in so many critical defence projects that he became an asset and a liability for several powerful groups at the same time.”

    A very sad story.

    GEM of TKI

  24. Straight talk

    If they needed to construct a railway from Foul Bay to Paragon to site the gun, I don’t believe any part of the monster could be taken away in a few containers.

  25. reader

    kairosfocus said “I think a chill-out is in order”.
    Why do you think “a chill out is in order”?
    The HARP story is a huge one and continues to be researched.
    Gerald Bull was a human being just like the rest of us. Some of us may even recognise people who attended his funeral.


  26. more

    Well, Straight talk, I guess my eyes were deceiving me.

    I also remember when it was being constructed and when it was being fired as did most Barbadians from that era.

    But I am not one to argue. So I will leave it there.

  27. Peltdown Man

    There were several guns at the HARP site, and the main big gun was removed, and taken by barge to Bridgetown to be loaded on a ship. I remember it well, but I can’t give a date. There are two guns left, but they are smaller (believe it or not). There were pretty strong rumours that the site was used for experimenting with a lot more than blasting satellites into space.

  28. more

    Thanks, Peltdown Man, I was beginning to think I was slipping as I could only remember seeing the smaller guns the last time I visited the site.

    Would be interesting to know where the big gun went, though.

  29. Anonymous

    The biggest gun was removed from Paragon some years ago.
    As a little boy we watched it being picked apart and loaded into container trucks.
    There are however,2 smaller guns still at the site.

    Adrian Loveridge…there is a movie called the Doomsday Gun about all this.No Donald Sutherland though.

  30. Adrian Loveridge


    Thanks a million.

    Just looked at the trailer online.
    1994 a HBO home video.

    Kevin Spacey looks plausible, but Donald Sutherland would have done better.

    Perhaps we can get CBC to run the film one night?

    I still think there lots of mileage to shoot a DoomsDay Gun 2 here on Barbados.

  31. Rumplestilskin

    From what I remember the gun went to Antigua, where the work continued, for a while at least.

  32. more

    Thanks, anonymous, that is my recollection.

    The Doomsday Gun is an excellent movie and well worth watching.

    It is very difficult to fathom that such a thing or worse actually happened in Barbados. So many of us are unaware of these things unless they touch us in some way.

  33. more

    Thanks, Rumplestilskin, for the info on where the gun went.

  34. Rumplestilskin

    You are welcome, I stand to be corrected, but believe I am correct.

  35. Chase

    From watching the movie,I still cant figure out who shot him….that is what leaves you puzzled and craving for more.Maybe Adrian Loveridge is right….we need a part 2 …..filmed here.

  36. Reader:

    Perhaps I am not up to the minute on the precise connotations of the term, but my comment was in light of some comments [on BOTH sides] that were on the verge of going real, real hot.

    And, judging by the onward exchanges, including especially the interventions by the BFP moderation team on the JFK Bomb plot thread [who deleted some offensive comments], some back-off was more than warranted.

    As touching Dr Bull, I think that any death is regrettable, and moreso any death under homicidal circumstances. Howbeit, it seems that he at minimum spent too much of his professional life naively swimming among sharks, and in some cases apparently cutting very shady deals to support his dreams of artillery-to-orbit.

    Some of those deals it seems, sadly, led to his death at the hands of any number of possible suspects from all over the planet.

    Some of those deals as well, it seems — cf. the Wiki article as a first level check, sadly, would tar both Barbados and Antigua with at least the spatter from the shadows of the very shady network that connected various intel agencies, the “underground” arms industry and the Apartheid regime in South Africa. Given the onward obvious connexion into nuclear-weapon projecting artillery [look up “Atomic Annie” on this], the use of ballistic missiles to project WMDs more generally [note his last project — Scud missile improvements — and client — Saddam Hussein — at the time of his death!], and into nuclear weapons development in several states, some really serious sharks were plainly swimming in those waters. (I should note that the Scud missile was in fact originally developed by the USSR in the 1950’s to inter alia project tactical nuclear weapons. In short, it is a very dangerous weapon so range-stretching and/or accuracy improvement and/or throw-weight increase are inherently very, very destabilising.)

    So, in short, we can reasonably see that it would be very easy to improperly tarnish the reputation of a lot of people in Barbados and Antigua who may very well have had little or nothing to do with the shady connexions of Dr Bull. Then, even if innocence were proven in a court of law, irreparable damage would be unnecessarily done to the reputations of quite innocent people.

