British tourists firebombed in Barbados: Mistaken identity over anti-government lawsuit.

Barbadian businessman says his home was the real target

Four British tourists just learned what most Bajans already know: litigation, especially against government, is dangerous business in Barbados.

The Brits rented a holiday home not knowing that it was next door to the family home of David Weekes: a Barbadian international businessman who has become a very inconvenient thorn in the side of both the Barbados and CARICOM governments.

“David Weekes told this newspaper he was certain his home was the target of what he suggested was a fire bomb. Weekes explained that since his house was the only one in the area which was normally occupied, the assailants or assailant could have aimed their wrath at the next door home because the lights in it were on.”

… from the Barbados Today article Fire bombed

At 2am on Tuesday April 3, 2012, an unknown person (or maybe more than one) firebombed the Brits’ holiday rental home with two exploding incendiary devices. Fortunately, no one was injured – but next time it could be different.

Why do we say “next time” people could be injured? Because there will be a next time, if not in the Weekes case then in some other legal battle. Barbados has a long history of incidents like this related to legal and other disputes. This is certainly not the first arson or similar attack associated with a Barbados court battle and it is unlikely to be the last considering our island’s recent history. We’ll get to that history in a minute, but for now let’s look at the litigation involving Mr. Weekes and the Barbados and CARICOM governments…

“Law Courts of Barbados seems unwilling or incapable of adjudicating my CARICOM civil suit”

… David Weekes, Barbados business owner and inventor

David Weekes is the inventor of a software and hardware visa solution that he claims Caricom stole from his company and used to issue visas during Cricket World Cup. Mr. Weeks claims that he showed the system to Caricom in 2003, and that Caricom used the software and system without his authorization in 2007. Weekes filed a lawsuit in 2007.

Adding credibility to Mr. Weekes’ case is that in October 2006 – just before Cricket World Cup – some Barbados Government people accidentally left a black folder at the Hilton Hotel, Bridgetown. When the staff saw the papers had Mr. Weekes’ name on them, they contacted him. Aha! According to Mr. Weekes, the Barbados Government papers showed that “confidentiality surrounding certain trade secrets Weekes had divulged to CARICOM representatives during many months of meetings had been compromised. Another company got the contract he was expecting.” (see Patrick Hoyos’ column at The Nation: David vs legal Goliath)

‘Normal’ in Barbados lawsuits: Delay the court case. Attack all the family. Steal the home.

David Weekes says powerful, connected lawyers of Carrington & Sealy were able to ‘rush’ their litigation through the Barbados court while stalling Weekes’ litigation.

Now throw in another layer: Weekes borrowed money to patent the visa software, and he put his home up as collateral – with the Barbados Central Bank guaranteeing the loan. Now Mr. Weekes is about to lose his home…

As Mr. Weekes explained it in a recent letter to Barbados Attorney General Brathwaite (and copied to all the news media and blogs – full letter later in our post)…

“(My home) is advertised to be auctioned by none other than (CARICOM lawyers) Carrington and Sealy on April 18th.

The travesty and injustice of this situation can be couched in one salient fact. The same CARICOM lawyers of Carrington & Sealy whom, like you, I have beseeched for the documentation at caption i.e. the Instruments of Ratification, from 2007 until now, are the same parties who have been able to rush concomitant litigation through the Barbados courts and get a judgment against David Weekes and IBIS Latin America Corp – two of the plaintiffs in CARICOM’s litigation!

This Carrington and Sealy, while stalling our substantive CARICOM case, aided by the fact that the Law Courts of Barbados seems unwilling or incapable of adjudicating my CARICOM civil suit, have simultaneously been able to put my company in court and get a civil judgment, against me, in a personal capacity, not my company, for default on a Central Bank backed Guarantee.

This is the same security my company used to finance the commercialization of the technology that I purport that CARICOM purloined!”

… Business person David Weekes in a letter to Barbados Attorney General Brathwaite

For 5 years CARICOM & Barbados Government refuses to provide Copies of Ratification

It gets even worse, folks. The Barbados Government and CARICOM have a real interest in not providing Mr. Weekes with access to government records that will assist his lawsuit… so Prime Minister Stuart and Attorney General Brathwaite put Mr. Weekes on ‘ignore’. He can ask and demand all he wants, but CARICOM and the Barbados Government want him destroyed, so they will not provide the records he needs to pursue his case.

Firebomb! Sue the cartel that runs this place... expect trouble at your family home.

The message of firebombs delivered at 2am

We don’t expect that the police will do anything substantial to find the culprits who arsoned what they thought was the Weekes family home: the police are pre-disposed to look the other way when the victim is suing the government. If you need some examples of this normal police blindness, neglect and complicity, just read on.

The Weekes case is yet another real lesson to international investors who might be considering Barbados as an investment or business location. If the deal goes wrong and you go to court, you will soon discover that litigation in Barbados carries risks that aren’t part of the court process in New York or London – like firebombs at your family home.

Barbados is a wonderful country with good, friendly and loving people – but we have some serious problems with rule of law, less than independent courts, disappearing government files and court cases that take up to 20 years to reach trial. Throw in the usual threats, arson and intimidation against persons who stand up to the small cartel that runs this place and you’ll see that business, investments, oversight and legal recourse in ‘Little England’ aren’t exactly as advertised to prospective foreign investors.

Barbados Free Press has been highlighting this problem for over seven years in hopes of driving change, but this latest arson (yet again!) against a family home shows that when it comes to doing business with and in Barbados… investors and business people had better be prepared for big trouble if it goes wrong – because law suits in Barbados are dangerous business.

A bit of Island History…

When you’re growing up, Bim seems so big – but soon you learn how small this place is both in physical size and in how connected everything is to the few cartels that exercise power. When the interests of these cartels are threatened, there is no limit on how vicious and lawless they can become. My fellow Bajans might recoil in horror that I am saying this aloud, but they won’t dispute the truth of it.

