Barbados Police Officer shot four times under mysterious circumstances – Island news media silent

Sheri Veronica Barbados

Not one word in the Barbados newspapers

According to the talk in Bridgetown, four days ago Constable Jonathan Barrow was shot four times in the legs. He was treated at hospital where doctors recovered at least two bullets from the wounds. Barrow is now resting at home.

Nothing in the news media, but everyone is talking.

First to report the shooting was Sheri Veronica (photo above) of Naked Departure blog who ran the story on July 28th, and followed up with a mention on her Naked Departure Talk Show yesterday.

Officer Barrow was one of the police involved in the infamous Shanique Marie ‘finger rape’ case. His partner at the time, Everton Gittens, is currently in Dodds Prison on murder charges stemming from the shooting of two men attacking Gittens’ alleged lover.

So what’s going on and why isn’t the Barbados news media covering this story?


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15 responses to “Barbados Police Officer shot four times under mysterious circumstances – Island news media silent

  1. Strange but true!

    Strange. Ever so strange, but the news media in Bim does what it is told.

  2. Violet C Beckles

    All NEWS in Barbados only report what the DLP or BLP Government approve . All things in Barbados is government own or government bought and will only report what they are paid to report,
    No free press, no free CBC, no free NATION, no free BRASS TACKS,
    Only Slavery. Everyone is being PIMPED.
    no NEWS all is OLD with Barbados media,

  3. party Animal

    Our next PM will have no Balls at all.

  4. party Animal

    I bet he was shot by a Politician or a Lawyer.

  5. Time running out for Crazier.

    Latest accounts from CPC Worldwide make grim reading. Net worth only 5 grand. Hope Crozier into banking on a September payout. Don’t stand too close to those concrete blocks!

  6. Time running out for Crazier.


  7. Anonymous

    Wrong thread you idiot. Well that’s 5 grand more than Harlequin!

  8. Maybe it’s because Sheri Veronica is involved? Some of her posts can skate the edge of Legality, like where is substantiation per Freddie, etc? She also bullied Tony Hoyos’ ex-wife – she has a De Facto Modus Operandi, anyone who disagrees with her is removed from Facebook group… After 3 such incidents, I just left before the inevitable? #hohum

  9. Ian D. Bourne, what does a police getting 4 bullets in his leg got to do with what you write there? I have worked on a site where hundreds of emails from Dorma Smith Hoyos were received and they are horrifying, there is no bigger an abuser than Dorma. She’s giving you some head, but you keep quiet and stop talking shit! You are a bigger idiot than I thought. I should come on your sites and cuss you out and see how long I last.

  10. >”Naked Departure is a site that encourages women and children to speak out about all types of abuses. Keeping such unimaginable acts secret almost always lead to dysfunctional lives. Our goal is to ultimately provide monetary support and education for victims.”


    “Go f*** yourself or do something else that you enjoy (don’t eat anyone’s child, please). Have a good night and God bless you! You need Jesus!”

    Charitable causes yet anyone who disagrees is dragged through mud? I am sure Jesus approves, maybe Allah too? Where is the proof? Minus Adobe please…

    Cursing people and in same paragraph calling on Jesus, she appears more bipolar than those she attacks, as I understand it she lives overseas and in this sense avoids lawsuits. However her site is a WordPress theme and if enough victims appeal to Matt and Company, they can get WordPress to do what is necessary… Free Press does not usually sink as low as this place, and certainly not by

  11. Chraman Cumberbatch

    Ian You are a real journalist with integrity and talent. It was nice you defended one of those she abuses but it only fuels her and causes her to become more abusive. I have met Sheri when she lived her e in Barbados she is very charming and like all sociopaths she can draw a person In she is a very likable person But that is only superficial charm.

    She does not protect women, children , animals , and anyone but she has lied on my friend Mark for years and his friends and family.

    Some who were only kind to her. As you said this is what she says ” Naked Departure is a site that encourages women and children to speak out about all types of abuses. Keeping such unimaginable acts secret almost always lead to dysfunctional lives. Our goal is to ultimately provide monetary support and education for victims.” I would like to see ( How ) she is helping women and children with funds does she had an account here abused women can access for help at a bank why doesn’t some of those on her site ask where we can donate to help this so called abused women and children and who is distributing the funds to help these abused women/children. I have a feeling the money is for Sheri and Sheri’s alone.