    This reminds me of the classic plea of an American official who had finally been vindicated in court but after being “tried and convicted in the media” by biased and vindictive reporting: “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

    In short, sometimes, we need to think seriously about the harm that may be done to innocent people, and even to the reputation of our nations by thinking we have a “right” to know about everything that may be of interest to us. Then, we need to strike a judicious balance on the good to be done vs the harm that may result.

    IMHCO, therefore, given the connexions involved and potential for irreparable harm, I am not at all convinced of the wisdom of much, insistent further following up in details on, or speculations about, or celebrating our natural curiosity on the story and fate of Dr Bull. (That is obviously and admittedly a most humble personal opinion, and it is revisable, but I think it is those who wish to dig in willy-nilly who have the burden of proof that the benefits will outweigh the potential for harm. And, kindly note, this is not at all the position of any “party-line” that I know of. I am here simply concerned over the too often overlooked intellectual vice of vicious curiosity and its implications for harm.)

    So, BFP and onlookers, could you explain to me what good would be done, that would outweigh the potential for harm?

    I hope that clarifies my thoughts . . .

    GEM of TKI

  37. reader

    kairosfocus said “I am here simply concerned over the too often overlooked intellectual vice of vicious curiosity and its implications for harm”

    This matter touched many lives and led to many untimely deaths. The harm continues. Although I clearly understand your feelings I do not share them as my life is one of the many still being affected. The actions were vicious the curiosity justified in a festering situation.

  38. Reader

    I understand you in general terms, saying the harm continues, as is always true over unredeemed evils: actions have consequences, which entrain yet others, and so forth. (I don’t know if you are able to tell us how, and what would help break the vicious spiral I just described in outline.)

    Howbeit, there is also the point of the redemptive, where repentance, reconciliation and reform can move us to a different, positive dynamic.

    On the Bull case, what — practically speaking (and, we must add, given the problem noted earlier, without simply feeding into destrtuctyive, ill-founded scandals and conspiracy theories) — is there that could possibly move us from the downward spiral to an upwards one? [And what are the foreseeable relative costs, risks and benefits of the realistic alternatives?]

    I pray that we would be able to find a positive way . . .

    GEM of TKI

  39. Inkwell

    To break the vicious cycle, those with minds closed to the suffering of others need to have an epiphany

  40. Reader,

    Again, I would like to hear a bit more of your story, and on your thoughts as to what would credibly lead to a better future — looking at likely costs and benefits of alternatives.

    GEM of TKI

  41. Hi:

    I have had one of those system error thingies.

    So, I repeat a sentiment, just in case: R, I would love to hear a bit more on your story, and on your recommendation as to what would credibly lead to a better future on balance of costs and benefits.

    GEM ot TKI

  42. A note:

    In balance, it should also be noted that it seems that Dr Bull’s life’s work, unfortunately, also contributed to much harm, e.g., in particular:

    1] The provision of a new class of long range high accuracy artillery to the South African army in the teeth of international sanctions.

    2] The range extension work on the Scud missiles that Mr Hussein later used to target the Saudis and the Israelis. (And which technology may well lead to a situation where missiles based in part on that work may one day throw WMD warheads into any number of cities around the world.)

    Sad, but we need to bear these and other parts of his life’s work in mind also before beatifying this man.

    GEM of TKI

  43. PS: Wiki has an interesting take on the HARP project in its wider context here. I strongly suggest that all commenters in this thread should read this article. The onward link here will also be illuminating, on the HARP project itself and its own connexions into the era of the first peak of the Cold War. There are also some useful remarks on Dr Bull himself.

  44. Adrian Loveridge

    I hope BFP will forgive me for a little advertising, but I find this story facinating and even more knowing some of the procurement took place at our little hotel.
    After Anonymous pointed out there WAS a film made with Kevin Spacey in 1994, I found a supplier http://www.cduniverse.com and they are airmailing a DVD copy to me.
    Other BFP readers made also wish to obtain a copy.

    Cost of DVD – US$6.39
    AirMail shipping – US$6.99

    My wife is deducting this extravagance from my weekly pocket money.

  45. reader

    HARP required money and the co-operation and participation of many governments including the Barbados government and its “friends”. This helped to lead those involved into deeper organized crime and taught a whole new way of doing things. This has contributed to the festering situation with which we are now faced.

    Discussion on blogsites such as this one are important but the real responsibility for a cure lies in the hands of those whose basic human rights have been denied them as a result of greed and corruption.