For the law is merely a tool to be used by those in power as a weapon or a threat – or ignored or sidestepped when convenient. That’s why then Prime Minister Owen Arthur appointed his Attorney General and drinking buddy as Chief Justice! When he did that the separation between the government and the court vanished. It can truly be said that under Chief Justice SIR David Simmons, the Barbados Labour Party was the court, and the court was the Barbados Labour Party.

In truly free countries a change in the Constitution or founding documents is approached with extreme caution, and with lengthy due process and respect for history, citizens and a realization that when you mess with the foundation sometimes the whole house suffers. One changes a house foundation with the utmost of care and caution.

In Barbados our elected representatives of the day change the Constitution on a Wednesday afternoon with a week’s notice and zero public discussion. That says everything about how our political elites view themselves, the people and the laws. (It is quite possible that with the cartels’ disdain for the law and due process that Barbados never legally ratified the CARICOM documents that Mr. Weekes is seeking – and that is the reason that CARICOM and the Barbados government are ignoring him.)

The end result of this elitist arrogance is that when the ordinary person takes the government or the cartels to court, or otherwise threatens them with the truth… very very bad things can happen. Family members lose their jobs. Businesses and homes arsoned. Government Health Inspectors suddenly decide that your farm or restaurant is a hazard when last week it was inspected with no faults. Human feces is smeared on the door handle of your business. ‘Stray shots’ hit your home, (quite by accident you know). Your child is yanked out of class and interrogated…

…or maybe the police search your vagina looking for documents that prove rent fraud.

Yes. You read that last sentence correctly.

Man, the police can’t even solve the assassination of retired Barbados Immigration Chief and former Assistant Superintendent of Police Kenrick Hutson who was gunned down in front of his home on Friday December 28, 2007 while his wife and daughter were inside. What did Hutson know? Who did his knowledge put at risk?

The memory of Kenrick Hutson and how he was assassinated four years ago is long gone from the Barbados news media.

This isn’t the Barbados of the Daily Mail travel section, you know. Not by a long shot.

Further reading that will make your hair stand on end…

February 11, 2007: Lawsuit Alleges CARICOM Stole Cricket Visa Technology From Bajan Inventor

February 10, 2007: CARICOM visa regime stumped by lawsuit?

Other incidents of arson, threats etc. connected with anti-government disputes and litigation…

Former Barbados Advocate Editor Says Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley “Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them”

“We were not surprised by the lack of (police) response, especially after repeated death and rape threats against myself and wife and suspected arson attacks were never satisfactorily investigated, despite overwhelming evidence of the source.”

…Barbados hotelier and British foreign investor Adrian Loveridge talks about Barbados Police and crime in Selective Denial, Cover-up by Barbados Commissioner of Police

Barbados Police Out Of Control – Journalists Arrested For Reporting On Crooked Cops

Typical Barbados Justice System Follies: Another Police File “Missing” at Director of Public Prosecutions Office

Time To Obtain Justice In Barbados Courts: 17 Years… or Never

Secret Documents Show How The Barbados Government Used The Military To Destroy A Canadian Investor

Arson, Burglary, Bedroom Spying – Three Separate Incidents Make A Bad Day For Fired Barbados Journalist Who Is Critical Of Government

Nitin Amersey – Sea Cotton Story: When The Barbados Government Sent In The Military To Overrule The Barbados Courts!

COVER-UP: Royal Barbados Police Force Ignores Violent Threats To Businessman

Barbados Government Against Witness Intimidation – Unless Done By Powerful Government Insiders

Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels

We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

“In the early hours Tuesday, December 19, 2006 – a few days before Christmas – officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force descended like a gang of wild thugs upon the sleeping family of Mrs. Ronja Juman.

Her offense was not having paid back-rent to her landlord – who happens to be Charles Leacock, Queens Counsel, and the Director of Public Prosecutions for the sovereign nation of Barbados. One of the most powerful men on the island, Mr. Leacock arranged to have officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force collect his back rent from Mrs. Juman – in particular a corrupt police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan…

…When Sgt. Vaughan and his police officers entered Ronja Juman’s home, terrorised her sleeping family and dragged her off half-naked to the police station for a vaginal search and interrogation over Mr. Leacock’s unpaid rent, they used a blank, pre-signed search warrant – a highly illegal act.”


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52 responses to “British tourists firebombed in Barbados: Mistaken identity over anti-government lawsuit.


    “David Weekes says powerful, connected lawyers of Carrington & Sealy were able to ‘rush’ their litigation through the Barbados court while stalling Weekes’ litigation.”

    Sorry to hear this Mr Weekes. This is the normal game plan of this lawyer named Ivan Jessamy of the same Carrington & Sealy with Mr Forde. This law firm is in the Massive Fraud of the Plantation Deeds of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles, Fraud Squad of Barbados Police Squad need to get back to work and give a findings.

    The People of Barbados is not take this much more.

    Stalling Mr Weeks in court is right up their Alley

  2. jrjrjrjr

    Was just about to book a holiday in Barbados. Maybe not now. I’ll look elsewhere . thankyou Barbados Free press

  3. Marketing at its best??

    Nice story for the Brits to take home to Britain
    and tell all their friends!!

  4. robert ross


    Thankyou. This is a first rate post.

  5. robert ross

    “The message of fire bombs delivered at 2.0am”….@ BFP

    BFP…please see this paragraph. NOW for the avoidance of doubt whose home was firebombed…the Weekes’ place or next door?

  6. BFP

    Hi Robert,

    Yes that wording was not the best so we’ve changed it now. Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. Bill Gibson

    @Brian Andre` Kirton
    I wonder whether you would say the same rubbish when a fire bomb flies through your window?

  8. Norwood resident

    This kind of stuff does not happen all over the world. If a home was firebombed in the UK over a court case there would be hell to pay. It would be a very big deal.

  9. Nattydread

    After reading a number of the other stories of threats and fires etc in other situations it seems to me that Barbados has a problem with people using violence to try and change the outcome of court cases. Is this a cultural thing?

