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Mottley – Arthur internal fight will kill any hope of a BLP victory next time around

Owen Arthur BLP Zombie 2

Owen Arthur: The Zombie who would not Die!

by Zackery Thumble

It is all rather simple.

Owen Arthur has not been able to take down Mia Mottley. He has been too smart by half: sucking and blowing, saying he supported her as Deputy Prime Minister but not as leader of the party because of her, well, her particular situation.

Then Owen tried a comeback that didn’t work out so well. Then he resigned as leader after badly blowing the election. Now he wants back… or wants Mascoll to be PM and BLP leader.

Or something…

But Mia hasn’t been able to rally enough support to shut down the torture. BLP stalwarts are being tortured to death by the drip drip drip drip of the Owen Arthur leaking faucet.

“Like a migraine headache lurking just below the threshold in the brain: threatening to return but never really surfacing.

Ruining everything without making a real appearance: that’s Owen Arthur.”

Owen Arthur doesn’t love Bim any more than he loves the BLP – which is not at all. Arthur is a political zombie, but he just doesn’t know it…


Albert Brandford has his opinion too.


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Opinion: Owen Arthur wants and needs Barbados economy to continue in crisis

Owen Arthur Mia Mottley fight

“Arthur has a history of using Mia Mottley when it is in his interest to do so and seeking to destroy her when it looks like she and the BLP have victory in sight.”

Arrived via Denmark or Sweden, and signed “Victory is in sight!”

Owen Arthur is known to say “sorry” because he believes it is a cool thing to do. He often says, “blame me” but that too is sarcasm.

He has already made it clear that Clyde Mascoll is his “quo leader.”

Mia thought they were in love... while Owen was getting ready to give her a shove!

Mia thought they were in love… while Owen was getting ready to give her a shove!

The one thing you can say with certainty about Owen Arthur, is that he never reverses himself on anything. Owen Arthur is driven by a type of obsessive hatred for Mia Mottley. Even if it means sacrificing himself, that is fine with Arthur as long as it destroys Mia Mottley in the process.

Owen Arthur has one unfulfilled obsession and that is to make sure that Mottley never leads Barbados and that Mascoll (his quo-leader) emerges to become the leader of the BLP and the next Prime Minister of this country.

Arthur’s interest is not served by being on an “Eminent Person’s Committee.” That would allow the Government to put Barbados on a stable economic path and spoil his plans.

Any economist of note who Mia consults will also immediately become an offense to Arthur because it means competition for Mascoll. In order for Arthur’s plan to work, he needs the crisis in the economy to continue, since it will also serve as the distraction he needs to execute his plot.

For the ‘Old Fox’, the plot is simple!

Arthur will continue to pick at Mia Mottley in the hope that she becomes distracted and responds. A brawl that pulls in bees from both camps and creates a spectacle and confusion would be good for Arthur. Once Mia falls for the trap, “check mate” and game over for her. Continue reading


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Owen Built a State-of-the-art Prison for brother Richard Arthur

Who are the real “WILD BOYS” of Barbados?

What did former Prime Minster Owen Arthur know of his brother’s criminal activities?

Contributed anonymously by “Cripto”

What does Owen Arthur mean when he says that there is nothing that will destabilize the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and that the affairs of that party will never be arranged by any private meeting between individuals? Has he forgotten his infamous: “Prior Park Accord,” when he left home in the ‘dead of the night,’ to sign a deal and the plot that over-threw the then Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley?

If: Barbadians expressing serious concern about the political leadership of the BLP turning a blind-eye to electoral fraud, voter-list rigging and “rigged-democracy” – is now to be described by Owen Arthur as a “mocked division” – then law-abiding citizens have every right to conclude that another Arthur should also be remanded to prison.

The point remains that Owen Arthur and his ‘indiscipline and un-governable gang of five,’ “ousted” Mia Mottley and along with their strategically placed operatives and goon squad – have now “deposed” Rawle Eastmond. All of that is the extent of the same rigging Rawle Eastmond warned about?

On the very day the media was reporting that a man was gun-down and riddled with bullets on a Mini-bus, one Arthur was being charged with the illegal possession of 102 rounds of ammunition.

read about Owen Arthur’s brother right here!

This has to be embarrassing, and as a result, the other Arthur might have to quietly change his view about who the real “wild boys” of Barbados, are! Is Barbados now to be run by: “The Arthur Crime Family?” Continue reading


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