    Unless one has felt the negative effects of oppression one cannot appreciate the emotions involved and the motivation to strive to improve the lot of others.

  46. Reader

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    So far as I can see, from links in the not yet moderated post and other information, it seems HARP, circa 1960 – 68, was a collaborative effort between the US Army and the Canadian Gov’t, and was hosted by McGill University. At that time it seems to have been pretty much above board and a reasonable investigation of an alternative to rockets to orbit — not a likely locus for injecting corruption into Barbados.

    (But of course you may well know more than I do on that.)

    But then in the late 60’s, the infighting in Canada did it in, and on an unwise statement from Dr Bull et al, the US also pulled the plug. [By that time, von Braun’s Saturn 5 rockets had won the race to the moon, recall. The plug was pulled on the X-series aircraft too — though the Shuttle is a distant descendant with much modification.]

    After that, Dr Bull seemed to get into shadier and shadier connexions to keep his dream going. Indeed, by 1980 he served 6 months for smuggling arms to South Africa — stuff connected to a new class of long range guns that seemed to have decisively turned the tide in the Angola fighting wit the Cubans etc. [BTW, it seems SH bought some of the same guns from the South Africans, and used them to stop the Iranian counter-offensives too.]

    These G45s and G5s seems to have changed the game on gun artillery, doubling or tripling effective range and exponentially increasing accuracy. (They also turned the tide on a pattern ever since WW 2, where Soviet-derived artillery out-ranged comparable Western pieces, from Dien Bien Phu to the Sinai and the War of Attrition; severely constraining Western tactics.)

    There are reports that connect Dr Bull’s company to smuggling networks through Antigua — and so possibly Barbados? etc? — in the 70’s, feeding arms into South Africa. Maybe, you are speaking of this later period?

    This later deterioration of Dr Bull’s behaviour would be rather much like the proverbial fly in the ointment that spoils the perfume. And, it would certainly spoil any attempts to memorialise the good work done in the 1960’s.

    I gather Dr Bull moved to Belgium after his gaol term, and along the way he seemed to have got into a project with Saddam Hussein, to build his “real” artillery to orbit piece. Of course, SH then forced him into helping him improve the Scud rocket — which was originally a tac nuke projector.

    It seems the Iranians and the Israelis are the major candidates for doing him in, both for very understandable — though not necessarily easy to justify — reasons. (The Israelis, I understand, killed several German ex-V2 scientists working for the Egyptians under Nasser in the 50s or 60s — the same Nasser who threatened to wipe Israel out; so it is very possible that they would have similarly targetted Dr Bull as an enabler of SH’s apparent intent to obtain the means to bombard them.)

    So, where does the issue live: the HARP era, or the later Space Research Corporation era?

    If the former, what credible evidence do you have that points to shady dealings from that time?

    If the latter, is there evidence of corrupt Bajan involvement that could stand courtroom scrutiny?

    GEM of TKI

  47. straight talk sugests to me ,leave yown quietly-1 year after i contacted the belgian police,and the story at la derniere,brooke out,the israeli goverment acted swiftly,they seized my passport.
    i mailed it ,on feb,2004,to the israeli embassy in san salvadore,for a renwal.
    it is still there.
    that raise a question-is israel is a democracy?
    gershon sharoni.
    orange walk town belize.

  48. Straight talk

    Without transparency no country can be a democracy.

    The citizens, having no access to the full facts, cannot make an informed decision.

    The very best of luck, my friend.

    I will be thinking of you and your situation.

  49. Gershom:

    I see your further details, which fill out earlier remarks.

    First, if you have been in Belize for several years, you should be able to obtain a Belizean travel document, hopefuly without too much trouble. (We found the Belizeans very helpful and friendly when we were based there some 20 years ago.)

    Second, it seems that you have unfortunately been implicated in a public controversy; which is precisely the kind of thing that lends itself to atmosphere poisoning and harm to innocent individuals. (I guess it is no surprise to learn that, on too much evidence to enumerate here, I have a low general opinion of contemporary journalism, for all its pretensions to be beyond the level of classic yellow journalism, dubious advocacy, ambulance- or hearse- chasing and scandal mongering . . .)

    I see you communicated with the Belgians. To what effect — was there adequate evidence for them to carry out their court procedures, to what result? [Did you communicate confidentially with say Interpol? To what effect?]