  10. robert ross

    @ BFP

    Thanks….the point is that David Weekes has also posted on BU. There his case is being presented (by him) as being HIS HOUSE that was attacked. He specifically mentions the other houses close by and implies they were empty because owned/used by visitors – whereas the post here is emphatic that the next door house was occupied and the lights were on and that the bomb was directed at that house though, he suggests, by mistake. He has naturally attracted a lot of sympathy.

  11. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    This will not change until the people decide to change it. But in Barbados, the little island that is rich for exploitation, most people have been brain washed and subdued by fear. So the exploitation continues uncheck and will continue to remain so until the people wake up and revolt against these inhumane systems created for the sole benefit of one group of people.

  12. David Weekes

    @ Brian Andre Kirton

    Do hope that your last comment is not to say that the suit option because it is risky should not be pursued?

  13. David Weekes



    This story is genuinely commended, it is composed by a person with some critical skills and whoever you are i doff my hat to you.

    I could not understand “the recent warnings” i have been given in other arena but I now see why i was “warned” about how my comments are affecting “the touriseses”

    @ Robert Ross

    This morning i was fortunate to read through your comments as such relate to the veracity of my story.

    You try with some subtlety to impute that i have said anything other than i have gone on record to say in the various news media that have interviewed me, No where in any of my pronouncement or written word, inclusive of the Police Report at District E do i say anything else.

    If is were a wiser man i might be inclined to say that you are employing what in other spheres is called running interference or RUMINT

    An image, rather an old story visits me from the spelean caves of my mind. This ageless story embodies my plight more eloquently than i could ever put in words.

    I give you poet and writer Khalil Gibran and since i do not wish to add plagiarism to my list of steadily increasing sins i encourage you to read elsewhere the 10 (TEN) lines of that story in the Forerunner – Critics.

    You, nor the current Attorney General, his predecessor, and the two before him, have paused to examine the real issue behind this matter which quite simply purports that CARICOM having used my intellectual property, for monetary gain, thereafter pleaded “Immunity from prosecution” in a Barbadian court of law!

    To add insult to injury, the same lawyers who are their counsel from time to time i purport were excused from court to attend “the funeral of their grandmother or somebody else whom through their OMNISCIENCE (for GOD IS DEAD AND THEY HAVE BECOME GOD) were able to ask for an adjournment, a week before the person died, or some similar inane excuse.

    These same legal luminaries were (incredibly) able to bring a parallel court case against the plaintiff in addition to the now famous languishing case 190 of 2007. In this parallel suit, they secured a judgement against your humble servant for what is a company loan.

    i find it difficult to understand, somewhat disturbing, bordering on distasteful that your enquiring mind doesn’t also explore other publicly available sources with equal alacrity to determine whether there is some truth to the core of my protestations.

    As i said to the officials that are currently investigating this matter and as i will say to BBC and CNN next week during my phone and proxy interviews, these are the facts.

    You purport to be trusted representative of regional interests, you purport to adhere to international trade practices, you are signatory to all and sundry treaties across this GODs earth and yet you refuse to observe the said rules that I contend that signed but do not now observe.

    I am not asking my Attorney General much, i do not ask him to provide me with the 24/7 security my British neighbours have, but i would ask that i am afforded due process and free access to the evidence that is critical to my case, the Copy of the Instruments of Ratification, instead of vacant stare, i did not say cretinous.

    Am i incensed you damn right i am cause it is me who am here guarding my house while you and others try to impute that i am lying about these firebombs.

    And what if it stops tourists coming to BIM? Explain to me why should their stopping their reservations be of greater concern to me in my clear and present self preservation efforts?

    The recent fire bombing for them is a first pass, that is just par for the course in my 5 year long experiences that started with my being told that i want killing or want my throat cut for seeking an injunction to stop CWC2007!

    For you, this banter is a game. something to write in sometimish fashion when there is nothing to do, when you are not at Polo, golf or the garrison or ***, but for me sir this is my life, one which this recent failed attempt and/or the threats of bodily harm by overzealous government servants, will not give me any pause.

    You cannot stop me from voicing these “truths which hold themselves to be self evident”, after all Mr. Ross the pictures which i have and which the police have and which the BBC and CNN will also have are proof of my statements. No one came to bomb an empty house, it was a bungled attempt, cause the light bill i cant pay was too high and when i saw ***’s lights on i turned off mine. But the firebombers did not know that did they.

    “He shall not suffer my foot to be moved…and while you can collude and conspire to take these things transient from me, you cannot take this breath, only HE can do so and in His Own Time ”

    Keep your bombs coming,

    As long as i have breath I will speak out to this injustice here and abroad.

    If i cant eat, do you really expect me to keep quiet with my guts grumbling, while all uh wunna satiated?

    My father is in hospital, a victim of a recent diabetic coma and i cant bring him home cause I ent got a cent while vagabonds and cut-throats parading round the place with cretinous gazes.

    Doan think that this article got nuffing tuh do wid DLP or BLP, doan get tie up, cause i am not one of those idiots who gets on the wagon train bout one party floating Integrity Legislation and all that ignorance.

    Integrity legislation is of useless value to men without integrity and both sides continue to be guilty to bring us a few? men and women without a shred of that, but you and i like dumb lambs vote for them.

    But i digress.

    I want my day in court and my money. If someone was to come by you and teif you big up car, you was gine call de police en dey was gine prosecute de car teif when he was found.

    This is what was stolen

    That is what you and other Bajans use when you travel to the US and elsewhere in this world. That is what *** being paid US$71 million a month for 10 years. That is what i purport that these clowns stole from me, it is mine and i want to be paid

  14. yatiniteasy

    The inflight system shown in David Weeks post (animated video) shows a device on the seat of the plane that scans and transmits passenger information from his passport, and from a form the passenger fills out on the plane, in Flight.Surely that does not make sense. How would the person have boarded the plane in the first case? I could just hear the ground staff at the Airport..”Go right on Sir, your flight to Trinidad is ready for boarding at gate C12. You can fill out all your information on board…have a nice flight”
    My point is , THAT “inflight” system was never implemented for WC2007, and is not in use even today…anywhere in the world,by any Government or Airline..(As far as I know)The Automated check in system is being widely used at Airports around the World, including Barbados, but I don`t believe that Mr Weeks can claim that he “invented” that system.
    I therefore do not understand what he is suing for.