    I am sure none of the money sent to her goes to promote helping others. AYE matey she asks Bajans for money to hurt bajans.

    She sure protects women and children in effect she does just the complete 360 polar opposite.

    Anyone that has ever called her out on her abuse , lies , slander and defamation gets a double dose or even triple dose.of her abuse. Her full wrath of Fury,.

    In one breath she has a story Tony Hoyos’s ex wife was an alleged rape victim and then started attacking, mocking and abusing her with not a shred of decency and or mercy.
    Then she has her as a escort , next a lesbian and then she is bisexual.
    She has her as a alleged racist . Sheri has at least seven aliases .
    We all know this they came from the same IP address. But they all have something in common . One mission to abuse , bully, badger. taunt, terrorize and victimize.
    I hear Bizzy Williams ain’t to happy with her how he spoke about his wife Shelly. Countless others. She is in the USA so she is happy as a lark abusing people here.
    She was promoting a prostitution business with Charles Spice and saying how it should be legalized etc. Somehow Charles Lewis it appears has parted ways with her. severed ties so she upped her antics in attacking women and children here.

    Many she draws in with her ( Poor me story) she gets them to align with her only she is gathering bits of truth like 2 % then mix it with 98% lies.
    She went after Ms Hoyos because of who he is and who he dates a BLP senator Santia Bradshaw. This alone it gets attention for Sheri .She is not a crusader for justice or the protection of others. She does this for her own selfish self serving agenda;’s She was saying on her Facebook page congratulations to ” Obama,” for legalizing gay marriage Even trying to fool people she has gay friends really ” ? LOL . . Then everyone knows that she is EXTREMELY homophobic everyone in Barbados is either Gay, Bullers and or lesbians. has aids . Oh and the Anti Christ is here.

    She has went after Mia Mottley and even her sweetheart of a mother. I would not miss with of all people the next Prime Minister of Barbados the Honourable Miss Mia Mottley because she is not weak and is strong if she ever gets Sheri in Court she will be brought down on her knee;s or the lies she tells on her and her mother and family.
    . Because Mia sued a paper in the UK and won a fortune. There is nothing to sue Sheri for but Word Press needs to know she is using her site as a BULLY site maximums.
    No one is owed any respect in her mind and no one gets any either respect as soon as you defend the ex wife of Tony Hoyos she was saying you were doing it because you were getting sexual favours. . Talk about protecting women. You may have wanted to out her for abusing this woman but it made her only abuse Ms Hoyos even more more. Bizzy Williams and his wife Shelly have been attacked . Karen Harris because of who they are . Yet, in one breath she is supporting homosexuals and five minutes later she is posting a picture of gay men on the beach having sex and one getting bulled ” password only,” if people would not encourage her she will go away. She hates Barbados so she says in her books but every day, and hours late into the night what does she do she is posting about Barbados and in a negative way.
    Back to the gay men on the beach she was saying it was the policeman that hung himself in St .Philip getting bulled. Which clearly it was not , looked nothing like him what -so-ever. The truth does not matter as this got a lot of shares for Sheri and the cost of speaking so gravely ill of a depressed man who took his life who was loved by his family. Sheri shredded him to bits. She is one of the most unkindest, sadistic and disturbed tormented souls I have ever encountered . UNFORTUNATELY!!!!!!

    But it did not matter this GAY story got a lot of hits and she has no boundaries and dragged a depressed dead mans name through the mud.
    She reported a rape story on Ms , Hoyos then attacked her , mocked and abused her. I have never seen a more wicked and more evil site then hers. .
    Their are laws here In Barbados she will be sued and everyone who has been targeted by her needs to get together and force Word Press to take down her site or who ever her internet provider is. Google will also remove false stories .

    Ian but to sue her would only cost money and ( which she has no real money) if she is asking for money on her site
    She has made it a full time career in causing hurt for others.

    She has attacked Frank Belgrave because he was Marks friend and
    viciously many of these people have done her no wrong it is only in her mind.
    There’s an unflattering story on him on her site . Once again his crime was he happened to be friends and is friends of the man she claims beat and destroyed her life. Which I know Mark Thompson I do not believe he ever laid a finger on Sheri.
    Just as Karen Harris comes from wealth as does Shellly and many of those she targets are either wealthy or political figures. Sheri is not wired like normal people you can not reason with someone who is unstable and irrational and all this does is makes for more attention for Sheri .

