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Barbados Cove Bay Developers ask for your comments and understanding

Property Developers concerned about Bajan Public: AND THEY SHOULD BE

There’s quite a fuss going on in Barbados over the proposed development of Cove Bay. Bajans have had as much as they can take of developers waltzing onto the island, wining and dining some government officials and then doing whatever the hell they want to do with our precious natural heritage.

With the help of corrupt and inept government officials, developers have walled off much of the West Coast and restricted access to the sea and beaches. With the help of government officials who let them build without deep enough pockets and with no guarantees or deposits, some developers have left unfinished disasters that blot the landscape.

By the law of Barbados, Bajans are supposed to have unrestricted access to the sea and beaches but that’s not the way it’s worked out and we’re plenty vexed about that and we’re not going to tek it any longer. No Sir.

Oh, we’ve also had enough of the developers hiring “consultants” who turn out to be related in some way to public officials. That’s another story for another day, but keep it in mind as you watch what happens at Cove Bay or any other project in Barbados.

The Cove Bay developers know they have a big problem with the public

The Cove Bay developers also know that Bajans are getting a little more militant when it comes to resisting irresponsible development. Continue reading


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Barbados Environment Ministry issues wonderful press release. Meanwhile, the reality is…

Another Conference for our all-talk no action Environment Minister

Oh dear! Where to start? It seems like we keep writing the same article over and over again in response to reading the same press release over and over again.

The simple truth is that every few months our Ministry of the Environment holds some conference, gets a loan for “the environment” and issues the same tired old self-congratulatory press release talking about the importance of the environment. There are different flavours of the press release, but it’s all the same hollow PR nonsense with no real content.

Dem folks at the Environment Ministry and the Coastal Zone Management Unit sure can talk, and they have a way of talking to make it sound like talking and meetings are the equivalent of actually doing something, actually taking action to protect the environment.

But it’s all meetings and talk and press releases. You understand?

This current “Aren’t we wonderful and we’re really looking good!” press release quotes Environment Minister Denis Kellman as saying we need to look at old solutions like planting hedge rows and Cus Cus grass along road verges to retain top soil.

Wonderful. Meanwhile his Ministry is deliberately killing a RAMSAR wetlands and the last mangrove forest on the island so it can be developed into condos and industrial units. Meanwhile we have raw sewerage contaminating beaches on the West Coast because we borrowed millions to build a proper sewage treatment plant and then spent the money on cricket festivals.

Barbados hasn’t bothered with an Environmental Protection Act because the international “environment” loans and grant money just keeps rolling in anyway.

Message to the Inter-American Development Bank: For God’s sake, PLEASE don’t give these international-aid addicts any more money until they pass an Environmental Protection Act!

Sometimes I do despair.

Folks, please read two things today and I won’t ask you to read anything else. It’s really important that Barbadians are able to look at these government press releases and tear them to pieces for the garbage they are.

First, please read our recent article: Barbados don’t need no stinkin’ Environmental Legislation because we got another loan!

Then read the new Barbodos government press release below, and really think about the difference in what the press release says and the reality of what you see in Barbados.

Thanks ever so much.


Barbados Government Press Release: March 17, 2011

BARBADOS: Coastal Zone Management Unit Hosts ICZM Workshop

Bridgetown – March 17, 2011 – Regional states must do everything in their power to protect their coastlines. Continue reading


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Does anyone care about National Productivity?

Where is the common sense from our Government?

Every morning for the past week or two THOUSANDS of Bridgetown office workers are coming in to work about 45 mins. to 1 hr. later than usual!!


The Ministry is rebuilding the roadside wall at Station Hill Police Station thus blocking one side of an already narrow road. This complicates two-way traffic for miles around…I’m not kidding you MILES!! Continue reading


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