  15. Anonymous

    Rush to Judgement….Sorry Mr Weekes…I see that Patent no 7147155 was issued to you on Dec 12 2006, for a complex system known as GODIS.This appears to be exactly what is being used at Airports around the world today.
    My question is now…who come you are not making millions from your invention? Forget Caricom and World Cup Cricket…this seems to be much larger than that.

  16. David Weekes


    I do sincerely apologise for the “electronic misprint”

    I am slower of thought that i have admitted to in my writing and given the hour of the morning would wish to beg pardon of the CWC2007 representatives and others who will weigh in.

    So here is the first response to your “input” and an orientation on patents in general and mine in particular.

    The animation which i uploaded, is one of many which would have mirrored the various iterations of the G.O.D.I.S

    GODIS was part of an omnibus patent i.e. there were/are 11 other patents which over the years have grown into 17 patents or patents pending)

    The animation speaks to a time when a jurisdiction which did not have machine readable passports would necessitate that a traveller input their traveller details manually for the Country of Destination from a plane outfitted to address that technological lag.

    My patent, which was prosecuted by the world’s second largest patent lawyers at the time Finnegan Farragut et al, details all of the finer issues that you have obviously missed. You should be made aware that such was the importance of G.O.D.I.S that it was granted petition to make special and accorded patent status in 9 months as opposed to 3 years! .
    i would therefore invite you to view the detailed patent and its claims BEFORE you speak to fuller iteration of the platform that CARICOM et al were made privy to.

    i wanted to share the “first iteration” of the platform to show its genesis, innovativeness and early scope, its beginnings as a tourism tool for E/D auto-generation.

    I respectfully suggest that the patent document which you have not had the benefit of reading yet allays your CWC remit since it provides a more comprehensive scope of G.O.D.I.S which extends to include the kiosk at Grantley Adams airport and anywhere else they are in the world

    It is my hope that if/when you read the contents of the patent at the url provided above you will see that every nuance of Country of Origin, Country of Embaration, Country of Interim Destination and Country of Destination (and each of their enabling processes) addressed 100% of the traveller cycle for the CWC2007 and for the more extensive background notification requirements that the US government and other world governments now employ.

    I am tempted to ascribe your enthusiastic comments as those made from a vacuum of ignorance (lack of knowledge of) but would respectfully advise you (and others) to THEN READ THE AFFIDAVIT AND ITS TIMELINE.

    You will, in addition to learning other information, realise that it was David Weekes, and the Directors of G.O.D.I.S, who first approached the US Directors of Homeland Security per piloting the technology in New York, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Miami. It was based on our interdictions with the US government we purport that entities like IMPACCS were created.

    In fact as your understanding increases you will see that the G.O.D.I.S patent submission, PREDATES any of the US DHS Ways and Means Committees on EAPISes and the ensuing allocation of funds.

    That, by our reasoning makes this patent the first in the world.

    How can you jump from our iterative animation which shows how “part of the process” of mining traveller information would work from a plane, and, not having read the patent which details how that concept applied to any GUI even a laptop at your home of workplace, to your errant assertion, about “Trinidad en ting” and the coup de gras or final disconnected statement about my lawsuit.

    PUT MIND IN GEAR BEFORE TONGUE IN MOTION. May the GOOD LORD Spare me from these luminaries and technological geniuses

  17. yatiniteasy

    @David Weeks…I had previously apologized for my Rush to Judgement, but it was posted as “Anonymous” by mistake.I admire your being awarded this patent, and wish that you reap the benefits from all your work and investment in this project.

  18. David Weekes


    This is what i have been begging two successive Barbados governments to assist me, a poor black man from Bush Hall to do, commercialize the patent for mutual benefit (CARICOM/CARICOM Member States/G.O.D.I.S Corp).

    You know de licks i been getting for trying to do this? I went to EGFL in 2003/4 with a business plan and a conservation revenue projection saying that G.O.D.I.S would generate U$$6M in PY3 (Look at Accenture US$7i million/month)

    The ICT genius there said that the books were cooked! and that no company with ICT in Barbados could make that money.

    Doan talk bout de regional microenterprise organisation CF** de lady who was there told me, “whu part of the US is this being used in”

    The problem sir/madam is that it is not for lack of trying to get the money. At this point when companies, international companies, call us (unsolicited calls) and enquire about our technology and we pass “the first test”, when they do due diligence on the company and see that we are in a lawsuit with CARICOM, they shy away!

    NO one, including CB* and *SI, wants to buy into a lawsuit, irrespective of the financial potential, and I can’t get my day in court to get rid of this albatross!

    Tell me a way past that with a company which is prepared to go the full hog, on this patent which has five yet to be developed, modules, and i wouldbe the first person to take the suggestion.

    I even told my previous lawyer, if the clowns at CARICOM were prepared, we would be prepared to reconcile our differences if they were going to re-engage with us in good faith and the requisite financing

    But they are “immune from prosecution”.

  19. yatiniteasy

    @David Weekes….I am not a luminary or technological genius, so I am still a little confused as to why you think CARICOM stole your visa technology for World Cup 2007. It seems to me that they used instead, an established, turnkey 3 M system(3M IDIS) that had been in use around the world since at least 2003.Below is a Press Release from 3M in 2006.