    Finally, Israel is indubitably a democratic state, but as is always true, democracies are imperfect and in need of reformation. After all, they are peopled by finite, fallible, fallen people — just like you and I are, too. In short, (and as I pointed out not too far above), modern Israel, just as Ancient Israel, has its sins to account for. So does Jamaica, so does Barbados, etc, etc. So do we all.

    I add: have you put your passport grievance to the relevant ombudsman offices, and/or contacted MK’s and activist groups likely to be sympathetic? [NB: Your link is broken, and a web search under your name comes up dry, other than to indicate that your names are authentically Israeli. On matters like this, judiciously managed, accurately based publicity is the best defence.]

    GEM of TKI

  50. ST:

    We NEVER have “the full facts,” at best we may have the credibly material facts — and often there is a serious and hard to answer question/debate on which claimed facts merit our trust. (Hence, Critical Thinking 101 . . .)

    Further to that, on matters of serious security or policy import, confidentiality and even secrecy are vital to the process and even to the materiality of the facts.

    (E.g. I recall my discussion with my father on the dilemmas of a finance minister facing a devaluation, having inflated the currency — often in response to public pressure for increased consumerism unmatched by productivity rises. By the time devaluation is on the cards, there are no good options, and if the FM makes the mistake of acknowledging that deval is being seriously considered, the run against the currency will kill it dead, full stop. The only sensible path is the very unpopular one of holding strain on consumerism-feeding inflations until productivity rises. But if you do that in a political climate dominated by ignorance, irresponsible journalism and demagoguery, you may be digging your political grave and handing the rhetorical gun to those who will be only too happy to put you in it . . . )

    Democracy is a wonderful ideal, if we consider it as fundamentally a vehicle for enhanced stewardship over public affairs in a world of fallen, fallible, too often ill-willed people.

    But if we make the prideful mistake of imagining that we are so good and so wise that we have a “right” to rule and demand our way, we are setting ourselves up for the modern equivalent of that golden-tongued conscience-challenged manipulator of old Athens, Alcibiades.

    Unfamiliar with the name and the associated history of disaster with the Athenian experiment during the Peloponnesian war?

    Think about what that may be telling us on what our “education” system has been doing in this past generation, and why!

    For, those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it . . . and, that is the first, often repeated, lesson of history.

    GEM of TKI

  51. PS: A classic cautionary tale on how a Democracy can kill itself, aided and abetted by clever, ethically challenged rhetoricians . . .

  52. kairosfocus.
    i have applied already to a belizean passport,and refused-the immigration dep,in belmopan told me,they want to see my original passport.
    i am permanent residence of belize since,2004.
    belizeans are friendly?
    come and visit me,in o,w town ,and i show you local
    hooligans,that terrorize me ,with money and instruction coming from tel aviv.
    on dec,2002 i reported to chief superintendent,in the belgian police,named eddy willmet,that i suspect a man from israel wears a watch belongs to gerald bull,a regular watch,plus 2 compasses,
    the israeli man told me when he plants bananas,he needs position,
    at the time of the murder,on march of 1990,i lived in toronto ,canada.i knew if some one needs position,it was gerald bull for calculations.why it ended up at the news-room of la derniere,is un clear to me.
    i complaint to committe p,in brussels,last year.it took them 8 month ,to investigate,than on may 8,
    2007,i recieved a reply ,from committe p,saying no
    reason for a belgian police officer to inform the media during investigation.
    about democracy-in1995,a federal court judge,in canada ruled in immigration case,that israel is not a democracy,by a canadian standart.
    kairosfocus,is israel is democracy by barbados standart?
    my link is well established-gerrysharoni@yahoo.com
    adios from the land of the fugitives,east of eden.
    gershon sharoni.

  53. Hi Gershom:

    H’mm, your link still reads: http://gerrysharoniyahoo.com/, maybe that is just how Word Press — I find it has several annoying features . . . — works. (BTW, I see you have given an email link; not wise in today’s online spamming world. I assume it is not your “real” main email address, so you are willing to tolerate spam there.)

    Now, the Belize you describe is not the Belize my family and I experienced, but then you may have found yourself in the position of being perceived as an un- welcome, less- than- credible, gadfly. That is a hard perception to break . . .

    [Unfortunately, there is a necessary persuasiveness dimension to interpersonal — and a fortiori public — communication. People are not logic-machines . . . and, that is a good thing! (But it means that we the educated have to be particularly careful to avoid rhetorical traps that exploit that dimension to subvert what is true, wise or good. Alcibiades is case study no 1 on that.]

