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Bajan son Dr. Basil Marryshow passes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It is said that wherever you go, you’ll meet a Bajan – and it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been living over and away, they are still Bajan to the bone.

By all accounts, Basil Marryshow made a good life for his family and gave selflessly of himself to his two communities: Pittsburgh and Barbados.

Our sincere condolences to Dr. Marryshow’s family and friends.

Thanks to BFP reader Red Lake Lassie for alerting us to Dr. Marryshow’s passing.

Further information: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Surgeon made time for family, community

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Kiara Smith’s winning essay about the Environment

“Barbados is our home, our beautiful home.”

Kiara Smith of Providence Elementary School took 1st Place (and $1,250!!!) in the Age 9-13 category of the 2011 national Canada-Barbados Environmental Essay Contest.

Here is Kiara’s winning essay…

Why is the environment important to Barbados?

Environment; what is the environment? Is it the trees, is it the sea, is it nature or is it our surroundings? Well, what can it be? For me, the environment is our surroundings, our nature, and our home. Now don’t we need to take care of our surroundings? Don’t we need to take care of our home? Yes we do. Why?

Barbados is our home, our beautiful home. So if you are driving along and decide to throw your used food and drink out of the window, what do you think will happen? Do you think nothing will happen? Then you’re extremely wrong! Barbados would start to look like a dump if everyone did that. Sooner or later, no one would want to visit us from overseas. The tourists would say “No way to Barbados!” they would want to go somewhere beautiful with places they can observe, not to a place to see garbage and pollution. If we destroy the beauty of our environment, no more tourists would come. No more tourists means no more foreign exchange for our country. Continue reading


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Canada-Barbados Environmental Essay Contest Winners Announced

$4,000 Cash Awards Won by Barbados Students

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary announced the six top winners of the 2011 national Canada-Barbados Environmental Essay Contest on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Nearly 60 essay competitors entered the contest. Awards were split into two age categories.

Students were invited nationwide to write a 300-500 word essay about “Why is the environment important to Barbados?” Entries were judged on originality, creativity, articulation and strength of expression in addition to usual composition requirements.

“It was inspiring to read the essays from students throughout Barbados,” said an official with the Sanctuary. “Under the guidance of their teachers we saw these students produce remarkable and passionate essays about why Barbados needs a healthy and diverse environment.

“We received many creative and thoughtful essays but these winners embraced the idea of personal responsibility when it came to preserving the environment. We are especially impressed with how young people in Barbados are acutely aware of how our quality of life and financial health are dependent on the environment.”

The Winners!

Barbados Free Press will be publishing each one of the winning essays over the next few weeks and we’ll link to the names when we do. We are tremendously enthused by what we’re reading. These students are the future, and the future leaders, of Barbados.

We’d also like to express our deep appreciation for the folks at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary who brought this contest to fruition with their ideas, hard work and, yes, money. We’re proud of all the students and teachers who participated – not just the winners. If we all work together we CAN change the consciousness of this nation.

Good for you, young people! You give us old folks hope for the future.

Age 9-13 Winners:

  • 1st Place and $1,250: Kiara Smith, Providence Elementary School
  • 2nd Place and $500: Jade Griffith, Wills Primary School
  • 3rd Place and $250: Phoebe Vieira, St. Winifred’s School

Age 14-18 Winners:

  • 1st Place and $1,250: Dudley Ellis, Harrison College
  • 2nd Place and $500: Shan Bovell, The Lodge School
  • 3rd Place and $250: Juwayriyah Nana, Harrison College

Honorable Mentions Ages 9-13:

  • Mohammed Nana, Wesley Hall Junior School
  • Rhea Campbell, The Ursuline Convent School
  • Rebecca Clarke, St. Winifred’s School

Honorable Mentions Ages 14-18:

  • Michaela Welch, The St. Michael School
  • Jade Forsberg, The Codrington School
  • Jakita J. Connell, Queen’s College

You can read all of the winning essays at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary website: CBEYA 2011 Essay Contest Winners


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Over a month without garbage pickup in hot Barbados

Retaliation by Civil Servants

by J. Payne

True story! As I say I sign my name because I don’t care who get vex. In my area people put out their garbage for sanitation to come and take. It seemed simple enough but Sanitation is unreliable so sometimes you might go 2 weeks without a pickup.

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