    October 05, 2006 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    3M Wins Contract to Supply Identity Document Issuance Systems
    to the Caribbean Community

    – Exclusive 3M Technologies Aid Agencies with Secure Visa Issuance Procedure –

    PORT OF SPAIN & TRINIDAD and TOBAGO & OTTAWA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–3M today announced it has won a contract to supply the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) with a visa issuance system using the 3M Identity Document Issuance Systems (IDIS). The 3M IDIS software for producing ICAO-compliant passports and visas, drivers’ licenses and other identity cards is a highly secure, sophisticated identity document issuance system.

    “We are confident 3M can rapidly deploy a comprehensive, turnkey issuance system for our multiple sites around the world. This will have a positive impact on the security of our countries and those who visit them.”
    As the Caribbean readies itself to host the world for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, consulates of Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago will use the 3M IDIS to improve visa security and issuance efficiency. As many as 100,000 machine readable visas will be issued in the months leading up to the tournament. Exclusive 3M technologies help ensure that travel visas are issued only by authorized sources to only those who are entitled. Once issued, security features within the travel document help prevent alteration or tampering.

    “CARICOM needed to quickly put into place procedures and technologies that would improve visa security and ease the congestion anticipated at consulates,” said Lancelot Selman, director, CARICOM IMPACS. “We are confident 3M can rapidly deploy a comprehensive, turnkey issuance system for our multiple sites around the world. This will have a positive impact on the security of our countries and those who visit them.”

    “With its flexible architecture, full auditing capabilities, including duplicate issuance prevention and biometric capabilities, 3M IDIS is an ideal solution,” said Rich Sanders, business manager, 3M Security Systems Division. “A user interface with a methodical workflow ensures all the proper checks have been performed, yet is friendly enough to allow novice users to be rapidly trained. 3M is pleased to support CARICOM in its efforts to ensure that the Cricket World Cup is a successful and peaceful international sporting competition.”

    3M brings more than 30 years of experience, a global presence, technical innovation and a strong customer focus to the secure document marketplace. Our solutions cover a broad spectrum of enhanced travel and border security, including document issuance and border management.

  20. David Weekes

    @ yatiniteasy

    This is a beautiful document that is eloquently spoken to by 3M and you its emissary .

    That is of no concern of mine because of

    (i) my *** and
    (ii) the folder that fell off the truck and its contents for which we have an inviolable chain of custody
    (iii) *** and
    (iv) *** .

    The court disclosure process will expose all the above but you already know that.

    This interlude and game that you have been playing (behind the impervious wall of immunity) will soon stop but now we also have *** which you know will give ***

    “Let us draw metal so we can dance anew for I tire of this waltz”

    Everything else is full of hot air and signifying nothing.

    My name is David Weekes

    What is yours? Yatiniteasy.

  21. 189

    Sunshine Sunny Shine
    April 7, 2012 at 5:45 am

    What is yours? Yatiniteasy. Mr Weeks Asked. no talking behind ones back.Unless you are a lawyer or Agent for the accused.

  22. robert ross

    @ David Weekes and Sunshine

    I’ve already commented on BU. But please…..IF you appear at the Bar of public opinion, as you’ve done, you must expect people to raise questions. If they are wrong, you explain why they’re wrong. If you, then you graciously accept that and explain. No-one is OBLIGED to accept everything you say. I have little knowledge of your predicament. Yatin, on the other hand, clearly knows something and, as I said to you on BU, the pursuit of truth is what we’re about here – else there’s no point in an underground free press at all.
    As for names. You obviously have to give yours else it makes no sense. Some of us, including Sunshine, do not. It’s a pity in a way – but then it forces contributors to concentrate on the ‘purity’ of the thought expressed rather than the identity of its exponent.

  23. yatiniteasy

    I have no interest in 3M , and am certainly not their “emissary”. Don`t shoot the messenger ….its the message that you don`t like Mr Weekes..what I copied is simply a document readily found on a simple Google search. There is nothing more I know of this whole affair than what I have read here at BFP and on 3M`s website pages (press releases)
    Would my giving my name move you to respond to my question, which I again pose? I think not, because you are unable, or unwilling to to do so for legal reasons. Fair enough.I`m not playing any game ,but you do seem to be a bit paranoid.
    @David Weekes….I am not a luminary or technological genius, so I am still a little confused as to why you think CARICOM stole your visa technology for World Cup 2007. It seems to me that they used instead, an established, turnkey 3 M system(3M IDIS) that had been in use around the world since at least 2003.

  24. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Robert Ross
    I function under an anonoymous because it is wise to do so in the context of an island that has a rich history of exploitation, destroying people’s lives and maligning their character. I do not have to tell you how the system works because it is currently in effect against Mr. David Weekes. I have been the recipient of the same malicious infliction imposed by high figures who are bent come hell or high water on keeping their evil profiteering regime in place. I can tell you categorically that when the system is in effect against you and it intends to destroy you, there is nothing much you can do because it is intertwine, interconnected and interwoven in every sphere of help and service you can imagine. Barbados systems are only now being exposed due to surmountable pressure by mediums such as the blogs. Without the blogs many would still be in the dark. Without the blogs alot of the information produced here would not be available anywhere else.

    The law systems that practice the law in this country, if not all, the majority, are rackets for their puppet masters to manipulate the system for their personal gain. The political systetm is a main puppet master and also a “string-a-long puppet” because the public figures are mainly lawyers with the non lawyers conforming to its ways because of the love of money.

    To David Weekes. Unless you have a lot of money and from your report you do not, your fight will be in vain. The only way that you can be heard and seen is through a mass rally of protest. Or if some human rights group with resources outside of these waters take up our plight and help you with your cause. I do not mean to sound gloomy or doomy but my little island ain’t high up on morals and principles

  25. robert ross

    @ Sunshine

    I accept everything you say. Everything.

