Murder assassination of Special Prosecutor Dana Seetahal terrible – but no surprise

Eleven gang members charged with Seetahal murder

But will Trinidadian police be able to convict? Or will witnesses disappear or be murdered?

Once the thugs gain the upper hand in any Caribbean island, it is so difficult maintain the rule of law. Good luck to T&T authorities.

Nation News: 11 charged in Seetahal murder

Here is BFP’s original article about Seetahal’s murder…

Barbados Free Press

Dana Seetahal murdered Dana Seetahal murdered Sunday May 4, 2014

Courts and legal disputes are dangerous business in the Caribbean

submitted by Gary M. Further editing by Robert.

Folks who have lived all their lives in the UK or the USA do not understand what it means to be involved in a legal dispute or criminal trial in any Caribbean, Central or South American country. The reality is this: involvement with the courts can be dangerous business. Even minor disputes can produce threats, beatings or worse. That is generally not the way it is in the USA and UK, but in small island nations it is not unheard of for legal arguments to be put forward through cricket bats or Molotov cocktails in the dark of night.

And just because a person is in a legal dispute with the government is no guarantee of safety. Some say with good reason Sue de…

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4 responses to “Murder assassination of Special Prosecutor Dana Seetahal terrible – but no surprise

  1. Taking sides

    BFP was right about the murder. Good analysis BFP!

  2. de castro

    Point my finger at the political misfits elected by bajans….
    Vote peanuts you get monkeys to rule you.
    Sad sad paradise !

  3. Strange but true!

    The gangs run everything in T&T and Bim. so sorry for the lady who was by all accounts and person who had integrity. Hang these mo-fckers high. Hang them publicly. Fair trial, fair hanging. DO IT.

  4. de castro

    Beg to differ my friend.
    Hanging is the easy way out for “criminals” …to kill or be killed is their “belief” …mind set.
    Charge try convict and sentence them to “hard labour” ….cane cutting.
    Softer sentences can include “community work” street cleaning etc
    Even bring back the “stork” where public can pelt them with rotten eggs/tommotoes……humiliation is sometimes better than executions.
    Que sera