    This feeds those who embrace this nonsense it fulfills a sickness called ENVY. Nothing she says make sense. She contradicts herself and trips herself up all the time. She has said Karen Harris a woman who is married and from a wealthy family , who had a mental breakdown . Sheri started lying on that poor woman that she was laying in a cane field getting sex with some rasta man. So much for her contradiction that her site is one A walking oxymoron . contradiction and pure EVILNESS and filled with such unkindness and unthinkable untruths.
    I can only believe her followers and or disciples relish in the pain of others as she tears down person after person. Then she seeks sympathy and empathy for herself when she has only apathy and aggressiveness and abuse for those she targets. She calls herself a humanitarian?
    Many of her victims have children who could be harmed yet there she is misleading in the advertisement of her website .
    She targets women and children in such viscous manners if anyone disagrees with her abuse or defends themselves or others she deletes and or creates fake stories aimed at sensationalism to feed the need for those that like her kind of trash tabloid drama.
    . You called a spade a spade and she went and attacked not only the above-mentioned woman as it seems certain people become fixations and obsessions. Mark Thompson is catching a breather . ” She”, if you defend anyone the bullying escalates . My friend dated Mark the man she goes on and on about writes books about slanders , libels constantly and consistently Of course all of us wish Mark had never met first her daughter and then Sheri. The whole rift was .he allegedly had a
    “Nude photo” of another female which was the start of all of this.
    What none of us understand is he was dating her daughter who had a BF and Mark dated her he was captivated by her charm then the harmless grass snake turned into a viperous cobra. As anyone with a certain level of higher intelligence can see what is her agenda.

  12. If Chraman Cumberbatch’s remarks are also deleted as was a previous comment, then I have them on Screenshot this time and not afraid to reuse where necessary – whosoever is Editor do a favor and leave the long comment for those who need to discern for themselves

  13. Sugar Daddy Day Done

    Concur with Ian. Leave the comment up Bfp. Thanks luv!

  14. Chraman Cumberbatch

    I agree with Sheri on Everton Gittens butGittens is a horrible man and corporal punishment is for Barbados to decide. Investigating some things but her methods are pure madness.

    He got his Karma for violating a Jamaican woman at the airport. The same “Karma” Gittens gets you will receive .
    Ms Sheri Veronica Cutting will you ever come to Barbados to answer for your crimes of slander , libel and defamation? Many of us wish you could be extradited here from the USA for the crimes you continuously commit and have committed. Mark Thompson was too kind when he dropped three counts of property destruction against you, Maybe a magistrate will reinstate those charges .
    There are so many Bajans that would even send you a first class ticket to face the many criminal and civil lawsuits mounting up against you. Why did you ever leave the USA and come to our beautiful country you bash and abuse our country , our people because a man both your daughter and you dated the relationship ended bad So the whole country of Barbados must suffer and who sleeps with the man their daughter did first . You did. You say Bajans have no morals. Speak so bad of us. Let me tell you . I have a daughter had her young like you and am SINGLE and have far more class than to date one of my daughters boyfriends etc, I would never sleep with a man my daughter did. My daughter is beautiful and people think we are sisters. You have not evolved into maturity , spiritual growth and you have stunted mental critical thinking skills.
    So men in America treat women so good Well if it was so great in the USA why did you ever even come here. Maybe it is cool to sleep with your daughters boyfriends in the USA but here it is not. One last thing . Those that live in Glass houses should never throw stones. You have not only thrown stones but boulders. Just GO AWAY. We love Ri Ri to visit and many other Yankees but wish you never came back here and a whole host of people feel this way. You need help.

  15. This female is one twisted piece of work, if Free Press was upset at Underground, they should be aghast at Cutting with her Racial Hatred of White People and asking someone to shoot an ex boyfriend? Death Threats? All Barbados is either demons or HIV? This website helps women HOW? Those who agree with her The FBI and NSA need to shut the Georgia based site forthwith… Any one who questions or complains is a target for false viciousness and BFP chose to praise this? I’d be embarrassed to even have up this thread, if you can praise Naked Departure then Barbados Underground can continue being Buddies, they’re far more tasteful!