    And I will give you some indication of why….lest you and others think I am an effete dilettante with nothing to offer except words. I too am carrying a personal torch arising from the antics of people in hgh places – actually five torches arising in a context of lies and abuse of power. In a blog on BU David Weekes mentioned a certain person and also the issue of theft of intellectual property. When I read what he said I laughed – because THAT person, against all the odds, was party to the theft of mine. That is one of five. For two years I grubbed from attorney to attorney in a futile effort to find someone who would truly represent me. So called ‘friends’ and former associates let me down. A certain ‘Sir Nobody-Very-Much’ after three monhs of him told me my adversary had a discretion to do what it liked – thereby turning Administrative Law upside down. Truth, the rule of law, personal integrity mean absolutely nothing in the context of which I speak and the legal profession must carry its share of responsibility. Oh yes – and there is a sixth torch. A certain man, who really should know better by the cap he wears, has persistently ignored the reality of my existence and, again, has been found at root deceitful and utterly ignorant despite his allegedly vast education – and the same goes for a fair number of his colleagues. He is a smudged concept and a fit and proper candidate for scrutiny by the HR Commissioner too.

    So dear Sunshine, David Weekes or anyone else who reads this, please do not suppose me to be other than I am – at root disenchanted, angry, hurt – but still believing, in the youth of my age, in the precept which is a thousand years old and was embraced at Runnymede – ‘Let right be done’. At the end of my story – well, I haven’t reached the end I think – but for now – I’ve determined to let it all go for the sake of my peace of mind and in the name of ‘Life-After’. When I have the opportunity to use a flame-thrower I do assure you I use it still – and laugh some more.

  26. David Weekes

    @ yatiniteasy


    You are correct that i am unable to detail the legal details for legal reasons.

    But soft anon … let us dance a few steps kind sir/madam……

    “has won a contract” awarded how, published where, paid through which budget line, by whom, approved by whom, with which CARICOM funds, under direction of which Member States ? Seems like “barriers of entry” prevailed with them too…

    Lance Sellman, erstwhile director of Impacs, and his successor Lynne Anne Williams, google those names and their “Impacs regimes” and view the seeming similarities …….. (dis computer keyboard got to get fix – now it typing dots!)

    The last time you checked, and i am sure that in your craft you would check, did you not know that an accessory to a crime, albeit unwitting accomplice to a crime is well not relieved of …..?

    @ Robert Ross

    Purity of Thought ……… i wonder if i will ever see you comment on yatiniteasy’s steadfast hiding behind a pseudonym? while i am expected to adhere to this RR edict masquerading under “purity of thought”

    Somehow these words and imagery give me this vision of a maiden, spread-eagled across an altar waiting to get a part of her lanced…

    Tell me Robert R, may i address you thusly? does this their practice of anonymity derive from some some privilege of being, membership in the Grand Masonic Lodge, or perhaps an honourable Knight Templar?

    It this some right afforded to those who obtain a direct communication from a higher height (possibly the Holy Hands Crew) that lesser beings like myself, not being pure of of thought, cannot lay claim to?.

    I do perforce admit to Yatiniteasy’s paranoia, armed as i am with 4 inch thick, black CARICOM folder, one from the Hilton Barbados hotel, and yes i have another admission to make

    i, here and now, admit to believing in aliens (both illegal – 40K guyanese according to one de ministers as well as the green men ones) and i believe that there are bogey men under my bed (and FIRE BOMBERS on my UK neighbours doorsteps).

    I do also admit to being the one who shot JFK or being he who killed Pele or anything else that these “greater-than-thou commentators” of unknown identity continue to level at me on this cyberspace podium.

    I do solemnly accept these and all future blame which will be levelled at me here and on other blogs i have yet to be assaulted on as i only ask for a day in court to lay claim to my Intellectual Property.

    I now accept all future remarks attributed to my character by the divinne order of the Yatiniteasy-ska being similarly omnipresence and responsible for all these thing of scoundreldum almost like Sir D and his crew have been able to do with their omniscisence obtaining adjournments to attend funerals for those persons who were yet to die.

    Have you read Gibran’s Critics yet?

    Is it not interesting that in your current role as “High Priest” and “representative of the underdog(s)”, that every time you weigh in BU and/or on BFP, almost like a veritable stalker?, that you always weigh in on the side of my detractors?

    Have you even chimes in in “support” of any of my ludicrous posits?

    Is everything that i have said thus far devoid of this “Purity of Thought”?

    Can i ask you and Yatiniteasy a question ?

    Do you believe that the Brits were fire-bombed? Do not prevaricate when you respond.

    Since you Robert R seem to follow me from BU to BFP, a lesser mortal would be tempted to ask you where you were the night of the fire-bombing, but that may incur the wrath of the unknown yatiniteasy who may attribute any such questioner the status of further paranoia!

    In the interest of diminishing stalking time (smile) i have copied the Gibran anecdote for your reading pleasure.

    One nightfall a man travelling on horseback towards the sea reached an inn by the roadside. He dismounted and, confident in man and night like all riders towards the sea, he tied his horse to a tree beside the door and entered into the inn.
    At midnight, when all were asleep, a thief came and stole the traveller’s horse.
    In the morning the man awoke, and discovered that his horse was stolen. And he grieved for his horse, and that a man had found it in his heart to steal.
    Then his fellow lodgers came and stood around him and began to talk.
    And the first man said, “How foolish of you to tie your horse outside the stable.”
    And the second said, ” Still more foolish, without even hobbling the horse!”
    And the third man said, “It is stupid at best to travel to the sea on horseback.”
    And the fourth said, “Only the indolent and the slow of foot own horses.”
    Then the traveller was much astonished. At last he cried, “My friends, because my horse was stolen, you have hastened one and all to tell me my faults and my shortcomings. But strange, not one word of reproach have you uttered about the man who stole my horse.”


    And yes Yatiniteasy, you should also know that in addition to being called paranoid, i have been called a madman – for having trusted the bonafide representative of regional interest and believing my patented solution would be exposed to this

    In some other forum someone said “whuloss, dat man gots tuh be mad tuh believe dat dem C people (C is not an invective) would honour dem contract promises and adhere to their signed non disclosure agreements” Green Gates Material, most assuredly!

    From the desktop of
    Only the indolent and the slow of (mind) would engage wid honourable men like ….