    Now on the watch game, is the watch unique, recognisably so as Bull’s; or, is it merely of the brand and model he wore?

    If you can justify that claim of identifiably being Bull’s [say, you taped the man boasting of taking it off Bull’s body on carrying out the “hit”] then you have a start-point for a case, but the problem is it is easy to get rid of a watch. I assume you have photos or something like that that shows the man wearing the watch and signs or confessions that it belonged to Bull, or the equivalent.

    Absent such, neither Belgian nor Belizean police will give you the time of day — and rightly so. [Indeed, you would be setting up the man to accuse you of false accusation; which, would immediately explain why OW town-folks may look at you with suspicion. People don’t like those who they perceive as making false accusations against those they like or respect. And it seems the man in question is a reasonably well-established planter there. There is a lot of real nice agri land in Belize, so that is not a surprise. BTW, do the Mennonites still dominate the fruit market? I fondly remember seeing C19 calendar farmers walking down the street across from “Huffiyu’s” in the “big” city [Can’t remember the right spelling!] — i.e. the Mennonites. ]

    Of course, if you have such evidence, you should have a copy in the hands of a lawyer with one of those “if I die or disappear . . . ” triggers for public release.

    I note your reference to a letter of May 8 from Belgium, which suggests that they are at least looking into what You have had to say. It is understandable that they will wish to not publicise the substance of an active police investigation. You will have to be patient on that one, painful though it may be. [I think, though that you have a perfect right to publicise your own facts on your own case, perhaps through a web site. Even in Israel, there is such an active and free press, that I think you will find journalists and organs willing to tell your story; so long as you do not cross over into libel or unsubstantiated allegations.]

    On your passport woes, I think you can first send a demand letter to the Israeli Embassy, through your Lawyer for it, by certified delivery, with a reasonable time limit for responding. (If they cannot or will not produce it, then you can probably reasonably report the original passport as lost or destroyed. That opens options in Belize and/or Israel.)

    As touching Canadian and etc perceptions adn “judgements” on Israel, I am of course very aware of the sins of Modern Israel [just as the sins of Ancient Israel and many another country, starting with my native land].

    But, on excellent reason, I do not think I trust Canadian Courts, or the UN etc, to make credible judgements on the nature and/or fundamental legitimacy of Israeli Democracy. (After all, that is the same Canada that is contemplating legislation that would have the immediate effect of ruling that the Bible in significant part constitutes hate speech, and has already done some seriously questionable things to my fellow Christians . . .)

    Hope the above is useful

    GEM of TKI

  54. kairosfocus.
    are you trying to contest my credebilty,as the credebility of a federal court judge in canada?
    you can try my e-mail;gerrysharoni@yahoo.com
    belize,is sedomy and gamora,i have been here 8 years,crime is high.30 homocide per 100000,in belgium is 10 per 100000.
    belize becomes a jail for me,without bar.
    about the watch=if you search on the internet,on this subjct,you will find ,that middle east on line.dated jan,2 2003,claim that belgian police,suspect a jewlerry,seen in the possession of a mossad agent living in belize,made him a chief suspect.
    why he did not get rid from the watch?i am in the
    i suspect,that he used his knowledges from the israeli military,as a major in a paracutte unit,a marksman.that what he told me ,he did in his glory time in israel.true ,he never told me that he commited any crime,he also deny my accusation,
    that he works as a bag man for mossad.
    the mennonite are still,dominating the agro-buissness in belize .i myself,worked this year
    in little belize,20km,east of o,w town,for mennonite,picking beans.
    hofius-is the correct spelling.
    gershon sharoni.
    o,w town.

  55. Gershom:

    Hi again: first, I suggest that next time you give your email, you spell out the “AT” symbol, so that web crawlers will not recognise it as an email address. That will reduce spamming. [Just a security note.]

    Thanks for the reminder on spelling. And the Mennonites are truly amazing! (BTW does Hofius still have rifles on sale simply racked in their hardware department — something that astonished me in the 1980’s?)

    I took time to do several web searches. A lot of irrelevant stuff of course, and one or two links to personal web pages that say things like Greg Szymanski’s:


    “On Friday [before 2 Feb 2006], the Belgian daily Derniere Heure published a report saying Belgian police and the State Prosecutor have information from a “reliable source” that identified a Mossad agent, a member of an “elite unit,” as one of Bull’s assassins. The report said the source of the information is in a Central American country “previously controlled by Britain” the country is most likely Belize. The information source said a piece of jewelry or a bracelet was taken from Bull and kept by the suspect.

