Head thug of Central Bank of Barbados bans Nation journalists from press conferences

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Dr. Worrell must consider himself a very important and powerful person

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This is so typical of the Bajan elites’ contempt for freedom of the press and the right of citizens to hold government officials and institutions accountable.

Central Bank Governor, Dr. DeLisle Worrell, took issue with a story about the central bank as published in The Nation. So does he ask the paper for space to present his thoughts to the citizens? Does he demand an apology, retraction or correction? Does he write an article to be published in the media or on the bank’s website?

Nope… he bans Nation journalists from all bank events. Worrell wants to control what the press says about him and this is his stupid, thuggish reaction to an article he disagreed with.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but banning journalists doesn’t seem to be the smartest option.

Then again, as former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has often commented in so many words: DeLiesle Worrell never was the sharpest pencil in the box.

Nation News: Worrell bans Nation


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  4. just want to know

    What is the Central Bank Governor trying to hide? Is their misappropriation of money or files? Is he an elected official by the people of Barbados? Isn’t he just a civil servant like the rest of us, paid from the treasury? I just don’t understand this. Is Barbados becoming a Dictatorship, where the newspapers has to be censored, & no citizen can oppose. This is really not good for the people of Barbados & the country.

  5. Anonymous

    Maybe the Nation and every other media outlet, locally and regionally, should turn the tables on this idiotic decision and refuse to cover ANYTHING put out by the Central Bank including taking ads. The international media should also be brought on board to put some deserved pressure on this little wannabe despot and his government.
    His time would be better spent if he concentrated more on dressing like the Governor of a Central Bank rather than getting into a fracas with the media.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t agree at all with Dr Worrell barring The Nation, or any other media from The Barbados Central Banks meetings and press conferences. Where is his boss on this (The Prime Minister ) Does he have the balls to call out the Dictator for this stupid and radical action? Probably not. It’s not his style to get involved, hoping that the issue will die down in time(Like everything else) That way, he doesn’t have to deal with such an important matter as the right of the media to Government Information.
    Perhaps this sort of attitude and behavior is why he was laid off by the IMF?

  7. Anonymous

    Dr Worrell, not the Prime Minister…laid of by IMF

  8. African Muslim Slavery Continues

    Dr. Worrell cannot take any criticism at all, but especially he cannot stand detailed and intelligent analysis of his actions that show he has actually harmed our economy and caused widespread suffering of the people.

  9. Jeffrey C. Cobham

    I declare up front that Dr. Worrell and I have been close friends from childhood. Not having lived in Barbados for the last forty-eight years, I also admit that I am not as fully knowledgeable about this particular situation re the Barbados Nation as other readers appear to be. I will confine myself therefore to that of which I am certain. Whatever else he may be, Dr Worrell is certainly no dullard. Indeed, my experience is that his thinking is usually original and practical, tending to open new possibilities of solutions beyond those thrown up by the traditional formulae. It is an open secret that in past years he was bypassed for the governorship of the Barbados Central Bank because the politicians felt that his decisions would be based on economic and not political considerations. About the present situation–my advice to my friend is that it is always unwise to become embroiled in a war of words with persons who are paid based on their quantum of column inch output.

  10. It is not a wise move. Smacks of Venezuelan politics. I’m glad Dr Worrell is not a political leader, because I’d be scared of his following as much as I’d be scared of his unilateral decisions. My GUESS, however, is that an act this blatantly extreme, might well be a Parthean shot.

  11. Anonymous

    Don’t agree with the banning, but it is grossly out of place to call the ,am a thug! Who do you think you are, anyway?

  12. Buddie Miller

    “THOSE WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY. . . . (someone please complete this quotation for Dr Worrell …..)

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  14. robert ross

    they first turn mad….will there be rivers of blood?

    Mr Cobham

    That was honourable of you.



    He has become the Guvnor and despite the concerns he has turn out to be the opposite of what was expected. He has been a FAILURE and a unprecedented completely partisan political operative for the DLP.

  16. gentle jim

    Maybe he should go gracefully into the sunset .based on the comments by the MOF

  17. barbados mismanged their monies for years now, if he answer any questions he would be embarrassed on what is revealed

  18. barbados been also using abestos material for years and years, it been proven abestos material cause cancer and other health issues, thats what happened at the louis lynch school. Cheap, bad material was imported to build this school, now all the teachers and former students are dropping like flies. The surrounding areas of this former school, the people will also be in danger.

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  21. Simple Simon

    A silly decision, but thug is too strong. And he is certainly no elite.