  27. jrjrjrjr


  28. yatiniteasy

    @David Weekes…after that ranting…I`m truly sorry for you, as you are more than paranoid…but i`m glad you got it off of your chest.I now know (because of your statements) that 1. Your case is lost.2.You are not acting or talking rationally.3 I don`t give a f…..
    Since you have somewhat accused Robert Ross of firebombing the Brits, I really think you should “PUT MIND IN GEAR BEFORE TONGUE IN MOTION.” He might /could sue you.
    Yes, I believe the Brits were Fire bombed, but i have no idea who would do such a thing.
    Finally, I will refer to one line from your ranting:”I do also admit to being the one who shot JFK”

  29. Disenfranchised

    Mr Weekes,
    I honestly feel fuh yuh,
    but anyone’s sympathy is cold comfort for you now.
    Can’t hope for speedy resolution cause B, D or free knows that won’t be the case.
    Hold firm is all i can say

  30. David Weekes

    @ Robert Ross

    I saw your other comment.

    It is my time to stand back and examine your own seeming hardships and express my commiserations.

    I will assume by your use of certain nouns and pronouns here that your matter(s) is live and against great local Titans.

    You too are bedeviled by the system but even so you are not one to rush into the charge and pull on the flag on behalf of the seeming downtrodden.

    I acknowledge and respect that enquiring mind which, by dint of examination of empirical evidence, seeks to discover the truth.

    I wish you well in your own challenges.

    Let us pause for a second on my “institutional challenges” and go to the heart of the matter which is the FIREBOMBING itself

    As of yesterday morning a specific newspaper, after having interviewed the *** family at their home and then having promised to publish the story, when the ***, having bought every *** paper from Tuesday to Friday, called to ask where was the story we aghast to find that “the *** had taken a stance NOT TO PUBLISH THE STORY”

    Robert R, maybe i am wrong about the seriousness of this matter, but i would ask anyone of the BU family, including Yatiniteasy and the sleeping jrjrjr person if given the gravity of this matter and the concerns of the *** as the persons who had to form a relay with pans and buckets to our the IEDs, if they should have any comfort in the reporting practices of local newspapers or not feel as they do that the firebombing is being blanketted.

    Ironically, the Brits live squarely in the constituency of none other than the leader of the Opposition the Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur who when he was Chairman of CARICOM called me to express his concern “that a Bajan was being treated in the manner that I was”

    I would respectfully suggest to all and sundry who are in the position that can address this matter that you do not “go to sleep 1/4 way in my ranting”, but that you speedily, get to the *** family because by the third week of April, Anno Domini, this whole sordid affair and how it has been mismanaged will be on the first page of the UK Sunday Sun.

  31. David Weekes

    where was the story we aghast to find should read “were aghast to find”

    with pans and buckets to our the IEDs should read “with pans and buckets to out the flames from the IEDs”

    Keyboard sticking

  32. David Weekes


    It is obvious kind sir that the term “dramatic irony” is lost on you

    And so i am sure my pronouncement of “the Egyptians that thou seest today, thou shalt see no more forever” will also be lost on you.

    Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise.

    I withdraw for your “room” and refuse hereafter to dance with others like you who cannot, note the use of the verb of capacity, as juxtaposed against the verb, will not, which expresses volition, who cannot “up their game”

    You (and others of your ilk) CANNOT bait me with maladorous invectives

  33. yatiniteasy

    @ David Weekes “You (and others of your ilk) CANNOT bait me with maladorous invectives”

    3M won…you lost…Move on!

  34. 189

    The news papers will come and hear your story,
    Then refuse to print
    Then tell you , you can buy a full page for 1.200$ bds or 600. for half page
    Most of the time they come to hear your story , just to collect the information to go back the the real crook to say,,,,Oh they have nothing , I spy is all they are , Selling papers not giving the NEWS,
    As PM DAVID said , What happen to the investigative reporters ?,,,, as the lawyers for the NEWS PAPERS Kill your story …
    1. If they dont like you
    2 . if you called the names of their friends that they know to be crooks
    3. if they feel you will get a movement started against the powers that BE.

  35. maverick

    @Brian Andre` Kirton
    Can‘t you see that your starting point is totally wrong?
    What you have written seems to say “if others do bad things we can do that too!”
    In a democratic country with supposed freedom of expression, this behavior is totally shameful and unacceptable.

  36. David Weekes

    A well wisher just called to commiserate with my “challenges”

    Then he asked me if i had reviewed all of the comments on this site pertaining to this article particularly as such related to Yatiniteasy and someone called Anonymous.

    I still have not completely reconciled this cloak and dagger thing where men and women hide behind names, it frightens me Robert R, but i do understand their real fears of victimization and ostracism, this is Barbados after all

    Did you realise that Yatiniteasy had actually congratulated me on my patent and wished me well in my litigation at 1.38 a.m (while i was still writing my own 1.20 a.m response) and then he/she becomes the “Scourge of God” once he/she views my 1.20 comments!

    Wow, talk about the “many faces of Eve” in cyber seconds he/she becomes “protagonist extreme”!

    This only underscores my point.

    Here in BIM, once you say or do anything that “the powers that be” make a remark about their competencies or inefficiencies in their substantive role, the matter, like this firebombing, is pushed to the side, not seen as a thing that should be corrected, you then become the focus of the terminate with extreme prejudice orders.

    It becomes a personal thing and they attack you because their (skewed) reasoning is, if they are able to effect some type of character assassination, and if you are in that process seen to be deficient or paranoid or something else that is made to becomes “the new focus” and the FIREBOMBING which is the issue and centre of this matter, is lost in the hulabaloo.

    Would that we could have men and women of greater mettle, and integrity, as our leaders and not these men of straw, full of hot air and signifying nothing.

