Mottley – Arthur internal fight will kill any hope of a BLP victory next time around

Owen Arthur BLP Zombie 2

Owen Arthur: The Zombie who would not Die!

by Zackery Thumble

It is all rather simple.

Owen Arthur has not been able to take down Mia Mottley. He has been too smart by half: sucking and blowing, saying he supported her as Deputy Prime Minister but not as leader of the party because of her, well, her particular situation.

Then Owen tried a comeback that didn’t work out so well. Then he resigned as leader after badly blowing the election. Now he wants back… or wants Mascoll to be PM and BLP leader.

Or something…

But Mia hasn’t been able to rally enough support to shut down the torture. BLP stalwarts are being tortured to death by the drip drip drip drip of the Owen Arthur leaking faucet.

“Like a migraine headache lurking just below the threshold in the brain: threatening to return but never really surfacing.

Ruining everything without making a real appearance: that’s Owen Arthur.”

Owen Arthur doesn’t love Bim any more than he loves the BLP – which is not at all. Arthur is a political zombie, but he just doesn’t know it…


Albert Brandford has his opinion too.


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10 responses to “Mottley – Arthur internal fight will kill any hope of a BLP victory next time around

  1. Anonymous

    Can you trust any politician. No

  2. Party Animal

    I think it is time for the BLP stalwarts to ask him to shut up and move out, he cause the BLP to lose the last Election, why is he trying to mess with the Party ? particularly at this time of crisis we are in, we need to get this Country back on stream. DLP has to go.. We need BLP without Arthur.

  3. just want to know

    Thank you party animal, he had his time, just fade out gracefully Mr Arthur, and let some one else who is willing to help Barbados get back on the right track. Why do politicians feel they are so invincible?

  4. what happens

    What happens when you have a President for life who can’t die?

  5. Robert D. Lucas

    I am amazed at the comments I have been hearing on this matter. On the Call-in programmes and the articles cited above.Unless there is an internal coup in the DLP or the population rises up and overthrow the Government, Barbados has to endure the policies of the DLP for the next four years and four months. Remember, the election in 2013 was called after five years and three months. Therefore, there is adequate time for the BLP’s members to resolve the matter. In thenext four and four months, nothing the Opposition does will have any effect on the policies of the present Government. So Chill out.


  6. Anonymous

    Sometimes too much rum clouds your vision.

  7. While the current state of the economy is of greatest importance, now is the time to pressure members of both parties—BLP and DLP—to INTRODUCE AND PASS integrity, transparency, accountability and freedom of information legislation. We’ll then see how many of the current crop of MPs resign or refuse to seek re-election. It will also help to ensure that any newcomer of any party seeking political office, will be more inclined to be honest.

  8. just want to know

    Pieter Pieper you will not see that in this lifetime!!!!!!

  9. robertd.lucas

    Errata: Where it states “In the next four and four months” should read as follows: “In the next four years and four months,”

  10. Party Animal

    What happens
    Remember Eric Williams, Screwed Trinidad to the bitter end.