    “Members of Bull’s family and investigative reporters suggested that Bull was in contact with members of Israel’s intelligence services, and provided them with inside information about the Iraqi super-gun project.

    “One theory held that the Mossad killed him for failing to provide accurate information about the Iraqi program to extend the range of Scud missiles and improve their accuracy.”

    Other theories floated around that Bull was killed on the direction of UK and U.S. officials concerned he was ready to “spill the beans” about the illegal arms trade, pinning high-level politicians with receiving millions in illegal kickbacks on the arms contracts.

    Whatever the case, it was obvious Bull knew too much and had to be eliminated, his murder sending a clear message to others like him either shut up or expect the same fate . . .

    Now, unfortunately, this sounds just a little too conspiracy theoryish and speculative to have great credibility:

    –> An Israeli wearing jewellery [a watch is both a bracelet and jewellery] in Belize, without some more direct connexion that this is the likely watch in question, is not a safe basis for a charge. (NB: There are murderers who keep trophies of their victims, but a Major in the Israeli Paratroops who on the theory in view probably went on to higher level training as an assassin under Mossad would most likely not be so stupid.)

    –> If GB was playing a double agent game, that immediately implicates an obvious and known to be quick on the trigger-finger suspect: Saddam Hussein; just ask the ghost of his former son-in-law. And, we already credibly know that SH manipulated GB into working on Scud-improvement, which he probably would not have been overly happy to do. (Absence of the SH “theory” in this discussion — and I recall that SH et al were under consideration when this came down originally — immediately tells me, be careful of all other claims on the site.)

    –> In that obvious context, too, it would not be “knowing too much” that would be the “obvious” relevant issue, but instead: “death to Israeli spies.” [Cf the fate of Cohen in the 1960’s.]

    I therefore suggest, again that you put together a responsible web site or blog carefully laying out your case, with appropriate links and documentation. [Free web site or blog hosting is out there for all, and you can do the basics in 15 minutes.] Then, you will always have something to refer people to, to give your side of the story in an effective, persuasive way.

    Of course, I still urge you to do the “if I die or disappear” Lawyer letter trick, if you have not yet done so. (Basic precautions dept . . .)

    Finally, Belize is a wonderful place, and with some very friendly people; make friends, go fishing, and enjoy it!


    GEM of TKI

  56. PS: I forgot, there is also the Iranians angle. There are too many suspects on this one with motive, means and opportunity.

  57. Anonymous


    PLEASE, I’m begging you, for heaven sake, do something about that Kairofocus. SEVEN times this morning he has invaded this site like a plague of rats invading a home. It is very irritating. I’m not appealing you to ban him, but can’t you at least LIMIT him? He has his own website, for gosh sake. If people wish to read his stuff, let him direct them to his site. Why should we on here have to pay such a penalty? It is most unfair.

  58. Extortionist

    Is K-focus the same Jew hating guy that was banned earlier? in a fresh reincarnation?

  59. BFP

    BFP To Kairosfocus

    Dear Kairosfocus:

    Your volume of comments and the length of your comments are upsetting the normal mood of this blog.

    When you post four or five new comments all at once we see nothing but you under the “new comments” column.

    Readers are complaining, and these are not only the readers who disagree with your position. You are monopolizing the comments on only one issue.

    While we appreciate your position on the threat of world islamist fascism, and we post such articles occasionally, your debates are turning this blog into something else.

    We have therefore placed you on moderation, and will restrict your comments to two a day of short length. You are more than welcome to invite our readers to your own site –


    Yours truly,


  60. Straight talk

    BFP: Well done, a sensible compromise.

  61. Anonymous

    Thank you, Robert.

  62. Chase

    Maybe no one visits his site ,therefore he comes on a popular one to spread his word.

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  64. John MacArthur

    The Israelis always treated Bull well – and he was a source in Iraq for them – he knew that if he helped the Iraqis against Israel, he would be assassinated. The SuperGun was not a military weapon – it could be destroyed in an instant and did not threaten Israel.

    Bull was a threat against the invasion of Iraq by the US in 1990 – it is more likely he was assassinated by anti-Saddam Iraqis on orders from the US.


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  66. LR

    I am sure that the gun removed from the harp project was the smaller of the 3 large guns, if any one has info on the measurements I will go and measure it up

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