  37. Anonymous

    Robert Ross

    I think nothing of you and do believe that you have suffered at the hands of the system. I prefer to be simple with my words and clear in my thoughts though brain and finger coordination do not always work hand in hand to produce the proper discourse I purport to disclose via this blog. I intend to speak on matters that I know to be truth and not engage in matters of speculation and obvious gossip, though I like to be a bit profane and play devil’s advocate from time to time. The blogs provides a source for venting and understanding some of the nefarious activities going on in my little island though the authenticity of some facts are often times questionable and their sources can be quite dubious. Caution is the best side to thread on because many of the aliases and anonoymous posters are politicians, government officials and even business persons pretending to be what they want to be for the sole purpose of misleading the many or exposing the bipartisan few.

    Where else do I get the chance to throw lashes in the system without fear of reprisal or victimization. I would love to be blatant and call names of the dark horses masquarading as people persons but truthfully are nothing less than evil. But do they know this? Man may be deceived and tricked into believing but like all things there is an appointment with death and a judgement with God. God is not sleeping and retribution comes to us all in some form or fashion. I do here and I take your point to heart Robert Ross. But what is needed to translate all our talk into something meaningful is action. Action couple with proof cannot be ignored. Without proof we have nothing.

  38. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    That anononymous is Me…Sunshine Sunny Shine – Do not know why it came up like that

  39. robert ross

    @ Sunshine

    Again, I accept everything you say. And, of course, it is necessary to stand in the shadow and watch. Mind, I would be delighted if ‘someone’ sued me for something I said here or on BU relating, however tangentally, to my business. But I don’t think they’ve got the guts for that. The risks of exposure would be too great. Besides, I’ve found a nice, sharp, young, honest lawyer now!!!

    @ David Weekes

    Thankyou for your kind thoughts and, of course, I wish you well too.

    @ Yatin

    Companero – I rather snottily wrote to Frank Garcia following your kind intervention when all went silent. He has replied graciously so all is well. We remain sympatico.

  40. robert ross

    One of the things which might strike a chord in this sort of situation, not always appreciated by complete outsiders, is the intense sense of loneliness one feels – particularly when someone you trusted lets you down. During my own ‘troubles’ it was re-affirmed to me very strongly that while actual colleagues expected you to back them in their petty matters, no-one was particularly interested in yours – and certainly there was no-one on the bridge with me. Close friends were not necessarily equipped to understand so I was unable to ‘share’ anything with them. Others might express horror but apart from that kept clear and, in my experience, quickly moved away. The lawyer for ‘now’ – and there were eight ‘for nows’ – became a champion, a saint, a guardian angel – but after three months or so of inactivity the sense of disillusion compounded the loneliness. Phrases like ‘the way of the Cross’ were sometimes helpful; sometimes hearing of the experiences of others – but then the toothache of my neighbour never actually took my toothache away. Then one became obsessive about it all; blood pressure went up. And all of that caused me to say ‘I will do this in my way in my time and, in the meanwhile, let it go’. I feel much happier now – and have turned to more productive things. Of course, I did not have the over-arching threat of home loss like David. But all of it did strike, and strikes, at who I am as a person – and the combined effect of it was an attempt to turn me into a non-person. To an extent, then, it was about ego. But in the end, it was rather like a broken love affair. Oh yes, for months there are sleepless nights, tears, much mutter-chattering in the mind. But then, one day, you wake up and the pain has gone – and you are free of it. It is a resurrection from the death the whole thing has been.

  41. Jrjrjrjr

    People talk the talk but don’t always walk the walk. The only person you can truly rely on is yourself . In any situation

  42. Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Reliance upon onsself when faced with a formidable foe is foolish least to say fool hearty. I agree with you that we talk and not walk. But many do not know how to walk so they talk. Unless you have some divine power endowing you with strength like David to topple the Goliath that is our corrupt system, solo efforts will not help you up the slippery slope.

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  44. anonymous42

    robert ross
    April 8, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    You describe it so well.

    You are not alone.

  45. yatiniteasy

    @ David Weekes and Robert Ross this quote mat be of little comfort…but it is just an observation..

    In Republic by Plato, the character Thrasymachus argues that justice is the interest of the strong—merely a name for what the powerful or cunning ruler has imposed on the people.

  46. David Weekes

    You tink it easy!

    Two nights ago two men came back to my cul-de-sac at maynards.

    When my neighbours came in, (the same Brits who were firebombed last week Tuesday), the men DID NOT BUDGE when the lights of the car the visitors were driving, shone on them.

    These stalkers remained unconcerned about the fact that they were bathed in the car’s headlights.

    The Brits remained in their car for 5 minutes. The men remained in the cover of the overgrown bush and trees and DID NOT MOVE.

    The visitors finally made a dash for the house and there they called the police who arrived five minutes later. By the time the Police arrived the men had left.

    Yesterday I left the house to go for some foodstuff. During that time a white truck started to do what i can only describe as stalk the area. Take a look at the video my daughter made of the vehicle that was loitering in my area for about 15 minutes.

    Watch how when she goes to one side to video the vehicle they reverse to the other side and watch how she moves to that side they drive forward. She (unfortunately) did not call the police. She was not able to get their truck number. My neighbours were sleeping at the time.

    By now most readers may realise that i am not as paranoid as some detractors to this firebombing incident have claimed that i am.

    My neighbours indicate that the police still think it is a prank even in the face of these two men who are unafraid and do not shy away, even if the full glare of headlamps.

    I must now spend thousands of dollars to clean lots 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 31, 26, 27, 22 and 23 around my home that respective owners have left unattended, spots where the bush is so high and provides lurking areas for these emboldened stalkers.

    Of course to date my attempts to reach The Rt. Hon Owen Arthur and the Rt. Hon. Haynesley Benn (the BLP & DLP representatives respectively) have been unsuccessful.

    To the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Ms. Navanethem Pillay, she who so recently passed through Barbados. i would only say that all is not so hunkadorie in this “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”,

    My daughter and I, and my UK neighbours the ***, have become veritable prisoners in our homes at the mercy of what the police call “pranksters”

    If i should fall here Lupo, do not let me fall alone.

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